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Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and well-being and embrace their purpose and gifts.

Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and well-being and embrace their purpose and gifts.


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Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and well-being and embrace their purpose and gifts.






EP 231 - Championing Health Equity in Healthcare with Dr. Maria Hernandez

America has long been a country at the head of innovation and culture, but for some reason, it can’t catch up when it comes to healthcare. Today, Dr. Maria Hernandez joins Dr. Taz to discuss the complex issues that have been weighing down the healthcare system in the States, including the many unconscious biases healthcare professionals may harbor. Learn about how COVID has disproportionately affected minorities, why doctors are also victims of the system as well, and what we can do to be...


EP 230 - What’s in Your OTC Medicine? with Kenrese Carter and Kelli Lane

Formaldehyde, talc, even...wood pulp? These are real ingredients that are in the medicine bottles sitting in your cabinets right now! Today, Kenrese Carter and Kelli Lane join Dr. Taz to deep dive into the world of over the counter medications, and explain why they’re working towards a cleaner medicine cabinet for you and your family with Genexa, the first brand of clean and safe OTC medicine. Today on Super Woman Wellness: * How Genexa is changing the game when it comes to OTC medicine *...


EP 229 - Endometriosis + Creating Management Tools with Jessica Murnane

This condition affects 1 in 10 women, yet it takes many years to get it diagnosed. Today, Jessica Murane joins Dr. Taz to talk about Endometriosis. She shares about her own experience with Endo and she went from on the verge of needing a hysterectomy, to writing her own book on how to treat it with diet and lifestyle. They also discuss why so many women are gaslit into believing their Endo symptoms aren’t valid, and what we can do to better advocate for our own health and bodies. ** Today on...


EP 228 - Tenacity in Children: Nurturing the Seven Instincts with Sam Goldstein Ph.D.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just care about the next generation--this episode’s for you! Today Dr. Sam Goldstein, a neuropsychologist and child development author, joins Dr. Taz to talk about raising kids in a modern world. His expertise and research brings a fresh new take on what it means to raise a child into adulthood. Listen for tips on how to best encourage the kids in your life and how education is one of the strongest tools we can use for bringing up the next generation....


EP 227 - How Organic Food Heals with Neka Pasquale LAc

Is eating organic all that important? Does it really make a difference? And what’s the deal with glyphosate? Well today, Neka Pasquale, founder of Urban Remedy, an organic food meal company, is here to answer all those questions and more! She joins Dr. Taz to talk about why she chooses to use all organic ingredients in her meals, how those chemicals that are left behind in conventional agriculture affect your body, and what it means to vote with your dollar. Today on Super Woman Wellness: *...


EP 226 - Cancer Treatment & Late Stage Cancer with Dr. Francisco Contreras

Acclaimed surgeon and oncologist, Dr. Francisco Contreras, joins Dr. Taz to discuss his work as the director of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. He’s made a name for himself integrating both traditional and unconventional forms of cancer treatments. Whether you or a loved one is battling cancer, or you just want practical tips for preventing cancer, this episode is for you! *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * How Dr. Contreras is at the forefront of alternative cancer treatment * Why it’s...


EP 225 - Nutritional & Lifestyle Habits to Boost Brain Health with Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai

Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, neurologists and co-directors of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University, join Dr. Taz to talk about their immense research and work in cognitive decline. The power couple gives practical advice on how you can prevent diseases such as dementia, and why they’re so passionate about preventative neurology. *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * How preventing cognitive decline can be easier than you think * Why we need to focus more on prevention,...


EP 224 - The Power of Herbalism with Rosalee De La Forêt

Rosalee De La For ê t, an expert herbalist and lover of all things plants, joins Dr. Taz to give all her wisdom when it comes to herbal supplements. She shares her own personal journey with using herbs to heal her rare autoimmune disease, and gives practical tips on how you can find out what herbs are best for your body. *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * How Rosalee’s rare autoimmune disease led her to herbalism * Why Western medicine sometimes fails us * What herbal energy matching is *...


EP 223 - Women’s Health & Entrepreneurship with Cindy Eckert

No one knows better what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur than the creator of the first FDA approved female libido drug, Cindy Eckert. Today she joins Dr. Taz to talk about all things women’s health and entrepreneurship. Learn about how she went from being laughed at through her presentations, to selling her pharmaceutical for upwards of $1 billion dollars. Hear about her advocacy for women’s sexual health and how she’s being a champion for women entrepreneurship in her current work....


EP 222 - The Mold Medic with Michael Rubino

Mold is more than a nasty nuisance that grows on your old bread. It can sneak into your home, and before long reap hazardous consequences. That’s why Michael Rubino of The Mold Medic joins Dr. Taz today to speak on the dangers of mold in our homes, but also the solutions. *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * The dangers of indoor air pollution * Why mold-related health issues seem to be rising * How the construction of modern homes is affecting our mold problems * Biotoxins and how they...


EP 221 - The Latest Anti-Aging Therapy, Youngering with Dr. David Steenblock

In today’s episode, Dr. David Steenblock joins Dr. Taz to share his wealth of wisdom about the power of stem cells. Being one of the early adopters to use stem cells in his practice, Dr. Steenblock has years of hands-on experience on the subject. Learn about the history of stem cell research, why they’re so effective, and how they’re used in all kinds of conditions, from joint pain to Cerebral Palsy. *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * What stem cells are and how they work in the body * How...


EP 220 - Brain Health and COVID Longhauler Strategy with Dr. Kristen Willeumier

Dr. Kristen Willeumier, a neuroscientist and brain health expert, joins Dr. Taz to share what her clinical experiences have taught her when it comes to achieving maximum cognitive function. Learn what diet and supplements help boost brain performance, how to start fighting diseases like Alzheimer’s right now, and how brain health ties into COVID recovery. *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * How Dr. Willeumier is using testing to biohack brain function * The ideal diet for optimal brain health...


EP 219 - Life After Breath with Jacob Cooper

At three years old, Jacob Cooper had a life changing experience that led him down the path of spirituality and eventually his life’s work. Today he joins Dr. Taz to talk about his brush with death when he was just a toddler, how the trauma from that experience affected him, and how he’s now using his story to help others. *Today on Super Woman Wellness:* * All about Jacob’s near death experience * What he uncovered about the spiritual side * The subsequent trauma he had to deal with * How...


EP 218 - Bras & Breast Health with Sydney Ross Singer

One of the most dangerous objects to a woman’s health is sitting right in their closet, and they don’t even know it. Sydney Ross Singer, medical anthropologist and author of Dressed to Kill ( ) , joins Dr. Taz to warn women of the hazards of bras. When his wife found a lump in her breast, they set out to find out why. He shares about how your bra may be affecting you, and the practical steps you can take to...


EP 217 - Skin & Beauty: Natural and Non-harmful Approaches with Danny Neifert

Holistic licensed esthetician, Danny Neifert, joins Dr. Taz to unpack how our current approach to skin health and beauty is aging us faster, and what to do instead! Danny shares nutrients and techniques that restore, hydrate, and decongest our skin as opposed to the trauma-based procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion that end up causing more harm than good. Today on Super Woman Wellness: * Why chemical peels & microdermabrasion are harmful * The best types of procedures for...


EP 216 - How to Delay the Aging Process Naturally with Dr. Jannine Krause

Dr. Jannine Krause is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and host of The Health Fix ( ) podcast. Today’s episode focuses on how we can naturally slow down the aging process, including tools for forming healthy habits and ways to support our cellular function. Dr. Jannine provides tips for sleep, gut health, mobility, and encourages you to have more fun! Today on Super Woman Wellness: * What accelerates the aging process *...


EP 215 - Building a Life of Meaning and Contribution with Dr. Lloyd Sederer

Dr. Lloyd Sederer is a public health doctor, psychiatrist, and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. He served for 12 years as the Chief Medical Officer of the New York State Office of Mental Health, and has published 13 books. Today, he shares his journey with writing, along with lessons he’s learned over the years about mental health, especially during times of distress. Today on Super Woman Wellness: * Dr. Sederer’s journey with writing * Human interaction as post-disaster medicine...


EP 214 - Mindset Hacks for Weight-Loss with Rachel Freiman

Rachel Freiman, CEO of MindStrong Fitness and best-selling author of Becoming MindStrong ( ) , is here to share how to sustainably lose weight without the restriction of going on a diet. Through mindset training, you begin approaching nutrition as a skill and empower yourself to become your own best coach. Today on Super Woman Wellness: * Why we need to change our mindset around diet * How macro-tracking works &...


EP 213 - How to Manage Your Menopause Naturally with Maryon Stewart

Maryon Stewart, world-renowned healthcare expert and author of ( ) Manage Your Menopause Naturally ( ) , has helped tens of thousands of women manage their menopause symptoms without drugs or hormones. Today, she’s here to share her wealth of knowledge to help guide you in managing (or preventing!) menopause symptoms so you can feel...


EP 212 - Activating the 4 Pathways of Intuition with Kim Chestney

Are you looking for a grounded, practical approach to understanding and connecting to your intuition? Kim Chestney, author of Radical Intuition, is here to unpack how intuition is part of our natural makeup as humans, and how there are 4 pathways in which it comes through for us. She shares tips to begin developing your intuitive senses, and explains the ways in which we block ourselves from connecting to it. Today on Super Woman Wellness: * The 4 archetypes and pathways of intuition * Tips...