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Soulcial Media

Meagan and Dana talk to social media legends Elaine Daneshrad and Diana Espir about how to add more soul to your social media. The creators of the #wokeupthisway challenge dish on how they learned to chill out with perfectionism and embrace authenticity. The episode offers life hacks on embracing your shiny, vibrant self but not letting it suck you into ego. It's all in the balance bb's. Make sure to check out Elaine and Diana's podcast “fashionablylatteshow.”


Reiki Sluts

What is this reiki thing all the kids are into? Where did it originate from? Who is the best candidate to experience the healing? Why are Dana and Meagan sluts for it? Listen to this episode get the low down with expert and seven year practitioner, Erin Somerset. Based out of Los Angeles, Erin shares major knowledge on her practice of Jikiden reiki and gives some insider info on how some western reiki can be complete bullshit. Changing your energy has never been easier than having someone...


Vibrant Orgasm/Vibrant Life

On this episode we are joined by sex coach, Whitney Ullom. This is Whitney’s second appearance on the show and we go deeper into the topic of orgasms. What exactly is an orgasm? How do they benefit our lives? How can we experience them more frequently and powerfully? And why the f have we been taught they are something to be ashamed of? Whitney answers all of these questions (and more!) in totally unique, direct and life changing ways. As our favorite quote from the show goes “the vibrancy...


How To Laser Focus Your Intentions And Get Momentum Going

Meagan and Dana take a moment to catch up about how the #processes they’ve been learning have been playing out in their lives. So many amazing teachers have given them #lifehacks and the girls are making some hard won #progress! The #vortex is once again discussed, this time with easily digested examples of how to “get into it.” Feeling good doesn’t come as naturally as it should, and #resistance is a tricky little bitch. Meagan talks about how she accidentally got in the vortex in Vegas...


Tools To Enter the Magical Realm of Dream Analysis

Meagan and Dana talk to Los Angeles based psychologist Gabriel Garcia about the exquisite art of dreaming. Humans spend roughly one third of our life dreaming (2/3 if you take as much ambien as Meagan). Did you know the atom was discovered in a dream? And that Mary Shelly was given the entire story of Frankenstein in a dream? All we’re saying is that you may have some brilliant stuff down there. From lucid dreaming to uncovering unconscious information, dreams are truly the shit and Gabe...


Sexuality As a Manifestation Tool with Whitney Ullom

Did you know your heart can have an orgasm? Meagan and Dana talk to sex coach Whitney Ullom about the healing energy of SEX. Whitney shares how she moved past shame and repression into a bliss that’s transformed every facet of her life. Bonus* Meagan finally plays the message she left her ex-boyfriend that made her have to stop taking ambien forever. Dana admits to going to Hollywood parties and having fun while Meagan was out of town. The girls are ready to go back to their codependents...


You Deserve The Best (And You Are Being An A-hole To The Universe If You Don’t Accept It)

On this episode, Vedic meditation teacher Theo Burkhardt weighs in on raising self-worth, how to release stress and manifest from a place of relaxation…..and 5,000 more reasons to meditate. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. Thrive Market sells all your favorite organic foods at up to 50% off average store prices and delivers straight to your door. Head over to for an additional 25% off of your first order.


How To Make Earth Your Home with Danielle Beinstein

Meagan talks to psychological astrologer Danielle Beinstein about near death experiences, astrology, and the meaning of life. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. Thrive Market sells all your favorite organic foods at up to 50% off average store prices and delivers straight to your door. Head over to www.ThriveMarket/SuperficialMagic for an additional 25% off of your first order.


Start With the Basics to Manifest the Magic

Description: Meagan talks to Lisa Sundstedt about how to start changing your small daily habits in order to live the life of your dreams. For example, before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry she had to first develop a healthy sleep wake cycle and work on healthy self talk. I’m making that up, but you get it. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. Thrive Market sells all your favorite organic foods at up to 50% off average store prices and delivers straight to your door....


How to level up in your own life with Steph Simbari and Elizabeth Kott from That's So Retrograde

Meagan gossips with Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari (of the hit podcast "That's so Retrograde") about their favorite wellness tips, how they started this epic journey together, and how to level up in your own life. Also included...why you shouldn't let us know your moon sign.


Connecting to your inner Bill with Bill

Meagan talks to THE ONE AND ONLY official superficial magic spirit animal, Bill Kotcamp. This actor, musician and professional party maker is the most free, fun and beautiful bunny on the planet. He explains to us how he went "full Bill" and how you can too.


Treat yourself like a queen and watch everything come to you.

Meagan talks to writer and teacher Kenna Conway about creating your own reality, the vortex and how to brand yourself like a queen.


Superficial Magic - Episode 26 - Yoga nidra? More like yoga you NEEDra.

Los Angeles based mediation teacher Hilary Jackendoff dishes on her time spend at an ashram to avoid an ex boyfriend, tantric sleep (it is as fun as it sounds) and shares a FREE meditation download.


Episode 25 - Let it go to let it IN (that's what she said?)

Meagan has Superficial Magic favorite Dana Moon on to talk about letting go of fear to get a couch from your fine ass neighbor and how to use what you already have to bring yourself into alignment.


I’m looking at the (wo)man in the mirror.

Meagan sits down with what’s your jersey podcaster Jaclyn Marfuggi about how a boyfriend once broke up with her for aliens, how to start your morning right by dancing alone in the mirror and duh, ghosts.


From L.A girl to Joshua tree oracle priestess

Meagan and Dana speak to Angela de la Agua, a former Southern Californian native who left it all behind to explore the secrets of the desert.


Superficial Magic - Episode 22 - Spiritual Psychologist Alyssa Rand

Meagan talks to spiritual psychologist Alyssa Rand about how to embrace change and step into your future self.


Superficial Magic - Episode 21 - Shawn Breathwaite

Sun signs and moon signs, oh my! Astrologist to the stars, Shawn Breathwaite explains everything you’ve ever wondered about astrology, from what each aspect of our chart means to how it can help us in our daily lives.


Superficial Magic - Episode 20 - Patrick Tatum

Meagan talks to Patrick Tatum, a personal trainer with amazing tricks to connect your body and mind. Learn more about breath, meditation and proprioception (what? exactly).


Superficial Magic - Episode 19 - Sean Malarkey & Christo Hall

Listen in as Meagan is joined by business legends Sean Malarkey and Christo Hall. They discuss manifesting your business to work for your soul and how to market yourself without looking like an asshole.