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Destiny life hack with Kelly Milano

It’s like almost too easy. Come inside and discover the amazingly simple study of your north and south lunar nodes. WHAT’S THAT, you say? As our guest Kelly explains, the north node helps determine our highest destiny—it’s like printing out a road map to your life. On the other hand, our south node is an ass hat and represents our shadow and biggest weaknesses. DO NOT LET THE SOUTH NODE WIN! Change fate (things that are predestined to happen) into destiny (thriving in any circumstance) and...


What’s love got to do with it: with Gareth Reynolds

Comedian Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop, Arrested Development, You’re the Worst) does a women-tell-all about when he did ayahuaska to bond with a friend and ended up meeting god (she is a woman, of course.) Gareth conveys her message to us in detail…and it’s all about love. This episode is a real reminder of what’s important and how we can experience love right here, right now. WE LOVE YOU. xxx


Joshua Tree

Dana and Meagan explore their recent trip to Joshua Tree for Dana’s birthday. It was a journey where mushrooms pushed them all to the brink, Meagan worsened her reputation for being insane on ambien and the girls took a ton of faux modeling pictures that you will never escape on Instagram (MWHAHAHAHAHAHA.) Dana also discusses her recent comedy tour and all the lessons she learned while Meagan crawls out of her depression hole to contemplate how to make being human less bad.


Find your Life Purpose with Kessley McCormick

Life purpose gives you actual life. When you are tapped into your purpose you have so much energy you don’t need sleep or Meagan’s ambien! Kessley is an intuitive life purpose coach who is here to give us guidance and support as we manifest our dream life. Bonus: Kessley gives Dana and Meagan a soul mate business partnership intuitive reading similar to what you can get from her! You can book her at Follow Kessley on Instagram @thegypsylifecoach


The power of connection with Olivia June

DID YOU KNOW LONELINESS IS AKIN TO SMOKING 15 CIGARETTES A DAY? Connection is the number one need of humans and almost none of us are getting enough or the right kind. Connection isn’t good enough if it is always over the internet or with people who don’t understand the REAL you. Olivia June is an entrepreneur and app developer of HEYVINA! a female friendship and empowerment app backed by Tinder. Olivia shares her journey on moving to a new city and the struggles she had finding a solid...


Reclaim your power with Ayesha K. Faines

This one’s a game changer b’s. Feminine witch bitch power is our most favorite thing ever and no one knows feminine power like Ayesha K. Faines. You may know Ayesha as the creator of the “13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes Quiz” that’s been flying around the internet. The quiz not only gives you INSANE insight into the inner workings of your unconscious, but also helps you amp up your instinctual LOVER vibe (which is the secret to manifesting anything you want.) Ayesha explains power,...


The Shortcut: Rapid Transformation with Bianca DeGroat

Join a mind-blowing conversation on change with Rapid Transformation specialist Bianca DeGroat. Bianca breaks down the vast difference between working with the conscious vs. the subconscious mind and offers BRAND NEW tips, tricks, hacks (and even a free hypnosis!) to reprogram stubborn neural pathways. Through partying with the subconscious, you will be able to magically dissipate blocks and issues that have plagued you for a lifetime. IT’S SO EASY. WE F’ING LOVE IT. Bonus: We discuss past...


Changing Course with Zach Noe Towers

How does one implement EPIC changes into their life? What are some practical steps to living differently? Do you have to reach “rock bottom” in order to find the willingness to change? This week we talk to HILARIOUS comedian Zach Noe Towers about his shift from party boy to sober boy. Zach’s story of growth transcends the topic and can be applied to any aspect of life. So put your cutest captain hat on because Zach changed the course of his life…and we can too. Toot toot! (That’s the sound...


Plastic surgery for your soul

Here on Superficial Magic we never shy away from the superficial. Duh. So we asked ourselves a taboo question… can plastic surgery ever be spiritual? In swooped Dr. Dhir, the genius plastic surgeon behind Beverly Hill’s best faces and the host of the hit mixed makeup YouTube show “PLASTIC.” He’s also the kindest and funniest doctor on the planet and he delves deep into spirituality, what it means to be beautiful, insecurities, and how to embrace your true self. We explore an industry that is...


“How to be a human” slumber party with Lauryn Evarts

“We aren’t human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” -- Pierre de Chardin Here at Superficial Magic, we live and die by the above quote. We’re EXPERTS at reading your tarot deck and having a heart to heart about your spiritual journey/past lives. However, sometimes we neglect the current human experience that we are all on! No one is doper at being human than Lauryn Evarts. We had a late-night recording session with Lauryn where we got...


It's fall equinox bitch!

One of the best ways to choose effective action steps is through synching your energy with the seasons of the universe. Our in house celeb astrologer Shawn Breathwaite explains exactly how to do this...but wait, wasn't he just a podcast guest? YES, BUT NOW IT'S FALL EQUINOX BITCH!!!!!!!!! There is a whole laundry list of fun steps you can take to maximize the new season. So this fall let's FALL in love, FALL into some knee socks and FALL into a giant pile of money. AMEN. Shawn speaks to...


The Magical Alchemy of Relationships

Welcome to the wonderful world of Alchemy with Ambi! Alchemy is a process of change and today we discuss how to change your life through the alchemy of your relationships. Relationships are an invitation for growth but most of us use them as an excuse for stagnation. LOL! Ambi shines her beautiful British light on the unconscious patterns that are blocking your miracles from coming to fruition, PIP, PIP CHEERIO WE ARE OBSESSED WITH HER! Ambi gently brings you back to the driver’s seat of...


Astrology, Soul Path, Communication, Oh My

Communication is the heart beat of life and many of us struggle mastering it. Wether we picked up tangled communication from our family or ourselves, there is a way to get out of the dark and start taking control of your connection to others. Shawn Breathwait is the Beverly Hills astrologist to the stars and he’s here to rescue us from overwhelm. On today’s episode, Dana and Meagan talk to this INGENIOUS healer about communication, your purpose and using information from your chart to better...


Soulcial Media

Meagan and Dana talk to social media legends Elaine Daneshrad and Diana Espir about how to add more soul to your social media. The creators of the #wokeupthisway challenge dish on how they learned to chill out with perfectionism and embrace authenticity. The episode offers life hacks on embracing your shiny, vibrant self but not letting it suck you into ego. It's all in the balance bb's. Make sure to check out Elaine and Diana's podcast “fashionablylatteshow.”


Reiki Sluts

What is this reiki thing all the kids are into? Where did it originate from? Who is the best candidate to experience the healing? Why are Dana and Meagan sluts for it? Listen to this episode get the low down with expert and seven year practitioner, Erin Somerset. Based out of Los Angeles, Erin shares major knowledge on her practice of Jikiden reiki and gives some insider info on how some western reiki can be complete bullshit. Changing your energy has never been easier than having someone...


Vibrant Orgasm/Vibrant Life

On this episode we are joined by sex coach, Whitney Ullom. This is Whitney’s second appearance on the show and we go deeper into the topic of orgasms. What exactly is an orgasm? How do they benefit our lives? How can we experience them more frequently and powerfully? And why the f have we been taught they are something to be ashamed of? Whitney answers all of these questions (and more!) in totally unique, direct and life changing ways. As our favorite quote from the show goes “the vibrancy...


How To Laser Focus Your Intentions And Get Momentum Going

Meagan and Dana take a moment to catch up about how the #processes they’ve been learning have been playing out in their lives. So many amazing teachers have given them #lifehacks and the girls are making some hard won #progress! The #vortex is once again discussed, this time with easily digested examples of how to “get into it.” Feeling good doesn’t come as naturally as it should, and #resistance is a tricky little bitch. Meagan talks about how she accidentally got in the vortex in Vegas and...


Tools To Enter the Magical Realm of Dream Analysis

Meagan and Dana talk to Los Angeles based psychologist Gabriel Garcia about the exquisite art of dreaming. Humans spend roughly one third of our life dreaming (2/3 if you take as much ambien as Meagan). Did you know the atom was discovered in a dream? And that Mary Shelly was given the entire story of Frankenstein in a dream? All we’re saying is that you may have some brilliant stuff down there. From lucid dreaming to uncovering unconscious information, dreams are truly the shit and Gabe is...


Sexuality As a Manifestation Tool with Whitney Ullom

Did you know your heart can have an orgasm? Meagan and Dana talk to sex coach Whitney Ullom about the healing energy of SEX. Whitney shares how she moved past shame and repression into a bliss that’s transformed every facet of her life. Bonus* Meagan finally plays the message she left her ex-boyfriend that made her have to stop taking ambien forever. Dana admits to going to Hollywood parties and having fun while Meagan was out of town. The girls are ready to go back to their codependents...


You Deserve The Best (And You Are Being An A-hole To The Universe If You Don’t Accept It)

On this episode, Vedic meditation teacher Theo Burkhardt weighs in on raising self-worth, how to release stress and manifest from a place of relaxation…..and 5,000 more reasons to meditate. This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. Thrive Market sells all your favorite organic foods at up to 50% off average store prices and delivers straight to your door. Head over to for an additional 25% off of your first order.