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Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast. Travel with us through our soiree into the lifestyle. Starting with our discussions about getting into swinging our issues and misunderstandings along the way and then into some of our fun, sexy and exciting events. Swing Soon, C&D

Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast. Travel with us through our soiree into the lifestyle. Starting with our discussions about getting into swinging our issues and misunderstandings along the way and then into some of our fun, sexy and exciting events. Swing Soon, C&D
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Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast. Travel with us through our soiree into the lifestyle. Starting with our discussions about getting into swinging our issues and misunderstandings along the way and then into some of our fun, sexy and exciting events. Swing Soon, C&D




P75 – Running into Swingers from Vanilla Life and an Ivory Coast Interview

Hey Sexy Friends, Thank you for listening to Swinging Downunder, a podcast about Ethical Non-Monogamy. In this episode we talk about accidentally dating people you know in ‘real life’ or ‘business life’ and how to manage the situation with grace and without ruining a chance at sexy times. Later we had the opportunity to talk to a great couple who live in Canada but didn’t both grow up there. She is from Ivory Coast (West Africa), he is from Canada and they met in the USA. They share what...


P74 – Ode To #PodernFamily

Hey Sexy Friends, Happy International Podcast Day and welcome to our episode devoted to #PodernFamily — if you follow us on twitter you’ll be able to find all the hashtags and follow along with our Podcast journey. In this episode we pay homage to our fellow podcasters who take the time and energy into producing a fun, informative, silly world in the spectrum of Podcasting. Mentioned in this episode: BedHoppersUK That Couple Next Door WeGottaThing Getting Into the Swing of Things Nerds Who...


P73 – Kinky Pool Party with SGDomSubs

G’Day Sexy Friends, In today’s episode we chat about a recent BDSM Kink Pool Party we attended in Singapore! We also share some upcoming news about a NYC visit with some fellow lifestyle community friends on November 3rd. Join our latest episode to learn more about the kink community here in Asia Mentioned in this Podcast Episode:- SGDomSubs Group Singapore – you can find them on their website here Fetlife Kink MeetUp Forum – you can find the website here We created a Patreon to help keep...


P46 – Climbing, Cheating and the C-bomb

Hi there sexy friendly fun followers! Thanks for listening to another episode of Swinging Downunder, we hope you like our new intro music. In this new episode we break it down into three sections, the first we are bringing back some very sexy friends the ‘Belay’s’ which you may remember in our very first episodes about our Sydney pub crawls. The Belay’s are very good pants on and off friends who come to visit us right here in Singapore, we explore some of the sexy fun that we miss so much...


Recent Dates and Oui Oui Sex – P45

Thanks for listening to another episode of Swinging Downunder, in this episode we talk about some recent dates we have had, being ghosted by a couple and some very sexy threesome events with dirty talk. Wondering what we have been upto recently? We have had a few couple and single dates here in Singapore and have met a fantastic new #manicorn for regular catch-ups! Finally the Swinger Gods have been looking down upon us and sending us fantastic sex vibes. C recently discovers that a bit of...


Singapore Sexology with Dr Martha Lee – P44

In this episode we chat with a bonifide Sexologist right here in Singapore Asia! Ever wondered what other cultures think about sex, masturbation and the big ‘O’? Join us as we talk through some of the things that impact local cultures from experiencing more in the bedroom, what do you think locals would think of C&D Swinging around the world?! Dr Martha Lee travels around Asia and Australia to host and attend a number of sex positive events, you can have a look at her website and check out...


The 12 Days (Ways) of Getting into C’s Pants – P43

Given all the problems we have been having attracting single guy lately D decided it was time to give them some tips! You can ride along with me as I hear D's ways to get into my pants and for all you lads out there, LISTEN IN!! :)


C Caught Between a Rock and a D – P42

Hey there sexy listeners, Thanks for tuning in, we are excited to update you on what we have been up to lately as we swing our way around the world and take our adventures across multiple countries. What are we discussing today? It’s been a whirlwind trip to Manila and we have some exciting news to share about a new single guy we have met and hope to continue to meet! He was an sexy gentlemen and certainly made it into the bedroom for some threesome fun. (but we won’t overshare here, you’ll...


P41 – Thriller in Manila

We travel to Manila and meet some sexy friends, C talks on “her” problem with guys and we discuss the issues we are having with couples and singles in the lifestyle. We also compare the time we have spent with singles and couples… We also make some pretty cool announcements but I wont spoil those for you here!! xx Swing Soon, C&D Proud members of the ASN Entertainment Network:- www.asnradio.com Twitter:- @swingdownunder Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com Leave some...


P40 – A and Mr T – The First Experience!

Welcome to a very special episode, In this episode we interview a lovely couple who have just begun their lifestyle journey and have had their very first threesome experience in the past few days. We talk about what bought them into the lifestyle, what discussions they had before they arranged their first date and how the day and event followed. Sexy Married Secrets share with us the amazing journey they have already entered into and Mr T walks us through a very tough conversation with A...


P39 – D goes the full Yoni

Hey there friendly sexy followers, In this upcoming episode C sends D on a little education session to learn the art of the Yoni Massage right here in Sex Starved Singapore. D recounts his session with C for the first time and educates on some of the things that he learned during the class and some things that he already knew. We learn a lot about the differences of sex positive culture in Australia v’s Singapore and how different couples and cultures interact and bring sex into their lives....


Shagging our Fellow Podcasters – P38

We at Swinging Downunder are firm advocates of consent, we may have stole some topics but we totally asked first – also tried to shag some of the podcasters as well!! We decided to give our take on some of our favorite pod discussions (We Gotta Thing, The Curious Couple, The Aussie Swingers, That Couple Next Door) and break them down into our experiences and our take on them. Off course we do this while taking the piss out of each other, the lifestyle and anyone else that falls within the...


Listener Questions – P37

Whooop!!! We love it when our listeners ask us questions and give us a reason to let you know more about us! These questions really had us thinking so we hope we have managed to get some reasonable answers across… Anyone out there in podland have anymore? We will always answer on-air if you like or off if you don’t. Swing Soon, C&D Twitter:- @swingdownunder Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com Leave some feedback on iTunes anonymously:- Start iTunes Click on the menu...


Rejection and Swinging in Asia – P36

Lets play catch-up! We have been up to many things in Singapore since being here and have only given you guys the good ones… We go through the good, bad and ugly so that you can get a full understanding of what has been happening. Also, and this is a big one, we go through the story of one of the first rejections that took a toll on C’s self esteem. This is a big one as it calls into thought the line between swinging and feeling…. xx Swing Soon, C&D Twitter:- @swingdownunder Swinging...


Kink in the Condo – P35

Our Singapore unit finally loses its virginity!!! Six moths too late if you ask us 🙂 Join us as we do our debrief live for your listening pleasure. You will hear about a very sexy night with our new friends Mr and Mrs Colonial and we discuss the things we did well as a swinger couple and also what we did not do – we should know better at this point! Also D complains about not getting enough emails lately. Pick up your game people!! 🙂 Check out www.lingerienoire.com for some very sexy, well...


Handsy is back!!! What did you do to my girl! – P34

I get to interview Hunk Hands and find out how my lady went during her Yoni massage. Along the way I learn some new things about the vagina, squirting and how to get C off! This is a great discussion for all the men out there – and some of the ladies 🙂 Visit Hansdy at www.hunkhands.com/ xx Swing Soon, C&D Twitter:- @swingdownunder Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com Leave some feedback on iTunes anonymously:- Start iTunes Click on the menu ‘Account -> View My Account’...


C Masterpodding on Squirt Training with Hunk Hands – P33

Why hello there! C here, podcasting solo aka masterpodding on my recent experience with Mr. Hunk Hands here in Singapore. Listen in as I talk about my first ever experience with a Yoni massage, do I or don’t I make it to the land of the squirt? You’ll have to come along and learn about how a tantric massage takes me from hating edging and almost orgasm to really really really enjoying it. Did I say that I was on the edge of orgasm? Well now I may have given the game away…or did I? Thanks to...


We talk with HunkHands AKA: Handsy – P32

We catch up with a local sex positive trainer who excites a conversation around squirting. D learns that his school Career Councillor was crap as we sit down for the first (but not only time) with the man who makes a living training men, help their ladies, and women how to squirt! Mid-life career change is on the cards!! C tosses up the chance of being a squirt model! If you would like to find Hunk Hands chat with him on his website (hunkhands.com) xx Swing Soon, C&D Twitter:-...


Friday Night Listener Questions Answered P31

It’s a quiet night in for C&D as we were stood up on a couple date due to the dreaded man flu! But alas, you cannot hold us down for long, C has devilishly devised some listener questions and is ready to put D on the spot. As always a quickie turns into a full on drawn out session, listen in as we delve into some naughty things our dirty listeners think about…with some informative details on newbies and visiting swingers clubs thrown in for good measure. C has a secret question for D…what...


Our First Fling in Asia! – P30

Come with us as we explore our first couple since moving to Asia, while living the irony that they are from the US – the country we just returned from! We play with an amazing couple that titillated C by engaging her mind and expands her boundaries in terms of her age gap to the male. The lifestyle has also thrown a few curve-balls lately and C steps up again to the plate…… You will have to listen to know if she strikes out or not 🙂 The boys also experience the slowest (and most expensive)...