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Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.

Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.
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Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.




Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: Dr. William Dodson brings new insight to Emotional Regulation

There aren’t many practitioners writing about today’s topic. Unless, that is, you look up the collected works of Dr. Bill Dodson. Dr. Dodson is an award-winning board-certified psychiatrist and specialist in adult ADHD and his contributions to the study of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria bring him to the show today. According to Dr. Dodson, nearly all those living with ADHD live with some level of rejection sensitivity, and thanks to the poor training on the ADHD connections to the condition,...


Finding your ADHD recharge at the end of the day

Living with ADHD can be exhausting. But even at the end of a long day, responsibilities pile up. How do you recharge to stay focused... when your focus has lost its focus? This week’s show is anchored around a recent article by friend-of-the-show Casey Dixon. Her ideas were inspirational for us and spurred our conversation today. Plus, thanks to a listener question, we get to wax dreamily about our ideal ADHD home! Links & Notes ‘How to Recharge your Tired Brain After Work’ by Casey Dixon


Is it time to find a different job?

The connection between work satisfaction and ADHD is pretty clear if you’re living through the frustration. There are all kinds of reasons to leave a job, but taking the actual step of resigning is one best approached with a clear head. This week on the show, Nikki and Pete share a set of questions that can help you frame your own perspective at work and help find clarity in your desire to leave, or stick it out and work for change. Nikki’s list of probing questions:


Day Zero

There are signs in certain kinds of organizations that document the last time staff their experienced an incident. Any sort of incident that leads to work stopping counts, and as soon as it happens, the sign gets reset and everyone starts over at Day Zero. “This facility has worked [0] Days without incident,” the sign says. If there’s anything in our lives that can cause work to stop unpredictably, uncontrollably, sometimes even unconsciously, it’s ADHD. What do we do so that we can reset...


The Procrastination-Anxiety Loop

The idea that individual ADHD symptoms exacerbate one another isn’t new to those of us living with the diagnosis. But what happens when symptoms collude to create cycles of behavior and responses? The results can be vastly more damaging than any individual symptom on its own. That’s the question that comes from a listener today: how do you navigate the procrastination-anxiety loop that emerges when hyperfocus and disinterest collide head on? This week on the show, Nikki shares background on...


Finding focus, listening to the right voices, and getting out of your own way with Brett Terpstra

Brett Terpstra is a software developer, author, and podcaster and his work has been the subject of Pete’s technology fever dreams for years now. Brett is also unusually candid about his experience living with ADHD and bipolar disorder and after years of processing in public, he’s managed to figure some things out… others, a mystery. This week on the show, Brett joins us to talk about his experience living and working with ADHD. He shares his experience in learning how to live with his...


The Meal-Planning Episode!

It’s one of the most important routines you can manage. Getting it right means you’re impacting every area of your life in some way. You’ll feel better, you’ll think more clearly, you might even be better looking. OK, we can’t guarantee that last one, but you’ll feel better looking! What is this magic routine? It’s meal planning. Figuring out how to best strategize the food you bring into your home and creating smart habits around eating it is both challenging, and deceptively simple at...


Setting Up New Routines

Sure, we’re in the middle of our back-to-school series. But whether you’re heading back to school or just getting ready for the seasons to change, there’s never a better time to review your routines. From daily hygiene to writing that next report, this week on the show Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright take on the components of a great routine, and the mindset you’ll need to cultivate to make it stick. Links & Notes Thank you for supporting The ADHD Podcast on Patreon! Sponsor: Audible — sign...


Working with Instructors

If you’ve ever tried to engage in a discussion of your ADHD with a busy professor and run into frustration, you’re not alone. This week, we asked a group of instructors what they would like to hear when working with ADHD students and the results were puzzling, frustrating, dare we say disappointing? But there’s room for hope thanks to some enterprising student services folks and a general spirit of educators that really do want the best for their students. This is an episode about...


ADHD and Student Accommodations in College

Asking for help is hard, sure. But have you ever stopped to ask why it’s hard for you? See, asking others for support is hard for each of us in a different way. Maybe we live with the anxiety that others will judge us for not being competent in some are or another. Maybe we believe they’ll think we’re not as smart as they are, or as they thought we were. Maybe we struggle with the logistics of asking for — and taking advantage of — help from another. Until you figure that out, you’re going...


Winning with ADHD with authors Grace Friedman and Dr. Sarah Cheyette

Grace Friedman was diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at twelve years old, wrote her first book about it at 15, and now she’s an advocate for young people with ADHD and founder of the ADDYTeen.com community. Dr. Sarah Cheyette is a pediatric neurologist and expert in working with kids with ADHD. Together, they have written Winning with ADHD: A Playbook for Teens and Young Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and they’re here to talk with us about...


Rebroadcast • Reading Between The Lines with Caroline Maguire

It's the last episode of our trip through time and what better way to wrap up our July break than with a message from social skills expert Caroline Maguire in her first appearance on the show: never forget the art of the "Polite Pretend" people... it'll save your bacon! Thank you for supporting The ADHD Podcast on Patreon! Do social situations exhaust you? Do you feel like your brain is working in overdrive to keep up with your environment? According to our guest this week, that’s a common...


Rebroadcast • ADHD Inattentive Type with Dr. Doug!

Dr. Doug has been on our list to get back on the show seemingly since he first joined us. We're thrilled to say he's on the way! But that won't be until a little later in the fall. Until then, take a trip back in time to his last appearance and hear what he has to say on ADHD Inattentive Type! Thank you for supporting The ADHD Podcast on Patreon! — https://patreon.com/theadhdpodcast Doug Herr is back with us all the way from Nashville to talk about ADHD Inattentive Type. ADHD inattentive...


Rebroadcast • Lessons in Love & ADHD with Melissa Orlov

Every day is a great day to check in on your relationship with your partner, and with ADHD, sometimes you can use a pretty clear reminder to do so. That's why today is ALSO a great day to check back in on this episode with our relationship guru Melissa Orlov from 2017! Thank you for supporting The ADHD Podcast on Patreon! — https://patreon.com/theadhdpodcast In this year’s Take Control ADHD survey, we received questions on managing your love life while managing ADHD by the bucket. Whether...


Rebroadcast • Dissecting the Emotional Distress Syndrome of ADHD with James Ochoa

James Ochoa has been on the show four times in the last few years, but all his appearances point back to this episode from 2017 in which he outlined his "Emotional Distress Syndrome" for ADHD. It was transformational for us in how we approach conversations of ADHD and we hope this refresher is equally useful for you this fine July! When we first read his book, Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD, we became fast fans of James Ochoa. He writes candidly about his experience...


Rebroadcast • Attacking the Gremlins with Jane Massengill

We're starting our July break, is that a reason to skip the podcast? Of course not! Jane gave us some great tools to deal with the stories we tell ourselves and we thought this would be the perfect way to time travel through podcast history while we're away! Does the internal chatter of ADHD really sound all that different than that of those who don’t live with it? Our guest today has been working among other leaders in the field to help find those Gremlins in our heads and quiet them down,...


Shame, relationships, and ADHD as an exercise in getting back on the horse with Dr. Michelle Frank

It’s our last episode before the annual July break, and what a wonderful person we have to introduce you to this week to talk about shame, our relationships, and the daily practice of getting back up on the horse with ADHD. Dr. Michelle Frank is a clinical psychologist specializing in providing diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with ADHD. We love her work because of her focus on strengths-based approaches in helping clients learn how to live successfully with ADHD. She has...


The ADHD Identity Crisis

Are you a runner? Or are you a person who runs? Are you a gardener? Or are you a person who mows the lawn? Figuring out the difference between what we do and who we are is tricky business for all of us as we move through life. With ADHD, the idea of presenting a cogent identity to the world flies out the window. It’s dependent on so many factors — context, focus, weather, anything that can set off our attentional sails in new directions — that all to often the person we see in the mirror...


Overcoming the Fear of Making Decisions

Do you ever find yourself stuck in research mode? Are you overwhelmed with options? Do you resent regret? If you’ve ever found yourself living in fear of making decisions, you’re not alone. It can be a debilitating cycle knowing that you’re facing the same questions over and over again either because you can’t make a decision, or you can’t live with the decisions you’ve made. This week on the show, Nikki puts on the coaching hat to walk us through some of the questions that can help you walk...


Talking to loved ones after your ADHD diagnosis

The ADHD diagnosis can be as confusing as it is illuminating, unlocking doors in yourself you never knew to be closed. Just as it is a journey for you as you learn to live with these new words that suddenly describe you, it is as much a journey for those who love you. Parents, siblings, and others who care about you will experience a range of emotions as they, too, learn about your diagnosis. This week on the show, inspired by a listener request, Nikki and Pete are taking on how to talk to...