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School for frustrated Tennis Elbow sufferers – Let’s break your vicious cycle!

School for frustrated Tennis Elbow sufferers – Let’s break your vicious cycle!


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School for frustrated Tennis Elbow sufferers – Let’s break your vicious cycle!




When Should You Get An MRI For Tennis Elbow Or Golfer’s Elbow?

Should you get an MRI if you’ve been suffering from Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow for some time? – Do you need an MRI for diagnosis? When is the right time to ask for one, and once you've had it what do the results actually mean? (And are there any decent alternatives?)


Treating & Beating Angler’s Or Fisherman’s Elbow – Inner Or Outer Elbow Pain & Injury From Fishing

How does casting and reeling sometimes end up causing so much pain? Here's how to better understand and treat frustrating, painful fishing-related elbow overuse injuries, AKA, 'Angler's Elbow' - And avoid the common mistakes that can impede your recovery.


3 Tips For Sleeping With Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow Pain: Best / Worst Arm Positions, Remedies, Etc.

What's the best position to sleep in when you have Tennis or Golfer's Elbow? Should your elbow be straight or bent? Is it a good idea to wear a brace in bed or not? – (IS it actually possible to get a good nights sleep with a bad case of Tennis Elbow!?)


Pianist Andrew Furmanczyk Shares His Golfer's Elbow Recovery Story And Offers Tips To Piano Players

In this podcast episode I interview Andrew Furmanczyk, a piano and music educator. Andrew joins me to share his Golfer's Elbow recovery story, ponder the dilemma of injured piano players, and offer treatment and prevention tips to hurting pianists or those who are concerned about potential pain and injury.


Overcoming Piano Related Pain: Finger, Wrist And Elbow Injuries (RSIs) — The Missing Link

As a pianist, is there anything worse than being injured? Repetitive Strain Injuries are the bane of piano players worldwide: Tendinitis, Tenosynovitis, DeQuervain's, CTS – as well as Golfer's and Tennis Elbow. Here's the missing link to treatment, in many cases.


Think Twice About That Tennis Elbow Brace!

Should you use a brace to treat your Tennis Elbow? If so, what's the best kind – and when should you wear it? Although there's a time and place for supports, here's how they can potentially slow your Tennis or Golfer's Elbow recovery – and why you have to choose carefully if healing is your top priority!


Don't Ice Your Tennis Elbow! (Or Golfer's Elbow!)

Should you use ice therapy to treat your Tennis Elbow? Actually, no! – "But what about the inflammation?… All the medical websites and authorities say I should ice my elbow to reduce inflammation, because it's Tendonitis! Could they all be wrong?" Hint: Inflammation isn't the problem.


Why Cycling + Mountain Biking Causes Golfer’s Or Tennis Elbow And How To Treat It

Overuse Sports Injuries are common among all kinds of cyclists, hence terms like “Mountain Bikers Elbow” and “Motocross Elbow.” Here's how to treat and beat these injuries (which are usually Golfer's or Tennis Elbow, technically) including bike fit and alignment tips for various bike types!


Does Swimming Help Or HURT Tennis Elbow?

Is swimming good or bad for Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow? (Does it cause or aggravate it?) And could swimming possibly be a good rehab exercise – Especially if swimming didn't cause it? (OR should you definitely stop swimming until your injury heals?)


Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Effective For Tennis Elbow?

Could Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy be an effective, new Tennis Elbow treatment - A breakthrough, even? - Or is it actually an expensive, unproven fad, driven by rock star-athlete publicity and questionable medical studies?


3 Key Ergo Tips For Computer-Related Wrist And Elbow Pain

Do you have Mouse Elbow?… Pain in your elbow, wrist or hand – due to your laptop, tablet or phone use? – Use these ten Ergonomic and self-help treatment tactics to break your computer-related pain and injury cycle! Including a video on 3 KEY Ergonomic Tips.


Smashing The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Myth!

Inflammation – It’s the ultimate sacred cow of Tennis Elbow! (A.K.A. Lateral Epicondylitis or Elbow Tendonitis) - And if you’re still treating, fighting or worrying about it – Here’s why you’re wasting your time. (What medical researches first started discovering DECADES ago.)


Guitar Elbow – How Guitar Playing Causes Tennis Elbow And The Keys To Treating It

If you have Guitar Elbow, don't fret it! Here's how to treat the real, underlying muscular causes of your injury – and keep playing your guitar, whether you have Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow or a wrist or finger tendon injury.


What Is Pickleball Elbow And How Do You Treat It?

Is there such a thing as Pickleball Elbow or is your Pickleball injury pain likely either Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow? – Learn the right way to treat and heal it yourself, either way – And discover why the standard treatments of pills, shots, ice, braces and creams are NOT the answer!


Topical Tennis Elbow Treatments: Will They Rub You The Right Way?

Lotions, creams, sprays and medicated anti-inflammatory gels are often used to treat Tennis and Golfer's Elbow symptoms – But can these topical remedies help you heal your injured tendons – Or are they just going to rub you the wrong way?


Dry Needling For Tennis Elbow: Who Needs The Needle?

Dry Needling refers to two techniques used to treat Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow. One uses Acupuncture Needles to treat Trigger Points in muscles, and the other uses Hypodermic Needles to stimulate a healing response in dysfunctional tendons.


Cortisone Shots For Tennis Elbow: Biggest Mistake You Can Make

Proffered as THE quick fix cure for Tennis Elbow, research suggests Cortisone injections are highly effective for treating elbow tendon pain – But only in the short term! – In the long term it's all bad news, unfortunately. Learn why these shots should be avoided at all costs.


Can Acupuncture Help Your Tennis Elbow Heal?

Is Acupuncture an effective treatment when it comes to encouraging Tennis Elbow healing – Or is it simply a good, safe, non-toxic way to temporarily relieve the symptoms? (Evidence suggests it may help relieve the pain – But the big question is “Will Acupuncture help you heal?”)


Who Are The Real Experts In Treating Tennis Elbow?

Who are the true experts and authorities when it comes to Golfer's and Tennis Elbow treatment? Are they Doctors? Surgeons? Physical Therapists? (Or could they be the practitioners who work on muscles and tendons by hand?)


Tennis Elbow Supplements And Vitamins: Help You Heal Or Waste Of Money?

Herbs, nutrients, collagen, fish oil, omega 3s – What about Glucosamine and MSM? Here are the only two Vitamins you'll likely need to help heal your Golfer's or Tennis Elbow and why the rest are useless junk and a total waste of your money!