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Thank You For Asking is hosted by content creator Amber Burns. On this show, you’ll find interviews and heartfelt conversations that answer the question how are they doing it? Think of this podcast as your weekly check-in with your Internet BFF that leaves you feeling brighter, lighter, and smarter each week. Powered by Read More Media.

Thank You For Asking is hosted by content creator Amber Burns. On this show, you’ll find interviews and heartfelt conversations that answer the question how are they doing it? Think of this podcast as your weekly check-in with your Internet BFF that leaves you feeling brighter, lighter, and smarter each week. Powered by Read More Media.


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Thank You For Asking is hosted by content creator Amber Burns. On this show, you’ll find interviews and heartfelt conversations that answer the question how are they doing it? Think of this podcast as your weekly check-in with your Internet BFF that leaves you feeling brighter, lighter, and smarter each week. Powered by Read More Media.






Well Planned Self Care With Imani Shaw

On this week’s episode, we are nerd-ing out on all things self-care and planning content! Imani is an attorney by day, a dog lover, and fellow planner and stationery connoisseur. Today, we are talking about the intersections of self-care, planning, and journaling and how to plan time to check in with yourself in ways that are meaningful and sustainable. Imani walks us through her own self-care journey and how planning on paper and now in digital form has informed how she shows up herself If...


Breaking Down Guy Code

On this week’s episode, we’re on a mission! It can’t be just us left confused when interacting with the bros. Whether it’s our significant others, our friends, or even our brothers, we are perplexed. The guys are something else so we’re sitting down with an expert. Husband, father, artist, and to date one of only two men to sit down for an interview on our show! As one of Amber’s best friends, Izzy is here to give us an inside look on guy code and how the journey through self-reflection and...


The Magical Art of Living Alone

This week we have a very special episode of Thank you for Asking! In this new season of the show, we wanted to rethink how we’re engaging with you all on our no guests episodes. Today, then, is the very first time that in addition to having Amber share her thoughts and experiences on a topic we’ll get to hear from all of you! So, a big thank you to everyone who called in and left voicemails! In this episode, we’ll be diving into how we feel and don’t feel about living alone. Amber shares...


The Smartest Way to be a Multi-Hyphenate with Hitha Palepu

On this week’s episode, we have a guest we’ve been wanting to introduce to you all for far too long! Hitha Palepu is a master class on how to be a multi-hyphenate! She likes to say she is a pharmaceutical executive by day, but we call her “Our Inspiration!” Adding to that, she is also a mom, an author, a content creator, and a bona fide nerd and romance novel aficionado! Hitha has had such a big impact in Amber’s life and we can’t wait to share this conversation with you. They talk through...


Books, Style, and Advocacy with Azanique Rawl

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Azanique Rawl an OG blogger, and Austin-based life and style content creator. We talk about her early days as a blogger and how she has channeled her passion for style and interior decor into helping others find theirs. We talk about living alone and how to plan for and make wherever you live work for you. Not only does Azanique seem to do everything at once, but she does it with grace and humility! She talks with Amber about how she has always...


Mind Map Your Way Out with Karen Spears

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Karen Spears a designer, strategist, and a mind mapping extraordinaire. During this talk, Karen is here to teach us how to make the visions and goals we have for our lives a reality. Karen walks us through the early start of her career as a creative and the deep family entrepreneurial roots that continue to inform how she works today. Amber and Karen break down the process of putting thoughts and big ideas to paper and how to mind map and strategize...


Rethinking Your Career with Ivana Robinson

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Ivana Robinson. She is a life and leadership coach who helps mid-career professionals ditch the "shoulds” and design a life on their own terms. From First-Gen college graduate to Big 4 consultant turned certified life coach, her own non-linear journey fuels her passion for empowering others to connect with their why! Amber and Ivana talk through the mindset blocks that deter us from stepping out into something new. Giving you insight and advice on...


Consuming with Intention with Christine Platt

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Christine Platt. An award-winning author, lifestyle strategist, storyteller, and minimalist. You could just say she is a modern-day renaissance woman! If the idea of minimalism brings up visions of almost empty rooms, a neutral palette, and throwing away 95% of the things you own, then Christine is here to make you revisit that vision! She believes in a radical re-envisioning of what minimalism can be and do for our lives. Amber and Christine talk...


Hope on the Other Side with Sasha Nicole

Content Warning: We talk about many heavy topics during this episode. Please remember to put yourself and your well-being first in deciding what to engage with and consume. Topics covered: Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Psychosis, General Depression, and Anxiety. During this episode, we sit down with Sasha Nicole. A mom, an entrepreneur, and a non-profit founder who has made it her mission to help women who feel stuck, unseen, and undervalued live more courageous vibrant, and authentic...


Championing Community & CBD with Amanda Goetz

This week we sit down with Amanda Goetz. She is the Founder of House of Wise a CBD company committed to putting women at the forefront from the culture to the products they sell. Amanda shares her journey to entrepreneurship and the balancing act of business and motherhood. You’ll be inspired by her drive to always center her values in everything she does from the advocacy work that is embedded in the make up of her company to the authenticity and vulnerability she brings to her...


Powered by Purpose with Keri Shahidi

This week on the podcast we have Keri Shahidi. A model, wife, mom, producer, and principal of the company 7th Sun Productions, but more importantly an absolute delight of a human being! Keri has a lifetime in the media and creative space and this week she is giving us insights into everything she’s learned from motherhood to building your career, and not only finding but staying grounded in your truth and purpose. Balancing being a mom and raising a grounded united family, Keri exemplifies...


You Are Not An Imposter with Amber Burns

This week Amber is on the mic to talk through the feeling of being an imposter. Our self-worth and value doesn’t lie in how much or how fast we can achieve things, but it often feels that way. Amber digs into why we often feel like imposters and gives us insight into how to navigate those feelings. Self-doubt is normal but you can’t let it stop you from putting your name in the hat. She shares actionable steps we can take to work through our fears and feelings of inferiority. Most...


"Chapter 29" with Amber Burns

This week Amber is on the mic reflecting on another revolution around the sun. Turning 29 often feels like an in-between space. You don’t really feel like you’re in your 20s anymore but you’re not quite yet 30. Obvious milestones elicit reflections, but what about those in-between years? What do we learn, value, and embrace while we are on the way? Amber talks through many of the topics that were top of mind for you all and reflects on what 29 means for her. She’s digging into her career,...


The Impact of Influence with Lissette Calveiro

This week we sit down with Lissette Calveiro. A Latina entrepreneur, content creator, brand strategist, and PR powerhouse. As the founder of Impact with Influence, Lissette has years in the business of media and influencer marketing. Having built up entire departments, Lissette now works to bring more transparency and fairness to the creator space. Empowering all creators big and small to show up to own their influence! If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of influencer...


Confidence is an Inside Job with Candice Sabiduría

This week we’re joined by @candicesabiduria. As a model, actress, and founder of the skincare brand @sabiiskincare, Candice has walked the path of learning how to stay true to herself in spaces that are constantly trying to define who we are and what we’re worth. Confidence and self-worth are things that we all struggle with, develop, and embrace differently throughout our lives, but they’re rarely fixed targets. This episode is all about asking “Where do we find confidence and how can we...


Joy in Togetherness with Stephanie Harrison

This week we have @stephaniehson the founder of the @newhappyco a company devoted to spreading the message that being ourselves in service of the greater good is the path to well-being and lasting happiness. If like many of us, you’ve found yourself questioning what it actually means “to be happy,” but always coming up short then this one is for you! Amber and Stephanie talk through old definitions of happiness and what it might mean to live in a good life. Confronting the interlocking...


Penned for Your Pleasure with Mel Gill

This week we’re joined by Mel Gill founder of the Latina-owned romance bookstore and subscription box company Steamy Lit. Together we unpack the romance of it all. In our own ways, we’re all looking for love and connection. We want to feel, to express, and to share and receive love in ways that make us feel whole. It’s no surprise that we’re drawn to the stories we find in romance novels, but being a proud Romance reader doesn’t always come easy. We talk through the stories, the shame, and...


Mindfully Influential with Akilah Hughes

Episode Summary This week we sit down with Akilah Hughes! A published author, comedian, YouTuber, podcaster and an actress just to name a few of her hats. We talk through going from passion to purpose, navigating winding career pivots, and how to stay grounded during this “peak internet” information age. Show Notes Shop Akilah’s book Obviously: Stories from My Timeline ( From the bookshelf: Yearbook by Seth...


Unbalanced Harmony

Episode Summary This week, Amber is on the mic solo to welcome back the community and reflect on the heaviness that we can’t seem to shake as we enter this third year of our very not normal “new normal.” Show Notes Keep up with Thank You For Asking & Amber Instagram: Website: Amber’s Instagram: Have questions? Want to comment on today’s episode? Send us all your thoughts to


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