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Our goal is to speak with luminaries and experts in and around massage and bodywork to help expound upon and better understand our profession and our practices.

Our goal is to speak with luminaries and experts in and around massage and bodywork to help expound upon and better understand our profession and our practices.


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Our goal is to speak with luminaries and experts in and around massage and bodywork to help expound upon and better understand our profession and our practices.




Ep 80 - Respect Massage: Create a Zero-Tolerance Practice with Joyce Gauthier

Joyce Gauthier is on a mission to empower massage therapists to identify and deter inappropriate client behavior through Join us as she describes how to properly screen clients, including code words and red flags to look out for, so you’ll be more able to avoid illicit behavior before it occurs. She also shares step-by-step advice for how to get out of a bad situation if you find yourself in one. Joyce provides verbal cues, marketing collateral for your practice and...


Ep 79 - Toxic Mold Syndrome, “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A new client calls for a manual lymph drainage session, and they have a diagnosis the massage therapist has never heard of—toxic mold syndrome. Information online about this condition is confusing and inconsistent. What is toxic mold syndrome? Does it even exist? Why is it so controversial? And most of all, what can we do to help this client? This podcast sponsored by: Books of Discovery: Color Up: Anatomy Trains:...


Ep 78 - Video 101: Intimidation-Free Tips for Practice Promotion with The Massage Nerd Ryan Hoyme

Video can be key to promoting and growing your practice. Yes, it may be intimidating, but learning a few skills can introduce potential clients to yourself and existing clients to the full gamut of your techniques and modalities. Bring your website and social content to life and beyond the written word. Ryan Hoyme, the Massage Nerd, tells you which platforms to use and lets you in on equipment choices. Ryan Hoyme has been a massage therapist for over two decades and worked in the health...


Ep 77 - Femoral Popliteal Bypass, “I Have a Client Who . . .” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A client with a serious circulatory problem—a failed femoral-popliteal bypass, or “fem-pop” surgery—wants a massage while he’s waiting for his next procedure. There’s no data on massage and failed fem-pops at all. What can this massage therapist do? In this episode, we look at fem-pop surgeries and the reasons why a person might need it. Then, we take apart some of the variables that go into making decisions about massage therapy for this client. It’s a critical-thinking exercise with...


Ep 76 - Learning by Being a Client with Cindy Williams

Being a client makes you a better therapist. Besides the obvious self-care benefits, it heightens your awareness of good bodywork and the specifics that make or break a session. Listen as Cindy Williams puts on her professional educator hat and details moments from a challenging bodywork session where she was the client and her suggestions for improvement. Cindy has spent the last 20 years in private practice, and as a school instructor, administrator, curriculum developer, and mentor. In...


Ep 75 - Kidney Donor, “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A contributor has an unusual question: how soon can I work with someone who recently donated a kidney? We have lots of information about massage therapy for people on dialysis, and known cautions for transplant recipients, but we don’t know much about how to help living donors. In this episode, we take a look at what it’s like to give up a kidney and what kinds of accommodations for massage that requires. This podcast sponsored by: Books of Discovery: Color...


Ep 74 - Tackling the Tough Stuff: Charting, Billing, Pain Management, Research with Diana Thompson

Doing the hard work has always been in Diana Thompson’s blood. From an early age, philanthropy and health-care inequities fueled her passions. Diana talks with us about the importance of charting and record keeping as critical steps in acting “like health-care providers,” the importance of participation in the client-therapist relationship, and resetting goals with clients to inform their long-term, committed therapeutic wellness path. Diana has been a licensed massage therapist for over...


Ep 73 - Pregnant + Hand Pain, “I Have a Client Who . . .” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A client is seven months pregnant and has severe pain in both hands and wrists. Is it carpal tunnel? Can massage help? The answers are yes, maybe, AND—watch out for a significant risk. This podcast sponsored by: Books of Discovery: Color Up: Anatomy Trains: About Color Up: Color Up makes 100% natural, cruelty free, and small batch hemp-derived CBD products intended to balance the mind, body, and spirit. “Color...


Ep 72 - Become a Rebooking Ninja, Achieve 85% Retention, and Learn from Chiros/Spas with Elicia Crook

Australian practitioner Elicia Crook tells us what it takes to rebook with success—and integrity and heart-centered-ness. She learned from working in a chiropractic office (where she met a retention ninja) and a spa (where she learned about retail sales) and then created a mashup in her business Massage Champions. Her business was the highest-price/session within 35 miles of her office and she had an 85% return rate. Her book Fully Booked Without Burnout informs our discussion. Elicia...


Ep 71 - Frozen Shoulder and the Super Drug, “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A client has frozen shoulder: a painful, limiting condition, and she is prescribed a powerful drug (methylprednisolone) to help manage it. When it is appropriate for massage to enter this situation? Resources: Buchbinder, R. et al. “Short Course Prednisolone for Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder or Stiff Painful Shoulder): A Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial.” Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 63, no. 11. Guler-Uysal F. and E. Kozanoglu. “Comparison of the Early...


Ep 70 - Every Session is an Opportunity with Massage Therapy Foundation President Douglas Nelson

Massage & Bodywork columnist (Table Lessons) and MTF President Douglas Nelson discusses honoring the uniqueness of every therapeutic encounter and remaining open and curious to each client. We discuss the partnership between client and practitioner, outline strong leadership during the pandemic, and define the difference between excellence and art in the work. Douglas Nelson is the founder and principal instructor for Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars; president of the 20-therapist...


Ep 69 - Vertigo, “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A young client has had dizzy spells and neck pain with stiffness for three years. His doctor can’t find anything wrong, and—huzzah!—suggests massage therapy to help. What is the source of his vertigo? Can massage help? Resources: Cho, D. K. et al. “Myofascial Pain Syndrome in Patients with Cervical Vertigo.” Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 35, no 2: 243–49. Krabak, B. J. et al. “Chronic Cervical Myofascial Pain Syndrome: Improvement in Dizziness and Pain...


Ep 68 - Muscular Therapy: Built from Curiosity with Dr. Ben Benjamin

Dr. Ben Benjamin offers his inspirational path toward massage therapy and beyond—a career driven by his consistent curiosity. From his early dance career, Benjamin became curious about the healing power of touch when working with a local manual therapist. This led to him developing his own techniques and opening practices in New York City and San Francisco. From there, Benjamin opened his own massage therapy school, emphasizing the same one-on-one supervision he was privy to in his training....


Ep 67 - Parkinson’s Disease vs Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

In this episode, I explore a condition that is completely new to me, and you get to come along for the ride. A long-time client shows signs of some complicated neurological problems. Is it Parkinson’s? Is it hydrocephalus? Why not both? Resources: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Information Page. Accessed January 2021. Schneck, Michael J., “How is Parkinson’s Disease Differentiated from Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)?”...


Ep 66 - The Power of Determination with Terrance Bonner

Author, educator, and spa owner Terrance Bonner joins the podcast to discuss his challenging road to become a bodyworker, his esthetics training that deepens his skill set, and his new book for aspiring entrepreneurs. His passion and commitment to practice massage in the face of life’s obstacles is an inspirational lesson for all practitioners. This episode sponsored by ExpertVoice Guest bio: Terrance Bonner is a massage therapist and esthetician practicing in Columbus, Mississippi....


Ep 65 - Eustachian Tubes, “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

Today we take a deep dive . . . into the ear. We look at a client who had a sinus infection with lingering ear stuffiness. Magically, it resolved with massage! The MT naturally wants to know, “What happened? And can I make it happen again?” Resources Hayes, Kristin. “What Causes the Accumulation of Fluid in the Ear?” Verywell Health. Last modified November 2019. Accessed January 2021. Hoffman, Matthew. “Picture of the Ear.” WebMD. Accessed January 2021. Llewellyn, A. et al....


Ep 64 - 2021 Kickoff Week: Top 5 for the New Year

We close out our three-pod series with a Top 5 list of things to do for a great start to 2021. From looking at everything you do with fresh eyes, to the Pomodoro Technique, to our favorite podcasts, listen as we come up with ideas to support professional and personal self-improvement in the new year. Darren Buford is editor-in-chief of Massage & Bodywork magazine and senior director of communications for ABMP. Kristin Coverly is director of professional development for ABMP and a...


Ep 63 - 2021 Kickoff Week: The 2 Cs

Join us for the second episode of our three-podcast series to set you up for success in the new year. Today we focus on skills to evaluate and reshape your practice. Learn a two-step process that will have you looking at your business—and life—in a new way and give you the tools and inspiration to improve them! This episode sponsored by: Anatomy Trains: Books of Discovery: Host bio: Kristin Coverly is a licensed massage therapist,...


Ep 62 - 2021 Kickoff Week: Sharpen Your Skills

This week begins a three-podcast push for practice improvements in the new year. We start with improving your written and speaking skills. Why? Because communicating well is a sign of respect for your audience and saying that you take what you do seriously. From emails to your service menu, from public presentations to your elevator pitch, how you write and speak is a reflection of your practice and your brand. Nine writing tips and three verbal tips follow! This episode sponsored...


Ep 61 - A Thank-You and an Announcement

Thanks to our 2020 listeners! You’ve made this a special year to remember. We’ll strive to continue to bring you fresh and engaging content and interviews throughout the coming year. And we’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be bringing Meditate & Move from Facebook to The ABMP Podcast Network. More info to come soon! 2020 Sponsors: We’d like to thank our 2020 sponsors: Oakworks Anatomy Trains Books of Discovery Yomassage Hosts’ info: Darren Buford is...