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405: Dealing With Setbacks Listener Audio Q

In today's episode, Gina answers a listener question about dealing with setbacks in the struggle with anxiety. This listener in particular is seeking advice regarding symptoms that have become inflamed after a medication adjustment from her physician. Additionally, the stress of impending major life events (in this case, a marriage) has this particular listener in distress. Gina offers a number of useful tips and strategies for addressing this period of inflamed anxiety symptoms. Some advice...


404: Interview with Meditation Teacher Sharon Salzberg

In today's episode Gina interviews author and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg. Sharon shares her insights into anxiety and fear and how mindfulness and meditation can be of benefit to those struggling with these forces. There is also a brief discussion on the direction of trends in anxiety-panic, depression, self-help and treatment alternatives. Sharon's article in OnBeing: Sharon's...


403: What Anxiety Bumps In The Road Look Like

In this episode Gina speaks about bumps in the road over the course of recovery and healing from anxiety. Remembering to nurture ourselves and give ourselves the space we need to recover, even during moments that seem like reversals in progress or other times that seem like we are straying off course, is very important to our long term prospects for sustained recovery and well-being. Remembering to be compassionate for ourselves can help us complete the journey of clearing our...


402: Hope's Role In Clearing Anxiety

In today's episode Gina describes the importance of the role of hope in our recovery from anxiety-panic. Hope can be a fundamental tool that enables us to gather the resources it takes to make our situations improve. Listen in as Gina describes how to use hope with our other tools such as journaling and thinking techniques to help make our lives better and begin to clear our anxiety-panic. Grab an awesome audio book for free like Hope and Help For Your Nerves by Claire Weekes...


401: 4 Herbs For Stress And Anxiety

In this episode Gina goes through an article by Dr. Mercola describing the many benefits of four adrenal-supporting, adaptogenic herbs. Listen in to check whether you may benefit from adding one of these healing herbs to your anxiety-reduction toolkit. The four herbs discussed are: ashwagandha, rhodiola, ginseng (Asian and Siberian) and tulsi. Link to Dr. Mercola's...


400: Finding Joy Beyond Discomfort

In this episode Gina offers listeners a series of questions they can ask themselves and suggestions they can implement during their experience of the discomfort associated with anxiety and panic. Turning to face the discomfort we are presented with during high anxiety moments can offer us the opportunity we are seeking to overcome the discomfort. Questions to ask oneself: What if there were more beyond that? What if distracting was keeping us in the loop and holding us back from the...


399: Insomnia and Anxiety Listener Q and A

In today's episode Gina explores a great listener question submitted via the speak pipe on the ACP website regarding insomnia and anxiety. Gina lays out a substantial list of helpful tips and strategies that will help you reclaim your peace and calm at one of the most important times: bedtime. Don't let anxiety keep you awake one more night - tune in to this episode! To learn more go to: Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini Membership...


398: Letter to Anxiety Listener Q and A

In today's episode Gina reads a letter from a listener who wrote her anxiety itself a letter. The letter describes her experience of the anxiety, the fight-or-flight response, the wise-mind and how these forces interact and influence her life. Listen in as Gina considers the wisdom contained in the letter as well as suggestions for other listeners to write their own letters to their anxiety. Content from today's show: Hi, Gina, I discovered your podcast online and have been delving into...


397: Classic ACP Anxiety and The Opinions Of Others

Today Gina answers a question about anxiety around the opinions of others. Join in for the why and how to find peace! Links/resources mentioned in the episode: Grab an awesome audio book for free like Hope and Help For Your Nerves by Claire Weekes Group Coaching Membership: For more information on 1:1 Anxiety Coaching email us here: Stop by the website...


396: Physical Pain Discomfort and Anxiety

In this episode, Gina answers a listener question about persistent pain that exists despite medical reports indicating no physiological problems. Gina delves into the work of the late Dr. Sarno and former guest Steve Ozanich concerning The Mind-body Syndrome (also known as TMS), a frequent cause of otherwise unexplainable pain in the body. Listen in as Gina strives to help shed light on how anxiety relating to past trauma or emotional disturbance can cause pain in the body and how to heal...


395: Will Meditation really Help With My Anxiety

In this episode, Gina describes the immense utility of even a basic meditation practice for essentially any and all anxiety sufferers. Gina reveals a simple process by which listeners of the Anxiety Coaches Podcast may take advantage of the help available through meditation: starting with only one minute of silent meditation each day. Listen in for advice on how to start the process today! Links to ACP meditation episodes: Episode 309 Formal and Informal Meditations For...


394: 4 Ways To Help Curb Your Panic

In this episode, Gina explores steps you can take to find relief from panic attacks and anxiety-panic symptoms. Gina found these tips in a blog post from Jamie Price (see direct link below). To summarize, the steps outlined in Jamie Price's article: How to Curb a Panic Attack 1) Investigate 2) Shift into taking deep, relaxed breaths 3) Connect to the senses 4) Visualize the release of anxious feelings as a cloud floating away in the sky Link to Jamie Price's post:...


393: Guilt and Anxiety Listener Q and A

In this episode, Gina answers a listener question relating to guilt and anxiety. Tune in for the tips you need to strengthen your repose and enhance your capacity for enduring and limiting your experience of guilt and other adverse feelings relating to anxiety. Quote: Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry --all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused...


392: How To Get Calm Sharing Leo Baubautas Post

In this episode, Gina shares with listeners the wisdom of Leo Babauta, who outlines simple steps that can be taken to become more peaceful and calm. Leo follows the advice of his calm motto: "No big deal." There are things we can do to change the situation and often times, we cannot act to change the situation. Making forward progress towards our goal when we can act and accepting our limitations when we can't act can help us to find the calmness that we seek. Links from today's...


391: 10 Touchstones To Use When anxiety Panic Arises

In this episode Gina goes through ten touchstones (simple ideas) listeners of the Anxiety Coaches Podcast can use to alleviate their experience of anxiety-panic when it arises. Staying in the present moment, allowing the future to be just that: a distant moment only incidentally relevant to our experience in the present moment now, and reminding ourselves that we are safe, are just some of the ideas Gina shares with listeners in today's podcast. Need a good book to read on peace? Check...


390: Anxiety, Control and Uncertainty

In today's episode Gina explores the issues surrounding anxiety and uncertainty. Working to develop our skills of trust, surrender and self-acceptance, we can learn to release our requirement for control over our environment. Gina explains this need for control over our environment is not founded in good reasoning. Apply the skills described in this podcast and feel better today! Link mentioned in...


389: Dealing With Anxiety Causing Situations Listener Q and A

In this episode, Gina explores solutions to a listener question about disassociating the link that forms between situations that have caused anxiety in the past and anxiety itself. Gina's suggestions can help listeners feel safe even in environments that have triggered anxiety-panic symptoms in the past. Listen in as Gina explores tips and tools you can use today to break the cycle of anxiety-panic. To learn more go to: Join our Group Coaching...


388: Classic ACP Common Anxiety Behaviors

12 Common Anxiety Behaviors are the focus of Gina's episode today. Join in as the signs and red flags of anxiety are discussed. Links/resources mentioned in the episode: Grab an awesome book like Destructive Emotions; A Scientific Dialogue with The Dalai Lama for free through Audible: Group Coaching Membership: Stop by the website to learn more about anxiety and to send us an audio...


387: Loving Kindness Meditation

In this episode, coach Gina leads a guided meditation of loving kindness. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the peace and joy inherently available to you at this time. Need a good book to read on peace? Check out and grab a copy of Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh To learn more go to: Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini Membership Program What is anxiety?


386: Anxiety Coaches Therapists And Counselors

Gina explores the differences between counseling, coaching and therapy. There is not a right or wrong answer to the question of which type of professional helper you want to see. Social workers, counselors and psychologists subscribe to the medical model and utilize DSM labeling for insurance billing purposes. Coaching is an alternative helper to those listed above. The International Coach Federation (largest credentialing body for coaches) defines coaching as "partnering with clients...


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