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447: Decreasing Anxiety By Increasing Sacred Moments

In today's episode, Gina explores the use of realizing the sacredness of the present moment for decreasing our suffering relating to anxiety. Gina discusses the anxiety that emanates from a focus on our mortality and individuality, and the separateness and aloneness that are associated with these issues. Gina offers listeners a number of suggestions for cultivating sacred moments in which we can experience refreshing emotions such as gratitude and compassion. Please visit and support...


446: Noticing Anxiety Recovery

In today's episode, Gina discusses the importance of taking notice of our anxiety recovery. As sufferers of anxiety, we tend to devote a great deal of attention to anxiety itself and forget to reflect on the progress we have made in our recovery. This can actually make anxiety worse. Gina recommends a number of steps we can use to recall and acknowledge the progress we have made in overcoming anxiety. Please support the sponsor of today’s show Thrive Market! They are helping us to help you...


445: 5 Habits That Help Free You From Anxiety

In today's episode, Gina discusses beneficial habits to be learned and practiced to reduce your experience of anxiety. Five habits in particular are discussed that will help you improve your condition, including: having a direction for yourself and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and compassionate towards yourself and others. Listen in as Gina discusses these habits and three more! To learn more go to: Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini...


444: Put Your Anxious Worries On The Back Burner

In today's episode, Gina talks about a useful method to use the inherent wisdom and intelligence of the human being to reduce the intensity of anxiety surrounding particular ideas or issues we may be facing in our lives. Essentially, this method calls for "containing" the idea or issue that is causing the anxious distress in a mental container (Gina refers to it as a "pot") and putting the container away until a later time. Doing so can make the anxiety weaker, and make ourselves stronger,...


443: Mini Coaching Session with ACP Listener Donna

In today's episode, Gina conducts a mini coaching session with ACP listener Donna. Donna describes her experience of anxiety and behaviors related to OCD and how she came to find the Anxiety Coaches Podcast. Gina proceeds to offer her wisdom and guidance much as she would a client in a one-on-one coaching session. Listen in for tips that may help you improve your experience with anxiety. To learn more go to: Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini...


442: Anxiety and Attachment 4 Ways To Let Go A Little Easier

In this episode, Gina discusses how attachment to the world, our experience and various entities can substantially impact (increase) our anxiety. Gina draws a clear distinction between attachment and acceptance and suggests that acceptance is the very opposite of attachment! Gina offers a number of methods to make acceptance easier and lessen the burden of attachment in our lives. This episode was sponsored by our friends over at Thrive Market! Please support them and their awesome...


441: Understanding Negativity Bias and Anxiety

In today's episode Gina discusses negativity bias in the context of anxiety further (touched on in the previous podcast). The evolutionary perspective of our history and present state of functioning are used to provide useful insights into why we can be afflicted with anxiety and how to improve the situation we find ourselves in. The hereditary component of anxiety is also discussed. To learn more go to: Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini...


440: Why Is Anxiety So Common?

In this episode, Gina discusses some of the basics of anxiety and anxiety diagnoses. The pervasiveness of anxiety among the population of the contemporary world is touched on as well as the origins of anxiety from an evolutionary perspective. Negativity bias is discussed in this context. Gina makes the recommendation of keeping a journal of things we are grateful for on a daily basis to combat the tendency to reinforce the negativity we experience. Grab an awesome audio book for FREE, like...


439: Heart Rate Monitoring and Health Anxiety

In this episode, Gina explores the issue of self-monitoring with health care equipment for persons with anxiety. Anxiety and panic are thought to account for one in five visits to the emergency room and are often mistaken for heart attacks. Gina advises on whether or not persons with anxiety should be using medical self-monitoring devices outside of that prescribed by health care professionals and recommends finding a health care provider you can trust and work with. To learn more go...


438: Mini Coaching Session With ACP Listener Jane

In this episode, Coach Gina shares a mini coaching session with ACP listener Jane. Jane has been experiencing anxiety relating to loss and has been listening to the Anxiety Coaches Podcast for some time. Gina discusses some of the specific instances of Jane's experience of anxiety as well as numerous effective coping methods and activities Jane has found helpful. Grab an awesome audio book for FREE, like The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle To learn...


437: Using Courage To Guide Your Way Out Of Anxiety

In this episode, Gina describes how to use courage to guide yourself out of anxiety. Courage is the capacity to move ahead despite feelings of despair. Gina revisits the topic of volunteer vs victim mindset from podcast 436, and talks about how great athletes and artists still experience substantial fear. Gina describes how to start using your courage today. Link to Enter promo code ACP for an additional 25% off Grab an awesome audio book for FREE,...


436: Volunteer VS Victim Mindset and Anxiety

In today's episode, Gina discusses the value of assuming a volunteer mindset in contrast to a victim mindset. The victim mindset is characterized by the idea that the feelings, sensations and thoughts we encounter are being done to us, and that we have no choice and no power in the matter. The volunteer mindset is characterized by a willingness to face and accept the challenges that our lives in the world bring to us. Gina offers suggestions for making the transition from victim mindset to...


435: 4 Forms Of Peace To Ease Anxiety

In this episode, Gina shares with listeners an article from Rick Hanson about four different kinds of peace. Gina describes how these different kinds of peace can be used to ease anxiety. The four different kinds of peace Dr. Hanson describes are: the peace of ease, the peace of tranquility, the peace of awareness, and the peace of what’s unchanging. Rick Hanson as guest on the Anxiety Coaches Podcast episode...


434: Mini Coaching Session With ACP Listener Jessica

In today's episode, Coach Gina shares with listeners an example of her one-on-one coaching session with an ACP listener, Jessica. Jessica describes her life situation, the progress she has made and the areas of her life she wants to work on. Coach Gina sets out to work and offers Jessica a number of suggestions and insightful observations she makes during the call. There is much wisdom and help shared here that may benefit not only Jessica, but ACP listeners as well. Grab an awesome audio...


433: Dropping Into Your Anxiety

In this episode, Gina shares with listeners a post from Leo Babauta: "How to Work With Whatever Come Up". A core part of the message is that there is value (if not outright magic!) in dropping into the discomfort of anxiety-panic rather than running away from it. Staying with the discomfort is a way to avoid feeding the fear that ultimately strengthens anxiety-panic. Leo Babauta's post at Zen Habits: To learn more go...


432: Serenity Prayer For Anxiety 5 Reminders

In today's episode, Gina shares with listeners the Serenity Prayer (popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous) and how it can help those of us suffering from anxiety. Though the prayer is thought to have been written by Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, the prayer is non-denominational and even applicable for those of us who are not religious at all. The messages contained in this prayer are both personal and universal. Grab an awesome audio book for FREE, like The Power Of Now by Eckhart...


431: Digital Apnea and Anxiety

In this episode, Gina discusses a phenomenon known as digital apnea and how it relates to anxiety. Digital apnea occurs when we hold our breath during moments we are using our digital devices and looking at our screens. Studies have shown that humans tend to do this naturally! Gina offers some alternatives to combat the ill effects of this phenomenon, including walking and becoming more conscious of our breath and breathing patterns. Sign up for a free month of audible and get a free book:...


430: Feeling Stuck In Anxiety and How to Break Free

In this episode, Gina offers tips and steps to help you break free when feeling like you are stuck in anxiety. Gina emphasizes that clearing anxiety is a process and not an overnight, quick fix. Talking with family or friends, being with a pet, spending time in nature are all advisable activities to help you create space in your experience. Ultimately, Gina advises listeners to create their own methods for providing themselves with this safe space that will help you eventually become free of...


429: 7 Tips To Move Away From Anxiety Led Overworking

In this episode, Gina provides seven tips for those of us who are suffering from anxiety related overworking. The tips included largely revolve around the need to improve our own self-care. From increasing the role of rest and pleasure in our lives (at the expense of work!) to reevaluating our own needs and the needs of those around us, Gina's tips will surely help you get a hold of your work life and help you increase your experience of peace and calm. Grab an awesome audio book for FREE,...


428: Just For Today For Anxiety

In today's episode, Gina shares with listeners wisdom contained in a series of quotes. These quotes are sourced from literature from Al-Anon family groups, a pamphlet entitled "Just For Today". These quotes have had an important impact on Gina's own life and healing and she is happy to be able to share them with you in the podcast today. Link to Alanon document "Just For Today": ACP Group Coaching...