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The Art Of Tuning In Podcast is about inspiring a deeper connection with yourself, events and relationships, so you can move through your life from an expanded state of being. Hosted by soul/mind/body teacher, healer and energy intuitive Maria Furlano. Specializing in medical Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine. Please explore more at and ©️2019 Music by Craig Arakaki.


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The Art Of Tuning In Podcast is about inspiring a deeper connection with yourself, events and relationships, so you can move through your life from an expanded state of being. Hosted by soul/mind/body teacher, healer and energy intuitive Maria Furlano. Specializing in medical Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine. Please explore more at and ©️2019 Music by Craig Arakaki.






States of Wonder | #080

#80 | States of Wonder | I got a great question this week: "I can't seem to visualize because there's a part of me doesn't believe it. I don't mean to sound negative, but I'm loosing faith and I find myself in fear a lot of time." In today's episode I'm sharing some tools to move into states of wonder instead of fear. If you can't believe right now, what if you could become an explorer and begin asking different questions? Trust is all about our ability to feel grounded, rooted and safe in...


Dissolving Structures | #079

#79 Sometimes, when there are great shifts happening in our personal life, or in worldly events, we can find ourselves holding on in big ways, when we're actually supposed to be letting go. And the reason for this is because we have no idea what is in front of us. It's completely unknown. That's scary, and our instincts usually say, "Hold on, stop! I want to know what's familiar. Am I really ready to step forward into the unknown?" Even if your heart might be saying, "I AM ready to move...


Interpreting intuition Clairgustance, Clairsalience & Dreams | #78

#78 What are the intuitive interpretations of clairgustance and clairsalience? Well, let's explore intuitive taste and smell in today's episode. And how about our dream state? What's the difference between an intuitive dream and just our regular normal dreams? How can we tell, and how do we learn to remember more clearly when intuition in our dreams appear? This episode is part of a 3-part series on intuition, please also tune into: Episode #76 Episode #77 Please subscribe/follow this...


Interpreting intuition Empathic, Clairsentience & Claircognizance | #077

#77 In this episode we continue to explore our 3-part journey of interpreting intuitive information, and the differences between empathic skills, verses clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing). I also share some information on the overwhelm you may be feeling with these skills and a method to release the overstimulation you may be experiencing. We're continuously picking up frequencies and translating them into emotions we're familiar with... There are a variety...


Interpreting intuition Clairvoyance & Clairaudience | #76

#76 Let's explore how you may be tuning into your intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. How are you interpreting these intuitive skills? There can be misconceptions about how intuitive hearing and intuitive seeing presents itself. You may be doing this naturally and think it's much more complicated than it really is. Thank you for exploring this episode with me today. Please subscribe/follow this Podcast so you never miss an episode. Your free gift "Root the Mind" visit >...


What is an energetic practice? | #075

#75 "What is an energetic practice? And how do I apply it to my real life?" Another great question came in and today I'm sharing practical understandings of what an energetic practice really means for you in your life. Thank you for joining me in this episode! Please subscribe/follow this Podcast so you never miss an episode. > Website: > Instagram: @MariaFurlano > Facebook: @TheArtOfTuningIn > Linkedin: Maria Furlano Your free gift "Root the Mind"...


Is It Normal To Sense Energy? | #074

"Is it normal to sense energy?" #74 I believe that if everyone was sensing energy and working with their intuition more intimately on a regular basis, the communication in our world would be completely different. But sometimes when you're beginning to open the energy in your body, espeically with Qigong, meditation and the tuning in tools I teach, your natural intuitive gifts can begin to open quickly. And what happens when that happens? What's "normal" and what's not? This past week, I...


Letting Go & COVID | #073

I got some great questions asking if "I would be willing to share some of the things I do to support my energy when I get sick?" When we're recovering from anything big, small, short or long, one of the most important things we can do is let go and allow in our healing. It's not always as easy as it sounds though. Today I'm sharing my personal experiences letting go and with COVID, including how to prepare your environment to create the most ideal state for your healing to occur and...


Remaining Conscious | #072

When we want to maintain conscious awareness, it takes moving into a state of being honest with how we're feeling. Because being unconscious is a state of disempowerment. A state of being that is cut off from our true selves. Please join me in my upcoming live online workshop Personal Peace™ > > Instagram: @MariaFurlano > Facebook: @TheArtOfTuningIn > Linkedin: Maria Furlano Your free gift "Root the Mind" visit > Follow on:...


Eye of the Storm | #071

What do we do when we're in the eye of the storm? How do keep ourselves from getting sucked in? First we want to make sure we're not using a situation to determine how we feel, and instead aligning how we want to feel. We get very used to reacting and responding in our world to things that we see and hear. It's really important to be mindful of how we may be loosing our energy through the kind of stressors that are happening around us. How do we do we begin to do that? Whatever information...


Is energy alignment ridiculous? | #070

Is all this stuff just too ridiculous to actually work? Have you ever felt this way? And maybe you do right now, especially if you're struggling with wanting to feel better? Since you're part of my community, I know that you appreciate energy medicine, I know that you're into spiritual expansion, right? That's your groove. But I also know that sometimes, if we can't see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, does it feel ridiculous to even try? We're living here in a 3D world that is all about...


What does "presence" really mean and how do I get there? | #069

In energetic and spiritual cultivation we always talk about being fully present in your life, but what does that really mean? And even better how does someone get there? How come it's so difficult so much of the time, to be fully tuned in to who we really are? A big reason for is we're more often in a frequency of expectation. Sometimes it can feel a bit scary when we step into the frequency of presence, because it's a state of being that requires trust. It's a quiet space, that's...


How do you make a decision when you feel pressured? | #068

Happy New Year! I'm answering another great question about making decisions and staying aligned to your intuition when you're feeling pressure. "Hello Maria, I have been feeling increasingly nervous and overwhelmed and fearful about the world and about many decisions in my life. How do you hear your intuition, when you're feeling pressured?" Today I'm sharing some insights to help you be able to move your mind into a place where you're able to actually receive the guidance you're wanting....


Feeling Brittle or Nourished? | #067

Winter can be such a game changer for our energy, because now is the time we nourish our INTERNAL energy more deeply... So we actually have the energy to create amazing things in the spring! In the winter we want to focus on taking care of our energy in different ways and not deplete ourselves. When we deplete ourselves we can feel brittle. Caring for the strength of your bones and brain, is all part of the Kidney energy in winter time. And this also builds our internal reserves of...


Silent vs. Guided Meditation Practices | #66

Inside my online Studio a member was asking about "What's the value between doing guided or visualization type meditations vs. silent meditation?" In this episode I'm sharing the value differences and why you might choose to do one over another at various times in your life. I'm also sharing what the point of doing a silent meditation is and how and what's necessary for it to develop into a practice that advances your energy cultivation. Please join me! > Get access to your > 4 min. guided...


What If I Just Don't Feel Grateful? | #065

What do you do, if you just don't feel grateful? What if you're going through so much, that you can't find that kind of alignment for yourself? I'm answering this great question and sharing a tool to support growing into space of gratitude when life is hard. I'd love for you to join me today in this episode. > - 4 min. guided practice to refocus & calm your mind. > Instagram: @Maria_Furlano > Facebook: @TheArtOfTuningIn > Linkedin: Maria Furlano Your free gift "Root...


Why Going Deeper In Our Energetic Work Can Be Scary | #064

When we take that step and want to move more deeply into ourselves, especially with energetic practices, this is when (at times) it can be scary. Depending upon what we're wanting (needing) to clear in ourselves in order to elevate our frequency, old patterns, fears, etc can begin to arise that cause us to resist. When we try to control what's moving within us, we begin to create restriction and over time can be extremely draining. But when it's time to tune in to ourselves and step into...


Taking On vs. Taking In Information | #063

How are we actually absorbing information? When I say absorbing, I mean how are we either taking in pieces of information (and learning and growing with new knowledge), or are we actually taking on the frequency of different kinds of information. And if we are, how is that making us feel? If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, or exhausted, you may be "taking on" the information being shared with you. The information that we take into our body creates a state of being. How we...


Do energy attunements really work? | #062

"I see different spiritual teachers and practices doing energy attunements with their students. What are they, and do they actually work?" A great question that was sent in and in today's episode I'm sharing insights into the when and why's of energy attunements and what I think you should be aware of when learning from someone who does energy attunements. > - 4 min. guided practice to refocus & calm your mind. > Instagram: @Maria_Furlano > Facebook:...


Refocusing Anxiety | #061

Have you noticed that when you're anxious, you're also exhausted? This is because anxiety, overwhelm and stress all deplete our energy battery. It's a catch 22 because when we don't have enough energy, it becomes incredibly difficult to calm our mind and body, because we're lacking the foundation of energetic support from our body. When we're dealing with anxiety, stress, or overwhelm we also often experience aches and pain, it can feel impossible to ground ourselves and get ourselves out...