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Neurodiverse individuals discuss their experiences and their identities. We will also speak to family members, support providers, experts, and others interested in the Neurodiversity community.


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Neurodiverse individuals discuss their experiences and their identities. We will also speak to family members, support providers, experts, and others interested in the Neurodiversity community.








Mark Lyons and SammySocksEtc

How can parents support their disabled children into adulthood? Will our children find meaningful places in society? Sadly, workplaces don’t always accommodate differences. Mark Lyons and his wife are former teachers. With their son Samuel, they operate SammySocksEtc, an online store offering cozy socks, coffees, and teas. Like many disabled adults, Samuel struggled with traditional employment. The Lyons sought to provide Samuel with a safe and supportive work environment. SammySocksEtc is online at: https://www.sammysocksetc.comhttps://sammysocksetc.com The Autistic Me


Back to School and Season Seven Schedule

Podcast 0108; Season 7, Episode 1; 15 August 2023 It’s back-to-school season again, which also marks a new season of this podcast. Unfortunately, the new school year might be the busiest our family has experienced. I anticipate challenges producing new podcast episodes on a regular schedule. What little free time we will have might be on weekends, and I don’t wish to give up family weekends for anything else. My impulse, whether from autism, ADHD, or something else, is to be productive. Yet, I constantly feel anxious because my to-do list grows faster than I complete the tasks. If I tell myself a podcast “must” be produced weekly, I feel horrible when that goal isn’t met. Therefore, I am aiming for monthly episodes of Perspective on Neurodiversity. I believe that a single episode per month is what I can reasonably produce in the time available. The Autistic Me:


Dr. Bibi Pirayesh on Social Justice

Dr. Bibi Pirayesh is an educational therapist and learning rights advocate based in Los Angeles, CA. She has spent the last 15 years working with hundreds of children, parents, teachers, and schools to enhance the lives of children with learning disabilities. She regularly speaks on neurodiversity, educational therapy, and learning disability as a social justice issue on podcasts and stages and as a university lecturer. As a first-generation immigrant and English language learner, she draws on a unique multicultural perspective, years of specialized education on these topics, and over a decade of community experience and advocacy. Helping parents, students, and teachers recognize the power they hold is shifting our systems toward equity and inclusion is her passion. Outside of work, she is an avid traveler and dog mom to "Booboo," everyone's favorite therapy dog. In 2020, in response the school shutdowns and the isolation and mental health crisis of the pandemic, Dr. Pirayesh launched the Difference is Not Deficit Project. This project aims to build community through the power of sharing stories The Autistic Me:


Elizabeth Bennett on Challenging Conversations

Elizabeth Bennett, Life Coach for Families With over 35 years of teaching, administration, and coaching experience, Elizabeth offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and vast knowledge background. She is a retired award-winning school principal with a relentless passion for empowering people to take on their lives with joy and love. Elizabeth is dedicated to sharing her desire to create positive and connected relationships, focusing on community and business leaders, educators, and especially parents. (and yes, I even work with teens to help them see alternative perspectives.) Book: Courageous Conversations: A Guide for Parents to Understand and Connect with Their Teen, by Elizabeth Bennett The Autistic Me:


Marinda Dennis on Autistics and Loss

From Marinda K Dennis: I wanted to share my story in hopes of helping others who are struggling with grief right now, especially those on the spectrum. My 15-year-old daughter took her life this past year. She was bright, vibrant, and full of life. Her 12-year-old brother, Andrew, is autistic. It has been quite the journey attempting to navigate my own grief while helping him through his. She was his world. He was her little shadow who followed her everywhere and wanted to be just like her in everything he did. He is now lost without her. I want to share what I have learned, what we have been through, and what has led us on this journey of trying to help others heal from pain. Andrew was in a fatal car accident with his father five years ago, and Andrew sustained multiple life-threatening injuries. We had to ensure that he was stabilized before we could even tell him that his father did not make it. It has been a long and hard journey for him through the years, and yet he's thriving right now despite it all. Links and books: Website: Grief Anthology: Suicide Book Recommendation: Aftermath Marinda K Dennis Energy Threads LLC, Owner, Author, and Editor MA, MFA, Adjunct Professor of English, DA Student of English Pedagogy, MA Student of Publishing The Autistic Me:


Surj on The Light Between the Oceans

SURJ BIO: For as much as he’s known for creating soundtracks to people's daily lives, SURJ asserts himself as a storyteller, first and foremost. His songs engage audiences everywhere by converting the magic around him into anthems we can all sing. After introducing himself with his debut album All Things True, he landed a global smash with band Space Between Us in the form of “Filter” & "Paris In Spring" SURJ is kicking off 2023 with a new chapter of music that celebrates the importance of living in the now and untangling the complexities of life. Hear his most personal story yet on his second full-length solo album, The Light Between the Oceans. The Light Between the Oceans is an anthem of hope for uncertain times. So many of us are walking around with more than we can carry on. Being our adult selves can be so different from what we thought our adult selves would be like. Realizing growing up is not what we thought it was, life is not going to look the way we think it is, and even when it does, it doesn't make us happy. Realizing the ultimate light in our lives, it is crucial to avoid just running through the motions. "This snapshot, I pray, gives you a reservoir of hope based on a foundation full of light," says SURJ. SURJ Links: The Autistic Me:


Josh Stehle, I am a Superhero Expert

Josh Stehle is an autism author, speaker, advocate, and leader from Philadelphia, PA. His debut book, I am a Superhero Expert, explores autism awareness from his perspective as the brother of Zach Stehle, an autistic young adult. Book: I am a Superhero Expert The Autistic Me:


Filmmaker and Author Allen Wolf

Allen Wolf describes The Sound of Violet: The Sound of Violet is about a man who believes he found his perfect soulmate, but his autism keeps him from realizing she's actually a prostitute. The novel allows readers to experience a love story between two people who are unlikely to fall in love. The main character is autistic, and I mainly wrote the novel from his perspective. He's very trusting, so when he meets Violet, he believes she's an actress when she's actually a prostitute. I wanted the reader to experience the rollercoaster of the relationship mainly through his eyes with glimpses into Violet's world. From Allen’s website: Allen is an award-winning filmmaker, novelist, and game creator based in Los Angeles. He is also the host of the Navigating Hollywood podcast. His debut novel The Sound of Violet was described as “Entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual,” by Kirkus Reviews. Allen wrote, directed, and produced The Sound of Violet, the movie adaption of his novel that will be released in 2022. The screenplay won numerous awards and the film will bring awareness to human trafficking and autism. His previous film, In My Sleep, won multiple festival awards. Allen has also created five board games that won 39 awards. Allen Wolf Online: https://www.thesoundofviolet.comhttps://allenwolf.com The Sound of Violet information: Allen’s Previous Podcast Appearance: The Autistic Me on Social Media


Larua Hernandez:

Laura Hernandez is the CEO and founder of Mama Systems, a coaching business that helps moms create peace in their homes through systems. So many of us are simply reacting to life and surviving motherhood that we are missing out on the people we love and the things we want to be doing. In this episode, Laura discusses Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and other forms of neurodiversity. Laura’s family story of fostering, adopting, and special needs has shaped not only her life but has also brought about this company that has coached hundreds of moms to peace in their homes. The Autistic Me:


Homeschooling Exhaustion

Recording Number 100! Of course, it’s about education because that’s what dominates my life. Specifically, this is a reflection on reaching the end of our homeschooling experience. Children who have been in the foster care system and through the adoption process don’t have the same sense of security other children often have. If we had raised the girls from birth, without the years of legal uncertainty, they’d know we’re always here to support them. They’d be less risk-averse. They’d trust us to love them no matter what. When your formative years were spent caring for yourselves emotionally and feeling like the adults might abandon you, school presents a lot of emotional challenges. Education practices themselves can be traumatic. The Autistic Me


Kirsten Fowler: Fragile X and Parenthood

Kirsten Fowler is the author of Family, Faith, and Fragile X: The Raw Story of a Mother With Three Special Needs Children. She resides in Utah with her husband and four children, three of which have Fragile X Syndrome. She loves music, art, theater, and occasional adventures. Amidst her challenges, she tries to laugh rather than cry, has a good sense of humor, and shares her experiences to help others find hope and joy. This is my website where listeners can find a direct link to my book on Amazon as well as a link to a list of hundreds of helpful items to purchase with link where to buy them. There are also more stories from my life to read there. Family, Faith, and Fragile X: The Raw Story of a Mother with Three Special Needs Children. (May 2022) Amazon Link: The Autistic Me:


Dr. Walt Karniski on Medications and ADHD

Dr. Walt Karniski, author of the new book ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe? Dr. Karniski is a developmental pediatrician trained at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was director of the Division of Developmental Pediatrics at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, for fifteen years. He then opened a private practice and, for twenty years, evaluated and treated children with ADHD, autism, anxiety, learning disabilities, and other developmental difficulties. During that time, he developed and operated three private schools for children with ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Over the forty years he has been practicing, he has evaluated and treated close to ten thousand children, conducted numerous studies of brain activity in children, and has been director of a child abuse program and a program for enhancing development in children born prematurely. Dr. Karniski approaches each child as a unique individual with distinctive strengths and weaknesses, where the diagnosis does not matter as much as understanding the specific needs of that child. His new book is ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe? (Roman & Littlefield, May 15, 2022). — From the publicist for Walt Karniski, M.D. Learn more at: Book: ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe? The Autistic Me:


Matthew J. Brownstein on Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Growth

Matthew J. Brownstein is the CEO of Anahat Education Group and the Executive Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. Matthew founded the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, and where he teaches the Anahat Meditation System. He is the author of five books, including The Sacred Geometry of Meditation, The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment, and Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. Matthew is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and offers free classes on Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Growth, and Life Mastery Work through the Institute. He is the founder of the Interpersonal NLP Society, Silent Light Publishers, and IGE Business Networking Groups. When not working on the Vision of Anahat Education Group, Matthew enjoys hiking, kayaking, yoga, and meditation from his home in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Monday Night Conscious Community Classes – Over 500 hours of free online class recordings on hypnotherapy, meditation, spirituality, healing, and more: The Autistic Me on Social Media


DJ Stutz, Parenting Coach and Podcast Host

DJ Stutz, is an Early Childhood Specialist with more than 20 years of teaching experience. DJ has an immense love for children with five of her own, 12 grandchildren and 70 nieces and nephews. She understands the challenges and concerns that come with parenting. She offers parent coaching in group or one-on-one sessions to support parents in their most important job. On her podcast, Imperfect Heroes: Insights Into Parenting, DJ and her guests share knowledge and experience through thoughtful episodes whose subject matter is designed to help parents develop the confidence and peace to be a great parent and an imperfect hero raising independent, productive, and happy children. DJ’s parent company is Little Hearts Academy, where they have several free resources and access to group coaching and one-on-one coaching. The Autistic Me on Social Media


Michaell Magrutsche: Art, Authenticity, and Neurodiversity

Michaell Magrutsche is truly a multimedia artist: a painter, photographer, music composer, digital artist, and author. A former Newport Beach, California, arts commissioner, Michaell promotes the value of public art. He is also the author of five books and a podcast producer. Michaell describes himself as an “outside the box” thinker. He often explores the paradox of why 95% of worldwide artists exist at the poverty level. Why are artists expected to be proud of being poor? Without creativity, including the arts, there would be no man-made systems. Without art, there would be no world as we know it. Michaell seeks to discover patterns within art that foster creative communication. He also identifies “art values” outside any system, which raises our human potential. #TheSmartofArt Essay: How Can Systems Make Us Sub-Human? The Rediscovering of Our Human Worth and Our Inherent Superpowers The Autistic Me on Social Media


Space Between Us

Surj is an autistic self-advocate, musician, and member of the band Space Between Us. Space Between Us is a London band of four friends Surj (lead vocals and guitar), Matthew (lead guitar), Suneel (bass) & Joff (drums). To date they have released three albums and have just released their new album ‘how are you really’ This album is a collection of songs about a journey — exploring the challenges, heartache, and joys of coming to terms with who we all actually are. ‘how are you really’ aims to ask ourselves and others to see the reality of where we are and rejoice in the good as well as the bad, there’s an exciting, uncharted world of possibility out there — let’s choose to be in now. The Autistic Me on Social Media


Kathy Carter

Kathy Carter is a UK-based online therapist serving a predominantly autistic client case. She trained with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, a leading training provider specializing in cognitive-behavioral theory and practice. Kathy is registered in the UK with the General Hypnotherapy Register, the National Hypnotherapy Council and the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council. She’s also the neurodiversity advisor for the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy’s editorial board. ​Kathy also works with the Irish organizations “Thriving Autistic” and “The Adult Autism Practice,” offering support to newly diagnosed autistics. Additionally, she works as a school counselor at a junior school, where many of the ten and eleven-year-old children she works with are Neurodiverse. For more information: The Autistic Me:


Carolina Guiterrez on ADHD

When advocates discuss Neurodiversity, we include ADHD alongside autism, and many autistics also have ADHD diagnoses. As this audience knows, my daughters and I all have ADHD diagnoses. Our struggles differ, however, because ADHD takes many forms. On this episode of the podcast, I’m being joined by mental wellness advocate Carolina Gutiérrez. Carolina describes her ADHD as a superpower. She’s harnessed her energy as a serial entrepreneur, health advocate, and counselor. Business Consulting: Podcast Appearances: As a serial entrepreneur that started her first business at 12, Carolina Gutiérrez is a passionate Mental Wellness advocate. She guides business owners and seekers alike on the importance of intuition first, challenging you to think about work from the inside out. With her business & counseling skills, Carolina brings peace, time, and profits to business owners feeling overwhelmed. As an implementer, with her unique ability to speak to the energy of business and feelings, she taps into the spirit of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to enable them to deliver on their promise to make the world a better place. Carolina intuitively weaves practicality with purpose and mission while encouraging her clients to do the same. The Autistic Me:


Back to School, Back to Special Ed Advocacy

The back-to-school season is upon us. For our family, that means preparing paperwork for IEPs or 504 Plans. Yes, it’s time again for the alphabet soup of special education jargon. Your student with an ASD, ADHD, SLD, or ID might need an IEP with a BIP to ensure an LRE for the FAPE within a public school. Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t understand all of that. How bad is the alphabet soup? A guide for parents provided by the Texas Education Agency, also known as the TEA, lists more than 120 acronyms used in special education. An appropriate response, when presented with this list, is W-T-F. When you’re the parent of a Neurodiverse student, your perspective on education is shaped by how difficult obtaining the legally mandated supports might be. The Autistic Me on Social Media


Season Six Promo: Rebranding The Autistic Me Podcast

Perspectives on Neurodiversity vary based on our experiences. I am a father, a husband, and an autistic self-advocate. My understanding of Neurodiversity has changed as I keep learning from the experiences that come with those roles. I am Christopher Scott Wyatt, creator of The Autistic Me blog, and for the last five years, I have hosted this podcast. As I began working on season six of the podcast, I realized it needed a new name. What began as an effort to share my autistic experiences became a podcast about Neurodiversity more broadly. This podcast features discussions about the countless Perspectives on Neurodiversity, with The Autistic Me, C. S. Wyatt, as your host. The Autistic Me: Note: Podcast cover logo includes: “Infinity Circle Dot Logotype” by vector1st