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Featuring autistic individuals speaking about their experiences and their identities — including and beyond autism. We will also speak to family members, support providers, experts, and others interested in joining an autistic-centered conversation.

Featuring autistic individuals speaking about their experiences and their identities — including and beyond autism. We will also speak to family members, support providers, experts, and others interested in joining an autistic-centered conversation.


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Featuring autistic individuals speaking about their experiences and their identities — including and beyond autism. We will also speak to family members, support providers, experts, and others interested in joining an autistic-centered conversation.








Laura Reber Founder of Progress Parade

Laura Reber is a school psychologist and founder of Progress Parade. At Progress Parade, they know what makes you different makes you strong. They provide 1:1 online tutoring with hand-picked specialists for students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning challenges, autism and more. Laura works with a team of school psychologists and specialized teachers to create personalized approaches for homework support, academic intervention, homeschooling,...


Gary Martinez on Fitness and Calming Meltdowns

Gary Martinez is a fitness trainer and father of Monica, a 15-year-old autistic young woman. He describes his choice to leave a “Big Box” fitness center for independent fitness training as becoming “an athlete for life” focused on Monica. Gary integrates sensory activities into Monica’s daily routine, balancing her mind and body to help her succeed. His experiences with exercise and overall fitness have led Gary to help others prevent or reduce autistic meltdowns with natural...


Pandemic Parenting and Hope for Normal

Throughout the experience of pandemic parenting, I held onto the hope for productivity. However, my focus quickly shifted from my creative works to educating my daughters and their needs have remained my primary concern. As the pandemic seems to be waning, Susan and I now wonder if we might finally have some time for our interests. The Autistic Me on Social...


Our Daughters and Assessments

Our daughters and I have had a fair number of neuropsych assessments. The girls both have a list of official diagnostic labels. The three of us have ADHD in common. On her ninth birthday, we began yet another neuro-psychological assessment for Leigh, our eldest daughter. There’s always another assessment, it...


John Ordover on Parenting and More

John Ordover is a man of many talents. A creative consultant, a writer, an editor, and a stand-up comic. He’s even appeared as an extra in some of my favorite television shows. John also advocates for the autistic community as the father of an autistic young adult and the partner of an autistic wife. I first met John virtually while he was finishing his book Lie There and Lose Weight: How I Lost 100 Pounds by Doing Next to Nothing. I came to know John as a proud parent who celebrates his...


Autism Awareness Month

It's my thirteenth annual rant about Autism Awareness Day and Month. If you’re an autistic, let us promote Autistic Pride Month together. Join me. Do you want to be an ally? Tell people that April is Autistic Pride Month and a month for learning about autistics and their history. It’s April 2 as I record this episode and I’m already tired of the ads I’m seeing on television, hearing on the radio, and reading online. I can’t wait for April to end so I don’t feel so frustrated and...


Kate McNulty The Autistic Therapist on Relationships

The Autistic Therapist, Kate McNulty, discusses her book Love and Asperger’s. We also discuss gender identity, sexuality, and the challenges faced by autistics in relationships with neurotypical partners. About Love and Asperger’s Kate McNulty is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and certified relationship therapist through the Gottman Institute of Seattle, Washington. She is a certified sex therapist and member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists...


Autism, ADHD, and Bursts of Productivity

Productive. I want to be productive. More precisely, I want to know I am contributing to our family by producing work that earns an income. I'm one of the 85% of autistic adults with a college degree and no full-time employment. That's our reality. Don't tell me we are accepted. Don't tell me everything is better with an education. The degree merely proves I'm capable, not that I have the social skills necessary to navigate most workplaces. Change is needed. It's too late for me, but not...


We Need a Break from This Break

One year. The novel coronavirus pandemic has dragged on long enough. I’m tired of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. It’s not that I have big plans for the end of the pandemic. We’re not immediately taking or trip or attending a concert. It is the anxiety that accompanies basic tasks that exhausts me. I want that anxiety to go away. Needing a Break from this Break No matter how much you might love your partner and your children, there’s a limit to how much together time most of us...


Life Coach Catherine Guimard

Catherine (“Cat”) Guimard-Payen provides life coaching to autistic women, but that’s not why I asked her to join us on The Autistic Me Podcast. Catherine is also autistic and the parent of four Neurodiverse children, two with autism and two diagnosed as multi-dis, which means they have multiple neuropsychological differences. Catherine and her family live in France. As our casual chat reveals, French autistics face similar challenges to those encountered in the United States, Canada,...


Online Memorials, The Autism Memorial

Every year on March 1, the disability community gathers across the nation to remember disabled victims of filicide–disabled people murdered by their family members or caregivers. Filicide, the murder by one's parents, is one of the top three causes of death in children under five. It is one of the top five overall causes of death among all children and teens. Autistic children are particularly vulnerable, as parents use the “trauma” of having an autistic child as a legal...


My Neurodiverse Daughters

Daddy tends to be a pushover when the girls ask to learn. This time, they wanted to learn how the podcasting gear works. So, we set up the Zoom R16, three microphones, and off we went. This episode is the product of our 90 minutes of learning together. The girls discuss sensory processing, ADHD, therapeutic supports, and school. The classroom "wiggle tables" still upset me. Public school wasn't always working for the girls. The Autistic...


Poet Peter Joseph Gloviczki

Peter Joseph Gloviczki is the author of three collections of poetry: the weight of dandelions (Salmon Poetry, 2019), American Paprika (Salmon Poetry, 2016) and Kicking Gravity (Salmon Poetry, 2013). His fourth collection, What's Left to the Imagination is Everything, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry in 2023. His poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Hayden's Ferry Review, New Orleans Review and elsewhere. Additional Links: - Amanda Gorman, National...


Roy Richard Grinker, Author of Nobody's Normal

Roy Richard Grinker is a Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs at George Washington University. His books include Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism. I met Dr. Grinker in May of 2007 while he was promoting Unstrange Minds, my favorite book on autism's history. The opportunity to speak to him about his new work, Nobody's Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness was an honor. Press Release: Approximately twenty percent of all American adults—around...


Autistic Me to Share More on Autism

Misunderstandings about autistic traits have led to challenges most of my life. I blamed myself for the prejudices of others. I embraced and internalized ableism, disliking myself for being me. Enough. Five decades of feeling like I’m inferior? This must stop. I’m far from alone, as other autistics bring their energy to this cause. I hope to feature those voices on The Autistic Me platforms. The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast:...


Autistic, Anxious, and Introverted

The Autistic Me struggles with friendships. Autism exists on a spectrum and so does introversion. I cannot separate my autism from my introversion. I am content sitting and writing alone. The Autistic Me projects connect me with many other people. I do appreciate that.


Autistic Podcasting and Blogging

Creating content for The Autistic Me isn't easy. I'm a perfectionist with low self-esteem, always certain the podcast and blog aren't good enough. Why do I continue producing new content? Because people tell me that The Autistic Me helps them understand autistic experiences.


Self-Care Roundtable

Autistic masking and struggles to "fit" into groups leave us exhausted physically and mentally. Learn some tips for self-care and hear some honest reflections on autistic burnout. Daniel Sansing and Ben Sorensen discuss the autistic need for self-care. Follow Ben at BenSorensen1 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Ben: https://www.bensorensen1.com


Higher Ed and COVID-19

Daniel Sansing and I discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic encourages colleges and universities to reconsider how we support autistic students in higher education. Is online education an accommodation or does it leave out important life skills? Guest: Daniel Sansing, MEd., Literacy and Second Language Studies Adjunct Assistant Professor of English and Student Success University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College


Learning about Teaching

I’ve learned a lot about teaching over the last 30 years. Like everyone else, I’ve been learning about teaching since my first day as a student. Unfortunately, the lessons suggest that education is broken, and so is the profession of teaching. Or, as a colleague once told me, “We don’t need no stinking autistics.”