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Episode 15 - :The Bad Girls' Guide to Living Well with Melissa Keyse

Melissa Keyser is a writer, blogger, and photographer, and specializing in works focusing on nature, holistic living, seasonal food, and gardening. She is also the voice and lifestyle coach behind the blog Quarter Moon Living. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies from UCSC, and has completed additional studies in Herbalism, Horticulture and Landscape Design. Her writings have been published in newspapers, magazines, and on assorted guest blogs. Currently, Melissa lives in Sacramento,...


Episode 13 - The Bad Girls' Guide to Living Well with PCOS and Infertility -

PCOS and infertility can be helped naturally with functional medicine


Episode 13 - Sugar - White Poison

The Bad Girls' Guide to Living Well will talk about sugar, inflammation, heart disease and diabetes.


Episode 12 - Tired of being tired?

Do you feel like you don't have enough energy? Do you feel your metabolism is low and you gain weight easily? Thyroid medications are now the number one most prescribed medication in the US. But people are still tired, depressed, constipated and carrying too much weight because most providers don't know how to test nor treat appropriately. Join us to learn how to protect your thyroid, and what to do to enjoy optimal health and vitality with a kicking metabolism..


Episode 11 - Digestive Health - IBS, IBD and Crohn's disease OH MY!

You aren't necessarily what you eat, you ARE what you absorb. If you have #UC Ulcerative Colitis, #Celiac disease #IBS, #IBD, #GERD, #FoodSensitivities or #Crohns you aren't absorbing your food optimally. If you can't absorb, you can't heal and repair. Dr. Wdowin will discuss how to find the cause of your GI problems, and what to do about it to enjoy optimal health and wellness.


Episode 10 - Living Well with Dr. Natalie Metz

Drs Wdowin and Metz will chat about medicine, life and adventure. Dr. Natalie Metz is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in private practice in Oakland, CA, where she focuses on digestive and hormonal wellness with the support of plant medicine, homeopathy, and diet and lifestyle interventions. She earned her ND degree at SCNM, Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Elon University, and in the time between these studies worked as a medicinal chemist for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to...


Episode 9 - Live to 150 with quality of life!

Join Drs. Heather Wdowin and Steve Young as they discuss Parenting, food, why it is important to supplement and what you can do to have a good quality of life and health long into your golden years.


Episode 8- CTE and TBI - Learn about the danger of concussions and head injuries

Cover Three is a product like no other, containing the top 3 most researched, effective, neuroprotectants . Learn more about this incredible new supplement with co-founder Aaron Wdowin.


Episode 7 - How to be a Health advocate for yourself and your loved ones against Medical Tyrrany

Join Dr. Paul Anderson and Dr. Heather Wdowin in a discussion of legal actions being made that restrict your access to safe, natural medicine. Learn how to take action to fight for your rights to alternative medicine. Political moves are being made to restrict access to certain harmless compounded medications. Learn more about what is happening at the state and federal level with Dr. Paul Anderson, and learn what you can do to make your voice heard.


Episode 5 - The role of medical cannabis with Dr. Paul Anderson

On 4/20 Dr. Paul Anderson will join us to discuss why medical cannabis is an important adjunctive therapy for chronic disease, cancer, and other health issues. We will talk about the chemistry, safety profile, use in children and the elderly.


Episode 4 - Talking Environmental Medicine and Detoxification:

The importance of eating organic - toxicity in the environment, how it can cause diseases, and how to avoid it. Learn why water and air filtration is so important and how to shop without breaking the bank paying for organic food.


Episode 3 - Talking Chronic Infections with Dr. Lori DiBacco

Join Drs Heather Wdowin and Lori DiBacco in a discussion of chronic infections like Lyme disease and Epstein Barr Virus, what can be done to test for them, and help remove them from the body. Chronic infections are stubborn, and can cause serious harm to the systems of the body that are designed to protect you from other diseases. Their presence can be a root cause of symptoms from fatigue to cancer. Learn


Episode 1 - NaturopathicMD: Natural, Functional, Logical Medicine:

Learn more about functional medicine with Dr. Heather Wdowin as she explains the three main drivers of chronic disease, and why it is so important to address Stress, Inflammation and Toxicity together. She will also introduce you to, a concierge telemedicine site where you can order functional and specialty labs, supplements, and learn more about how to enjoy your optimal health.


Episode 2 - Homeopathy with Dr. Sarah Kotzur, ND

Drs Sarah Kotzur and Heather Wdowin discuss medicine, homeopathy, and changes to laws governing alternative medicines. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is used extensively in Europe, India and America. It is a gentle form that believes "Like cures Like". Dr. Kotzur has created a residency program in Portland, ME designed to train homeopaths in the first residency of its kind in the US.