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Stories, articles, interviews about knee recovery, therapy, and life after surgery.

Stories, articles, interviews about knee recovery, therapy, and life after surgery.


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Stories, articles, interviews about knee recovery, therapy, and life after surgery.








Combat Airborne Ranger Knee Replacement (Dusty’s Story)

And so two and a half weeks after surgery when I returned to work full time and I've never skipped a beat or never missed a day. I'm good, I'm back. I'm in the weight room, I'm in the gym and I'm training on a regular basis and I have full mobility in my knee. In fact, it's become my dominant knee and the stronger knee of the two.


Home Knee Surgery Recovery (Sue’s TKA Rehab on X10)

My experience with the X10 began one rainy afternoon in April, 1974. My boyfriend and I (now husband of 44 years) were riding his motorcycle when we were broadsided by a car. I remember the impact, sliding on the wet pavement towards the intersection.


Quick Knee Surgery Recovery (Coach Dave’s Story)

I went from my bedroom using a walker, walking into the room with the X10 getting up onto that machine. When I got off the machine, it felt better. Then I progressed to a cane and then to no assistive tools. It was definitely a comfort in knowing that you could go back the next day or the next afternoon and really see visible progress.


Coronavirus and Total Knee Replacement

This article is intended to help us learn more about the Coronavirus, COVID-19 and knee recovery. How do those two go together? How we can protect you moving forward? How we can make you feel safe throughout your whole recovery?


Bowling After Knee Replacement (Gary Avoids the MUA)

The total knee replacement (TKA) was on December 3, 2019. By mid-January, it was apparent that the recovery had stalled. On February 4, 2020, two months after his knee replacement, at only 88º of flexion, Gary started on X10.


Changing the Way You Walk

Learn how to walk and you will support this new knee that you're about to get. My walking program quickly became about alleviating pain, but I quickly learned that no one knows how to walk correctly!”


Pulsed Harmonix and PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Harmonix specializes in PEMF devices which help many people treat chronic pain, depression, and other common conditions.


A Daily Money Manager for You? (NYFO’s Peter Gordon)

Daily Money Managers help people manage their cashflow, manage their households, pay their bills, handle insurance claims


Avoid MUA Research

The new X10 patented technology provides an increase in flexion after standard physical therapy has failed. The X10 is not surgical, does not require anesthesia, is not painful, and does not require additional physical therapy upon completion.


2020 Post-MUA Recovery

Both of my knees were injured on 9/11. I was crushed in Tower Two when it collapsed. I had immediate surgeries, right after 9/11. On August 21, 2019, I had my left knee replaced. It was robotic surgery. Everything went well with the surgery and the replacement, but the recovery was a different story.


The Perfect Bilateral Knee Replacement

Larry Meservey had the perfect bilateral knee replacement with Dr. Douglas MacArthur of Littleton, NH. He used the X10 Knee Recovery System™ for his rehab at home.


Coaching for Life After Knee Surgery

Life is good, but it wasn’t always easy. In my third year of law school my family and I were displaced by Superstorm Sandy. I fled my family’s ruined home with a few items of clothing and my school supplies.


Senior Olympics for You?

Maybe you should do something really amazing with your new knee... maybe the Senior Olympics are for you. An interview with Becky Ridky.


The Immensity of You

I believe you are the author of this book called “Your Life.” If you don’t like what you're experiencing right now you can create something different. Every choice we make creates our experiences. Keep following the same recipe you will keep getting the same results. We discuss the immensity of you and your 2020 here.


2020 Knee Replacement? Start Here.

If you have a 2020 Knee Replacement planned or just in the back of your mind... this is the article for you. Get all the information you need here.


SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

If your feelings of depression and low energy tend to peak in the winter, you may think you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but it could also be something else.


Keep Food Cravings Under Control

A must-read (or listen) right now! Seven tips that can save you seven lbs. this holiday season. Personal trainer, Sheila Olsen, gives us the tools to stay healthy during the upcoming fun at the end of 2019.


Deciding on Bilateral Knee Replacement (Donna’s Story)

Donna reached out to X10 in late spring to talk about using the program for a single total knee replacement planned for that summer. She did some exploration of doing both knees at once and ultimately went in that direction. Donna discusses deciding on bilateral knee replacement and her recovery here.


Recovery After MUA (An Interview with Jeff Holman)

Jeff, 60, had a knee replacment. Recovery afterwards did not go well. He elected to use the X10 Knee Machine for his Recovery after MUA. Listen to the podcast or read the interview here.


ORIF Knee Recovery on X10 (with Professor Jik Chin)

People talk about self-driving cars. That's all part of robotics and is incredibly interesting. It’s important work that Elon Musk and others are doing in that area. This knee robot, unlike self-driving cars, which is really technology for the future, it's already there.