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Headlined by Dr. Michael LeNoir, The Black Doctors Speak Podcast will focus on the healthcare issues that affect our community, while providing special guest commentary and action steps to help us heal.

Headlined by Dr. Michael LeNoir, The Black Doctors Speak Podcast will focus on the healthcare issues that affect our community, while providing special guest commentary and action steps to help us heal.


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Headlined by Dr. Michael LeNoir, The Black Doctors Speak Podcast will focus on the healthcare issues that affect our community, while providing special guest commentary and action steps to help us heal.




Diabetes: Prevention and Management with Dr. Lenore Coleman

Diabetes impacts every 1-in-10 people and prediabetes impacts every 1-in-3, with rates being among the highest for African Americans. Coupled with the fact that diabetes dramatically increases your chances of having a stroke or heart attack, and is a contributing factor to many other health issues, it’s easy to see why we must take this seriously. So, what can we do to avoid falling victim to this crippling disease? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Lenore Coleman, a Pharmacist and Founder of...


Mental Health: Coping Through The Pandemic with Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox

This year has been an endless cycle of adjusting to “new normals”. Whether it’s having to shelter-in-place, being displaced from a job, losing a loved one, or the strain of not being able to be around family and friends, the impact this year has had on the mental health of people is not to be taken lightly. So, how do we cope during this unprecedented pandemic? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox, a Board Certified Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist, and Wellness Strategist,...


Youth Sports: Is Your Child Protected? with Dr. Warren Strudwick

Sports are an international commonality, transcending culture, class, and creed. From playing out in the yard, to school teams and travel leagues, more and more children are enjoying active extracurricular activities. But, as the drive to be the best is fueling “pro-like” programs in youth leagues, are we really doing what’s best for our children's health? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Warren Strudwick, an Orthopedic and Sports Specialist and former team physician for the Oakland Raiders, as...


Healthcare: What Happens Now? with Dr. Mark Smith

African American culture and healthcare have always seemed to be conflicting terms. We’ve seen our communities have their insurance coverage stripped away, implicit-biases in primary physician care, and healthcare companies continue to raise their prices-with the burden being felt most by communities of color. But, with a new administration that is promising action, have we finally reached the turning point? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Mark Smith, a board-certified Internist and Former...


Health and Wellness: Finding Your Motivation with Jamil Frazier

With everything that has been happening in our country and our lives, it has been easy for many to overlook the importance of health and wellness. While we all feel like we are trying to balance a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, we must all take a moment and ask: How do we take better care of ourselves? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Jamil Frazier, an author, speaker, and CEO of Think Life is Different, as they offer you life-changing health and wellness tips, as well as the tools you...


Pregnancy and Infant Loss with Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Although this can impact anyone, Black women have among the highest rates of miscarriage and baby loss. While socio-economic issues, implicit bias, and health equity are major factors, the real question is: How do we heal once it has happened? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey, a Health Services Consultant and Founder of Healthy Aims for Little Ones and Families, as they take you through their personal experiences and the...


Take Charge of Your Health with Dr. Glenda F. Newell

Your health is your most important asset and it needs to be protected. However, many of us go into the healthcare system ill-equipped for the potential challenges and hurdles that can be faced. So, how do you take charge of your health? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Glenda F. Newell, a Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine, and co-author of the book, “Focus on Your Best Health: Smart Guide to the Health Care You Deserve,” as they give you the tools you need to succeed.


Put Your Feet First with Dr. Michael DiGiacomo

Your feet are your body’s natural form of transportation but, much like a car, they require the right features and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. As a majority of people deal with some type of foot problem, what steps can be taken to not only treat but also prevent many of the more common ones? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Michael DiGiacomo, a Podiatrist and a former pro sports consultant, as they offer can’t miss information to keep you on your feet and healthy!


What’s on The Black Ballot? with Dr. Oliver Brooks

At a time where racial, social, and political divides are sweeping our country, a bastion of hope is just 33 days away: Election Day. African Americans are considered one of the most important voting groups, yet it’s been easy to feel like the system hasn’t always done right by us. So why should we show up and what’s on the ballot for our community? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Oliver Brooks, a past President of the National Medical Association, as they examine the potential impact of the...


Fighting For Breath: Asthma and The African American Community with Dr. LeRoy Graham

Air is necessary for life, but social, economic, and racial factors impact not only the quality of the air we breathe but also our bodies’ ability to do so. As African Americans and other people of color are often more susceptible to diseases that limit our ability to breathe properly, how is it possible for our community to ever “take a deep breath,” especially given our current health crisis? Dr. Lenoir is joined by Dr. LeRoy Graham, a Pediatric Pulmonary Specialist and Founder of Not One...


When A Doctor Needs A Doctor with Dr. Mack Roach III and Dr. Dawud. O. Lankford

You become a doctor because you have an unwavering desire to help and heal. You go through years of schooling, work long hours, and take late-night emergency calls﹣all with the intention of saving others. But, what happens when the doctor becomes the one that suddenly needs treatment? Dr. Lenoir is joined by Dr. Mack Roach III, a Professor of Radiation Oncology and Urology at the University of California San Francisco, and Urology Specialist Dr. Dawud O. Lankford as they give us a behind...


The Oath of The White Coat, The Promise of The Black Doctor with Jenay Powell and Teneshia Patton

Becoming a Doctor is hard enough, but trying to do it while Black is a different experience entirely. As the future of our health equity hinges on putting more Black Doctors into the workforce, how do they navigate this challenging, yet necessary, path? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Jenay Powell, a fourth-year medical student, and CEO of The White Coats Black Doctors Foundation, as well as Teneshia Patton, a third-year medical student, and the Associate Director of WCBD as they take us through...


A Healthy Balance: Food, Family, and Culture with Chef Nikki Shaw

Food is something that unites us, it brings us together with our families, and represents a major part of our culture. But, access to quality ingredients has been hard for our people to come by. With prices continuing to rise and the health gap worsening, how do we balance our diet, while also balancing our budget? Dr. LeNoir is joined by celebrity Chef Nikki Shaw, as they dive into the culture behind our food choices, the small adjustments that we all can make, and how they impact our...


Community Building, Advocacy, and Representing Our Own Interests with Reginald Ware

With misinformation at an all-time high and representation mattering more than ever, it is imperative that we craft and control our own narratives--particularly around the health and wellness of our people. So, how do we build platforms that are truly for us, by us? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Reginald “Reggie” Ware, Founder and CEO of as they explore their path to building advocacy initiatives and the future of the healthcare media industry.


The Slave Health Deficit and Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder with Dr. Rodney Hood

The history of Black people in this country is no great secret. While we know that slavery was never truly abolished-just renamed and reformed through Jim Crow, systemic racism, and oppression-are the health issues we face today a direct result of our slave descendency? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Rodney Hood, Internal Medicine Specialist, and the 101st President of the National Medical Association as they talk through a past that still has lingering effects and provide action steps for a...


Black Women: The Backbone of Our Ever-Changing New Normal with Dr. Sharon D. Allison-Ottey

Our society has been shifted by the growing presence of the Coronavirus and, as always, Black women are hit with the brunt of the work. As our lives change by the day, how do we take care of ourselves, each other, and our communities? Dr. LeNoir is joined by Dr. Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, CEO of CARLDEN Inc., Beautiful Woman Inside and Out, and Executive Director of The COSHAR Foundation. Together, they discuss empowerment, advocacy, and how to cope with this new way of life.


Guns, Racism, and The Growing Mental Traumas of Our People with Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey

Gun violence, centuries of racism, and continued brutality have tormented our communities, while a growing list of traumas continues to plague our mental health. With so many of our people hurting, how do we begin the healing process? Dr. Michael LeNoir is joined by Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey, Chief Medical Officer of the Kedren Community Health Center and author of the book At Gunpoint: Firearms Violence from a Psychiatrist's Perspective, as they unpack mental health, the stigma of...


Is The Healthcare System Built For Black People To Survive The Coronavirus with Dr. Oliver Brooks

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate and minority communities are looking at generational ramifications. As we stand at the crossroads of healthcare, racial injustice, wealth equity, education, and employment, one has to ask: Was the system built for us to survive a pandemic? Join Dr. Michael LeNoir and special guest Dr. Oliver Brooks, President of the National Medical Association, as they explore this question and provide action steps for how to best advocate for yourself and your...


Navigating The Pressures of Blackness During A Global Pandemic with John Eligon

Coronavirus has ravaged the United States for months, with Communities of Color being impacted the hardest. When faced with life-altering decisions and the racial unrest that has come to the forefront of our Nation, how do we navigate the pressures of being Black during a global pandemic? Join Dr. Michael LeNoir as he takes a deep dive with John Eligon, a national correspondent on race for The New York Times.


What is Black Doctors Speak and What Happens When a Doctor Gets Sick with Dr. Brazell Carter and Dr. Mack Roach III

Black Doctors Speaks is a flagship initiative of the African American Wellness Project. This new communication initiative was built for us, by us and is in response to the health care delivery inequities that exist between African Americans and the rest of America. So, what happens when a doctor finds out they are sick? Join Dr. Michael LeNoir as he takes you through his recent diagnosis, with special guests: Brazell Carter, MD: an Internal Medicine Specialist in Richmond, CA with Lifelong...