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The Body Awake is a show for people interested in health and the human body, in a conversation beyond "body as machine." It's about what we're made of, how we move, how illness, injury and healing happen, and how we can use that information to live better lives.

The Body Awake is a show for people interested in health and the human body, in a conversation beyond "body as machine." It's about what we're made of, how we move, how illness, injury and healing happen, and how we can use that information to live better lives.
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The Body Awake is a show for people interested in health and the human body, in a conversation beyond "body as machine." It's about what we're made of, how we move, how illness, injury and healing happen, and how we can use that information to live better lives.




Timelessness with Tatjana Mesar — ep 40

This episode, we dive into some big (for me) guiding questions: what is tradition, what is modern, what is fusion of ideas and, ultimately, what is outside of the erosion of time? Tatjana Mesar is a smart thinker and deep feeler, like so many of you, I hope this resonates with you well. Tatjana's school, and some of her writing, is at


Q & A

I love a good question. I also love the attentive space it evokes in me to come up with an answer. And so with that, hopefully this is a win-win as I present to you five listener-powered inquiries, ranging across a decent spread of body-related topics, and my corresponding responses: Cheers, love, Liam


Living Your Body's Intelligence

Living your body's intelligence ... Oh, what that could mean! To get a feel for what it is, let's point to what it's not. It's not blindly following every bodily desire that arises. (Only one donut orgy per month, alright?) Nor is it forever perfecting your internal compass without moving in its direction, paralyzed by the potential — and inevitable — messiness of life. It's something else, something that is both of these end ranges at the same time. Pay attention, try, move, keep...


Sex, Touch and Naming What's There — ep 38

This was one of those interviews where I thought we were going to talk about one thing, and we ended up talking about another. It is real, intimate (and happening in relatively real time, depending on when you listen to this) as we discuss the power of sex, touch, and being predator and prey, both in and out of the context of bodywork. Glad to have you tuning in, as always. Love, LB SHOW NOTES Kimberly's website (with her latest writings, etc. also, to get her "guide to the pelvic...


The Limbic Brain and Biology of Emotion

In this episode, I'm reading "The Limbic Brain and the Biology of Emotion," which is a chapter from Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit and Sexy — Until You're 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. This could be a great chapter to share with parents or grandparents in your life. (My reading starts at 6m 10s.)


The Vagus Nerves and the Social Nervous System with Stanley Rosenberg — ep 37

I was quite excited when Stanley agreed to this interview. His book on the autonomic nervous system — including but not limited to the vagus nerve — includes detailed anatomy and self-help exercises and was easily the best $20 I've spent in a long time. I loved it. Here, I ask Stanley questions about the notion of our "social nervous system," and some detail around his self-help exercises which can be, if they work for you, an astoundingly simple way to reorient your basic sense of...


Online Embodiment and Curating Virtual Space with Lisa Elliott — ep 36

Join Lisa Elliott and I for a dive into the inner workings of someone who, in my experience, curates beautifully a space often known for its disembodiment and unkindness: a facebook forum. Hers in the Vagus Study Group, linked below. This is a great episode for anyone who curates space, whether teacher, facilitator and anyone who works with clients. Enjoy. Love, LB + TBA SHOW NOTES The Vagus Study Group on facebook "How I've Come to Think of the Vagus" (an expanded definition of the...


Effortless Attention: A Guided Meditation

By listener requests, and my delight in the fulfillment, here's one of what may be a few led meditation / awareness / embodiment exercises. Questions, feedback, requests: please do shoot me a line. Love, LB


Being a Good Student — ep 35

It used to be: good information was hard to find; good teachers and teachings were rare. The onus, in many ways, was on the teacher. Now, of course, that’s still true in a certain respect. But also true now more than ever, I reckon in this age of near-infinite material being but a click away, is the importance of being a good student. What makes a good student? • You are willing to learn, and also willing to stop learning and practice what you’ve learned. • You don’t think you know...


Irene Lyon Returns for More on Perception, Intuition and Raising Our Kids Well — ep 34

Welcome back to Irene Lyon for our second chat on TBA. We pick up largely where we left off from our first interview (ep 17), namely into this question I had — and have — around okay, so we're aware of this trauma thing ... what do we do about it? Wondrous, deep territory. Plus the pitfalls and joys of teaching online (newly on my mind as well). Also, here's that 15-min neuroception exercise. Love, LB. Get this, as always, on iTunes et al, or download direct here.


Water, Muscles and Light as Energy with Gerald Pollack — ep 33

Gerald Pollack has spent more hours studying water and the nature of muscle contraction than you've spent doing just about anything. He's a very bright, kind and well-seasoned scientist with a lot to say about the current state of affairs in science. We cover: 1. Water (particularly Jerry's work regarding water's "fourth phase") 2. The nature of science, and experiments 3. The nature of muscle contraction, and Jerry's work with water explaining contraction beyond the most-usually-cited...


Seeing Inside a Body with Alexander Tsiaras — ep 32

Alexander Tsiaras is a modern-day Renaissance man who's been called the "Leonardo Da Vinci of the digital age." He's a scientist / artist behind a new look at human anatomy, and it's pretty revolutionary. He's authored two books I adore — The Architecture of Man and Woman and From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds — and give away often. That's how I found him, anyway. What unfolded was a conversation about the art and science of imaging the insides of a human being, even an embryo, and...


Healing Wants to Happen: Pre- and Peri-Natal Somatics with Kate White — ep 31

Kate White is an expert in the autonomic nervous system, with heaps of experience — both intellectual and that kind of knowing that sits in your guts and is felt — in the world of being born, at first and again. SHOW NOTES Kate on the craniosacral podcast


The Heart of Movement, Teaching and Learning's Never Ending Path with Jill Miller — ep 30

Jill Miller and I range from yoga to biomechanics to humility and hubris to Jill's recent hip surgery, her old teachers and the beauty, pain and wisdom that can come from growing up. About halfway through, Jill shares a truth bomb — sprung from the question "if you could go back and had 5 minutes with your 20-year-old self, what would you say?" — that is SO beautiful, powerful, poignant.


Embodied Movement, Politics and Doing Your F#@*ing Work With Mark Walsh — Ep 29

Are less-embodied movement practices good gateways into a deeper practice, or are they doing more harm than good? Are all movement practices really created equal, or are some better than others? Is what you're doing working? What matters about a yoga posture? Should you practice yin yoga or weightlifting or contact improv or ... ? Just a few of the deep questions, of many gems, from the chat with this show's guest, Mark Walsh. Mark is an embodiment facilitator who's worked in war...


Tom Myers on Being in the Body Business, Movement and the Disease of Feeling "Other" — ep 28

Tom Myers returns to The Body Awake for our third interview. And like the other two but with new territory, Tom's experience and wisdom that came through this chat were really good nutrition for me, and now hopefully for you too. Tom and I talk, among other things, about: It's a good one. Listen in on the TBA website or find The Body Awake on iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Links for this show: Tom's "Anatomy 101 For Yoga Teachers and Students" / TBA listeners use discount code TMYERS100 to...


Fireside Chat: Housekeeping with LB - ep 27

Housekeeping 💛 a new home for my writing: the written word right here at TBA 💛 notes on my physical training, and follow up from the 50K race 💛 the trajectory of the show, both big picture and a list of future interviewees! weeeeeeee! Links blog at Dynamic Alignment Bodyworkherephenom daily blog


Having a Body, Being a Body with Brooke Thomas — ep 26

What a joy to get to chat with Brooke Thomas, whose latest project, the Liberated Body podcast, may be familiar to some listeners here. Brooke and I talk about the subject/object paradox of both having and being a body, using felt sense as a navigation to begin and end projects, and a whole host of other topics we might camp under something like "embodied spirituality." Or maybe "spiritual embodiment." Whatever we call it, I think Brooke is a joy to listen to! Hope you enjoy TBA


Stack Your Bones & Posture Beyond Effort with Ruthie Fraser — ep 25

"Posture" is such a loaded word for so many of us. It often evokes a sense of not "doing it right" —> lazy shoulders, computer slouch, etc. This kind of thinking might be useful in some circumstances, but in many people it just adds another layer of guilt — and yes, tension — onto an already tense situation. I love how Ruthie breaks down the infinitely expansive terrain of "inhabit your body" into little bite sized nuggets. She does it in her book Stack Your Bones, and with us on the...