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Welcome to our podcast! A whole person, whole planet response to the environmental crisis.

Welcome to our podcast! A whole person, whole planet response to the environmental crisis.


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Welcome to our podcast! A whole person, whole planet response to the environmental crisis.




Damiana Carpizzo on Healing

Damiana took us on a journey. By the end of it, we knew a lot more about the biological body, had insight into the direct connection between having a soft body and having clear awareness of our interconnected nature, felt awe for these bodies and these lives of ours, and realized the power and goodness that spontaneously comes from this place of clarity. About Damiana To book a massage with Damiana:...


Prof. Deborah Lawrence on De-Fragmentation

Professor Deborah Lawrence is a pioneer in tropical forest ecology, but also in integrating a broad variety of academics and real world experiences to better understand environmental problems and solutions. In this episode we talk from the theme of "de-fragmentation" as a fundamental solution for people, socially and environmentally. We divide the interview into three sections. In part 1 Dr. Lawrence shares an overview of her scientific work distinguishing tropical forests as having greater...


Sheri Herndon on Awakening to a Beautiful Future

If the whole planet is a village, Sheri Herndon is a village elder. In this conversation, she draws on her decades of experience as an extraordinarily successful activist and gives us a real sense of the beautiful and joyful future that's possible. She does so with great energy, deep kindness, and sheer brilliance. About Sheri Sheri Herndon cofounded, a global grassroots media network, 20 years ago. She is now cofounding MetaTao and Awakening Together to serve awakening to...


Randy Jewart on Growing Food Locally

Crystal clear at the end of his career as founder/CEO of “Resolution Gardens", Randy Jewart, talks about his journey from gymnast to academic, artist to activist, and community builder to urban farmer. He shares wisdoms and truths on the rewards of "getting outside and doing some work together," reflections on the challenges of expanding the local food paradigm, and his best idea for global positive change. In Randy's 20+ years based in Austin, TX, he created numerous communities and...


Daniel Lavelle on Indigenous Peoples' Rights

“These are insights i will think about and integrate over time.” (—Jared) In this masterclass of an interview with Daniel Lavelle, U.S. Director for Survival International, Daniel explains his organization's courageous work and why indigenous sovereignty and human rights are priority one for the global environmental solution. It's an eye-opening session we recommend to every listener. Be sure to check out Daniel's organization as well. About Daniel Daniel earned his PhD in Philosophy and...


Travis Ben Robinson on Finding Sacredness

Travis Ben Robinson is a Tibetan Buddhist teacher, psychotherapist, and co-director of the Marina Counseling Center in San Francisco. He joins us for a light-hearted, deep, kind of folksy conversation that shines a light on our way forward. He says (and we agree) that the way forward is through discovering and rediscovering that everything is sacred. He offers some excellent tools to help us along the way such as following what feels warm in the moment, waking up our body's consciousness,...


Lea Seigen Shinraku on Self-Compassion

According to Lea Seigen Shinraku, psychotherapist and founder of the San Francisco Center for Self-Compassion, negative self-talk is like wearing a virtual-reality headset. It can be crippling and derail us from doing what really matters, like helping to make the world a better place. In this episode, she offers wise and cutting-edge guidance for transforming negative self-talk and becoming optimal agents of positive change. Usually we think the way forward is external. Lea helps us see...


Our Visions for "The Bridge"

The Science Is In. The world needs radical, inclusive, constructive change if it is to win the climate challenge, the species extinction crisis, the refugee challenge, and so much more. How do we build the bridge out of today's mounting environmental crises and prevent all of the things they incur? Chris and Jared come at the solution from different, but complimentary directions. Jared, a psychotherapist and Zen Buddhist priest in California and Chris, a globally-strategic conservation...