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The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into a topic related to wellness and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.

The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into a topic related to wellness and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.
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The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into a topic related to wellness and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.




Facing Failures - Solo Episode

This week’s episode is all about failing. The good, the bad and the ugly. I talk about what stopped me from facing my failures in the past and how I look at them differently now. I connect my failures with my fears of disappointing myself and others and why I’ve played small because of it. By the end of the episode you’ll be hype about failing and ready to get out there and give it what you got! On this Episode I Talk About: Connect with Me Online: The Joy Squad Facebook Group:...


Demystifying Manifestation & Debunking the Misconceptions with Caroline Nixon

We Talk About: Being inspired by female entrepreneurs when you’re younger Balancing holding space and setting boundaries for yourself Boundaries when you serve others Examples of how Caroline set healthy boundaries with her friend The connection between anger and disappointment Forgiveness and self-forgiveness Caroline’s definition of a manifestation The difference between goal setting and manifestation Why manifestation is fun How Caroline manifested her relationship How to start...


Your Questions Answered [Acne, Diet Culture, Photography, Business & More]

I’m answering your questions & chatting on topics you’ve requested. Think of it like we’re chatting over coffee Questions Answered: Connect with Me Online: The Joy Squad Facebook Group: Instagram: Blog:


Finding Your Path & Speaking Your Truth Sara Divello

I talk with Sara DiVello about her long and winding path to becoming an author and yoga teacher. We dive into her transition from the male-dominated finance world to the feminine yoga world and what it feels like to own and share your truth. We Talk About: Quotable: Our great work has great worth Time, energy & money are currencies Ask yourself: Does this feel fair to me? Every part of the journey is shaping you for the next chapter “Clear space so you can receive that which you...


Burnout, Breaks & Creativity & Self-Talk with Georgie Morley & Engrid Latina

I’m back! On this episode I’m diving into my thoughts on breaks, burnouts, creativity, self-talk, self-worth & we somehow wind our way to our inner child. I love this episode because it’s honest, open and realtime with my best friend Engrid Latina (the co-host of our podcast: Gal Pal’s) We Talk About: Why & how I took a break from my work this summer How our self care conversation can be shallow How social media impacts our thoughts & feelings Understanding how am I really doing? How...


Harmony vs. Balance & Rebuilding Your Life After a Diagnosis with Molly McCarthy

This week I’m talking with Molly McCarthy about her story with being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that changed her life. We talk about what that journey was like and the strength and tools she used to go from surviving to thriving. We dive into how challenging it is to lose your wellness and what it means to regain it while also protecting your mental health. Molly is SO cool, SO smart and SO inspiring. We Talk About: diagnosed with SjögrensWhat is an autoimmune disease?Panic...


Attraction, Desire, Dating & Relationships with Shannon Boodram

On this episode, I talk with Shan Boodram about all things dating and relationships, from attraction and accepting your desires, to attachment styles, to dating mistakes. We talk about: Shan’s new book “The Game of Desire”How what you wear can affect yourself and othersMaking sex education more accessibleAccepting your desires without shameThings are not good or bad - it’s how you interact with them in your lifeWhat attraction is - not just physical, it’s the power to draw people inWhy...


Natural Skincare & Living in the Grey(lady) with Julie Connor

On this episode, I talk with Julie Connor about business, skincare, womanhood & so much more. About Julie Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Nantucket has been my home for 17 years not. I just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary with my husband back in April and I am the mother to one teen and three doodles. The idea for TVM stemmed from a bit of a crisis in life. Feeling a little lost, burnt out and overwhelmed. It actually kind of found me... I decided to open TVM to bring...


Confidence with Engrid Latina & Georgie Morley

This week I’m sharing another episode of Gal Pals the brand new podcast from host Georgie Morley & her best friend Engrid Latina. On this episode, Engrid & Georgie dive into what it means to be confident. We talk about the difference between confidence, arrogance, and insecurity. QOTW: What is something you are excited about in the coming months? E: A slower season G: Nantucket summer We Talk About: Confidence - what it is and what it isn’t Confident people are in tune with...


Facing Your Fears with Jera Foster-Fell

This episode is all about dealing with hard things, facing fear, failure & negativity then rising to the challenge and being stronger. Jera is honest, vulnerable, funny and so inspiring. About Jera Jera Foster-Fell was born and raised in NYC, studied Fine Art at USC, and worked as a graphic designer in LA, Boston, and New York in what she likes to call her 'former life'. In 2015, after working at several soul sucking jobs, ending a long term relationship, and struggling with social...


Financial Therapy, Money Mindfulness & Decision Fatigue with Amanda Clayman

Amanda Clayman, Financial Wellness Advocate for Prudential Financial, is a widely recognized leader in the field of financial therapy. She helps her clients decode how thoughts, feelings, and associations shape their financial choices, and identifies how those patterns serve and limit them in their lives. For over a decade Amandahas been helping people move beyond shame and frustration to find opportunities for personal growth embedded in the financial challenges they face. We Talk...


Sobriety, Veganism & Being Multifaceted with Remy Park

Remy is a vegan recipe developer and food photographer, specializing in recipes inspired by healing plant based ingredients and herbalism. What began as a food accountability log while in treatment for an eating disorder and her struggles with addiction and mental health, her blog Veggiekins has become a resource for health and wellness tips with a holistic, mind body approach to well being. Today, Remy is an advocate for self love and accessibility in wellness. Outside of the kitchen, she...


Being Present, Making Friends, Anxiety & Mental Health [Q&A]

Being Present, Making Friends, Anxiety & Mental Health [Q&A] This is a special Q&A episode. Every 10 episodes I ask for your questions & answer them on the show. We got lots of great ones and answered about an hours worth. My intern for the summer Molly McCarthy was my wonderful question asker and added so much goodness to the episode. Questions We Cover General: Nantucket: Recommendations: Fun: Listen to Gal Pals...


Ep. 109 - Introducing Gal Pals

Today I'm sharing an exciting announcement... I started a new podcast with my friend Engrid Latina. I'm sharing the first episode here "get to know the gal pals." You can find the rest of the new episodes here: Welcome to Gal Pals, a deep-dive lifestyle podcast hosted by Georgie Morely & Engrid Latina. Tune in every Thursday to hang out with us, as we candidly chat about navigating specific life moments like: dealing with...


Ep. 108 - My Intuitive Eating Journey [SOLO]

My Intuitive Eating Journey. On this episode, I share my personal experience with (re)learning to eat intuitively. I go over the definition and 10 principles of intuitive eating, share my personal story, what I’ve learned and gained from eating intuitively and finally resources for anyone learning to eat intuitively. Chasing Joy Episodes Referenced Christy Harrison [ep. 64] Evie O’Connor [ep. 19] Imma Eat That [ep. 13] Robin Real Life RD [ep. 35] Resources: Intuitive eating...


Ep. 107 - Self-Acceptance & Sharing Your Truth with Miriam Buttu

Miriam Buttu is a Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker and Host of The Power & Potential Podcast. Miriam learned the hard way what it took to find her place in the world, and after years of introspection, inner work and intentional personal growth, she figured out that it all starts and ends with your mind. She now has her own practice where she helps driven millennial women design and live their best lives on their own terms, by first understanding what their terms are. Miriam also has two...


Ep. 106 - The Fascinating World of the Microbiome in Our Bodies and Homes & How it Keeps Us Well with Mat Franken

Mat Franken is the founder of Aunt Fannie’s an all natural cleaning company. His story is so powerful and this is one of those interviews that I just could have done for hours because I learned SO much. It’s that amazing combination of wellness, entrepreneurship, and curiosity that sparks excitement in me and I think it will for you too. I love Mat’s accessible approach to making our homes healthier. (no scare tactics here) We Talk About: Resources EWG - environmental working group I...


Ep. 105 - Building Confidence, Social Media’s Effect On Our Mental Health & Getting Out of Comparison with Brie Shelly

Brie Shelly is a therapist, coach and consultant for the digital age. She’s based out of Boston and is on a mission to empower people to unlock their inner confidence and learn how to thrive on and offline. Today we’re talking all about her path to open her private practice, how social media impacts our mental health, how to navigate comparison and how to develop confidence. This episode is wonderful for so many reasons - one of which is that Brie as a therapist knows how to dive into the...


Ep. 104 - Being Your Own Health Advocate, Healing Lyme & Power of Community with Adrienne Nolan-Smith

Adrienne Nolan-Smith is a board certified patient advocate, speaker and the founder of WellBe, a media company and lifestyle brand focused on bridging the large gap between the healthcare system and the wellness movement to help people prevent and reverse chronic health issues naturally. She received her BA from Johns Hopkins University and her MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. She lives with her husband in New York City. We Talk About: Connect with...


Ep. 103 - Depression [my story] Managing Mental Health & the Tools That Have Served Me [SOLO]

On today’s episode, I’m sharing my personal experience with mental health and depression. I cover: My history with clinical depression How depression led to my eating disorder Why I chose to go on medication in high school Experiences that changed my perspective and helped me grow How travel has impacted my mental health Tools that have helped me manage my mental health My most recent bout of depression last year and why it was different Why awareness is the first...