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Episode 28 - Hand Hygiene Highlights

Clean Life Thoughts We recap some of our best highlights about hand hygiene Episode 20 - Dr. Shanina Knighton talks about patient hand hygiene and how she plans to empower the patient to take control of their hand hygiene practice Episode 26 - Mark Harris talks about the Inject Safe Barrier Bandage, available at, and how important it will be during the flu season Episode 16 - Dave and Laura recap their time at HITS, specifically with Sanjay Saint’s leadership and...

Episode 27 - Allergies

Clean Life Thoughts What are allergies? What causes them? What are the different types of allergies? Are allergies inherited? What are some treatments for allergies? How can we protect ourselves from allergens? Does local honey help prevent allergies? Links AvKARE | Waltz-D | Store | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Blog The Clean Life | Twitter | Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn | YouTube

Episode 26 - Flu Season

Clean Life Thoughts We are live from Nashville! Head to YouTube to see our travel studio We are in the middle of flu season - what do we need to do to protect ourselves? Mark talks about the Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage, a self-sealing bandage for injection sites that helps protect the patient and healthcare provider The bandage is faster and safer - did you know that surgical gloves are not sterile? Everyone’s hands go in there! The bandage is a pre-procedure bandage that protects both...

Episode 25 - Real Estate

Clean Life Thoughts We are live from Nashville! Head to YouTube to see our travel studio Mark tells us a bit about the housing market and why now is a great time to purchase 80-90 people move to Nashville every week! What makes Middle Tennessee so attractive to move to? What does the process look like when working with a realtor? What is the difference between handling people who are moving to a city from elsewhere or someone who might be living in that city but moving to a different...

Episode 24 - Infection Preventionists

Clean Life Thoughts International Infection Prevention Week is October 13-19 We talk about Buffy’s background and her passion for spreading knowledge Webinar series: Buffy is hosting 13 different FREE webinar series to increase awareness and educate individuals in the infection preventionist role in long-term care She will discuss infections, an overview of CMS Federal requirements for infection control, and the roles and responsibility of an infection preventionist Throughout the...

Episode 23 - College Cleaning

Clean Life Thoughts How does the cleanliness of a campus affect decision making for prospective students? What are some of the benefits of living on campus? What about off campus? What to do when there are issues with your dorm What are some of the trouble spots you might have missed while cleaning? The problem with not having hand sanitizer available around campus Laundry habits and cleaning common spaces Suggestions for working with roommates on a cleaning schedule Links AvKARE |...

Episode 22 - CBD Oil

Clean Life Thoughts We introduce CBD and talk about what it is versus what it isn’t What are some of the benefits of CBD? How do we look for quality product? Where can we find a trusted list of this information? What are some of the restrictions on CBD that can give skeptics some peace of mind when ordering product? CBD is offered in other products besides oil - should we be wary? How can we appropriately use the products to help with pain management? Can we use this to help aging...

Episode 21 - Keep Kids Healthy

Clean Life Thoughts We discuss the campaign success in the past and the changes this year to make the campaign run Victory is giving away 4 handheld electrostatic sprayers to select schools 60 million school days are lost every year because kids are sick We talk about the steps schools can take to make sure the staff and students are healthy You can find all the resources for the campaign here and you can sign up here. Links AvKARE | Waltz-D | Store | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |...

Episode 20 - Patient Hand Hygiene

Clean Life Thoughts We are on YouTube! Find a live recording of this podcast on our channel Meet our guest: Dr. Shanina Knighton. She knows a LOT about patient hand health - she’s dedicated herself to research! Study referenced in the podcast Are we really protecting everything that comes out of the room? Have you ever thought the wipe on your meal tray in hospitals is for BEFORE your meal? Sustainability of patient hand hygiene education is difficult within the staff Nurses care for...

Episode 19 - Fish Oil

Environmental Services Week Join us September 8-14 as we celebrate Environmental Services week, bringing awareness and appreciation to the individuals who make an important impact behind the scenes Enjoy 20% off Waltz D products at with the code EVS2019 - offer is valid throughout the month of September! Clean Life Thoughts We are on YouTube! Find a live recording of this podcast on our channel DISCLAIMER - we are not doctors! This is simply an account of our...

Episode 18 - EVS

Clean Life Thoughts We are on YouTube! Find a live recording of this podcast on our channel We’ve talked a lot about hand hygiene, hospital related infections, infection prevention… what about the individuals who make the difference? Regina talks about the work that her environmental service professionals do to make sure you are safe in the hospital The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHS) EVS Initiative - the individuals cleaning in hospitals are more than just...

Episode 17 - Sepsis

Clean Life Thoughts We are on YouTube! Find a live recording of this podcast on our channel The stats are staggering: 270,000 sepsis-related deaths in the US annually 65% of Americans know the word but only 1% can identify the symptoms Over 1.7 million patients are impacted every year Sepsis is completely preventable - so why is it still around? Jim explains what exactly sepsis is and how it develops We get more information on how it is diagnosed and treated The information is...

Episode 16 - HITS Recap

Clean Life Thoughts Dr. Sanjay Saint launched the conference with a discussion on leadership and mentorship in the healthcare setting We explain the difference between technical and adaptive leadership He talks about how applying mindfulness to hand washing can benefit the entire healthcare industry - and it starts with the leaders Dr. Shanina Knighton led a riveting talk about changing our perspective from a healthcare hand washing mindset to one that focuses on patients We talk about...

Episode 15 - Minimalism (Pt. 2)

Clean Life Thoughts We recap minimalism and talk with Coach about memorabilia. Coach talks about prioritizing our things, especially those we have sentimental attachment to. We discuss intentionality and bringing things into our lives that serve purpose. Coach brings up mindfulness and how it affects our desires and values. How does clutter affect our interactions with others? Learning to be present and focusing on the things we prioritize. Links AvKARE | Waltz-D | Store | Twitter |...

Episode 14 - Air Travel

Clean Life Thoughts What is the plane cleaning schedule like? What are the hotspots to avoid in an airplane? Where can you take preventative measures to ensure you are minimizing your risk of germ contact on planes? We discuss some of the myths surrounding germs on an aircraft. Catch Dave and Laura this week as they finish up at the HITS conference in Buffalo, NY. You can find their updates on AvKARE’s social media, linked below. Links AvKARE | Waltz-D | Store | Twitter | Facebook |...

Episode 13 - Minimalism

Clean Life Thoughts What is minimalism? Is it one-size-fits-all? Is there a difference between organizing and decluttering? Laura discusses Marie Kondo’s method “Does this spark joy?” and some of the hesitations about following that idea. Remember the 20/20 rule from episode 11? We introduce the 30/30 and 90/90 rule to help you fill your life with things that are essential and add value. It’s not all about living in an empty space. We close up the episode talking about the benefits of...


Episode 12 - Microfiber Cloths

Clean Life Thoughts What are some of the basics of cleaning? What makes a microfiber cloth so special? What is the green, environmental impact of a microfiber cloth? There’s a science behind microfiber cloths - molecular physics! We discuss how the electric charge of every molecule helps the microfiber cloth be so effective. Van der Waals forces are in effect! The microfiber cloth acts as a ‘magnet’ for dirt and other bacterial molecules. Why aren’t regular cloths cutting it...

Episode 11 - Workplace Cleaning

Clean Life Thoughts What are some benefits of a clean workplace? Clean office building? How important is it to be able to personalize your desk/office? Wendell talks about Apace Packaging and the process for bottling/blistering pharmaceutical tablets. We learn the extensive process for cleaning and preparing the medications for bottling. Wendell explains the recycling process and the importance of keeping the warehouse protected from contamination. What are some concerns you have about...

Episode 10 - Electronics

Clean Life Thoughts What are some electronics around the home that might be overlooked? In a workspace, what kind of electronics are we using that might not have been cleaned? What kind of products can we use to keep these devices clean? What products can protect our hands while protecting the expensive electronics we use daily? Links AvKARE | Waltz-D | Store | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Blog The Clean Life | Twitter | Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn R&S Northeast...

Episode 9 - 4th of July

Clean Life Thoughts We catch up on grills and plans for the holiday. How can we make sure our grills are clean and safe for use? In public areas, how can we clean off the grills and table to ensure our food is safe? Is there a product that is safe for use in the grills and around our food? How important is it to keep food and drinks separated in coolers? What are some concerns with leftovers after being outside in the heat? We get a taste of the GermBusters theme and learn how to care...