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How To Become Your Own Biggest Fan! | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 030

Tune in for another episode of The Coffee with MP Show where we sit down with MP Member Michelle Shaw Walitschek! Michelle is going to take us through her journey from box gym to personal trainer to Jazzercize and now to MP! She will talk about how she's always been the person to cheer everyone else on but it wasn't until MP that she learned to cheer herself on too! Michelle will share how she has finally become her OWN biggest fan!


From Fear to Fierce! | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 029

In this episode of the Coffee with MP Show we sit down and talk with Coach Jami Abshire! Jami will share her own personal journey with her fitness and health. She will talk about her struggles, her triumphs and how she went from having all the being FIERCE!


Special MP Q & A! | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 028

In this episode we sit down with one half of the Midwest Performance founders, Brittany Welk and get the dirt on ALL things Midwest Performance! From how MP got it's start to learning more about Brittany and Maricea and their lives outside of the studio. This episode is jam back with fun facts, stories and advice that you won't want to miss!


From Not Enough to Good Enough! | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 027

Today on The Coffee with MP Show we will talk to Sabrina Jones, one of our coaches here at Midwest Performance! Sabrina has been a member of Midwest Performance since December of 2016 and is now one of our top coaches here at the studio! She shares in her episode how she has struggled with many things in her life including drug addiction and how she has been able to overcome her feeling of "I'm not good enough" to now feeling like she is MORE than enough! She shares how she has overcome...


From Gym Nobody to Gym Somebody! | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 026

Tune in Wednesday for another episode of The Coffee with MP Show! Where we talk with REAL women who've gotten REAL results! This week we talk with MP Member Rowena Abasolo about how she went from a gym NOBODY to a gym SOMEBODY! She will share how being a nurse teaching patients how to care for themselves gave her motivation to start caring for herself and how she went from never working out to be consistently attending classes 5-6 days per week! She will share how her fitness and health...


How to Show Up & Show Out! | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 025

Tune in for a very special episode of The Coffee with MP Show with Co-Founder Brittany Welk! Brittany is going to share her personal fitness and healthy journey which includes being overweight, having low self-esteem and even a short bout with an eating disorder. She's going to share how she made the decision to show up and show out in her life to make a change and how you can too!


How To Become Strong & Fierce | The Coffee with MP Show Episode 024

This week on The Coffee with MP Show we talk with MP Member Erin Lowing! Erin shares her journey with us as she talks about how she came to find Midwest Performance, how as a mother she's struggled putting herself first and she overcame that and so much more! Erin will share how she's learned to take any negative thoughts and throw them right out of her head and that has helped her become strong and fierce!


How To Go From Couch to Coach | The Coffee with MP Show Ep 023

Tune in for the next episode of The Coffee with MP Show with Former MP Member and MP Coach Lauren Swanson Bentz as she takes you through her year long journey from starting out as a 6 Week Challenger and now being part of the MP Green Squad! Lauren will talk about how she suffered with low self-esteem, struggling to find her groove in fitness and how she is now known as one of the most positive people here at MP!


Never Be Too Busy To Take Care of You! | The Coffee with MP Show Ep 022

Stacy will talk about how she is the mother of a son with special needs and how even with the responsibilities that it comes with she never lets it stop her from attending her workouts daily! She talks about how she's been able to make fitness and health living a big part of her daily routine and how it has positively affected her ability to care for her son and her family!