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Experiencing transformation and overcoming anxiety: A chat with Jill Whalen

Once suffering from anxiety, Jill Whalen, an extraordinarily successful marketer, tackled her demons and overcome, and then lived to share the tale and teach others how they, too, could overcome. In this podcast, Jill and Tamar talk about anxiety, getting healthy, how different each and every single one of us are, and then deviate into … Experiencing transformation and overcoming anxiety: A chat with Jill Whalen Read More »


Stories of the entrepreneurial journey with Brandon Snower

Brandon Snower left a cushy job on Wall Street and decided to reinvent men’s fashion. In this podcast, we discuss his early journey, and watch as Brandon just gets started. TAMAR: Hey, everybody, I am super excited. I have Brandon Snow here. He is a jet setter. Came, flew in just for this podcast. Right? … Stories of the entrepreneurial journey with Brandon Snower Read More »


On scents, COVID-19, and being across the globe

In this week’s Common Scents podcast, TAMAR connects with Dan Prasad, who is based in Australia and works in the home fragrance industry. In this candid conversation, we tackle the crazy time difference (14 hours), our scented histories, covid and scent, and more. TAMAR: Hey everybody, I’m so excited. I met Dan Prasad on LinkedIn … On scents, COVID-19, and being across the globe Read More »


“No one really knows what they CAN do until they’re in a position where they HAVE to.”

Nigel Asinugo was once 435 lbs, ready to end his life because he felt like he needed to end it. But his support system came through, brought him out of his dark place, and now he’s in the Navy and crushing it. “Yesterday doesn’t exist. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. All that fucking matters is what you … “No one really knows what they CAN do until they’re in a position where they HAVE to.” Read More »


This former introvert now rocks his habits and happiness

You may never know looking at all that David Henzel, a serial entrepreneur focused on conscious capitalism, has accomplished, but he was once an extraordinarily fearful introvert. Today, he’s let his shy past fall by the wayside, and keeps himself sane through living a life filled with good habits. [00:00:16.470] – TAMAR: Hey everybody, so … This former introvert now rocks his habits and happiness Read More »


Candid conversations with Chris who defied the odds

Where does one start with Chris Owens? Once 302 pounds, he put a renewed focus on his health, traveled across the country to take care of his ailing grandparents, got engaged, and now is working to get in the Army. TAMAR: I am so excited. I’m bringing you Chris Owens, another one of my David … Candid conversations with Chris who defied the odds Read More »


She withstood years of intense abuse but has an incredible disposition

I've known Anna Bourland for over 1/4 of her life, and yet, it wasn't until this episode that I learned that she had endured extreme abuse as a young child. With an incredible sense of resilience and an amazing attitude, Anna has truly embodied what it means to overcome extreme adversity.


He commutes 10 miles (on foot) to work

John Ryan has done the superhuman, deciding to say goodbye to his vehicle so that he could commute by bike or on foot to his job 10 miles away.


Finding her identity and her voice

Erin Panzarella's attitude on life has been incredible, especially given her early years where she was still trying to figure out who she was and what her place is in the world.


A conversation with a fragrance founder

In this episode of The Common Scents podcast, Tamar talks with Ryan Handis, creator of Broken Anatomy Perfumes, about their journeys into fragrance, their overcoming of adversity, and the parallels between the two brands.


From addiction to rehabilitation

Frank Palmieri's life spiraled out of control when he became addicted to painkillers. Eventually, he found his way through Bikram Yoga.


From two packs a day to a marathon

Carl Johnson was once truly living the unhealthy life. But then he made a 180° turn and now is working with a laser focus on marathons. We discuss his transformation.


Losing love, finding it again, and flying around the country on a private jet

The last decade of Erica O'Grady's life has certainly had many ups and downs. She lost someone she loved to a heroin overdose, but then found her husband in the most unlikely of places. Most recently, they traveled the country to connect a presidential candidate with his constituents.


She almost died after giving birth to twins

Naomi Pelled's life is incredible—she's persevered in some tremendous ways, first by losing half of her weight, then by overcoming the odds when she almost died after giving birth to identical twins.


But first, her (and us. And me).

Nirvana Rain speaks with Tamar about what inspired her to start her brand, But first, me.


A candid conversation on the fatal flaw of social media, as well as therapy, art, and adversity

Tamar and Rai Alexander have a candid discussion about adversity, postpartum depression, art, music, and more in this week's more laid back Common Scents Podcast.


He had a heart attack at age 30

Kenny Hyder had so much going for him, and then he suffered a massive heart attack that left him with more questions than answers.


One day his life just changed

Saul Colt has been doing the unconventional in marketing for years...and then one day he fell ill and everything changed.


Overcoming debt and beating the odds

Digital nomad Eva Forde wasn't always moving around. At a certain point in her life, she was living in Jamaica, destitute and hungry, in extreme debt. But one day, she felt empowered to conquer it all, and she's still at it.


A stranger in a strange land

As a child of immigrants, Sherry Ezhuthachan has felt lost in navigating the culture of being in the melting pot that is the United States and the culture of her parents. But through her storytelling, I believe we all identify with her in some ways, and I believe that we all have the potential to overcome that barrier that we don't quite fit in.