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From two packs a day to a marathon

Carl Johnson was once truly living the unhealthy life. But then he made a 180° turn and now is working with a laser focus on marathons. We discuss his transformation. TAMAR: Hey, everybody, I am super excited to introduce Carl Johnson. I met him in a really interesting for him and I’m going to introduce ...


Losing love, finding it again, and flying around the country on a private jet

The last decade of Erica O’Grady’s life has certainly had many ups and downs. She lost someone she loved to a heroin overdose, but then found her husband in the most unlikely of places. Most recently, they traveled the country to connect a presidential candidate with his constituents. [00:00:16.655] – TAMAR Hey, everybody. I am ...


She almost died after giving birth to twins

Naomi Pelled‘s life is incredible—she’s persevered in some tremendous ways, first by losing half of her weight, then by overcoming the odds when she almost died after giving birth to identical twins.


But first, her (and us. And me).

Nirvana Rain speaks with Tamar about what inspired her to start her brand, But first, me. [00:00:16.775] – TAMAR: Hey, everybody, we are in a — I don’t want to tell you what we’re missing, but we are missing something very monumental to do this podcast recording. I’m not going to say anything further, but ...


A candid conversation on the fatal flaw of social media, as well as therapy, art, and adversity

Tamar and Rai Alexander have a candid discussion about adversity, postpartum depression, art, music, and more in this week’s more laid back Common Scents Podcast.


He had a heart attack at age 30

Kenny Hyder had so much going for him, and then he suffered a massive heart attack that left him with more questions than answers. [00:00:16.685] – TAMAR: Hey everyone, I am so excited. This is Episode 50. This is the final episode of 2020. You’re bringing out the year. This is my friend Kenny Hyder. ...


One day his life just changed

Saul Colt has been doing the unconventional in marketing for years…and then one day he fell ill and everything changed.


Overcoming debt and beating the odds

Digital nomad Eva Forde wasn’t always moving around. At a certain point in her life, she was living in Jamaica, destitute and hungry, in extreme debt. But one day, she felt empowered to conquer it all, and she’s still at it.


A stranger in a strange land

As a child of immigrants, Sherry Ezhuthachan has felt lost in navigating the culture of being in the melting pot that is the United States and the culture of her parents. But through her storytelling, I believe we all identify with her in some ways, and I believe that we all have the potential to ...


We’re all different. Let’s embrace it and talk about it.

As dyslexic Black man with ADHD, Wesley Faulkner has maneuvered through difficult challenges in the personal and professional realm that have challenged him. But lately, he’s creating his own path, paving the way to inclusion and acceptance.


Lessons from a 4x CEO and startup founder

Helena Fogarty is a force to be reckoned with. Her experience as a 3x startup founder and 4x CEO provides valuable insights into the trials and tribulations of making it work. In this episode of The Common Scents Podcast, we learn about her journey, which was a bit of a rollercoaster, with upswings and super ...


Her mental health experiences prompted her to launch an app

Maija Russell is onto big things for 2020 (and beyond!) and they’re especially needed. Her upcoming app launch, AppreciateU, is all about living in a positive mindset through compliments and affirmations. But Maija wasn’t always living with positive self talk, nor did she have the right influences. TAMAR: Hi, everybody, I am delighted and excited ...


Picking up the pieces after her husband fell off a 40 foot cliff

Gail Conn’s life shattered over a decade ago when her husband’s body shattered literally after falling off a cliff. In this week’s Common Scents Podcast, we learn how she coped and overcame (and what happened after that fateful day).


Her breakdown motivated a mental health movement

Sasha Raskin once was depressed and suicidal. Now she shares why her future vision is in making sure to give others the emotional support they need through her incredible initiative, A Beautiful Mess.


The reality faced by women working in tech

While Michelle Robbins had incredible support by the people who gave her the opportunity to work in tech, she also faced a fair deal of distrust from other partners who couldn’t believe that women can own and dominate tech.


He made the absolute best of his reality

He overcame being bedridden at sixteen, then started his own business where he realized that he’d rather be happy than super rich. This is Erno Hannink‘s story.


He had a massive debt

When he became a legal adult, he had a massive debt and thought his life was over. Now, he’s 24 and runs his own company. This is Manuel Hernandez’s story.


From music to marketing

Meet Nick Ayres. Nick was the reason The Home Depot became a big social media powerhouse in the late 2000s. But can you imagine that his background began in music?


We don’t have to be perfect and we can still be awesome

Scott Jarzombek grew up to embrace diversity. As a kid, he was placed in a special education program that changed his life and now his view on the world is one that we all should have.


Once she suffered from an eating disorder. Now she’s a nutritional rockstar.

Alana Kessler once suffered from an eating disorder. Her experience changed her, enabling her to now become a more mindful eater and to teach others to do the same.