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You’re Not Crazy, You’re In Transition

EP16: You’re not crazy, you’re in transition! And you’re not alone, my friend. There is so much transitional energy alive in the human collective right now and while change and transition is happening all the time no matter what (hello, ever-expanding Universe!), it seems to be heightened these days. In the name of upping the […]


Embodying the Conscious Queen Archetype with Ashley Burnett

EP15: You know that moment where you know you’ve got BIG visions for your life and at the same time you realize your confidence went on vacation without you and you have no idea how to take the next step? Well, Ashley Burnett is bringing you a powerful way through that moment by embodying your […]


Nourish Your Body MEDITATION

EP14: Having an open channel of communication between you and your body provides access to a profound pool of wisdom that we each carry inside. we know how to listen to those messages? Today’s podcast episode is a short, yet potent “Nourish Your Body Meditation” that I wanted to make available to my Courage […]


Rising Even Stronger: A Story of Resilience with Pegah Kadkhodaian

EP13: From being born, quite literally, into a revolution, growing up as a refugee and overcoming great odds, today’s guest, Pegah Kadkhodaian, is the embodiment of RESILIENCE. All I kept saying to myself while listening was, “” She is inspiring and real and relentless in her pursuit of discovering herself BEYOND the hardest moments of […]


7 Feathers, 7 Messages from the Great Beyond

EP12: Do you ever just have a huge moment of divine synchronicity, a moment so magical and far beyond what the mind can understand, and you just can’t wait to tell someone about it? Well, I’m having one of those moments and I had to share it with you, my #courageofeasetribe! I wanted to bring […]


Money: Exploring Its Magical and Practical Side with Nicole Lombardo

EP11: Money is notoriously a fear-ridden topic that a lot of people feel anything BUT ease around. I’m here to remind you (because on some level inside, you know this) that money isn’t bad. It’s actually a truly miraculous tool in this human life that allows us to become more of who we truly are […]


Surfing the Social Media Waves & A Spoken Word Piece for These Times

EP10: It’s no secret that social media is a mish-mash of opinions, energies and collective angst these days. I’ve been trying to figure out my own stride as to how to interact with social media and how to make social media work for me. I hit a breaking point of tears bursting out of me […]


Suicidal Thoughts Are More Common Than I Ever Thought

EP09: **SELF-CARE NOTE: I ask you to PAUSE and tune in to ensure that now is the time to listen in on this episode. I will be speaking openly about the topic of suicide and I want to encourage you to listen to YOU as to whether this is the right time to listen in. […]


Decoding Your Body’s Language with Kate Marolt

EP08: Kate Marlot, Life + Body Coach, is one of the most embodied woman that I know. She brings a unique perspective on how to create a language and conversation between our bodies and our minds. In this episode, we talk with Kate about how she’s devoted her life to helping powerful women to create […]


The Bullied Little Girl & The Ego – How Healing One Heals The Other

EP07: Like a lot of perfectionist, people-pleasing, high-achieving women out there, I was bullied verbally a lot when I was in middle school. Sometimes it can feel like no matter what I do, I’m never gonna quite fit in. Can you relate? Today, I’ll be sharing about my personal experience of being bullied as a […]


Making Trust a Daily Ritual with Dr. Mili Shah, L.Ac.

EP06: How can we build trust in our daily rituals? Who do we become when we reach our “F*** It” moment? How do we let things be easy when we give up all the games we think we’re supposed to be playing? These are some of the questions that Dr. Mili Shah and I navigated […]


Surrender Until the Energy Arrives

EP05: Surrender Until the Energy Arrives I’ve been reflecting in a deep way recently as I’m sure a lot of us have. We find ourselves in times of change. The kind of change that has us asking ourselves, “What’s mine to take on? What’s mine to lead? What’s mine to shift?” The only clear answer […]


Navigating Overwhelm with Ease as the Leader You Are

We are in times of deep change and the overwhelm is real! I’m here to remind you in today’s episode that you can navigate overwhelm with more ease than ever before (if you so choose!) when you get clear on what overwhelm actually is. I’m bringing you a practical and potent conversation on (1) what […]


What does “Exquisite Self-Care” mean for YOU?

EP03: What does "Exquisite Self-Care" mean for YOU? Brief Episode Summary: I believe that self-care is a living, breathing practice that parallels your life’s journey. In this episode, I share with you an undeniable way to tell if you’re practicing self-care and what exactly makes it exquisite. This is a topic I’m passionate speaking to […]


Becoming Your Own Empowered Health Boss with Jenn Malecha

EP02: I found so much healing in Jenn Malecha’s story, coming from my own burnout and manifesting several autoimmune diseases at one point. We both strongly believe an autoimmune disease is actually a lifestyle disease AND that disease is not a natural state. Letting it be easy is the path to healing from burnout and […]


Welcome to The Courage of Ease Podcast

EP01: Welcome to the Courage of Ease Podcast. I’m Krystal Brandt, Transformation Coach here to help you create a life you don’t need a vacation from by putting self care first. As women we often leave ourselves for last. And we live in a world where easy is considered lazy. Rest is frowned upon and […]