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#41| The Haha Davis Episode

If you are a fan of Big Fella Haha Davis, then you should know that Dis Interview Finna Be A Breeze. Haha Davis is well recognized for his hilarious videos on Instagram. He is known for phrases such as "Big Fella", "Who Made You Like That", and "Dis Finna Be A Breeze" just to name a few. In this episode Groom City interviews Carlos "Haha" Davis while out working in Atlanta as the barber on his new film Meet The Blacks 2. Haha shares with us stories from his childhood growing up in...


#40| The Scott "Famos" Ramos Phone Interview

No matter where you practice the art and science of barbering, social media provides us barbers a platform to be able to share our talents, and connect with the world. Scott “Famos" Ramos is an artist from Canada, who has been able to influence barber culture globally by sharing his work on social media. In this episode, Groom City has an in-depth conversation with Famos about his childhood, and what lead him to become a barber. Famos also shares with us his experience touring, showcasing...


#39| The Curtis Smith & The Slayer Episode

When you mention names like George Washington Carver, Willie Morrow or Madam CJ Walker, the word genius comes to mind. Our guests this week are no less than the words described above. In this episode Groom City is surprised by Legendary Barber, Educator, Entrepreneur, Innovator, and owner of Xotics Products, Curtis Smith. Curtis shares with us, the back stories on what lead him to create the South of France haircut on Usher, as well as, the faded Mohawk on Sean "Puffy" Combs. He is also...


#38| The Chris Bossio Phone Interview

There's so much to be gained by listening to someone share their life stories. In this episode Groom City has an in-depth conversation with barber, entrepreneur, and youtube sensation Chris Bossio. Chris shares with us moments from his childhood, which allows you to see barbering through his lens. Listen to the steps he took to become successful, and gain an understanding on the why he approaches the barber industry the way he does. Enjoy


#37| The Marcus Harvey Phone Interview

We all are aware of famous athletes, movie stars, rock stars, and the lifestyle they live, but what about the barbers who keep them groomed for film, television, editorial, tours, etc. In this episode Groom City has an in-depth conversation with Marcus Harvey, founder of Barberstar Enterprise LLC, and Musa Lair Grooming Gallery. Marcus shares with us the trials and triumphs that has led him to becoming a BarberStar....


#35| The John Mosley A.K.A. Popular Nobody Phone Interview

There's so many amazing components that make up the barber industry. One of the most important components are its artists. Artists express themselves in so many different ways. Besides the art & science of barbering, artist in the barber industry have created opportunities to express themselves through educating, platform work, grooming celebrities for film & television, inventions, entrepreneurship, or even just influencing social media & communities. But it's rare that you find artists...


The Toot Da Barber Phone Interview

Due to the potent barber culture in Philadelphia, PA. as well as other major metropolitan areas, we are reaching out to established hair professionals in those cities. In this episode we decided to stay in Philly, and interview one of their most popular Hair Hustlers, Toot Da Barber. Toot is a veteran barber, and a Philly native who has been servicing his community for over 20 years. Toot shares with us details about his childhood, his introduction into barbering, and some of his...


#33| The Faheem Alexander Phone Interview

Since the 18th century, Philadelphia, PA has had a thriving barbering industry. The history of barbering in Philly has always influenced barber culture across the nation, and its influence continues to help evolve the Art & Science of Barbering. In this episode Groom City reaches out to Philly native & veteran Barber, Faheem Alexander to help us to see Philly through his lens. Faheem also shares with us how barbering, and mentorship helped him to become the man that he is today. Enjoy


#32| The Update Episode

In this episode Groom City gives you an update on the improvements, and necessary changes that The Cut Game Radio Show is making to replace stolen items with new equipment to help improve the overall production value of the show, so we can bring you phone interviews, field interviews, as well as our live interviews. Groom City also breaks down some of the do, don'ts, and nevers that is in this weeks study material. Enjoy


#31| The Smash & Grab Episode

Have you been wondering why haven't any new episodes of The Cut Game Radio Show been uploaded? In this episode Groom City explains the smash and grab incident that took place a few weeks ago. *Also while testing out the new mixer that was used to record this episode, Groom City's son, Tayali, chopped up some good Cut Game about what's his definition of a good barber, and a good client/barber relationship. *Bonus Material towards the end of this episode. Enjoy.


#30| The Return of Bj Kutz Episode

In this episode Bj Kutz stops by The Cut Game Radio Show and chop up some good #CutGame with Groom City and Barbershop Matt. This is the first episode of season 2, and what better way to bring one of our first guest to give us an update on what's been going on in his career thus far. If you are a fan of barbershop conversation, then you will love this episode. Enjoy To view video footage of this episode visit:


#29| The Creation Of The Cut Game Episode

This is the finale episode of season 1 of The Cut Game Radio Show. In this episode Groom City and The Cut Game Family go into detail on how The Cut Game Radio Show came to be. We also talk about the different guest that blessed The Cut Game with their presence on season 1. Keep tuning in because season 2 will be packed with more amazing artists, entrepreneurs, etc. dropping nuggets, jewels, and sharing that good Cut Game. Stay elevated and stay on ya Jet Fuel...Cut Game.


#28| The Swahebru Scott Episode

In this episode Groom City has an in-depth conversation with Master Barber, Swahebru "Suave" Scott. Suave shares with us a story of trials, triumphs, and the resilience that made him to be a legend in the Inland Empire. He also shares with us the background of his apparel brand, Aikiliheel. To see film footage of this episode visit:


#27| The Fade Master & Edward Klipperhands Episode

In this episode Groom City has an in-depth conversation with Fade Master & Edward Klipperhands. These blood brothers shared with us their journey from cutting hair as children to later becoming legendary barbers, with a ton of social influence. They also shared with us how they started their barbershop, Da Spot, and also their apperal brand, Los Peliqueros. Its amazing to here a successful barber story shared between two brothers.


#26| Xotics hair Battle Tour Las Vegas 2017 | Kenny Duncan Interview

Towards the tail end of the 2017 Hair Battle Tour in Las Vegas, we got a chance to sit down and interview Andis Lead Educator, Kenny Duncan. Kenny shared with us how he got started as a barber, he also dropped some exclusive million dollar #cutgame that will put a lifetime of working as a barber in prospective.


#25| Xotics Hair battle Tour Las Vegas 2017 |Coverage & Interviews

Once the festivities began, we pulled artists, vendors, competitors, spectators, etc. to the side and sparked conversation, gaining different perspectives on the hair industry as a whole at The 2017 Xotics Hair Battle Tour Las Vegas. The Artists we interviewed include: Chris Bossio, Pacinos, Trippy, Germaine Walker, Jamal Superstar barber, DL Master Barber, Sipp Da Surgeon, Hawk The Barber Prodigy, Suave 1 Born, and more. Enjoy!


#24| The Mike Brown Episode

In this episode Groom City has an in-depth conversation with The Cut Game's very own, Mike Brown of Shadow Edge Barber Tools. Mike shares with us his experiences while attending barber college in one of the roughest parts of Southern California. He also shares with us countless stories about trials, tribulations, and triumphs. to see video footage of this interview, please visit:


#23| Xotics Hair Battle Tour Las Vegas 2017

We covered the entire Xotics Hair Battle Tour Las Vegas 2017, but before the battles begun, we got a chance to sit down and converse with some of the individuals involved in making the Hair battle Tour such a success. We also got a chance to interview some of the featured artist & educators. Those artist include: Rado Da Barber, Elliott Chester, Jackie Starr, Anthony The Barber, Chico Boom, Success Addict, and DL Master Barber. Here is some of the behind the scenes footage from Las Vegas'...


#22| The Cold Label Episode

In this episode Groom City has an in-depth conversation with John Jefferson, owner of Cold Cutz Barbershop & The Cold Label product brand. John shares with us his humble beginnings as a barber, and how he created the first Cold label product at his Cold Cutz Barbershop. To see video footage of this episode visit:


#21| Top 5 Favorite Clippers & Trimmers

In this episode Groom City shares with us his Top 5 Favorite Clippers that he likes to use to produce his haircuts & why. Also check us out on YouTube at: