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#2241 | Avital Miller | Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds | Donna Seebo Show

Tremendous changes are occurring in the fields of medicine and the advances are in many cases wondrous. However…what about those people who have survived the impossible, those who have been told they couldn’t possibly survive their diseases, various physical conditions? Amazingly there are many who do and Avital shares some of those incredible stories and we’ll be sharing them with you.


#2239 | Kyle Bryant | Shifting into High Gear: One Man’s Grave Diagnosis and the Epic Bike Ride That Taught Him What Matters | Donna Seebo Show

Kyle Bryant is the founder and director of Ride Ataxia, a fundraising program of the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA). This man’s story of riding 2,500 miles in a recumbent trike is amazing! What is behind this personal story? Tune in and find out. It will not only touch your heart but make you realize that dreams can be fulfilled in the most unique and amazing ways.


#2239-2 | Kali Basi | International Sex Trafficking | Warriors for Peace

Kali has dedicated much of her professional life to assisting young woman/girls who have escaped the horrific environment of slave trafficking. She works here in the United States, as well as in India. We’ll be discussing the challenges regarding this age-old industry and some possible solutions.


#2235 | Dr. Kiran Dintyala, MD | Calm in the Midst of Chaos: Dr. Calm’s Prescription for Stress-Free Living | Donna Seebo Show

STRESS! This is a word we all are familiar with. Dr. Calm is his nickname and he sees daily what stress does to his patients and how so many ailments are directly related to that very real condition. So he is giving us a prescription to help keep us out of the doctor’s office. Hm,m,m,m…I wonder how he handles stress himself? We’ll find out.


#2234-2 | Leonard David | Moon Rush: The New Space Race | Warriors for Peace

Leonard David explores the moon in all its facets, from ancient myth to future “Moon Village” plans. Illustrating his text with maps, graphics, and photographs, David offers inside information about how the United States, allies and competitors, as well as key private corporations like Moon Express and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, plan to reach, inhabit, and even harvest the moon in the decades to come.


#2231 | Lockey Maisonneuve | A Girl Raised By Wolves: An inspiring memoir of one woman’s journey through sex trafficking, cancer, murder, and more. | Donna Seebo Show

The title belies the content. Who are the wolves? What impact did it have on Lockey’s life? Why is she sharing the facts, details, about what was hidden for so long? We’ll find out and some of the details may surprise you.


#2230 | John Foley | Fearless Success | Donna Seebo Show

John is a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels. His publication is so inspiring because is presents what we all need to be aware of … that is it takes commitment, dedication, perseverance, and clear vision to achieve Fearless Success. High performance leadership can be attained. We’ll be discussing the details, sharing his insights with you.


#2229 | Henry Hutcheson | Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business: Ensuring Success from One Generation to the Next | Donna Seebo Show

When you talk with someone who has had a family business too often it is sited that they fail when the 3rd generation evolves because they have no sense for business, and literally, end up destroying what their ancestors had built with their blood, sweat and tears. However, that isn’t necessary and that is what we’ll be discussing. Leaving a business legacy that can go on for generations, thriving and creating enduring success for all involved.


#2229-2 | Mark Simmons | Ian Fleming and Operation Golden Eye: Keeping Spain out of World War II | Warriors for Peace

Ian Fleming is a well-known author who had a secret life that Mark has researched. A fascinating journey we’ll be taking to learn about the man who created the charismatic character of James Bond. We’ll learn how much of what was portrayed was based on truth.


#2228 | Sally Clark | The Way of the Warrior Mama: The Guide to Protecting and Raising Strong Daughters | Donna Seebo Show

This being the month of honoring mother’s around the world, talking about Warrior Mama’s is totally appropriate. Sally specifically addresses how mother’s can raise strong daughters so they can be sexually healthy, happy, empowered girls…preparing them for the adult world they eventually will find their place in.


#2227 | Michael Taylor | The New Face of Entrepreneurship: An Entrepreneurs Guide To Joy Passion & Profits In Business | Donna Seebo Show

The role of the entrepreneur is always a challenging one. However, Michael is detecting a big shift in the attitudes of entrepreneurs today and we’ll be letting you in on some of their secrets. Success is a 7-letter word that conveys different meanings to different people. Values, ethics, and more will be discussed.


#2226 | Nicholas Pearson | Stones of the Goddess: Crystals for the Divine Feminine | Donna Seebo Show

Nicholas has been a guest on my show more than once. His knowledge about various stones, precious and semi-precious, is extensive. We’ll be talking about the value and energy value of various stones and how you can use them to balance your life environment.


#2224 | Adita Yrizarry-Lang | SuperPowers: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness | Donna Seebo Show

Nutrition, exercise, sleep, happiness…all of these components make a happy woman. Hm,m,m…how come we don’t take better care of ourselves? Good question. We develop bad habits, get cranky, put others before our own well-being…not a good pattern. Adita’s book is fun to read and she evens includes recipes for gaining ground with our low energy periods. Interested in super powers? Join us.


#2224-2 | Mark Phillip Yablonka | Vietnam Bao Chi: Warriors of Word and Film | Warrios for Peace

Every day we watch news programs without realizing that there are those correspondents and photographers who chronicle events as they are happening, sometimes losing their lives in the process. We’ll be hearing about those who dared to engage side-by-side with soldiers in the fields of action.


#2223 | Frankie Y. Bailey | A Dead Man’s Honor (A Lizzie Stuart Mystery Book 2) | Donna Seebo Show

Frankie walks a unique path of working as a professor of criminal justice in the School of Criminal Justice at the University at Albany and also, engaging in writing mysteries. Lizzie Stuart is her primary character, a young woman of incredible curiosity and determination, who as an historian inevitably is drawn into situations that no one in their right mind would look for.


#2222 | Nisha Jackson | Brilliant Burnout: How Successful, Driven Women Can Stay in the Game by Rewiring Their Bodies, Brains, and Hormones | Donna Seebo Show

Ladies…listen up. Nisha takes on a topic that so many women are dealing with and that is burnout! Is it possible to rewire our bodies, brains and hormones to work for us in harmony, instead of against us making us ill? You bet. Super women…get on board.


#2220 | Dominique Antiglio (England) | The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology: Breathe and Connect with the Calm and Happy You | Donna Seebo Show

This is a technique that has been used in Europe for over 50 years and is now being introduced into the United States. Developed by a researcher, who Dominique trained under, she has successfully helped many people discover their own personal power. She is from France where just about everyone is familiar with Sophrology.


#2219 | Jane Duncan Rogers (Scotland) | Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan | Donna Seebo Show

One of the most difficult exercises in life planning is dealing with one’s mortality. We all have an expiration date and it has been my personal and professional experience it is something we need to be totally cognizant of. Jane gives excellent information that empowers you to make the choices you want made, for those who are left behind to take care of what you leave as your legacy.


#735 | The Final Day | William R. Forstchen

This novel is the third in a series that William has put out. In this one he deals with the knocking out of the grid by an electromagnetic pulse hitting it and so much more. He brings out the fears so many have felt and weaves a powerful story around them.


#728 | Finding Destiny | Barbara Sinor

When a woman is raped her life is changed forever. Can that damage ever be repaired? This novel addresses many issues about unique circumstances with two women on different countries.