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The Dream Detective Podcast explores the mysteries of the mind, body, spirit, and dreams. From psychology to parapsychology, you will find it here! Some episodes feature interviews with thought leaders in fields such as intuition, spirituality, psychology, relationships, healing, and psychic and paranormal phenomena, while other episodes are dedicated to dreams including dream interpretation and paranormal sleep and dream phenomena. For more info on Mimi Pettibone including her work with dreams, inner guidance, and spiritual coaching, visit


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The Dream Detective Podcast explores the mysteries of the mind, body, spirit, and dreams. From psychology to parapsychology, you will find it here! Some episodes feature interviews with thought leaders in fields such as intuition, spirituality, psychology, relationships, healing, and psychic and paranormal phenomena, while other episodes are dedicated to dreams including dream interpretation and paranormal sleep and dream phenomena. For more info on Mimi Pettibone including her work with dreams, inner guidance, and spiritual coaching, visit






52 - Meet Your Inner Guide

In this episode Mimi shares with you a guided meditation that will take you on an interactive journey to meet an inner guide. You can ask your guide anything you wish. Whether you are trying to make a decision, need help with a relationship, or are seeking insights regarding physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, your guide is always there to support you. The intention of this meditation is to help you find the answers you seek by turning within, and to build self-trust. You can listen as many times as you want. You might encounter the same guide or different guides, as we can have more than one. I hope you enjoy this meditation and receive answers and insights from within. If you like this show and Mimi's meditations, please consider supporting her via Patreon: To hear more of Mimi's guided meditations, visit her YouTube channel: Enchanted Art Oracle cards available on Etsy: Please do not listen to this while driving or operating machinery. Find a time and place where you can relax and go within.


51 - Knitting Dreams

You don't have to be a knitter to listen to this episode, but you will learn something about dreams! Mimi was a guest on her long-time frined Staci Perry's podcast, where her listeners submitted their dreams about knitting. Some of the dream themes explored include being naked in public, shopping, hiding, and going on vacation. Mimi teaches Staci and her co-host Casey the basics of how to do group dream work, and a good time is had by all! To join Mimi's online dream group, check out her Patreon membership page and all it's perks at For more info about Staci, her knitting tutorial channel on YouTube, and her podcast, visit The Enchanted Art Oracle cards are available on Etsy


50 - Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde

Mimi explores what the story of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde has to teach us about our selves through parts work (aka parts therapy), a model used in both hypnotherapy and coaching. She also talks about the light shadow and dark shadow and how these can help us better understand ourselves and our relationships with others. For more info about Mimi and her work, or to book a consultation visit: Enchanted Art Oracle card deck on Etsy:


49 - Guided Meditation for Dream Incubation

Mimi introduces guided meditations! This episode includes her meditation for dream incubation, which guides you through how to ask your dreams a question, so you can wake up with an answer. To receive notifications of new meditation releases, subscribe to Mimi's YouTube channel, or follow her on the Insight Timer meditation app. YouTube Insight Timer Enchanted Art Oracle Mimi also pulls a card from the Enchanted Art Oracle card deck, available on Etsy. For more info on Mimi and her work:


48 - Affirmations for Empaths with Dr. Judith Orloff

Dr. Judith Orloff shares how empaths can use affirmations to help in all areas of life including building healthy relationships, honoring intuition, creating wellness, discovering purpose and work, and more. We discuss some creative ways to engage with affirmations including dream work and meditation. We also talk about how affirmations - when worked with properly - are not spiritual bypassing, and how to deal with resistance. Dr. Orloff's new release Affirmations for Empaths: A Year of Guided Journaling, is an interactive journal for empaths to engage with affirmations. For more info on Dr. Orloff, visit


47 - Avatar Dream

Welcome back! In this episode Mimi shares a dream she had where she looked somewhat like the character Neytiri in the movie Avatar, and how understanding this dream’s message helped her in her waking life.


46 - From Clutter to Clarity with Kerri Richardson

Kerri Richardson is more than just a clutter coach. She helps people remove all kinds of blocks in their lives from limiting beliefs to cluttered thinking to anything that stops us from fulfilling our potential and our purpose. We discuss these, as well as how clutter can be looked at symbolically and as a form of energy. Even if you don’t have a lot of physical ‘stuff’, you’d be amazed at how looking at things from this perspective can help unblock things that have been stuck. Kerri is the author of ‘From Clutter to Clarity: Clean Up Your Mindset to Clear Out Your Clutter’ and ‘What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You: Uncover the Message in the Mess and Reclaim Your Life’. She is a lifestyle designer and trained coach whose work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Boston Magazine, The New York Times, and Daily Mail. Check out her event ‘Organize Your Energy’ with Dougall Fraser on June 30th, 2021


45 - Evidence of Eternity wtih Psychic Medium Mark Anthony

Psychic medium Mark Anthony is the author of 'Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side' and 'Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife'. Mark shares his expertise on interdimensional communication and multiple meaning messages from Spirit, and he and Mimi talk about past lives, reincarnation, the soul and the personality, and what our dreams have in common with messages from Spirit. For more info about Mark visit


44 - Life Path Dreams

Mimi talks about how our dreams can help us find and fulfill our life purpose, and guide us onto the path we were meant for. She shares 4 dreams from real people as examples, including: 'The Door is Open', 'Stuck in a Box', '2 Hills' and a surprise one from a previous episode. Join The Dream Detective dream forum and receive a free card deck: Author James Alan Ross:


43 - Narcissm and Gaslighting Follow Up

Some of the recurring themes on this podcast include narcissists, gaslighting, and how to deal with them. In this episode, Mimi talks about the varying degrees of gaslighting, and shares some very specific stories as examples of how to identify when you are being gaslit by a narcissist, and what you can do to protect yourself.


42 - Jean Haner on the 5 Element Personality Types of Chinese Medicine

In this episode author Jean Haner outlines the personality types that go with each of the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine, including guidance for empaths, relationships, and career. Jean is the author of The 5 Element Solution: Discover the Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine to Release Stress, Clear Anxiety, and Reclaim Your Life, as well as Clear Home, Clear Heart, and The Wisdom of Your Face. For upcoming events & trainings visit


41 - Dr. Judith Orloff on the Empath Narcissist Relationship

Dr. Judith Orloff, author of ‘The Empath’s Survival Guide’, shares her expertise on the oddly compelling yet unhealthy relationship between empaths and narcissists. We talk about how empaths can identify narcissism before getting involved in business or personal relationships, and how to have better boundaries with any existing narcissists in their lives. We also talk about dreams, and Judith shares a dream that guided her on her life path and revealed her purpose. Her upcoming workshop ‘Healing the Toxic Attraction between Empaths and Narcissists’ is on April 16, 2021. For more info:


40 - Listener Stories of Intuition, Divine Guidance, & Messages from Departed Loved Ones (part 2 of 2)

In this episode we hear about a message from Amy’s psychic, departed mother, Esther’s story of Divine guidance on a bicycle, Emily’s witness of the paranormal, and she also shares a dream of her husband’s. Koren and an anonymous listener share after death visitation dreams. Mimi talks about the difference between a dream within a dream, a lucid dream, and a false awakening, and shares one of her own stories of Divine protection. Sign up for Dream Mail, The Dream Detective email newsletter: Dream within a Dream blog post: To submit a dream or story of your own to the show:


39 - Listener Stories of Intuition, Divine Guidance, and Messages from Departed Loved Ones

Mimi talks about things we can do to pay more attention to our intuition, and really listen to it without dismissing it. Then we hear listener stories from Amy who talks about a bank robber, a lost dog, and finding an elevator in an airport, and Norma who shares about her every day interactions with intuition, and how a near death experience affected her connection to her intuition and spirituality. We also hear a story from Sahaila about some unexpected guidance she received from her mother on the other side. For more information on Mimi and her work with dreams and intuition, visit


38 - Past Lives with Steve Burgess (part 2 of 2)

This episode is part 2 of my interview with past life regression hypnotherapist Steve Burgess, author of The Power of Past Life Regression and Famous Past Lives. We talk about past life connections to birthmarks, gender identity, soul mates, past lives in dreams, and Steve shares some stories from both of his books, including Famous Past Lives. Steve shares one of his own dreams of a ghost, we talk about hauntings, aliens, and how many of his clients have experienced past lives as witches. We also cover listener questions from Shelly, Holly, Yvette, and Amy. STEVE’S WEBSITES: Consultations & Training: YouTube: Podcast:


37 - Past Lives with Steve Burgess (part 1 of 2)

Steve Burgess is a past life regression hypnotherapist, and the author of The Power of Past Life Regression and Famous Past Lives. With 28 years of experience, Steve is recognized as one of the UKs most successful and experienced clinical hypnotherapists. This episode includes our conversation about past lives, ancestral trauma, life purpose, consciousness, and more. Steve's private sessions & training: Steve’s Youtube channel: Podcast:


36 - Past Life Musings

In this episode, Mimi reflects on her own potential past life connections through her affinities, talents, interests, and early fears in this life. While she has always had an interest in past lives, watching a TV show where the main character traveled back in time to the Salem Witch trial days triggered a past life memory that inspired what is turning into a series of episodes on this topic for the podcast. Perhaps her reflections will inspire you to make some of your own past life connections? The next episode will be an interview with a past life regression therapist, so be sure to subscribe to or follow the podcast in whatever platform you listen in, or sign up for The Dream Detective email newsletter at: to receive notifications of new episodes.


35 - Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner is the author of two books on lucid dreaming, servers as co-editor of the online magazine The Lucid Dreaming Experience, and has been an active lucid dreamer since 1975. In this episode Robert shares tips for how to have a lucid dream, the difference between lucid dreams, astral projection, and out of body experiences, and we talk about the deeper levels of consciousness including our inner awareness. We also explore the various types of dream figures, and the 'awareness behind the dream', and how to interact with both dream figures and our deeper awareness. Robert's Author Website: Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine: Mimi's website:


34 - Psychic Dreams, Ideas, Inventions & More Stories from the Pettibone Vault

This episode picks up where the last one left off, talking about psychic dreams and waking life experiences. Mimi shares the story of Madame C.J. Walker who was born in the 1800’s to former slaves, but got an idea from a dream that led to her forming a business that would make her the first female, African American millionaire. You will also hear about famous ideas, inventions, songs, and literary works from history through modern times that were inspired by dreams. Then, Mimi’s father shares some of the very psychic dreams that his father (Mimi’s grandfather) had while building Hungry Horse Dam in Montana in the 1950’s. Mimi shares information about psychic dreams and their functions as well. To receive a free guide on how to ask your dreams a question, sign up for Dream Mail at just look for the box that says ‘Free Tip Sheet’ or ‘Newsletter’. Dare to Dream!


33- Psychic Dreams & Waking Life Stories from the Pettibone Vault

In this episode Mimi talks about psychic abilities in general, and then brings her aunt on the line to share stories of Mimi's very psychic grandfather. Mimi and her aunt share their own stories of psychic dreams and waking life experiences, and intuition as well. If you have a psychic dream or waking life experience you'd like to share with the show, send an email or voice recording to or visit