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Episode 94: Fit Travel Tips (w/ Anthony King)

Episode 94 has arrived! And with it, Anthony King, returns to The Weight Room. When the 'Bells last saw Anthony he was looking to start working with a personal trainer - well guess what...he did! He's been training consistent and now he's down 20lbs. He tells the guys all about how he got there and has some questions for them about working out on the road. Then the group answers some listener questions from a fit couple who box together. BONUS: Anthony co-wrote a broadway musical for...


Episode 93: Find What's Fun (w/ Zach Reino)

It's episode 93!!! The 'Bells get funny dude Zach Reino (Off Book Podcast) to join them in The Weight Room. Zach was a sports enthusiast as a kid and theater geek in high school (technically he's still a theater geek). Zach had an interesting fitness background; traditional sports to dance to martial arts. Which did he like best? The guys get into it - as well as his diet and what he can do to keep his back healthy. It's a fun one dudes! "Yeaaaah Buddy!!!!"


Episode 92: Eating Organic (w/ Suzi Barrett)

It's Epidode 93!!! Suzi Barrett (DRUNK HISTORY) kills it in The Weight Room! She's long time buddies with Euge and Stanger and even went to elementary school with Euge!! They reminisce about grade school in Michigan and share some schoolyard stories about each other. Suzi tells the Bells about how being shut out of sports as a kid led to sedentary lifestyle. She goes on to describe how she broke out of that cycle and gives some great tips on healthy eating. Bonus: Stanger rants about...


Episode 91: Gearing up for the Keto Diet (w/ Colton Dunn)

It's episode 91!!! Colton Dunn of NBC's SUPERSTORE is back in The Weight Room! Colton makes a triumphant return after being one of the 'Bells first guest. On his last episode they talked about kettle-bells this time aground, it's the ketogenic diet. The guys find out what Colton's been doing for exercise and how he made the transistion to a keto diet. Colton's got some great advice on how to get started and gives a couple of meal recipes. Also, this ep has a big reveal: Eugene is starting...


Episode 90: Mid Summer Muscle (w/ Eugene and Ryan)

It's episode 90!!! It's just the 'Bells this week - celebrating episode 90!!! It's the middle of summer so, Eugene and Stanger decide to get personal and share some stories. They break down their current fitness routines and nutrition. They also catch up on a few "Weighing In" questions. "Nothing but a peanut!!!"


Episode 89: Bikini Body Guide (w/ Mary Holland)

Episode 89!!! The Dumbbells welcome all star guest Mary Holland (Wild Horses, VEEP) back to The Weight Room. She tells the guys what she's been up to lately and if she's still following the same routine. She's not! Mary changed it up in a major way. She's now following the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) and using the SWEAT app. The Bells unpack everything and get to the bottom of what BBG is. They wrap up the show with some group talk about nutrition. Marry is so funny - LISTEN!!! "Light Weight...


Episode 88: Training Partners (w/ Will Hines)

Episode 88!!! Happy 4th of July BellBabies!! Your boys, Euge and Stanger are delivering that fresh content, even on a holiday. NO DAYS OFF! They got the so-damn-funny Will Hines (Screw It Were Just Gonna Talk About The Beatles) back in THE WEIGHT ROOM. You might remember that Will started a fitness journey with Euge in Fiji a few months back - did he stick to it? The Bells get to the bottom of all of it. Will is super honest and lays it all out. The group also talks about nutrition, and...


Episode 87: Sore Muscles (w/ Jessica McKenna)

It's episode 87!!! When Jessica McKenna sincerely asked Eugene if working out regularly means you'll be sore forever, he knew she had to be a guest in The Weight Room. Jessica tells the guys about growing up in Orange County and playing soccer with tons of heart but no talent. Eventually, it was theater and mock trial that occupied her time energy and she bored some poor woman at Taco Bell with all the details - literally every day. She tells Euge and Stanger about what's she's doing now...


Episode 86: Getting back into fitness with Yoga (w/ Jim Woods)

Episode 86 BellBabies!!! Eugene and Stanger welcome the HILARIOUS Jim Woods to The Weight Room. All three of the guys go way back. Jim tells about his time doing live comedy in Amsterdam and London and what the gyms are like there. The guys also ask him about growing up in the south, how to do the butterfly stroke in swimming and what he's doing now. Last they talk about nutrition and how to break out of eating junk for college convenience. BONUS! They all joke around about their pet...


Episode 85: Mindset for A Marathon (w/ Brian Finkelstein)

Episode 85 is here!!! Euge and Stanger hit the ground running with the fantastic Brian Finkelstein (The Moth). The guys go through the pros and cons of Little League as well as Sunday spaghetti sauce. Brian talks about his inspiration and training for his first (and possibly only) marathon. Brian also gives the guys his tricks to get people to move out of his way while he runs the paths in the park. Do it for you!!!! "Ain't Nuttin' but a Peanut!!" Thank you to Care/Of for sponsoring this...


Episode 84: Punching and Kicking (w/ Kulap Vilaysack)

The Dumbbells podcast is back for Episode 84 and so is the wonderful Kulap Vilaysack!!!! Eugene and Kulap catch up on life and working out since the last time she guested on the pod! They also chat about the kickboxing session they just did together right before recording with her fantastic trainer, Kendra. Kulap also gives us a look into her healthy cookbook collection and update on that fatty liver. Plus, we weigh in on "hating exercise all together" and the best quick workouts. Light...


Episode 83: Back to Basics (w/ The Dumbbells)

It's episode 83!!! The mighty Eugene Cordero is back from Fiji - FINALLY!! Stanget and Eug get right in to it and unpack Eugene's trip. He describes the challenges of maintaining an exercise schedule and eating healthy when you are out of your environment and off your routine. Then Stanger asks Eugene if was able to improve his level of fitness or maintain- Eugene gets real and then lays out his new fitness plan for the future. Last, the 'Bells answer a listener question about training...


Episode 82: Transformation (w/ Dan Black)

It's Episode 82!! The Dumbbells (still just Stanger) welcome the legendary host of the Comedians Of Wrestling podcast, Dan Black! Dan and Stanger get right in to Dan's past on the east coast playing baseball when he should have been doing plays. Dan tells Stanger about becoming a true meathead in college and his various stops and starts when it comes to fitness. The guys connect over diet and the moment they realized carbs were bad. Last Dan talks about being a vegan for a few months and...


Episode 81: Revisting Body Image (w/ Mano Agapion)

Episode 81!!! The hilarious Mano Agapion (Horny For Horrow podcast) returns to The Weight Room. Stanger, flying solo, and Mano talk about horror movies and the Winchester mystery house. Then, Mano tells his amazing transformation story - he went from 320lbs to 180lbs!! He gives some insight about how he started thet journey and also gives some tips on how to practice good self love/care. Mano and Stanger wrap up the show by answering a listener question about how to stop binge eating while...


Episode 80 Staying Lean While Injured and Summer Blockbusters!! w/ Ryan Meharry

Episode 80!!! Stanger is still holding down the fort and he welcomes the great Ryan Meharry (Black-ish, Stanger and Meharry are old buds, the kick the show off talking about movies and making fun of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Then the fitness starts, Meharry lays out what he's been up to since the last show and describes an injury he sustained. Stanger asks him about what he does to maintain his condition despite working through an injury. Meharry gives some nutrition tips and...


Episode 79: A 10 Minute Workout and Kid Food (w/ Betsy Sodaro)

Episode 79 is here!!! Stanger was lucky to get the amazing Betsy Sodaro (Disjointed) back in The Weight Room. Stanger and Betsy are old friends and they get right in to a fun food conversation about all the crap they ate as kids. They also talk about what an athlete Betsy was growing up and how she got a red card pulled in her AFTER a game was over! The conversation comes back to food and exercise and Betsy talks about a new 10 minute routine she added to her program. Last, she and Ryan...


Episode 78: Getting Lean and Answering Questions (w/ Jon Gabrus)

Episode 78!!! Stanger is holding down the fort again and he welcomes Jon Gabrus back to The Weight Room! The guys get right into it and start talking about what changes Jon is making in order to bulk. down. He also announces that he's getting ready for the Las Vegas Half Marathon in November! Gabrus breaks down his current diet and gives some helpful advice on how to get your clean eating going. Stanger and Gabrus finish out the show answering a couple of listener questions about: 5x5,...


Episode 77: Exercising While Away (w/ Will Hines)

It's Episode 77!!! Eugene gives you a one on one update with Will Hines from the remote weight room in Fiji! They talk about the ups and downs of the fitness challenge introduced in ep 72, plus bring in new gym slang. There is some fun to be had as Will helps answer a question about working out with little to no equipment. “Bula Baby!”


Episode 76: Cryotherapy, Cleanses And Other Nutty Health Stuff (w/ Ben Rodgers)

Episode 76!! Ben Rodgers (GHOSTED, ACTIONBOYZ) is in The Weight Room this week and Stanger is flying solo while Eugene is in Fiji. The guys open the show up with some talk about prison attire and then get into fitness when they talk about boxing and sparring. Stanger asks Rodgers about "weird" health stuff he's tried or wants to try and they both share their thoughts and experiences on cleanses, cryotherapy, sauna and mediation. Last they answer a listener question about how to put in some...


Episode 75: Eugene in Fiji (w/ The Dumbbells)

It's Episode 75!! Just The Dumbbells this week. Stanger records in studio and Eugene records via satellite! The guys lay out their plans to continue to bring you shows every week while Eugene is away on a top-secret project in Fiji. Also, Stanger asks about Eugene's living accommodations, what he's eating and what he is doing to train while he's gone. The guys also talk about the health benefits of regular sauna use. Last they answer some listener questions - well... one turns out to be a...