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111: Let's Get Back To It (w/ Euge & Stang)

It's a happy day in The Weight Room! The mighty, mighty Eugene has returned!!!! This episode is all about Stanger and him catching up and getting back in the groove. Eugene breaks down his grueling shooting schedule and how having little to time for exercise affected him. He wasn't able train as much as he wanted but did he stick to his diet?? Also the 'Bells give you some holiday mentality tips and ask the listeners to send in their tips and temptations to be read throughout the holiday...


110: Down 100lbs!! (w/ Jon Mackey)

Stanger is still holding it down and he's joined this week by the awesome Jon Mackey (Big Grande, The Teachers Lounge) This is the second time in The Weight Room for Mackey and be delivers! He and Stanger do a quick recap on what they discussed on his first episode. Mackey has made an incredible fitness transformation and it's still going - he's currently down 100lbs! He tells Stanger how he shifted from doing DDP Yoga at home to training 4 days a week at the gym. Mackey learned how to lift...


109: Perspective (w/ Melissa Stephens)

Stanger is holding down the fort and he is joined by the incomparable Melissa Stephens (Fear Based Life Podcast, Finding The Asshole) Melissa is a total boss. She and Stanger recently worked on a project together that Melissa directed, this project is discussed. This discussion leads to a bunch of talk about MTV's Road Rules, Real World Challenge. Finally they get back on track and the talk turns to Melissa's fitness background - how she grew up in the South, played sports and ate junk!!...


108: Adolescence (w/ Andrew Bowser)

Happy Thanksgiving BellBabyz!!!! The 'Bells (actually just Stanger again) made sure to get you a nice little ep before the holiday that demands you overeat. Andrew Bowser (BIZARRE STATES, WELCOME TO THE SHADOW ZONE) joins Stanger in The Weight Room. Stanger and Bowser go way back - they start the show off by complimenting each other and it's uncomfortable to listen to. Then Bowser regails Stanger with stories of his youth as a heavy kid growing up in Baltimore. We find out, Bower's now on a...


107: Eating Disorders (w/ Angela Gulner)

This is a very special episode. Stanger, flying solo still, managed to get Angela Gulner (Welcome To The Clam Bake, BINGE) in The Weight Room. Angela is an amazing writer, actor and podcaster who suffered from an eating disorder and got treatment. She walks Stanger through how her disorder first manifested and how she came out on the other side. She experienced some scary times but found a course of treatment that worked well for her and finally gave her some relief. Angela turned her story...


106: Identity, Confidence and Movies w/ Mark Rennie

Stanger is still holding down the fort this week but he recruited another special guest to help him out. Mark Rennie of the Fantasy Flix Leaugue Podcast is in The Weight Room to save the day. Mark is a very funny writer and comedian, he and Stanger start the show by talking movies. They touch on th current box-office, A Star Is Born and the actors' bodies and costumes in the Marvel Movies. Then Stanger gets the skinny on Mark's fitness past and where he's at now - he needs to lift more...


105: Questions for Krickit! (w/ Krickit Hodges)

You're in for a treat BellBabyz!! The guys got the great Erin McGown to come back and co-host with Stanger 'cause Eug is STILL shooting! And they welcome the mighty Krickit Hodges as their special guest. Krickit is a repeat guest and she is an incredibly experienced trainer as well as the owner and cofounder of GoTribe fitness. Stanger gets the lowdown on Erin from Krickit, who knows her well. Then the group gets right in to all the listener questions for Krickit. The questions range from...


104: Food Confessions and More (w/ Toni Charline)

Stanger is back on his own as our beloved Euge is off making more hilarious TV. But have no fear, Stanger is rescued by the always amazing Toni Charline!! Stanger and Toni have tons of history and they waste no time making fun of each other. Toni has been very busy traveling and she's vegan, so eating while traveling is discussed. Did Toni stick to her healthy diet?? Also, Toni has gotten back into exercise in a big way and made some food adjustments. Stanger makes some dark food confessions...


103: Getting Mentally Ready (w/ Paul F Tompkins)

It's a official! It ain't a podcast till the mighty Paul F. Tompkins (Threedom, Spontaneanation and comedy in general) christens the show. Well, it finally happened and PFT was worth the wait. The 'Bells get to hear about his time in Philadelphia, as one of six kids, playing a little a baseball. After that detour of interests it was all theater and comedy for young Paul. It took a major creative milestone for him to realize that he needed to write for himself, get in a healthy relationship,...


102: STAYING Fit (w/ Erin McGown)

Erin McGown (Erin and Melissa) returns to The Weight Room again!! Stanger is still flying solo so he had to bring in a sure-thing-guest/co-host. Rest assured, Erin delivers! Erin and Stanger don't waste any time catching up. They get started by talking about Erin's previous visits and how Stanger was scared of her mom. Erin also talk about what she's doing to maintain her fitness and all the latest happenings at GoTribe. They talk about setting new goals and finding something to work for...


101: Exercise Class Nightmares (w/ Erin Whitehead)

Episode 101!!! Friends and family our beloved Eugene is off making another hiliarous TV show so Stanger is flying solo. But he has an amazing guest to help him get through! Erin Whitehead returns and she is oh so funny. She and Stanger catch up on where she is now and what she's doing after having a big health scare. She also asks Stanger some fitness questions and they talk about a proper squat. Then each of them share personal exercise class nightmares. Last Erin and Stanger answer a few...


100: Weighing In (w/ Jon Gabrus and Ben Rodgers)

Episode 100!!! Holy Smokes BellBabies!! That's a lot of episodes and it's all thanks to you guys. In honor of this momentous occasion the 'Bells invited fan-favorites, Jon Gabrus and Ben Rodgers - The Action Boyz podcast - to help them celebrate. Gabrus and Rodgers let the guys know what they've been up to in the gym. Gabrus is training for a half marathon!!! Then the rest of the episode is dedicated to answering a bunch of listeners questions - everything from diet and periodization to gym...


99: Liquid Calories (w/ Marcus Henderson)

Episode 99!!! Everyone is in for a treat - Marcus Henderson (GET OUT, DJANGO UNCHAINED) is in The Weight Room!! Marcus is a great actor and a super funny dude. He and Eugene talk about staring in a new show together to start the show. Then he tells the guys about growing up in the Midwest. The group talks about finding time to exercise as a new parent and give Marcus some tips on his diet - no more juice! This is a fun episode and yes, rest assured that GET OUT is discussed, Marcus does some...


98: Getting Enough Protein (w/ Mike Castle)

Episode 98!!!! Funny dude Mike Castle is in the house! Euge and Stanger were pumped to finally get Mike in The Weight Room and they let him know! He tells the guys some wild stories about his old man. His dad was into sports and working out but he never taught the kids or encouraged them be a part of it - bananas!! Castle also tells the 'Bells about his decision to become a vegetarian at a young age and how he's been able to maintain it. Euge and Stanger give him some tips on workouts and...


97: Being Happy (w/ Ally Maki)

Episode 97!!! With the indomitable Ally Maki (WRECKED, CLOAK & DAGGER) Ally and Euge go way back - they have been friends for months. They met while filming season 3 of WRECKED and have some great stories about the experience. Then Ally tells the guys about growing up in Kirkland, Washington and her close ties to Costco. She left Washington and her hockey playing brothers to pursue show-biz in LA and has some bonkers stories about her first manger - BONKERS!! But now she is doing great, has...


96: Correcting Form (w/ Brandon Gardner)

Episode 96!!! The Dumbbells welcome Brandon Gardner( Tuesday Club) back to The Weight Room!!! Brandon's got some big new...He's gonna be a dad!!! The 'Bells talk him through all the ins and outs of how to keep up your workouts and stay on your nutrition when that kid shows up. SPOILER: it's challenging, but possible. Gardner also talks about what he's doing now for exercise and how he was able to mine Instagram for hints on form -wow! it actually can be helpful and not jut a complete waste...


95: No Cardio (w/ D'Arcy Carden)

Episode 95!!! The amazing D'Arcy Carden (The Good Place, Broad City) joins The Dumbbells in The Weight Room. D'Arcy is so funny and has great stories about growing up in the Bay Area playing the brutal sport of water polo. The Bells find out how she starting training regularly and watching what she eats. D'Arcy is currently on a program she loves and does no cardio in the gym and eats what she wants on weekends! Find out how she makes that work - and wether or not Stanger and Euge love it...


94: Fit Travel Tips (w/ Anthony King)

Episode 94 has arrived! And with it, Anthony King, returns to The Weight Room. When the 'Bells last saw Anthony he was looking to start working with a personal trainer - well guess what...he did! He's been training consistent and now he's down 20lbs. He tells the guys all about how he got there and has some questions for them about working out on the road. Then the group answers some listener questions from a fit couple who box together. BONUS: Anthony co-wrote a broadway musical for...


93: Find What's Fun (w/ Zach Reino)

It's episode 93!!! The 'Bells get funny dude Zach Reino (Off Book Podcast) to join them in The Weight Room. Zach was a sports enthusiast as a kid and theater geek in high school (technically he's still a theater geek). Zach had an interesting fitness background; traditional sports to dance to martial arts. Which did he like best? The guys get into it - as well as his diet and what he can do to keep his back healthy. It's a fun one dudes! "Yeaaaah Buddy!!!!"


92: Eating Organic (w/ Suzi Barrett)

It's Epidode 92!!! Suzi Barrett (DRUNK HISTORY) kills it in The Weight Room! She's long time buddies with Euge and Stanger and even went to elementary school with Euge!! They reminisce about grade school in Michigan and share some schoolyard stories about each other. Suzi tells the Bells about how being shut out of sports as a kid led to sedentary lifestyle. She goes on to describe how she broke out of that cycle and gives some great tips on healthy eating. Bonus: Stanger rants about...