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Episode 8: Stage II Endometriosis and Endo Clinical Trial with Olivia French

I hope that I can help open up conversations about things we deal with on a daily basis and generally help others to feel like they aren’t alone! Connect with Olivia Instagram @everydayendo Olivia’s Blog Everyday Endo Show Notes and Resources Carla Cressy founded @womenwithendometriosis / The three women at @theendoco are amazing! Each of them has a different and relate-able story behind their endometriosis journey and they are all so lovely! The following...


Episode 7: An Endo-Warrior At Battle With “The Evil Twins” of Endometriosis With Melodie Gonzalez

Women should be able to take a birth control that allows them to have a normal cycle every month and let the body do what it should do. Connect with Melodie: Instagram Show Notes and Resources: Endometriosis and Adenomyosis PCOS Bladder Endometriosis Interstitial Cystitis and Endometriosis Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis Lupron Injection Endometriosis Related Diseases Mirena IUD Recommended Books and Videos: The Fibro Manual Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Disorder...


Episode 6: A Father’s Mission with Rahim Whitehead (aka Prince of Pads)

Apple has the iPad and we have the dry pad! Rahim shares his concerns about the dangerous chemicals and materials used to make sanitary pads and has a mission to change lives with a better solution. Watch Rahim’s product demonstration about the special technology used in the making of the Cherish pad. This episode is sponsored by Amazon. Click on the Amazon banner in the sidebar anytime you need to make an Amazon purchase. A small percentage of your purchase will support the website and...


Episode 5: Complicated Periods + Taking It One Day At A Time With Lorraine Truman

Remembering that there is a reason for everything. That’s one of the most important things. We wouldn’t be going through these things if we couldn’t handle them. Lorraine talks about her challenges with misdiagnosis, trying to conceive and issues with infertility. She has a supportive family, focuses on her career and helping others which helps her cope with everyday life. This episode is sponsored by The ENDO toolkit Course! Connect with Lorraine: Instagram Show Notes and Resources: Hungry...


Episode 4: Treating Endo With Medicinal Marijuana (CBD Oil) with Katie Curnow

I got really lucky having somebody very close to me who was willing to open up, who was willing to tell me all of her story and everything she went through to guide me with my doctor. Katie shares her experience about a variety of health issues from ovarian cysts, heavy bleeding, a cancer scare to amenorrhea. She now treats her endometriosis with CBD oil. This episode is sponsored by The ENDO toolkit Course! Get the Early Bird promo price of $150 until January 28th. Connect with Katie: Email...


Episode 3: Pain Relief + Pelvic Massage With Lonnie Winters

I have worked on several women with Endometriosis. I have treated them in several ways. One I would treat very gently. Whether it be just hold tissue restrictions while working with their breathing, using effleurage massage encouraging blood flow to the uterus. I have also treated some by correcting pelvic imbalances. Lonnie shares his expertise on pelvic massage, techniques and exercises to help with endometriosis pain relief. How to connect with Lonnie: Facebook Lonnie’s Website @imassage...


Episode 2: Years Of Battling Endo + Hashimoto’s with Rebecca

“I will say that although I thought I was prepared for my surgery when it happened, I was not prepared for the time it would take to recover, nor the pain I went through in the month following.” Rebecca shares her experience with endometriosis, starting at a young age, and how she has dealt with the debilitating pain month after month! Show Notes and Resources: Organic tampons Subscription box Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis Laparoscopy and recovery The Endometriosis Diet Hot Water Bottle Heating...


Episode 1: Emotional Battle + Adenomyosis With Amelia Kerin

“I want to help empower women by normalizing topics which have always been taboo. Those topics which society and culture has taught us to be ashamed of. By normalizing these things I’m hoping it will create safer spaces for women to talk about what they are struggling with – and what they’re not!” Amelia shares her story about her emotional struggle to accept her condition and learn to set aside the shame she felt living with adenomyosis. Amelia’s blog: Mind Body Endo Follow Amelia on...