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Eric is a curious jack-of-all-trades who gave up his house, car, and engineering career 10 years ago to backpack around the world. Today he is a youth educator, TEDx speaker, and advocate for bald men everywhere. The Eric Ibey Podcast is an entertaining conversation with interesting, thought-provoking, and all-around awesome people.

Eric is a curious jack-of-all-trades who gave up his house, car, and engineering career 10 years ago to backpack around the world. Today he is a youth educator, TEDx speaker, and advocate for bald men everywhere. The Eric Ibey Podcast is an entertaining conversation with interesting, thought-provoking, and all-around awesome people.




Eric is a curious jack-of-all-trades who gave up his house, car, and engineering career 10 years ago to backpack around the world. Today he is a youth educator, TEDx speaker, and advocate for bald men everywhere. The Eric Ibey Podcast is an entertaining conversation with interesting, thought-provoking, and all-around awesome people.




#23 - Should English-speaking Canadians learn to speak French?

This is a solo episode. I felt inspired to create it after reading the following article in CBC News: TDSB needs millions to ensure safe return to school in fall, says it may have to cut French I didn't start learning French until I was an adult but I wish I would have started sooner. There is a lot of negativity in Canada towards the French language from English speakers and I want to be someone who encourages bilingualism in our country. This podcast is for people who want to learn...


#22 - Bryan McDonald

Bryan "B-Mac" McDonald is an outdoorsman, nature lover, plumber, hunter, angler, and entertaining storyteller. From hunting deer, elk, and mountain lions through the mountains of Colorado to crab fishing in British Columbia to moose hunting in Northwestern Ontario, Bryan has done some wild stuff. His stories will make you say, "Did he just say what I think he said?!" You're damn right he said it! It's a pleasure to call this guy a friend and I can't wait to go on a hunting trip with him in...


#21 - Amanda Kennedy

Amanda L. Kennedy is Haudenosaunee and an Indigenous Woman Innovator. She is an Indigenous Youth and Women Activist, Innovative Consultant, Educator and Strategic Planner. She is a self-taught, self-made, social entrepreneur and the Founder of two social enterprises based out of her First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames; Kuwahs^nahawi Social Enterprise and Yotuni Charitable Initiative, an Indigenous Youth-Led Social Enterprise. Through Kuwahs^nahawi Social Enterprise, Amanda provides...


#20 - Melonie de Guzman

Melonie is a digital media maven working on high profile digital projects since 2005, before Twitter was even a thing! She is inspired to teach people how to project manage their lives by applying the skills learned from 15 years of projects, because the most important project you’ll ever work on is yourself. ​She has a passion for public speaking and leading workshops. Melonie loves sharing her experiences and knowledge about inclusion & diversity, leadership, digital media and how to set...


#19 - Ryan McCarty

Ryan McCarty is an author, international renowned speaker, and the Co-Founder of Culture of Good, Inc. After creating and implementing a wildly successful Culture of Good movement at the largest Verizon Authorized Wireless Retailer, in which he spearheaded community investments worth $6 million for those in need, Ryan recognized the need to share the Culture of Good with other successful organizations and their leadership. Ryan’s work has been featured in Huffington Post,, People,...


#18 - Paul Simard

Paul Simard is the Director of Community and Impact Partnerships at the UN Refugee Agency, a TEDx speaker, and Founder of HuMENity, a new paradigm for boys and men to create a new future for themselves, their families, and their communities because the old ways are no longer serving us. He believes in the power of partnerships, of collaboration, and of innovative and intentional partnerships. In helping to create the foundation for those opportunities to exist, he works to connect people...


#17 - Phoebe Yì Líng

At her very core, Phoebe Yì Líng is an explorer, often braving the unknown to see what she can discover. A former elementary school teacher, she now spends time writing for her blog, offering Reiki therapy, and experimenting with performance art whenever the opportunity arises. Her work is grounded in connection; connection to self, connection to others, connection to nature, and all that surrounds us. She believes that in connecting with ourselves and understanding our unique stories, we...


#16 - Calder Hutchinson

Calder is a Toronto-based educator and workshop facilitator. He values student-driven, curiosity-based education styles, and is currently teaching a lot of math, chess, and general life skills-y stuff. He's fascinated by the educational power of games and play, and generally feels that young folk are pretty dang clever and should probably have more say in decision-making processes, especially given that they're pretty much the leading experts in all sorts of new programs and tech, having...


#15 - Brandon Love

Brandon Love is a professional speaker and inspirational wizard who awakens people to their possibilities. He has been speaking and performing for 10+ years to audiences across North America. He is also the co-author of Brainsprouting: How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often. He has spent most of his adult life learning about possibilities and what it takes to create them. After falling in love with magic and the art of achieving the impossible from a young age,...


#14 - Matt Zinman

Matt Zinman is a personal success trainer whose experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caretaker, consultant and nonprofit founder drive him to be a difference-maker and positively impact as many people as possible. He is also the CEO of The Internship Institute which he established in 2007 to bridge the gap between education, active duty and employment by “Making Experience Matter." Matt is the author of Z-isms - Insights to Live By a richly authentic book, deeply personal...


#13 - Deri Latimer

Deri Latimer is a TEDx Speaker, author, and organizational consultant. She works with organizations who want to create happy, healthy, humane workplaces for increased positivity, productivity, and prosperity! Deri is one of fewer than 15% of speakers globally who hold the designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), combining a Business degree in Human Resources Management with 20 years of experience providing high-value speaking and training services to virtually every industry...


#12 - Diamond Yao

Diamond is a writer/journalist who focuses on contemporary social and environmental issues. A Montreal native, she aims to bring underreported stories and perspectives into the open to add to important conversations. Her work has been featured in many outlets that include the Montreal Gazette, the CJAD and the CBC. I really enjoyed speaking to Diamond. This was the first time we met so it was cool making a podcast with someone I didn't know previously. Diamond is curious, confident, and...


#11 - Arielle London

Arielle London is a writer, singer and rapper from Montreal, Quebec. She is a human rights and mental health advocate with a love for freedom of expression. Arielle created The Child-Centric Framework, a theory for the promotion of children’s rights, while completing a Master’s in Human Rights at the UCL School of Public Policy. Almost one decade later, Arielle London still promotes her theory but with now a greater understanding due to her own personal mental health experiences. Arielle...


#10 - Dan Plexman

Dan Plexman is an international professional workplace safety expert. He's an average guy on a mission to keep workers safe! In 2008, a preventable workplace accident changed his life forever. Dan was working alone in a man-lift that came in close proximity to live overhead power lines. An electrical arc fire caught him in an inferno that caused 3rd to 6th degree burns to 60% of his body. Without a practiced emergency rescue plan, panic and mass confusion set in and made rescue efforts...


#9 - The relaunch of the podcast

It's been 5 months since I launched my podcast. In that time, I've learned a few things. Namely, I've learned what isn't working. In this episode, I discuss with my partner, Marie-Eve, how I plan on changing the podcast moving forward so that it's more interesting, engaging, and consistent.


#8 - How do you manage unexpected changes?

I started reading a book this week about organizational change and I couldn't help compare the lessons offered in the book to our current situation. COVID-19 is an unexpected challenge that we ALL have to deal with right now. What is the best way to manage an unexpected change? How do you prepare? What are some obstacles that might get in your way and how do you deal with them? In this episode I answer those questions.


#7 - Why I'm finally getting my gun licence

Why would Eric decide to get his gun licence at the age of 37, during a time when guns are becoming more and more taboo? The reason might surprise you.


#6 - Dr Robyn Ibey

Robyn Ibey is a sports orthopaedic physiotherapist, PhD in neuroscience, and clinical lecturer at the University of Waterloo. In this episode, we discuss several topics including body shaming, gender identity, and healthy eating habits. I loved this episode with my sister. She's a brilliant woman but she had some apprehensions about being on the podcast. Although she's used to lecturing and speaking to hundreds of people, she wasn't sure about having an unscripted conversation that would be...


#5 - Luis Serrano

Luis Serrano is the CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of Fundamentals of Play, a life coach, facilitator, and motivational speaker. He is obsessed with maximizing human potential through the power of play! He has studied positive psychology, practiced & performed improv for over eight years & facilitated hundreds of public and corporate workshops. Luis and I have been friends for just over a year so sitting down with him and chatting on the podcast was easy. He is the first guest on my podcast and...


#4 - How deleting social media changed my life

In this episode, I talk about how social media can be toxic. Of course, it's not toxic for everyone, but I think the toxic aspects of social media often creep into our lives without us even knowing it. I also share the five positive outcomes that have happened to me in the two years since I deleted my social media accounts. And finally, I issue a little challenge for the holiday season!