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EP 164: Don't despair there are clinics that really care

My guest Alpesh Doshi is a consultant Clinical Embryologist and a co-founder of IVF London. He is also a co-founder and director of the Embryology and PGD Academy. Alpesh previously worked at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health in the leading capacity as a Director of Embryology for 19 years and was pivotal in optimising the success rates. He was also an honorary consultant at the Reproductive Medicine Unit at UCLH NHS Trust. He holds a postgraduate degree in Human Reproductive...


EP 163: The Downside of The Overshare

Thank you to my latest guest Jules Furness for sharing her story in my latest chat. We talked about how she dealt with a diagnosis as a teenager of Premature OVarian reserve and then her decision to adopt. Jules started vlogging as a result of her Hubby being in the army and she wanted to share with him and once she overcame the fear of posting online she realised how much support was out there. That said Jules recently had some nasty comments on a post she shared about failed IVF and...


EP 162: Psychological wellbeing and fertility

My guest Rusell Davies talks about the eight-year struggle he and his wife had with infertility and how nobody ever tested him! Once they reached a point where his wife got her cycle sorted and he was tested the results were so poor the consultant asked him whether he had been exposed to high levels of radiation! Russell talked about how he embarked on a four-month journey to improve his result, using acupuncture, making lifestyle changes, monitoring his alcohol intake and wearing baggy...


EP 161: Does Reflexology actually help when you are TTC?

I spoke with Barbara Scott a lovely lady and the founder of Seren Reproductive Reflexology and she is the Chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. For the past twenty years, Barbara has been practising as a reflexologist and has developed successful treatment plans for enhancing and treating fertility issues. Now considered to be one of Europe’s leading fertility practitioners she has trained hundreds of reflexologists to use the methods she has developed to great...


EP 160: The Popstar, The Dancer & The Ovulation Test

Firstly, huge apologies, if you have been wondering why this podcast is late. I moved house at the weekend and with the best will in the world couldn't find one of my cables that meant I could share this content with you. You see, last week I hosted a panel event for Clear Blue for the launch of its Ovulation Test System and spoke to Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP and author of Pregnancy for Dummies and Dr Fiona Clancy who works for Clear Blue about the issues affecting our knowledge about our...


EP 159: The Dangers of Unregulated Sperm donation

Here is the adoption article I mentioned and my guest from last week Katy Lindemann's eloquent response Dr Larisa Corda is a fertility specialist passionate about natural care for fertility treatment which is all about the more holistic approach. She has a fab new website launching soon which she told me about and Larisa is going to be a new guest on my podcast in the coming months giving her tips and tricks to get yourself in the best place possible when trying to conceive. In this...



Infertility is more common than you might think: around 3.5m people (1/7 couples) experience difficulties conceiving. Very rarely, however, is it a topic of conversation around the watercooler. Well-meaning attempts at advice or personal connection – like ‘You should try holding a newborn baby’ or ‘My friend tried for years, then drank loads of wine on holiday and got pregnant naturally’ – often backfire. As part of National Fertility Awareness Week, BBC Producer Laura-Jane decided to...


EP 158: The Notebook of Doom

Meet Katy Lindermann, my latest guest and creator of The Uber Barrens Club Katy is working on a book, which you'll hear all about to document the struggles we go through during our infertility investigations and is looking for stories. We spoke in detail about Katy's complicated infertility struggle. Despite being aware something might be up with her fertility, due to irregular periods and having a fertility MOT at 28 - what happened to next to Katy flummoxed leading fertility...


EP 157: Sperm Count is drastically on the decline, so what can we do?

When it comes to Male Fertility, there's so much to talk about in today's episode we're getting under the skin of sperm issues... it's the science bit, discussed by two male fertility experts. There is a lot of information in here from discussions about surgery that can be performed to assist with sperm blockages to explaining about how we can overdose with supplementations when we're trying to improve our health. Dr Muhammad Akhtar Consultant Gynaecologist A highly experienced...


EP 156: Izzy Judd and TTC Jargon - the book review episode

The lovely Amber joined me for the first time since she became a Mum in this episode. Find out more about her right here We spoke about the following books: Izzy Judd's Dare to Dream Emma Cannon's Fertile Pure White and Deadline - John Yudkin I also spoke with Sheila Lamb talked about her new books The Fertility A-Z. which takes you through all the abbreviations you might have read online and her more indepth second book My Fertility Book Follow...


EP 155: How The Fertility Show could help you with your next step

Now in its tenth year, The Fertility Show is a two day live event where you can meet with top fertility experts, clinics, doctors and patients alike. It probably sounds pretty overwhelming and it can be, if you don't make a plan, which is what I advise you to do. I didn't go to this when we were trying to conceive, to be honest I didn't know about it, but having been since I can honestly say it is a really great way to get a complete overview of your options. In this episode you'll hear...


EP 154: The Adoption Option

Here's Cat Here's Nat This is the second episode of Cat's Insta Live series, where Nat shared her feelings on her and her husband's decision to adopt. Nat talked about the support she had received and the overwhelming feelings of happiness and relief both she and hubby Kieran felt once they'd admitted this was the next step they wanted to take. Cat mentioned an episode I had made with Sarah Esdaile about her feelings on becoming a Mum after using an egg donor which you can hear here


EP 153: Education is power when it comes to your fertility?

My guest today is Sarah Norcross, Director of the Progress Educational Trust (PET), Commissioning Editor of its flagship publication BioNews The Progress Educational Trust (PET) advances public understanding of science, law and ethics in the fields of human genetics, assisted reproduction, embryology and stem cell research. Its vision is to improve the choices for people affected by infertility or genetic conditions. Its mission is to educate and debate the responsible application of...


Ep 152: Allowing yourself to grieve

I know World Childless Week was last week and I shared my chat with Yvonne John, however I'm keeping the spotlight on Childlessness, with my two guests in this episode as they both bring two fascinating perspectives and have both written books bringing together a multitude of women's voices. This is Lesley Pyne, author of ‘Finding Joy Beyond Childllessness: Inspiring Stories to Guide You to a Fulfilling Life.’ Lesley Pyne believes that it is possible to have a fulfilling life as a...


EP 151: Are you there God to tell me why I can't have a baby?

I met Yvonne at Fertility Fest 2018 and she gave me a copy of her book 'Dreaming of a life Unlived' which is what we talked about in this episode. Yvonne is 44 years and 9 months old and on her journey of finding her plan B. 12 months ago she learnt that she would not become a mother which took her by surprise as it was something that she was not prepared for. Yvonne explains 'Becoming a mother is a natural and expected part of being a women, for as long as I could remember people were...



Fertility Network, in partnership with Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness has launched its loudest campaign – calling for fair access to fertility treatment – and here is a special bonus episode hearing from those at the press launch as we want you to be part of it. Having just got back from holiday I couldn't make the event so the lovely Alice Rose was my roving reporter gathering people's feelings about the night. The screams of childbirth are loud. But the screams of frustration from not...



To mark PCOS awareness month, here's a montage of several episodes from the numerous PCOS experts I have spoken to : KYM CAMBELL: I’ve been watching Kym Campbell for some time now.. .how strange does that sound. Her presence has been growing and growing online and her awesome content just keeps coming, so I was really chuffed when we got a time in the diary to speak. Kym talked about her life dealing with PCOS and how it affected her, from acne medication to anti-depressants, it took...


EP 149: Mothering Solo? Want to find your tribe?

Mel and Daisy - Photo by @nchopesphotography Mel Johnson and I had a great chat about her decision to have fertility treatment and become a Mother on her own. She has since created a community to support other women trying to make the decision to do it alone as well as the 35% of women who are solo mothering, to help them feel less alone and to know there are other women out there feeling exactly the same fears and emotions. You can follow Mel's journey of solo motherhood on her...


EP 148 : Talking "Tushy" with The Egg Whisperer

Meet Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and host of the Egg Whisperer Show. Dr Aimee has heard story after story from women and couples from all over the world about their struggles in trying to conceive. In her attempt to prevent more of these heartbreaking stories, she has gone on a mission to promote fertility awareness. Her hope is to empower women, making them more aware of their personal fertility levels and allowing them to be better educated about their...



I met Steph Phillips, founder of World Childless Week at Fertility Fest 2018 where she spoke about her experience of being childless not by choice on a panel called 'The Unborn Child' which you can hear I was keen to talk more about what Steph has created, especially as in 2017 when she launched World Childless Week, the 100 blog posts she shared over a week in September were read 123,000 times and the hashtag #worldchildlessweek was retweeted over 1.2million times. Steph spoke...