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Thyroid Issues, Hormonal Imbalance, and its Effect on Fertility with Richard Shames – #36

Dr. Shames became very invested in learning about the thyroid after his wife Karilee developed thyroid disease. Karilee, a nurse practitioner, went to some of the top endocrinologists and yet felt her care was very inadequate. Dr Shames along with his wife and daughter (an acupuncturist) dedicate their lives to help thyroid sufferers around the ...


Case Studies With Iva Keene – #35

Leading fertility expert Iva Keene discusses 4 case studies from real life fertility clients. Iva has worked with hundreds of couples from around the world and has seen it all. In her assessment of couples she analyzes over 150 health and data points which helps her uncover underlying imbalances that are contributing to fertility struggles. ...


Tools to Calm The Mind and Body with Elizabeth Willett – #34

Ways to cope when trying to get pregnant overwhelms you. In this interview Master herbalist, Elizabeth Willett offers wonderful tools to stay mindful, grounded and calm during your fertility journey. When you are struggling to conceive many find themselves surrounded by emotional triggers. From another social media pregnancy announcement to a negative pregnancy test to ...


The Journey of a Surrogate Mom with Tiffany Jo Baker – #33

Tiffany has been a surrogate 3 times and has been part of the infertility community for many years. With her background as a couples counselor, she goes deep and helps couples discuss the hard questions when navigating the stressful, emotional and challenging world of infertility. There is no question that fertility challenges can be hard ...


Dr. Christiane Northrup: The Hexing of Women By The Fertility Industry – #32

Aging in reverse? Rituals to call in our babies soul? Best sex in your 60s and 70s? We cover all of it in this impassioned interview. Dr. Chris has worked tirelessly to shift how women view themselves based on their chronological age and external messages. She gives an example of a native tribe where women ...


45 and Pregnant with Wendy Cooper – #31

Wendy conceived naturally at 44 and had a home birth. When she and her husband made the decision to have a second child they found (like many of us) it wasn’t happening as easy as the first. Secondary infertility affects over 3 million couples in the US. Wendy went to get evaluated by an IVF ...


The Worm Whisperer with Rachel Arthur, ND – #30

Pinworms are also called “threadworms.” They're the most common type of intestinal worm infection in the U.S., and one of the most common in the world. Rachel Arthur discovered that many of her patients were infected with worms. She saw that worms migrated from the anus into the vagina, bladder and genital-urinary system. She also ...


IVF Revolutionized with Life Whisperer Co-Founder Michelle Perugini – #29

Considering IVF? Life Whisperer is an Artificial Intelligence Company that will quite possibly turn the IVF Industry on its head and change many many couples lives. Its goal is to significantly increase the success rates of IVF. With current success rates being 20-30% it could use some help. I interview one of the co-founders of ...


How Balanced Is Your Fertility with Dr. Marc Sklar – #28

How balanced is your life in relation to your fertility? We often have tunnel vision about our own health and put a lot of emphasis on one aspect of it and overlook the rest. Or become overwhelmed by everything we are reading and learning and don’t know where to start? What if there was a ...


Fertility Awareness Method with Lisa of Fertility Friday – #27

Lisa suffered from painful periods and like many teens was put on the birth control pill. In college she discovered a magical world that allowed her to understand her body, her rhythms and imbalances in a unique, revealing and intimate way. When Lisa learned the family awareness method and began to chart it ignited a ...


Thriving with PCOS with Stacey Roberts, ND – #26

You can thrive with PCOS. Although PCOS can be a devastating diagnosis, Stacey Roberts, ND talks about understanding the underlying causes of PCOS and coming out the other side with radiant health. PCOS does not define you and instead encompasses a set of symptoms. By understanding how our bodies have come out of balance we ...


Iodine Deficiency is A Major Barrier To Fertility with Rachel Arthur, ND – #25

Iodine deficiency is a major barrier to fertility and increases risk of miscarriage 4 fold. Also decreases IQ, increases rates of ADHD and leads to poor pregnancy and delivery outcomes. We can agree that iodine is essential to health but what has become hotly debated is how does one assess if they are iodine deficient ...


Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis – #24

“I’ve lost count of all the infertile women who have become mom’s”. William Davis, MD His first book, Wheat Belly was a global phenomenon. Bombarded by media. Multiple guest appearances on The Dr. Oz show. It completely changed the paradigm and thus the conversation about health and nutrition. First touted as a diet to reverse ...


The Ava Bracelet with Lindsay Meisel Ava – #23

“Women do enough work as it is.” When AVA’s founder watched his wife wake up every morning to track her BBT, he thought, “there must be a better way.” After much research and many trials later AVA was created. It was released last year amongst a lot of buzz and excitement but also a lot ...


Natural Fertility Part 2 with Dr. Iva Keene – #22

Being an older mom. Iva and Charlene both talk about being first-time mamas in their 40’s. We discuss how women are fertile into their 40’s and how the idea of the biological clock was derived from outdated information from the 1800’s! Iva talks about the issues with self-prescribing herbs and also why we need to ...


The GAPS Protocol with Dr. Natasha McBride – #21

Dr. Natasha’s first child was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. The medical world had nothing to offer. She took it upon herself to go back to school and learn everything she could about nutrition to help her child. At age 20 he is no longer autistic and is a thriving self sufficient ...


Homeopathy-Power to Unlock Traumas and Quite Possibly Save The World with Dr. Isaac Golden- #20

Traumas throughout our life (even from our own birth) stay with us and manifest as physiological symptoms. Think about the trauma of being born and then all the other emotional events or illnesses that follow. Some seemingly small and others that leave a deeper imprint. When the body is left to cope with and maintain ...


How To Protect Your Fertility & Health From Chemicals &GMO’s with Bill Statham – #19

“Air fresheners are probably one of the worst things that have been invented.” Bill Statham We place them on our skin; we clean our house with them; we saturate our air with them; we consume them and swath our children in them. Chemicals. They have long complex names and their reason for being in our ...


Discussing How Mindfulness Can Heal Infertility with Buffy Trupp, MFT – #18

Ever wake up in the middle of the night engulfed in thoughts of fear, worry and anxiety? Questions like, “what if my IVF fails?” “what if I can’t get pregnant?” swirl in your head. We’ve all experienced times when our feelings overtake us and catastrophize our lives. Research shows that these awful thoughts don’t just ...


The Listening Cure with Dr. Chris Gilbert – #17

In this episode I discuss The Listening Cure with the author, Dr. Chris Gilbert. After seeing countless patients that were clearly suffering but with no known cause, Dr. Chris began to use a unconventional method to get to the heart of the matter. She started asking poignant questions that explored the emotional triggers of dis-ease ...