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From Shiitake to Medicinal Mushrooms: The New Superfood – Episode 162: Jeff Chilton

Join the First Lady of Nutrition and Jeff Chilton, a leading expert in medicinal mushrooms, as they hit the ground running with a captivating discussion about the power of mushrooms as the ultimate superfood. They discuss why mushrooms are not just food, but a key to longevity, brimming with fiber and nutrients to nourish your microbiome and boost your immune system. Jeff shares his fondness for the flavorful and nutritious shiitake and delves into the brain-boosting lion's mane mushroom, renowned for its cognitive benefits. The conversation also ventures into the realm of psychedelic mushrooms, exploring their profound impact on treating depression, addiction, and even some of life's profound challenges, along with the importance of "set" and "setting" in their therapeutic use. Ann Louise and Jeff explore the fascinating world of mushrooms, from the calming reishi to Jeff's favored five-mushroom blend and uncover why these fungi are the forgotten link in our modern diet. Jeff Chilton is the pioneering President of Nammex, the first company to introduce a full line of certified organic mushroom extracts to the U.S. health supplement market, and the co-author of “The Mushroom Cultivator: A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home.”


Navigating Menopause: No More Hot Flashes and Much More – Episode 161: Barb Hawken

The First Lady of Nutrition is delighted to welcome the go-to menopause fitness coach, Barb Hawken. Barb is a strong believer, like Ann Louise herself, that when it comes to transforming the middle aged woman's body, making simple tweaks in the kitchen and gym can be transforming to overall health. Ann Louise and Barb dive right into an enlightened discussion covering the issues and questions so many women are asking including: How can I get rid of menopause belly fat? Should I change the way I eat in menopause to help with the excess fat? Is exercise helpful, and if so, what kind is best? How do hormones affect weight loss, mood, sleep? Why is my body changing so rapidly in mid-life? Which bioidenticals can be a helpful tool in my toolbox? Barb has her own inspiring story to tell and wants women going through similar menopausal journeys to know that they are not alone. Her passion is teaching women what they need to know to help them get their body to a place where they feel strong, sexy, and radiant. This episode is chock-full of helpful tips and insight to live your best life now!


PANDAS, PANS, and Practical Solutions – Episode 160: Dr. Jill Crista

The First Lady of Nutrition, Ann Louise is joined by Dr. Jill Crista in exploring PANDAS and PANS. Gain insights into triggers, symptoms, and holistic treatments for these neuroinflammatory conditions, offering invaluable guidance for parents and grandparents managing these complex challenges.


Concussion SOS – Episode 159: Dr. Kabran Chapek

Join us for an interview with world renowned concussion expert Dr. Kabran Chapek, and some extremely valuable and practical advice about maintaining and improving your brain health including the nutrients that help with healing from a concussion/brain injury, the best dietary strategies for healing the brain, and much more.


Microbiome Mastery: Uncover the Healing Hub Within – Episode 158: Dr. Kristine Gedroic

The First Lady of Nutrition is proud to welcome a master of the microbiome, Dr. Kristine Gedroic. Dr. Gedroic's personal ICU experience sparked a mission to revolutionize well-being and demystify the human microbiome - drawing from her success in treating thousands of patients with nearly every chronic condition. Join Ann Louise and Dr. Gedroic as they dive into a discussion about mold, mycotoxins, and parasites to antibiotic overuse – the many elements compromising our immune systems. Dr. Gedroic’s book, "A Nation of Unwell: What’s Gone Wrong?" explores these challenges and describes how the health of most patients today can be recovered, without a lifetime of medication. The gut, she emphasizes, is the hub, linked to all our vital organs – including the brain, lungs, and liver. Delving into the gut-brain connection, this podcast unveils the gut's role in neurotransmitter production and how even the simple act of meditation can regulate microorganisms.


The Case Against Copper: Unmasking the Hidden Secrets of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – Episode 157: Dr. Rick Malter

Join us as The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Rick Malter, a well-respected top authority on hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) and the author of the groundbreaking book, "The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis." Discover the surprising copper connections to female contraceptives, water pipes, and vegan diets and their potential contributions to a range of physical and psychiatric disorders. Could your ADHD, bipolar, or depression be linked to excess copper? Ann Louise, a long-time advocate of HTMA, engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Malter, unraveling insights from his 30+ years of research. Dr. Malter emphasizes how mineral imbalances, like copper excess, can impact thyroid and adrenal function, cardiac health, glucose regulation, and even contribute to issues like alcoholism. Delve into the fascinating realm of mineral balancing as Dr. Malter sheds light on these imbalances, including stress-induced magnesium depletion and its role in mental and physical health challenges. As Dr. Malter aptly puts it, "minerals are the spark plugs of life." Discover how a simple hair analysis can be your key to understanding and regulating optimal health and wellbeing.


The Number 1 Best Binder for Heavy Metals and Spike Proteins – Episode 156: Dr. Isaac Eliaz

The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast is proud to welcome Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a leading expert in the field of integrative medicine, specializing in cancer, detoxification and immunity. Based on his best-selling book, “The Survival Paradox,” Dr. Eliaz talks about something he refers to as the “survival paradox protein” galectin-3, and how it plays a key role in triggering cytokine storms, viral infections, immune dysregulation, organ damage and how galectin-3 contributes to many disease states. According to Eliaz, there is a relationship between galectin-3 and the infamous viral spike protein. Join Ann Louise and Dr. Eliaz as they discuss the scientifically proven benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin as a powerful binder when it comes to galectin-3 as well as a toxin binder for heavy metals in general that can profoundly benefit longevity and health. This special podcast offers insights on Covid-19, the spike protein, glyphosate's pervasive dangers, optimal testing solutions, and much more. Discover how to transform your survival biochemistry and unleash your body’s innate and infinite healing capacity. Get the first 2 chapters of Dr. Eliaz's book for free by checking out:


Liver SOS: Your Guide to Liver Resilience – Episode 155: Jonathan Landsman

The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes the creator of one of the most popular natural health web sites in the world, Jonathan Landsman. Ann Louise and Jonathan waste no time discussing an increasingly disturbing trend. Did you know that over 100 million people in the U.S. alone are currently grappling with liver problems? This vital organ isn't just a filter for toxins; it intricately impacts our hormone balance, blood sugar regulation, emotional regulation, and even our heart and brain health. A malfunctioning liver sends out subtle SOS signals such as high liver enzymes, unexplained chronic fatigue, obesity, brain fog, high heart rate, and more. Jonathan Landsman walks us through these distress signals, unraveling the intricate relationship between our lifestyle choices and liver health. From dietary pitfalls like excessive sugar and processed foods to the often-ignored processed vegetable oils—our choices matter. Our guest doesn't just highlight the problems; he provides actionable solutions. From the fundamental importance of hydration and adequate Vitamin C to intriguing methods like hot ginger compresses and coffee enemas, he equips us with tools to navigate the path to liver rejuvenation. For more information check out


From Burnout to Balance – Adrenal Rescue – Episode 154: Dr. Izabella Wentz

Join The First Lady of Nutrition as she welcomes Dr. Izabella Wentz, a clinical pharmacist recognized for her innovative and solution-focused approach. Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis at twenty-seven, Dr. Wentz is renowned for her commitment to translating cutting-edge research into actionable solutions for patients. In this episode, Ann Louise and Dr. Wentz explore the theme of adrenal burnout, drawing insights from Dr. Wentz's latest work, the "Adrenal Transformation Protocol." The discussion delves into adrenal dysfunction, a situation in which the body struggles to produce essential hormones in response to mismanaged stress. While this dysfunction can manifest in various ailments, the episode brings a hopeful message—addressing and reversing these issues doesn't need to be complex. By supporting the adrenals through modest dietary and lifestyle adjustments and appropriate supplements, significant improvements can emerge within a matter of weeks or even days. Dr. Wentz emphasizes the importance of identifying adrenal triggers, balancing stress responses, and gradually building resilience to prevent future stress from overwhelming the adrenals. The goal, as outlined by Dr. Wentz, is to establish and maintain homeostasis even in turbulent and challenging times. For additional information, visit:


The Power of B1: The Sleeper Nutrient That Heals Disease – Episode 153: Dr. Chandler Marrs

Thiamine, better known as Vitamin B1, isn't just a nutrient—it may just be the key to modern day healing of neurological disease. The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Chandler Marrs, health researcher, author and an authority in thiamine deficiency. Ann Louise and Dr, Marrs waste no time diving into a captivating discussion about the mitochondria—the powerhouse within every cell of our body that produces the energy essential for life. Dr. Marrs unveils the stark reality of what she calls modern-day Beriberi, attributing thiamine deficiency to a host of culprits: processed foods, seed oils, sugar, pharmaceuticals, and even household pollutants. Together, they explore the profound connection between thiamine deficiency and heart disease, as well as the fascinating intersection of thiamine deficiency and neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and MS. Dr. Marrs candidly addresses the impact of alcohol on thiamine uptake, emphasizing that one need not be a hardcore alcoholic to suffer its damaging consequences, and how even a glass of wine every night can inhibit the uptake of thiamine. Tune in to learn why correcting a thiamine deficiency is absolutely imperative. Thiamine is not just a nutrient—it's the vital force that can transform the landscape of your health. Chandler Marrs, PhD is the founder and editor of the online health journal Hormones Matter which boasts a rich archive of over 1400 articles including in-depth research analysis and patient case stories. For more information check out:


The Toxin Solution: Dr. Pizzorno’s Insights for Wellness – Episode 152: Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND

The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, the founding president of Bastyr University. Dr. Pizzorno founded Bastyr University in 1978 and he coined the term “science-based natural medicine” and led Bastyr to become the first ever accredited institution in this field. In this episode, Ann Louise and Dr. Pizzorno engage in a conversation that delves into the heart of detoxification, where Dr. Pizzorno shares his insights on what he considers the most crucial foods and supplements for detoxification. They also discuss the mysteries of iron-dependent enzymes and how they hold the key to unleashing your body's detox potential – including the pivotal role of milk thistle in boosting glutathione production, an essential component of your body's natural detox system. In addition, they touch on the importance of chelation therapy, kidney support, and gall bladder health. You would be surprised to note that Dr. Pizzorno believes that arsenic is the most prevalent toxin in our current environment. But the good news is that he offers expert guidance on the complex world of toxins, detoxification, and strategies for optimizing your health. This is yet another podcast that you won’t want to miss!


The Oxalate Dilemma: When Plant Foods Bite Back – Episode 151: Sally Norton

Can a plant heavy diet be toxic? The surprising answer is YES according to Sally Norton who has uncovered oxalates, those culprits in plants which are often found lurking within organic plant heavy diets. Join Ann Louise Gittleman, the First Lady of Nutrition, as she delves into a thought-provoking conversation with Sally Norton, a distinguished educator, speaker, and health consultant. After suffering for decades from chronic health problems, Sally discovered that the offenders that plagued her were chemical toxins called oxalates within her “healthy,” organic plant-based regimen. Ann Louise and Sally waste no time in diving into a fascinating discussion as to how the foods you’re eating to get healthy might just be making you sick! According to Norton, if you’re eating a healthy diet and you’re still dealing with fatigue, inflammation, anxiety, recurrent injuries, or chronic pain, the problem could be your spinach, almonds, sweet potatoes, and other trusted plant foods. And your key to vibrant health may be quitting these so-called superfoods that are filled with oxalates. In her 2023 blockbuster book, “Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload Is Making You Sick--and How to Get Better” Norton presents a complete, research-backed program to safely reverse your oxalate load and comprehensive charts and resources on foods to avoid and better alternatives. As Ann Louise and Sally conclude, the popular dictum to "eat more plants” can be misleading. “Toxic Superfoods” gives health-seekers a chance for improved energy, optimum brain performance, graceful aging, and true relief from chronic pain. For more information check out


Fungus – The Hidden Link to Modern Health Issues – Episode 150: Dr. John Parks Trowbridge

Join the First Lady of Nutrition for a rare and revealing interview with Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, a prominent authority in the realm of health and medicine. Renowned as a lecturer, speaker, and specialist in autoimmune health, Dr. Trowbridge also serves as Ann Louise Gittleman's personal physician. In this captivating podcast, Dr. Trowbridge shatters medical norms, exploring the intricate links between yeast, fungus, mold, and their connection to many of the perplexing symptoms experienced by an increasing number of autoimmune-challenged individuals. Dr. Trowbridge addresses the resurgence of modern health challenges and candidly examines the impact of what he calls the 'Deplorable Diet', a modern trend. He also discusses his recommendation of a precise test to identify blood markers of ‘blood fungus’, a term he coined for blood markers that reveal the presence of infection. Whether seeking answers to unexplained symptoms or holistic health insights, this podcast interview offers invaluable perspectives. Dr. John Parks Trowbridge's wealth of experience provides a unique lens to understand health and nutrition's intricate dance.


Glyphosate’s Secrets Exposed: Unraveling Chronic Disease Factors – Episode 149: Dr. Christian Bogner

In this episode, the First Lady of Nutrition engages in a captivating dialogue with Dr. Christian Bogner, a seasoned lecturer, educator, and practicing clinician specializing in functional medicine. They focus on the historical context and aftermath of glyphosate's introduction into our food supply during the 1990s. This widespread introduction is linked to a disturbing surge in chronic diseases, including autism. Dr. Bogner highlights the concerning presence of glyphosate in breast milk, baby food, and even pre-natal vitamins, indicating its potential impact on the microbiome and its association with susceptibility to issues like yeast, mold, and parasites. Discover Dr. Bogner's holistic approach, driven by a mission to optimize individual recovery paths. Integrating cutting-edge genetic research, targeted nutraceutical supplementation, and comprehensive testing for mycotoxins and neurotransmitters, he focuses on diverse areas such as the autism spectrum, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, and cognitive decline. Notably, Dr. Bogner serves as a clinical consultant for MaxGen Labs, LLC, a globally recognized nutrigenomics lab utilized by numerous practitioners worldwide. Don't miss this insightful podcast as Dr. Christian Bogner and the First Lady of Nutrition delve into the intricacies of health, genetics, and the profound impact of environmental factors. Tune in for an engaging conversation that might just change the way you view wellness. Check out for more information.


Mastering The Zone Diet – Episode 148: Dr. Barry Sears

Learn the origins of the legendary Zone Diet and how it was initially developed to combat insulin resistance. Please join host Ann Louise Gittleman as she sits down with Dr. Barry Sears, the renowned creator of The Zone Diet and a pioneer in the field of anti-inflammatory nutrition. In this eye-opening conversation, Dr. Sears sheds light on the dangers of no-to-low-fat diets and explains why eating is more than just nourishment; it acts as a drug-delivery system, affecting hormones and impacting our health profoundly. Dr. Sears also explains the concept of AMPK, the "master switch" of metabolism, and its pivotal role in longevity and why being in “The Zone” optimizes AMPK levels, leading to a longer and better life. He also shares fascinating insights into the dangers of PCBs, which he believes are more hazardous than mercury. His groundbreaking work on "precision nutrition" and a simple finger-stick blood test offers a new perspective on personalized dietary approaches. The episode also touches on the importance of selecting the right source of Omega 3 supplements, health benefits of the Maqui berry, particularly in reducing inflammation and addressing neurological conditions, and much, much more. For more information and resources, visit Dr. Sears's website at


Beyond Lyme – Episode 147: Dr. Marie Matheson

Could Lyme disease be the elusive culprit behind neurological ailments like Alzheimer's, ALS, and Parkinson's? Dr. Marie Matheson's unwavering passion for empowering patients and unveiling the truth about medical labels will leave you inspired to reclaim control of your health. Prepare for a fascinating exploration as Ann Louise Gittleman, The First Lady of Nutrition, welcomes Dr. Marie, a highly-regarded Naturopathic doctor specializing in Lyme disease and co-infections. Join us for surprising revelations as they delve into the heart of Lyme disease, providing answers to essential questions that unravel this intricate illness. Gain clarity on the distinction between Lyme and mold toxicity, delve into the telltale symptoms and co-infections associated with Lyme, and uncover the role of Epstein-Barr in the equation. Dr. Marie imparts invaluable wisdom on potent herbal treatments, optimal tests for Lyme detection, and the emergence of Lyme in a post-COVID world. This episode holds key insights and more. For additional information on Dr. Marie and her family clinic, visit


Harbinger of Hope for Curing the Incurable – Episode 146: Brenda Stockdale

Prepare to be inspired as The First Lady of Nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman, welcomes Brenda Stockdale, a nationally recognized pioneer in Behavioral Medicine, for a captivating conversation on the power of mind-body medicine. Ann Louise and Brenda delve into the practical application of holistic health principles and shed light on the foundational tenets of Brenda's acclaimed book, "You Can Beat the Odds: Surprising Factors Behind Chronic Illness & Cancer." They will unravel the intricate connection between our mindset, emotions, and physical well-being, providing you with practical tools to harness the transformative potential of hope. As Ann Louise and Brenda explore the fascinating research on 'survivor traits,' you'll gain valuable insights on how to cultivate resilience and bounce back stronger after facing life-threatening illnesses. Be inspired by a brief look at the life and wisdom of psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, as his remarkable journey serves as a guiding light in understanding the human spirit's resilience. For more information and to dive deeper into Brenda Stockdale's groundbreaking work, visit


Next Generation Zeolite – Episode 145: Rik Deitsch

Welcome to "The First Lady of Nutrition" podcast, where we dive deep into the world of health and wellness. In this episode, renowned pharmaceutical and nutritional biochemist, Rik J. Deitsch, joins Ann Louise to explore the groundbreaking potential of a revolutionary zeolite product called "Natural Cellular Defense." Rik Deitsch, a master formulator, researcher, and educator, brings his relentless dedication to health and wellness to the discussion. As the chairman and CEO of Nutra Pharma, a biotechnology company specializing in pharmaceutical products for neurological disorders, cancer, autoimmune, and infectious diseases, Mr. Deitsch has a wealth of expertise to share. Join us on this journey as we uncover—among other things--the extraordinary potential of zeolites! As Rik explains, zeolites are minerals formed when molten lava contacts water from lakes or ocean. A specific member of the zeolite family of minerals called “clinoptilolite” has a unique honeycomb like structure which has the ability to trap and bind toxins, heavy metals, viral particles, and other impurities so these substances can be removed from the body. Zeolite's ability to remove heavy metals from our bodies while improving enzyme function, improving immune response, regulating pH levels and more makes it a powerful ally in health and wellbeing. Prepare yourself for one of our most fascinating podcasts ever, where we delve into the remarkable benefits of zeolite and how it can contribute to a healthier, more vibrant life. For more information on the best zeolite check out:


How James Keeps Beating Cancer – Episode 144: James Templeton

Join the First Lady of Nutrition in an extraordinary podcast episode as she welcomes back James Templeton, a remarkable 36+ year cancer survivor. James' journey of healing himself from a terminal stage 4 melanoma cancer diagnosis using alternative medicine and healing modalities serves as the basis for his visionary work as the founder of Uni Key Health Systems and most recently as the creator of the Templeton Wellness Foundation. In this inspiring conversation, Ann Louise and James delve into James’ personal battle against late-stage cancer, highlighting his creation of the Templeton Wellness Foundation and its invaluable resources for fighting and overcoming cancer through holistic and alternative approaches. From other cancer survivor stories to interviews with leading experts in integrative and functional medicine, James explores a wide range of cutting-edge therapies and strategies. These include Vitamin C IV therapy, enzyme therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone, the renowned Budwig protocol, the Gerson program, the fenbendazole (dog dewormer) phenomenon, personalized nutritional supplementation and so much more! Prepare to be uplifted and discover a renewed sense of hope in the realm of alternative health and healing as James Templeton shares his incredible journey and mission. James also touches upon the creation of The Templeton List – a guide to the healthiest restaurants in America. Check it out at: Visit to get a glimpse of James’ inspiring story. Visit to learn more about James’ non-profit foundation.


Hope and Healing for Parkinson’s – Episode 143: Martha Carlin

Parkinson's disease is the fasting growing neurological condition in the country today. So, when Martha Carlin found out that her husband was diagnosed with this progressive illness, she went into action immediately. She transitioned from her thriving career as a systems expert to become a Citizen Scientist and explore the science connecting the microbiome to the brain in hopes of finding a cure for her husband. Martha has now emerged as a leading authority in the realm of the human biome. At the helm of her company, The BioCollective, she now offers state of the art research to find underlying causes of this devastating diagnosis and has developed a proprietary formulation called Sugar Shift, which targets the way the body metabolizes sugars and re-establishes harmony to the gut and brain connection. As Martha shares in the podcast, this has had a profound and positive effect upon her husband’s condition! Join Ann Louise and Martha Carlin in this illuminating conversation as they explore the groundbreaking work that aims to revolutionize our understanding of human health and the connections from the soil to the food to our guts and our brains. For more information check out: