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Enriching people's lives through the art of mind and body conditioning

Enriching people's lives through the art of mind and body conditioning
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Enriching people's lives through the art of mind and body conditioning






022 - Longevity

In today’s show we discuss longevity. Although it is often equated with “lifespan,” longevity is a broader concept that applies not only to lifespan, but the ongoing duration of any of a multitude of activities. In the broader sense of longevity, these include things like: fitness and health, relationships, job, career, friendships, etc. How and Why do you sustain performance in certain areas for years and years - even decades after decade? The answer is not a simple one, as there are a...


021 - News Headlines

Today’s show focuses on several new (and updated) news headlines in the health and wellness arena. We’ll revisit Beyond Meat since it’s stellar IPO and market run-up, and take a look at their current strategy, competitive threats lurking, and global market opportunity. Next, we will discuss several recently published medical studies wrt exercise, obesity, and physical activity guidelines - and what you can do to both mitigate your risk of obesity while also ensuring you are getting at least...


020 - Gym Etiquette

While there is no rules handbook handed out when one joins a gym, there are expected norms of behavior within a gym environment. As such, most of these are unwritten rules that unfortunately not enough people know. Again, while common sense should dictate most of these behaviors - like being a good person, picking up after yourself, and being conscientious of others - there is unfortunately the need to get into more detail and provide more clarification with regard to gym behavior. Thus, we...


019 - Intuitive Eating

With most of society being bombarded with diet messages, diet rules, do and don’t foods, eat this and not that, coupled with photoshopped IG pictures of unnatural physiques, etc. - an alternative approach is what is called intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is a philosophy that rejects traditional dieting and instead supports listening to your body’s own cues to decide what, when, and how much to eat. This approach was NOT designed specifically for weight loss but rather considers your...


018 - Intermittent Fasting

Although it’s been around in principle for a very long time (most religions around the world promote some form of fasting), Intermittent Fasting has grown in popularity due primarily to scientific research indicating that IF can lead to weight lo ss, stabilized blood sugar, reduced inflammation, improvements in memory and stress resistance, slowed aging, longer lifespan, and blood sugar stabilization — all promising health benefits. There are multiple approaches to Intermittent Fasting, but...


017 - Managing Self Talk

Like our physical habits, we all have mental habits that often manifest themselves in the form of self-talk, or conversations, comments, etc. we have in our heads. And indeed there are parallels here between physical habits and mental habits. The way we talk to ourselves about the events in our lives is subject to the same laws of learning and habit formation as physical behaviors. It has been said that “things happen in life,” but HOW you INTERPRET, REACT, and ASSIGN MEANING to those things...


016 - Develop and Sustain Habits

Most successful people underscore the importance and impact of habits on their life. And, with good reason - habits are the underpinning of what you do, who you are, and who you can become. With the right habits, you're more efficient, effective, and strategic about the thoughts and actions that lead you towards your goals. You tend to “show up” day in and day out regardless of your current motivation level. You will have a positive impact and influence on those around you - as you lead by...


015 - Patience

While there is plenty of hype in today’s short-cut driven, photoshop-edited, instant-gratification fueled world, the reality of long-term growth and progress most often requires patience and consistent hard work. Patience is often the unseen, un-sexy, and boring practice that serves as the foundation of success that drives lasting change - and the topic of today’s show. Like the amazing ability of compounding (in financial investing) patience is a bunch of little things that add up over...


014 - Dietary Supplements, part 2

In part 2 of our look at dietary and nutritional supplements, we examine a secondary tier of supplements that can be complementary and beneficial to one’s diet. Particularly if you are an athlete and/or active where you expend energy or might be looking to add some lean muscle mass to your body, this next tier of supplements might be worth considering. In this episode, we’ll look at 5 nutritional supplements that might not be essential, but can boost your overall health and performance in...


013 - Dietary Supplements, part 1

Dietary and nutritional supplements are a widespread and massive industry - but do they work? And, once again the answer is “it depends.” By the very nature of the word, the intent is to supplement one’s diet, not replace or cover for a bad diet. That said, the average person is likely to have a diet in which not all vitamin/mineral/fiber/micro nutrient needs are being met - hence the potential benefit of supplementation. Scientific evidence shows that some dietary supplements are beneficial...


012 - Exercising While Traveling on Vacation

Traveling can present several unique challenges when one is trying to maintain a fitness regimen. You may not have access to a full gym, there may not be a kitchen in which to prepare meals, sleep can get thrown off due to jet lag and unfamiliar surroundings. And if you are on vacation there is a high likelihood that you will be engaging in a cocktail and maybe some caloric dense meals (including desserts!:). In this episode of the Fitterest show, we explore a few tips on how one can still...


011 - Six Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

In this episode, we explore a third key pillar of health and wellness - Sleep (in addition to Nutrition and Exercise). Often underrated, Sleep is an essential component for rest, recovery, bodily repairs, muscle tissue growth, and mental functions including things like memory, concentration, attention, and mood. Understanding more about sleep and how sleep cycles work can help you optimize your nightly sleep for maximum health and recovery.


010 - In the News - Processed Foods, CVS supplement testing

In today’s show, we look at several high-profile current headlines around the health, fitness and wellness world. This week’s headlines includes a quick revisit of Beyond Meat’s stratospheric post-IPO rise - maybe to the world of irrationality. A Beyond Meat competitor, Impossible Foods scores an additional $300M in funding as they ride the “processed food meat product is better than the real thing” wave of media, PR, and investment. We also take a look at a fascinating study by the National...


009 - Five Tips to Stay Consistent with your Workout

In this show, we review 5 tips to help you stay consistent with your workout. Consistency in a regular exercise regimen will improve your overall health, increase your fitness level, and provide a framework for a greater sense of well-being. Whether you are struggling to get started with a fitness routine, trying to be more regular in your workouts, or just looking for a few ideas on how to ensure more regularity moving or working out - these tips will help you be and stay consistent....


008 - Beyond Meat vs Beef Burger

On today’s show, we examine the recent huge financial market success of the recent Beyond Meat IPO, and the introduction of their meatless burger product. We take a look at the reasons for the skyrocket IPO of this company, as well as the nutritional value of the meatless patty, the taste of the product, and the cost and value of the Beyond Meat product (line). How does Beyond Meat compare to a traditional ground beef patty? Is Beyond Meat the future of protein in a world with rapidly...


007 - Breaking Through Plateaus

Let’s face it - we’ve all been “stuck” at times in our fitness routines - and it is frustrating to be putting in the work and not see any results for awhile. In this show, we look at 7 different areas to help you break through your training plateaus. Whether your stuck in an ineffective routine, over or under training, your diet needs tweaking, you need more rest, or maybe a reset on expectations, goals, and timing - we explore 7 different areas to help you break through and continue your...


006 - Physical and Financial Fitness

In this show, we look at the relationship between physical and financial fitness, and six key areas to help you work toward your goals. Many of the same habits and discipline to make progress physically can help you make progress financially as well. The earlier to establish a plan and begin executing on that plan, the sooner you start to see the benefits and tangible progress toward your health, fitness and finance goals.


005 - Tracking Your Macros

On this show, we explore a basic understanding of macronutrients, why they are important and how they can impact your health and wellness. Next, we examine a calculation of your daily caloric intake guideline as well as the food consumption by macronutrient (protein, fats, and carbohydrates). This then serves as a starting point for a more tailored diet plan that meets one’s lifestyle, personal, and health and fitness goals.


004 - Practicing Gratitude

In this show, we explore the practice of gratitude, and how one can pragmatically start to cultivate a practice of gratitude in their daily lives. Simplistic in concept, yet powerful in its impact, starting your day and coming from a place of gratitude yields numerous benefits. At its core, gratitude evolves your perspective on your life, the lives of others, and your interpersonal relationships.


003 - Top 10 Food/Diet/Nutrition Movies

In this show, we examine a sampling of popular documentary movies that discuss the many approaches, pros and cons to various diet and nutrition principles. Many of the films showcase recurring themes, including understanding that food is big business, meal and portion size, food selection (what we choose to actually eat) importance, healthiness of certain food categories, prevalence of overweight/obesity worldwide, etc. The goal is to expose you to some of these theories in helping you to...