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Holistic Health | Real Food Nutrition | Mind-Body Honest and eye-opening conversations with functional nutritionists Erin Holt and Kyle Maiorana, RD. We share insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine and wellness world. Get informed and empowered with our funky spin on mainstream health information.

Holistic Health | Real Food Nutrition | Mind-Body Honest and eye-opening conversations with functional nutritionists Erin Holt and Kyle Maiorana, RD. We share insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine and wellness world. Get informed and empowered with our funky spin on mainstream health information.
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Holistic Health | Real Food Nutrition | Mind-Body Honest and eye-opening conversations with functional nutritionists Erin Holt and Kyle Maiorana, RD. We share insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine and wellness world. Get informed and empowered with our funky spin on mainstream health information.




Episode 44: Celery Juice, Ditching Plastic, Chronic Constipation

What’s up with the celery juice craze? Problems with low stomach acid Problems with PPIs and acid blocking medications Practical ways to ditch plastic water bottles Problems with plastic Causes of chronic constipation Laxative use Herbs for constipation Follow Erin on instagram: Follow Kyle on instagram: Work with Erin:


Episode 43: Intersectional feminism & the Co-Opting of Movements: Interview with Chrissy King

Overcoming the fear of leaving a FT job to pursue her dreams Examining and questioning the stories we tell ourselves Intersectional feminism Specific ways to leverage your priviledge Difference between guilt and shame How to be a part of the conversation when you don’t know what to say What to do when you get it wrong Resources for learning more about intersectional feminism The problems with performative feminism Thin privilege & the co-opting of the body positive movement Chrissy King’s...


Episode 42: New Year Resolutions, Carb Fear, Keto for Women, Anti-inflammatory Diets

New Year’s Resolutions vs. Re-evaluation The right questions to ask yourself this new year What Erin is saying NO to in 2019 What to do if you’re feeling restricted on a low carb diet Is low sugar anti-inflammatory? Do I have to go keto for anti-inflammatory benefits? Who shouldn’t go keto? Carb Compatibility Project: Facebook Live: 5 ways to return to food normalcy after the holidze:...


Episode 41: Supplements for Women's Health

Calcium & Bone Health L-theanine for Stress and Focus How to Dose L-theanine Fostering Focus in Children Supplement Safety UTI Prevention & Treatment Top 3 Herbs for Liver Health #1 Herb for Stress, Liver, Hair, Skin & Nails When to Take Milk Thistle Her Vital Way: Work with Erin: Erin & Kyle on instagram:


Episode 40: Conscious Holidays

How We Stay Sane and Enjoy the Holidays Our Favorite Traditions - New and Old Coupon Codes for Health-Conscious Gifts Our Favorite Companies to Support How to Detox Your Home Free guided meditation: You Do You Crew with Erin Holt (private FB grou): Shop clean wine here: Reachout to Jennifer at Enjoy Clean...


Episode 39: Plant Based Diets, Eating Meat, and Sustainable Health

How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of a Vegetarian Diet Supplements to Consider on a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet Common Nutrient Deficiencies in a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet (and what to do) Is Organic Meat More Nutritious than Factory-Farmed Meat? All About Protein - How to Get Enough How to Transition to an Animal-Inclusive Diet Environmental & Sustainability Concerns of Eating Meat The Moral & Ethical Dilemma Best Ways to Approach the Healthiest Diet for You Schedule a free 30 minute call with Erin:...


Episode 38: Interview with Jessica Flanigan

The #1 question to ask yourself before attempting any diet How to customize your health based on latest microbiome and genetic research Personalized medicine The best tests for individualized health plans Jessica’s thoughts on genetic testing and 23andme Judgements in the wellness world How to find a skilled practitioner Modern authorities in health movements What is oral tolerance and why does it matter? The lie you’ve been told about food sensitivities How restriction can lead to...


Episode 37: Liver Health, Bile Production & Intermittent Fasting

Is detox BS? Why you should care about the health of your gallbladder All about bile and why it’s such a superstar Problems with reflux meds Foods to improve digestion and increase bile production My current fave daily elixir Supplements for detoxification Benefits & drawbacks of intermittent fasting Female hormones and fasting Who should NEVER attempt fasting How to do it & Signs you should stop Schedule a 30 minute inquiry call with Erin: Workshop...


Episode 36: Natural Cold & Flu Prevention with Herbalist Amy McKelvey

Having faith in your immune system DIY antibacterial hand spray Teas and herbs for kids Immunity herbs to cook with How to prevent strep Creating a home apothecary Foods & practices to enhance immunity Healthy holiday gift ideas “Please, everyone -- have some more faith in your body.” Set up 30 minute call with Erin: Find Amy at: Echinacea Immunity Blend:...


Episode 35: Candida, Spousal Support & Protein Needs

--Our thoughts on Facebook nutrition groups --Feeding kids --Getting your spouse on board with health eating --Best tests for candida --Candida protocols --Chronic UTIs --Protein needs: how much is too much? Carb Compatibility Project: Follow us on instagram! Work with Erin: Work with Kyle at...


Episode 34: Biological Dentistry with Dr. Kristen Graham

What is a biological dentist? How do you find one? Nutrition & Oral Health Clenching & Grinding Teeth Fluoride: Yay or Nay? Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth Best Meal Timing for Oral Health Top 3 (Inexpensive) Things You Can Do for Healthy Teeth All About Mercury & Metal Fillings Mercury Toxicity and Detoxification Root Canals, Cavities & More What Does Candida Have to Do with Mercury Fillings? The mouth and the gut Find Dr. Kristen Graham here: What really causes...


Episode 33: Fear, Control and Setting Boundaries

***Warning: some violent content. Please don’t listen in front of little ears.*** Giveaway announced at end! Happy one year anniversary to us! Kyle tells her tale Erin opens up about her fears Food control & anxiety Confronting fear in relationships, health and career How fear dictates our life Uncovering limiting beliefs Setting boundaries in relationships in business Sign up for Commit to 90: Portsmouth:


Episode 32: Competitive Training and Intuitive Eating - Interview with Run Far Girl Sarah Canney

Using competition to your advantage rather than demise Self competition + body image issues “Earning” your food through exercise Intuitive eating Intuitive training without injury Balancing goals with physical health Cyclical training Dealing with comparison on social media Running with pregnant - is it safe Postpartum recovery Transformation Tuesdays Plant iron vs. animal iron with anemia Connect with Sarah Canney: Rise Run Retreat:


Episode 31: Eating More Veggies

Are green smoothies healthy or not? The problem with antagonistic food claims Can you eat too many veggies? Cruciferous veggies + thyroid health Leafy greens + oxalates Getting calcium from leafy greens Starting your own home garden Home gardens on limited space ways to extend your fresh local produce beyond summer Kitchen hacks for eating & storing more veggies Carb Compatibility Project - starts August 6th. Sign up today! Blue Ridge Hemp:...


Episode 30: Low Carb Diets, Part 2

tracking macros are low carb diets good for gut health? difference between keto/low carb/moderate carb/high carb do you need carbs at every meal? carbs in dairy micronutrients found in carbs antioxidants for gut health are white potatoes unhealthy? resistant starch is brown rice hard to digest? brown rice vs. white rice eating fruit in the summer carb cycling how many carbs do you really need? Blue Ridge Hemp: Save $5 off every product with code 50FFALL Free shipping on...


Episode 29: Low Carb Diets, Part 1

Our journey with body image Dilemma within the anti-diet movement Can the keto diet “break” you Low carb diets + weight loss Different types of carbs Carbs to eat/carbs to avoid Nutrient dense vs. nutrient poor carbs Email us for appointments: Work with Erin: Fueled+Fit 3 week nutrition program:


Episode 28: Weight Loss + Holistic Fitness: Interview with AJ Govoni

Erin’s experience working with AJ How severe health issues led AJ on her holistic path Self disgust + chronic illness What to do when health goals + weight goals don’t sync up AJ’s protocol for health and fitness The link between fear + weight loss resistance Best exercises for weight loss How to prevent over-exercise Most efficient workouts for busy people What traveling has taught AJ about health Work with AJ: Find AJ on Instagram:...


Episode 27: Vitamin D, Sunscreen + How to Stay Safe in the Sun

Erin and Kyle’s school wrap up + summer plans Why you need vitamin D Ways to naturally get vitamin D Who is prone to vitamin D deficiency How to determine how much sun you can tolerate Types of sunscreen Problems with chemical sunscreens What to absolutely avoid when buying sunscreen What to look for when buying sunscreen Our personal favorite sunscreens Should you take a vitamin D supplement What type of vitamin D supplement to look for Safe and nontoxic sunscreen:...


Episode 26: Your Sugar Questions Answered

Refined, natural and artificial sweeteners - what’s best? Diet soda & weight gain sneaky ingredients ways sugar are disguised Nutrition issues with sugar Blood sugar dysregulation & adrenal effects High blood sugar, insulin resistance & brain inflammation Effects of sugar on microbiome How to combat cravings Appropriate levels of consumption/how much is too much? Eating For A Healthy Gut: Online Gut Health Workshop Fueled+Fit: 21 days of nutrition...


Episode 25: Healing with Herbs, Interview with Herbalist Amy McKelvey of Her Vital Way

Healing with herbs History of herbs Can you overdo supplements Essentials oil safety Where to start with supplements How to make tea infusions Zinc and copper balance Herbs for skin Hormonal acne Herbs for constipation Dosing for herbs Herbs for sleep and anxiety Adaptogens Schisandra How to energize your life How to maximize benefits from supplements Menstrual cramps Visit Her Vital Way: How to learn more about herbs:...