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#42 Chakras, Crystals & Energies with Amber-Lee Lyons

Amber-Lee Lyons is a Spiritual Influencer and Podcaster, Chakra and Reiki expert, your Spiritual BFF and the founder of The Chakra Girl Co., a company on a mission to make Chakra Balancing mainstream. She is also the total crystal expert and believes you shouldn't have to compromise your love for all things material in order to be spiritual and that you can tap into your own chakra energy to live your most glamorous life. In today's episode, we talk about And so much more! You can...

#41 The World's First Virtual Nutrition Clinic with Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is an Expert Nutritionist, 2x Best Selling Author and the Co-Founder and Director of JSHealth She had developed a negative relationship with food and her body as a young teenage girl and felt so alone with her thoughts. She wanted to create a supportive health community where women could come together and feel supported and inspired to live a life of balance, and that's how she started her blog. Today, she has the JSHealth Nutrition app, which is the world's first virtual...


#40 Living A Yogic Lifestyle & Volunteering with Dr Fina Madrid

Dr Fina Madrid is a General and Cosmetic dentist and believes in wellness in mind and body. She practices yoga and promotes health awareness and a balanced life to her patients, from a holistic diet, to yoga asanas, and slowing down from busy life. Dr Fina Madrid noticed a lot of pain during her first years of dentistry due to poor position and started practicing yoga. She regularly volunteers in different countries as a way of giving back and learning more about other cultures. In...


#39 Irresistable Confidence with Brooke Allison

Brooke Allison is a Mind Shift Coach and Achievement Strategist who helps women uplevel their confidence, find clarity, and define their purpose, so they can create a business and a mindset that is fiercely unstoppable! Brooke is a very uplifting and positive soul who is doing exactly what she's meant to do and the ability to influence and help other women fuels her heart! In today's episode, we talk about And so much more! You can find the full show notes...


#38 Embracing Body Diversity And Family Values with Jo Encarnacion

Jo Encarnacion is a Health and Lifestyle Coach who is in the business of empowering women to redefine health and wellness on their own terms. She works with them on cultivating a sense of self-love, diminishing body image issues and cultural values they may carry, and helping them regain control of their lives and health. In today's episode, we talk about And so much more! You can find the full show notes here:


#37 Drybrushing & Sleep Tips with Alexis Krcelic

Alexis Krcelic is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and the Founder of Start with Lemon which is designed to bring access to a healthy, balanced, energized,and peaceful lifestyle to women all around the world. Alexis works with women to help create a lifestyle they love that allows them to give more of themselves while having left over energy for their own needs. She wants to make health accessible to people, which is what she realized while living in Vietnam for 10 months, where health...


#36 Nutrition Systems With Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is a licensed nutritionist who works with active individuals to improve their aesthetics or performance. For years, Jenny thought working out more was the answer to improve her physique and become a better athlete. But once she really gained the knowledge about nutrition, and saw how impactful it is to all aspects of life, she trial and error every approach until she found a system that worked for her! In today's episode, we talk about And so much more! You can find...


#35 Healing From Depression By Acknowledging Your Emotions with Lauren Zoeller

Lauren Zoeller is a certified Life Coach and a Yoga Teacher and her ultimate message is self care. As a 12 year old, Lauren was told she was different and that no-one would like her. She was taller and more mature than her friends and because of unkind words, she lived in a constant state of unworthiness and felt like she was never good enough. She craved acceptance and found it in performing, where she could take on a story other than her own. This led her into depression, addiction and...


#34 Stop Dieting And Reprogram Your Food Beliefs For Weight Loss with Brittany Lake

Brittany Lake is an Intuitive Weight Loss & Transformation Coach, Energy Healer & hypnotherapist. After being overweight since she was 12, Brittany learned how to lose weight intuitively by really listening to her body and trusting it 100%. Today, she helps woman ditch the diet trauma and heal from the thin-side out by helping them master eating intuitively and clearing out emotional baggage contributing to food addiction and self sabotage. In today's episode, we talk about And...


#33 365 Days of Happiness with Jacquline Pirtle

Jacqueline Pirtle a.k.a FreakyHealer is an energy healer, mindfulness-happiness coach, and bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness. She has helped hundreds of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency, and as a result, their health peaked, success and abundance arrived, and life shifted to being magnificent for them. Her professional background is in health, wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing. She holds international wellness degrees and is internationally certified as a...


#32 Save the Bees and Experience Glowing Health with Bee Products with Carly Stein

Carly Stein is the Founder and CEO of Beekeeper's Naturals, a nutraceutical company grounded in a bee-driven cause. Beekeeper's Naturals is obsessed with creating sustainably sourced, and innovative products derived straight from hive superfoods. After struggling with severe health issues herself that she was able to heal with propolis, Carly decided to begin beekeeping to ensure she never had to go propolis-free again. Also, Bees play such a big role in our planet's ecosystem, which also...


#31 Green Juice, Food Shaming, and Glowing Through Happiness with Bianca Klotsman

Bianca Klotsman is the Owner of HolisticRX, Certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, and a fitness and wellness influencer. She loves to help people become their healthiest selves through integrative and holistic nutrition with the philosophy to treat food as medicine. She can personally attest to the power of proper nutrition to heal the body after struggling with breakouts, hormonal weight gain and PCOS. With the help of her grandma's knowledge about health, and with tons of...


#30 Chronic Illness, and Choosing Happiness over Suffering with Nitika Chopra

Nitika Chopra is a Talk Show Host, Self-Love Expert + Chronic Illness Advocate, who has been a leader in the wellness industry since she founded her blog in 2010. After suffering from chronic illness for the past 27 years, Nitika started to create a conversation about self-love in the chronic illness community and is known for her straight-forwarded tone and intense vulnerability. With her experience in public speaking, social media and her blog, Nitika is determined to get honest with...


#29 Get Ready For Fall And Listen To Your Natural Rhythms With Vix Anderton

Vix Anderton is the Founder and CEO of The Practical Balance, and she believes that human beings aren’t meant to operate like machines — at high speeds, continuously, for long periods. We have natural rhythms that influence our energy throughout the day and throughout the year. By having a balance of activities - mental, physical, creative, social and spiritual - as well as time for reflection and rest, we can look after our bodies, our minds, our environments, and our souls, and...


#28 Surviving Brain Tumor and Natural Skin Care Products With Indie Lee

Indie Lee is the Founder & CEO of the skin care company Indie Lee & Co, whose mission it is to provide healthier skin care options ensuring clean, high-performance products. In 2008, Indie Lee was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor that doctors felt could be environmentally derived and attributed to something as simple as what she was putting on her skin. After learning that up to 60% of what we apply to our skin may be absorbed in as little as 26 seconds, Indie had her...


#27 Adulting 101, Journaling and Detachment to create your Reality with Danielle Ryan

Danielle Ryan is a Mindset Coach and Yoga Instructor from Canada, who operates a mobile wellness studio where she bring yoga classes, guided meditations, and mindset coaching to people's homes either in person or via Skype. Danielle has always loved helping people and healthy living was always a passion of hers. She worked a 9-5 job which she wasn't passionate about and started hosting a podcast and running a blog as a means of helping other young millennials in their journeys who felt...


#26 Cork Yoga Mats and Creativity with Yara Kamal

Yara Kamal is a certified yoga teacher and the Founder & CEO of Scoria, a sustainable yoga & lifestyle company that celebrates humanity and creativity. Focusing on 100% natural cork yoga mats, Scoria helps unleash the inner child and imagination by offering products that are natural, biodegradable and make an impact on the planet. After going to fashion school and feeling like she was put in a box, Yara wanted to regain her creativity that she felt like she lost and found inspiration in...


#25 Eating, Drinking, Cooking - Everything in Moderation with Elizabeth Moye

Elizabeth Moye is a Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach and Wellness Blogger at Hello Spoonful. At University, she became quickly known for her passion for fitness, food and healthy eating. That's how Elizabeth decided to put all the information and answers on a blog and Hello Spoonful was born, which has now turned into a Nutrition Coaching business, Instagram page and a resource for healthy recipes and more. Elizabeth believes in a traditional diet, enjoying all foods in moderation...


#24 Being Offline, Intentional Connections, and High Vibe Recovery with Kessley McCormick

Kessley McCormick is an Intuitive Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, and Vibrational Healer. She helps advise clients, and coaches them on how to live a High Vibe Life. This helps them feel more peaceful and manifest everything they've ever wanted. She teaches them how to use their Intuition to make choices from a place of love and not fear. Kessley is also able to use her gifts of Claircognizance and Psychic Empathy to help others with next steps, validations. She can not only...


#23 Feng Shui Your Home Environment and Upgrade Your Life with Tanya Jahnke

Tanya Jahnke is a Feng Shui Expert and Intuitive Designer, empowering women to co-create their dream life by using their home as a 3D vision board. Her passion is demystifying the Fear Shui + superstition and she loves helping people to fall in love with their home by sharing fun, actionable Feng Shui tips that get results! Tanya studied with Feng Shui Masters in NYC and CA and has continued to deepen her wisdom for the past 23 years. She has worked with thousands of clients from around...