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#7 Veganism, Volunteering And Living Life By Example With Megan Oliver

Megan Oliver, aka the Crunchy Vegan Gal, is a Blogger, Creator, Influencer, Lifestyle Guru. Her Blog, Crunchy Vegan is a go-to vegan lifestyle resource that aims to demonstrate how fulfilling and incredible life can be. It's intended to help others in their journey to live fully and without compromise. Megan promotes brands and services that she truly loves and that feel authentic to her. She loves pizza, pasta, and mac and cheese - of course all vegan - and loves volunteering and standing...


6 #Influencing, Bullying and Cord Cutting with Monica Woodhams

Monica Woodhams is an Influencer Consultant and the Founder of 45F Studio Podcast Network, where she hosts podcasts for influencers. She has always loved technology and lifestyle, and being an influencer was the perfect mesh of both worlds. The power of podcasting has become especially important to her as a way for her to share the powerful and amazing conversations she has with others. IN TODAY'S EPISODE, WE CHAT ABOUT You can find the full show notes


#5 Mental Health, Anxieties and Asking for Help with Sarah Marandi-Steeves

Sarah Marandi-Steeves is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a mental health therapist. She has always had a passion for the mental health field, as she grew up with a parent who suffered from mental illness. As such, mental health was always a big part of her life as well as the the emphasis on wellness and mental health treatment. She was in therapy as a teen herself and realized just how powerful and important it was for her own growth and development, which is what led her to this...


#4 Finding Joy And Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Bridget Raateland

Bridget Jane is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Self Development Writer and Reiki Practitioner. She is from New Zealand, but based in Barcelona, where she works with women to create clarity and cultivate breakthroughs during energy healing and intuitive transformation sessions. She is a nature lover, travel junkie and manifestation expert that is passionate about all things mind, body, soul and living a mindful, non toxic lifestyle. Bridget is committed to creating a ripple effect of...


#3 - Motherhood, Self-Love, and Freedom with Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business Coach to female entrepreneurs. When her son was born, something inside of her drastically changed and she felt a pull to start her own business as a way to spend more time with him and experience more freedom. IN TODAY'S EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT Her journey and how she started her business with a one month old babyWhy freedom of time, money and location is so important for herThe role her family plays in her business and lifeSelf-love and how...


#2 Failure, Success, Jade Rollers & Natural Beauty With Alexandria Gilléo

Alexandria Gilléo is a freelance celebrity makeup artist, blogger, and beauty & wellness coach. She frequently travels for work, commutes between NYC and Miami, is always on the go, and enjoys documenting her journeys as she goes. She has committed to sharing her journey with her readers in hopes to connect, engage, and inspire others. Alexandria’s aim is to help others achieve their goals, feel good and reach their dream lifestyle while finding inner peace. IN TODAY'S EPISODE, WE TALK...


#1 The 5 Lifestyle Secrets To Living A Glowing Life

Hey lovely!! I'm so happy to officially launch the Glow Life Podcast! This is going to be such a beautiful journey we're on together! I have INCREDIBLE guests lined up for my podcast already in the first few weeks, so definitely make sure you subscribe to never miss an episode! IN TODAY'S EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT Why this podcast even came to life (and my personal story behind it!)What my top 5 lifestyle secrets are, so you, too, can live a glowing lifeWhy smoothies are the BEST foods...