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The Healer's Realm Podcast is a place to gain tools, inspiration, and guidance to help you heal, ascend, and transcend into the dynamic being you were always meant to be.

The Healer's Realm Podcast is a place to gain tools, inspiration, and guidance to help you heal, ascend, and transcend into the dynamic being you were always meant to be.


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The Healer's Realm Podcast is a place to gain tools, inspiration, and guidance to help you heal, ascend, and transcend into the dynamic being you were always meant to be.






Focusing on Integrative Medicine and Holistic Practices: Aligning our Minds and Bodies to Achieve True Healing, with Dr. Nelson Valena

It is just amazing to know that nowadays, there are doctors and wellness practitioners who are exploring energy medicine as a new force in the healthcare industry. These practices are found in diverse cultures and healing traditions and even if it only represents a small fraction of the trillion-dollar healthcare industry, various modalities are still being discovered to channel true healing holistically. Today’s episode is another gem because here to answer our curious minds is Dr. Nelson...


Tap Into Your Own Psychic Abilities and Enhance Your Intuition, with Candace Katsaros

Psychic abilities – we are all born with this gift. But do we know how to safely access it? There’s a variety of intuitive abilities and most who possess them are not able to accept them as a gift. It is as natural as using our five senses and then picking up vibrations of different levels. It can usually develop from childhood as is the case for Candace who from a young age already has placed importance on messages from the other side. There is a lot to learn from today’s episode with our...


Release That Trapped Emotion and Find The Road to Healing Through The Emotion and Body Code, with Lori York

Do you know that chronic repression of emotions creates toxicity in our body, mind, and heart? Regardless of how we process it, unseen emotions are stored in our organs, muscles, and tissues. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson over twenty years of practice as a chiropractor, a therapy that utilizes the Emotion Code helps clients identify and release trapped emotional energy quickly and easily. Today we have with us an expert in the practice of releasing trapped emotions, Lori York, who’s an...


Orgasm and Nerve Stimulation - The Vital Energy That Started a Healing Journey

Not everyone understands the importance and the benefits an orgasm gives to women aside from the bond it creates for intimate partners. A number of health benefits are derived just by the experience of it between couples and this also brings healing to a lot of the different aspects of a woman’s life. This is what we are going to tackle deeper and learn from in this episode. We have with us Andie Walsh who after suffering a spinal injury during 2019, her career as a licensed massage...


Always Be Manifesting by Operating in The Goddess Embodiment and Self-Mastery with Rhonda Byrd

Do you know we can actually manifest what we desire for our own life? Imagine what you want for your life, believe that you can achieve your goals, and take action in alignment with those beliefs to make it a reality. And, self-mastery takes this to its highest level. When you fully understand who you really are, everything unfolds throughout your life. This episode will guide us to that path, with our very special guest, Rhonda Byrd. She is an incredibly amazing goddess, she teaches...


A Reading of the Akashic Record, Your Personal Book of Life, with Yumie Zein

In this life, there will always be a mystery on how things fit together and make sense as we go further along and pieces of the puzzle finally start to fall into place. When one experiences a significant transition or the “dark night of the soul”, the difficult stages may shake your core being but when you let go of everything, the created space will allow you to explore what is out there that is meant for yourself. Today’s episode is very special because we get to explore the beauty of...


Healing and Overcoming Trauma by Listening to our Bodies, with Freyja Inanna

Breaking free from the bondage of hurtful experiences is a difficult process and one that requires intense work inside. Start a healing journey to conquer previous traumas usually involves a strong commitment and proper guide to see through the entire progression. Now, Freyja Inanna will accompany us and share her knowledge on releasing trauma through various modalities available, depending on the level of healing needed for each factoring condition. But we have to bear in mind that no...


The Truth About How To Have A Safe And Good Shamanic Experience, with Francisco Lillo and Kat Gordon

In the present day, there have been a lot of Ayahuasca ceremonies being conducted that may not have been safe or as productive for the participant that led to some Shamanic experiences unfairly criticized by people who do not understand the whole process. So today our special guests Francisco Lilo and Kat Gordon will give us a deeper insight on the real context of plant medicine, community ceremonies, and the proper integration process so that a person can understand and gain a better...


Vulnerability Through A Man’s Eyes, with Matt Bruce

Today, we will take a look at vulnerability in men. Come and see how you can improve relationships by finding ways to achieve better communication with your loved ones. In this episode of The Healer’s Realm, Matt Bruce is filling us with profound insights on a trauma stricken man and on how to support them along the way. Find out where men learn not to be vulnerable and how to help them out of their shells so that they can be vulnerable and heal. Tune in and enter The Healer’s Realm, where...


Appreciating Sacred Sex as Part of the Healing Journey, with Jason Mangan

In this episode, we are going to be talking about a hot topic which may also be considered taboo for most people. Jason Mangan gives us insights in today’s topic of appreciating sacred sex as part of the healing journey. Could it be that we were naturally raised on a belief system about sex which further deepened our sexual injuries over the years? Join us in this eye-opening discussion where we dive deep into root injuries and sacred sex. This is a hot topic that you don’t want to miss so...


The Power of Yoga and Embracing Holistic Healing, with Lee Haines

The topic of today’s episode is so powerful in helping us to understand the power of Yoga as a healing modality. In this conversation, Lee dives deep in helping us to understand reasons and distractions that hinder us throughout our healing process. There is so many powerful nuggets to learn from as Lee tells a part of her story and how and why she is now inspired in helping people discover the variations of healing practices that they can integrate to their lives so that they may heal...


The Journey to Wellness and Advocacy for Mental Health and Well-Being, with Josie Englin

In today’s episode, we will be led to discover what happens in Josie’s mental health journey. As she shares her own mental health story, we will dig deep into the amazing process she went through to become a powerful advocate for mental health. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family. Plus, alternative ways to heal besides medication. Come, tune in, and enter The Healer’s Realm where your spirit will find peace. About Josie Englin Josie Englin, is a Peer Support...


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The Significance of Plant Medicine Integration in the Healing Process, with Bonnie Divina Maa

We are very fortunate today to be able to delve deep into our understanding of plant medicine integration, with Bonnie Divina Maa. What does plant integration essentially mean? How does it work? How important is it? Plant medicine integration is being used in cases of trauma resolution, and in quantum space where deep healing transpires. We are going to discover a lot in this particular aspect of healing interactions, so stick around and learn a lot more in this episode, with host Denise...