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The HealthyADHD Podcast is an offshoot of the popular website Through a mix of science, expert interviews, and personal insight, Liz Lewis bridges the gap between experts in the field of ADHD, and the adults living with the condition. It does not suck.


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The HealthyADHD Podcast is an offshoot of the popular website Through a mix of science, expert interviews, and personal insight, Liz Lewis bridges the gap between experts in the field of ADHD, and the adults living with the condition. It does not suck.








My ADHD and Covid Experience

I've been saying for months that I'd write down my experience. But I kept waiting and googling and hoping some other ADHD creator would do it for me. Since it didn't happen I finally recorded everything I could remember about that period of time in March of this year. For now this will be the last episode of the HealthyADHD Podcast. There's so much noise right now in this space, and I don't want to add to it. But I'm keeping the door open for later. I still love having conversations so I won't rule it out. You can work with me 1:1 by going HERE. The Enclave is going strong! We have tons of great conversations planned for fall. And as always, my inbox is open at Support the show


Settling Our Souls with Kate Moryoussef

Listen in as Kate explains how she uses EFT, or "tapping," to help ADHD women deal with anxiety, overwhelm, and life with ADHD. You'll hear: Coaching by Kate The Ambitious Mum Podcast Kate on Instagram Get the Wellbeing First Aid Kit The ADHD Enclave - helping ADHD women lead calmer, more satisfying lives through the strength of community Support the show


Kin-Keeping and Other Expectations of ADHD Women

My good friend Jaclyn Paul, from The ADHD Homestead is back! I recently wrote a rant email about why it sucks that women*** bear the burden of the holiday season. In fact, we do all the invisible work of life, so kin-keeping shouldn't be a surprise. Because her timing is always perfect, Jaclyn contacted me last week and we engaged in a series of voice messages about the concept of kin-keeping, and the added mental/emotional burdens of 2020. Jaclyn recorded our conversation, as well as an audio version of her original article on kin-keeping. As always, we both put a lot out into the world, and we appreciate your support. Thanks for listening. Support The ADHD Homestead on Patreon Support Healthy ADHD on Buy Me a Coffee Support the show


Commitment v. Motivation

Another drive by podcast, this time from the parking lot of my son's orthodontist. Motivation is fleeting - so I'm betting on commitment. Here are my thoughts. Join the Enclave - share your stories with other women who "get it." Support the show


The Enclave Social Membership

A drive by podcast recorded on the floor of my office. Why I'm so proud of the Social Membership in the ADHD Enclave. Support the show


Women's Hormones and ADHD with Linda Roggli

I asked my sweet (and super fun) friend Linda Roggli to tell me everything she knows about hormones. So she did, and it was great. We talk: , first"Our brains create our lives." - Linda The ADHD Enclave Support the show


The ADHD Nutritionist on women, diet culture, and intuitive eating

Becca King is a registered dietician specializing in intuitive eating. Since I liked her content so much I asked her to chat with me about some of the issues surrounding diet and ADHD women. ADHD Nutritionist on Instagram The ADHD Enclave ADHD conference 2020 Support the show


Elliott and I discuss online education and special brains

For all the parents muddling through online education, this one is for you! I've asked my son a few times if he would talk about his, "special brain" on the podcast. Over the weekend we decided to go ahead and talk a little about being raised by a mom who also has a special brain, and how he feels about school right now. In short - he's not as miserable as I thought. And he is actually learning. Next time he's going to tell stories about having an ADHD mom. Sign up for the Annual International Conference on ADHD . (Nov 5-7th) Video - How to register for the conference Tell your stories, manage your emotions, and create change in the Enclave Support the show


Rene' Brooks stops by to discuss all the things

My dear friend Rene', of Black Girl Lost Keys, lives less than an hour away from me. Whenever we get together we talk for hours. Since our conversations are so rich and cover so much ground we decided to record one. Unfortunately we had some serious echo, we'll do better next time. In this episode we cover: And we only drop 2-3 swears the whole episode! Rene's Home Base - Black Girl Lost Keys Rene' on Twitter Rene' on Patreon My Meal Planning Ebook Support this podcast and my other work - Buy Me a Coffee Support the show


ADHD across the lifespan

This is a one-off episode about how I was diagnosed, and how my awareness and attitude about ADHD has changed over time. I also throw in a little commentary on what I wish I knew about ADHD in my younger years. Register for ADHD Con 2020 (all online!) Buy me a Coffee The ADHD Enclave - live small group coaching that you can afford Support the show


Saying NO (and YES)

Every time you say, "yes" to something you are saying, "no" to other things. I'm not sure who first wrote this, but it's entirely true. There is certainly an art to saying NO. But there is some room to say YES in our lives. Here's a list of things I'm saying YES to, as well as a few things I'm saying NO to. I hope it helps you to evaluate the YES's and NO's in your own life. The ADHD Enclave Audible audio books - for when you can't focus but you need a brain break Buy Me A Coffee - support women with ADHD Support the show


Music as Medicine for ADHD

Today I bring you an inspiring interview with my new friend, Ian Walker. Like many of us Ian grew up in a time when the ADHD diagnosis wasn't as common. He experienced the bullying, academic struggles, and low self-confidence that so many of us do. But Ian developed his own, "medicine" for ADHD that he now shares with the world. Listen in as we discuss: - The role of faith in treating his ADHD - You can't screw up when it comes to worship - Developing an inner sense of security through music - How music became the best medicine for ADHD and managing emotions - the divine inspiration for writing his book, and the writing process Ian has big plans to carry his message of Music Therapy for ADHD to everyone. His podcast The Arts Report will be available soon! Music for the ADHD Brain on Facebook Stirring My Soul to Sing on Amazon Ian on Twitter Ian on Instagram Support the show


ADHD Meal Planning Revisited

I don't cook. I don't get any satisfaction out of prepping ingredients and making meals. But** I do meal plan. I feed my family every week, even when I don't want to. And I was asked to speak on the topic again at this year's International Conference on ADHD. With that in mind I made this updated episode. You will hear me discuss: Also, this year's ADHD conference is all online. Online = less expensive. You should go! Join the Enclave and hang out with me and some other brilliant ADHD women. Buy me a coffee to support my work, and provide support and peer coaching to other women. Support the show


Half-a$$ed homeschooling

So this is really a rant about my experience so far with hybrid education. As a former teacher I don't blame the teachers at all. But as an ADHD mom trying to run a business and manage my life day-to-day, I'm really struggling. I had a schedule in place to keep me productive, and now that schedule has been blown up. It feels impossible to schedule podcast guests and write articles after 6 hours of fighting and crying our way through school work. We get it done, but it's not pretty. If you are a parent who is also struggling through this new era of education, I stand with you. Send me your homeschool rant at Support this podcast and my other work ~ Buy me a coffee. We start individual Peer Coaching sessions this week in the Enclave. Join us for more info and a free month! Support the show


My use of the word, "healthy"

As much as I love talking to doctors and researchers, I've never looked at ADHD from a purely clinical perspective. I've always looked at ADHD as a lifestyle factor. One small piece of a much larger puzzle. Health isn't just about looking a certain way, and it isn't just about the absence of disease. Health is about taking care of your body, taking care of your mind, and forming meaningful relationships. Humans are infinitely complex. I like to think about ADHD from a WHOLE person perspective. It allows us to see past the symptoms and the labels and move away from the, "fix it" mentality. Join the ADHD Enclave Support my work Support the show


The Link Between ADHD and PTSD with Allison Arkfeld

***REPOST*** Allison Arkfeld, MA AMFT, is a Somatic Psychotherapist working out of Long Beach, CA. There is growing evidence that a multi-modal approach to treating ADHD that includes body work, meditation, medications, traditional therapy, and coaching – holds great benefit. In this thought-provoking episode you will learn about: withThis is episode will open yours eyes to the connection between your ADHD mind and your body. Find Allison on Instagram Link to ptsd-adhd Buy me a Coffee and support this Podcast for just $3 Support the show


Turning Intentions Into Actions with Dr. Russell Ramsay ~ Part 2

Dr. Ramsay continues to drop unbelievably relevant information in this second episode. This time we discuss in much more specific terms: Dr. Russell Ramsay cbt4adhd - blog Finding Coping Strategies That Work For You - Psychology today The ADHD Enclave - Peer Coaching for smart ass women with ADHD HealthyADHD mailing list - The only emails about ADHD that don't suck Support the show


Turning Intentions Into Actions with Dr. Russell Ramsay ~ Part 1

I finally did it! I worked up my nerve and asked Dr. Russell Ramsay to talk to me about his new book, Rethinking Adult ADHD - Helping Clients Turn Intentions Into Action. What started out as a conversation about task initiation and getting things done - turned into soooo much more. In part one, you will hear us discuss: Find Dr. Ramsay HERE Link to buy his book Link to join my list so you can get emails about ADHD that don't suck. Support the show


On being a Good Girl with ADHD

I am beyond sick of trying to be a good girl. I'm also pretty sick of women with ADHD thinking they are less-than. Maybe you aren’t like other women, but you are not less-than. You are not BAD. You can acknowledge your strengths and your struggles at the same time. You and I are changing the narrative of our lives. It costs nothing to be REAL. All it takes is a willingness to stop trying so hard to be GOOD. Link to Untamed by Glennon Doyle Link to the ADHD Enclave - where you can tell your story. Link to get the only emails about ADHD that don't suck Support the show


ADHD Coping Strategies (gone bad)

Today Rick Webster returns with a topic that I had NEVER thought to talk about before. Some of the more maladaptive coping skills that we with ADHD might adopt in an attempt to move through the world. On the surface many of these things seem to work. But long-term, most of the strategies aren't very good for us. Some*** day there will be a full length article on this. I swear. Listen as we talk about: Find Rick and RenaFi. The ADHD Enclave - where we tell our stories, manage our emotions, and create the changes that lead to calmer, more satisfying lives Support the show