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166: Understanding Autoimmunity and the Mind/Body Connection With Body Belief Author Aimee Raupp

Autoimmunity rates are rising dramatically in our society today and today s guest is helping explain why and how to stop it. Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women s health & wellness expert and the author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. She is also […]


165: How to Make Simple Green Smoothies A Daily Habit (Even On a Tight Budget!)

Jen Hansard shares how adding a simple green smoothie every day transformed her family s health. Now she spreads the smoothie love as the CEO of Simple Green Smoothies, a popular website where millions sign up for her 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. In this episode, Jen shares tips for eating real food on a budget, how […]


164: Using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy & Sound Therapy to Improve Health with Healthgains

In this episode, Katie talks to women s health and wellness expert Vanessa Gaudin, a nurse practitioner at Health Gains in Miami, FL. They delve into how Vanessa uses regenerative and functional anti-age medicine to help patients improve joint health, skin health, hair growth and even sexual health. Click here to check out the show notes.


163: Fascinating Fungi and How to Use Medicinal Mushrooms with Tero Isokauppila

Did you know that 25% of the Earth is composed of fungal matter? Or that we inhale mushroom spores in every breath we take? What about the fact that our DNA is up to 50% the same as mushrooms and our RNA is 80% a match!? In this fascinating episode, Katie and Four Sigmatic founder […]


162: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics - How to be 10% Happier

Emmy Award winning journalist and co-anchor of Nightline and the weekend edition of Good Morning America, Dan Harris, joins me in this fascinating episode about how he went from news anchor to panic attack to meditation guru, and what you can learn from his journey. Dan is the author of the new book Meditation for […]


161: Helping Stop Sex Trafficking & Keep Kids Safe with Operation Underground Railroad

It is a topic no one really likes to think about or talk about, but such an important one Sex trafficking is on the rise and it is a major concern for many parents, schools and communities. Today, Katie talks to Kelli Houghton of Operation Underground Railroad about how we can all work to raise […]


160: What the Heck Should I Actually Eat with Dr. Mark Hyman

Do you ever feel like you don t know what to actually eat? If fat is good or bad and what kinds are ok and which aren t? Whether we should eat grain free or healthy whole grains? Gluten free or sourdough? Eat like our ancestors? Dr. Mark Hyman and I delve into all of these topics […]


159: How a Billionaire Plans to Fix Education, Make Disease Optional and Land on the Moon- with Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world s biggest challenges through innovation. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express and Viome. Fun fact- moon express is the only private company with permission from the US govt to leave orbit and land on the moon! Click here to […]


158: How to Use Bee Products for Health & Save the Bees with Beekeeper s Naturals

Many of us don’t realize it, but bees are a vital part of our everyday lives. If they cease to exist so will we. Without pollinators, our food supply and environment suffer and eventually collapse. In this episode, Beekeeper’s Naturals founder Carly Stein and I talk about simple steps we can all take to save […]


157: How Music Like Wholetones Can Change the Brain and the Body

Music can certainly move us and bring us to tears of joy or sadness, but it turns out it may impact the brain and body in other ways too. Today s guest, Michael Tyrell founded Wholetones, a healing frequency music project that helps aid health, creativity, productivity and wellbeing. Click here to check out the show […]


156: Natural Ways to Improve Skin With Andy Hnilo of Alitura Naturals

A near death experience led CEO of Alitura Naturals, Andy Hnilo, (ni lo) to develop a cutting-edge natural skincare line that is revitalizing the skincare market. Andy was hit by two large vehicles while crossing a busy street in 2011. A former model and high-level athlete, he relied on his body to make a living […]


155: Thriving With Food Allergies or Intolerance and Crushing Life With the Paleo Chef

My friend Mary Shenouda is known as the Paleo Chef and she is private chef to the stars, runs a successful blog and has invented her own high energy, nutrient-dense on-the-go food product that has taken the world by storm. Listen as she shares her story of being diagnosed with Celiac disease and dairy + […]


154: Understanding and Mitigating EMFs in the Home With Peter Sierck From EMFRF

EMFs are an increasing problem in today s world but since we can t see them and they can be tricky to measure, it is tough to know how much we encounter daily. Peter Sierck of breaks down what we need to know in this fact-filled episode. Peter is an Industrial Hygienist and Building Biologist with 30 years […]


153: How bioenergetics- the study and correction of energy and living systems. is Changing The Future of Health - With NES Health Founder Harry Massey

Turns out there is science that can explain why. Harry Massey is the CEO of a company called NES Health. His company is pioneering research in quantum biology and healing using quantum fields and cellular energy exchange to repair what they call the human body field. Click here to check out the show notes.


152: Foods for Hormone Balance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Did you know that a few simple foods, eaten at the right time, can help balance hormones, improve the thyroid and reduce PCOS? Join me and thyroid expert Magdalena Wszelaki in this practical episode. Magdalena is the author of Cooking for Hormone Balance and the founder of Hormones Balance, a nutrition coaching practice dedicated to […]


151: How a New Technology from Brain Harmony is Improving Autism & Sensory Disorders

I ve heard from so many parents with children struggling through sensory disorders, autism or ADD/ADHD. I can t pretend to fathom the stress and pain those struggles bring, but my heart goes out to these brave and amazing parents. That s why I m so excited to talk to Carol Garner-Houston of Brain Harmony today as she explains […]


150: Debunking the Myths about Gallbladder Disease With Deborah Graefer from Gallbladder Attack

Many people assume gallbladder attack = remove the gallbladder but today s guest claims that this isn t always necessary. Deborah Graefer, L.Ac. runs and is an expert in gallbladder disease. If you have gallbladder problems or even if you ve had yours removed already, this is a must listen. I ve tucked away her info in a note on my […]


149: Saunacast: Genetics, Personalized Medicine and Random Health Experiments

In this episode Katie and Heather from Mommypotamus talk about the future of health, personalized medicine and all the health tests available from home. They also talk about their most recent random health experiments and why they both recently moved! Click here to check out the show notes.


148: Holistic Eye Care to Improve Eye Health and Eyesight Naturally with Dr. Berne

Did you know that glasses can actually weaken your eyes? Or that there are natural ways to improve eyesight and eye health? That there are people who have reversed macular degeneration, cataracts and vision problems? And that there is an unlikely but real link between ADD/ADHD and eye health? Click here to check out the […]


147: Using Heart Rate Variability with HeartMath to Drop Stress and Improve Nervous System Health

In this episode, find out how heart rate variability, as measured by an electrocardiogram (ECG) or pulse wave recording, can assess the state of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). HRV impacts our health in various ways and tools like heartmath let us understand and improve HRV. New technology allows us to measure a metric called […]