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276: What You Need to Know About Olive Oil With Tony Kasandrinos

I am here today with someone I am so impressed with on many levels, especially his time management and everything he accomplishes. I thought I was busy, but I don’t hold a candle to Tony Kasandrinos, the co-founder of Kasandrinos Olive Oil. You’ve probably heard me sing the praises of this olive oil on the blog and seen me cook with it on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite staples in the kitchen! I think you’ll love the story behind this family-owned company as well. Tony is a native of New...


275: Outer Order, Inner Calm and Happiness With Gretchen Rubin

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Gretchen Rubin, and if not well you’re in for a treat! She is the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers Better Than Before, The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and The Four Tendencies. We touch on all of those today and explain how these ideas can be practical to your daily life. Gretchen has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have collectively sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide in...


274: Spirituality, Psychedelics & Circumcision: Taboo Topics With Luke Storey

In this episode, I am joined by Luke Storey who is a former celebrity fashion stylist turned public speaker, lifestyle design coach, thought leader, and entrepreneur. Luke has spent the past 21 years relentlessly searching the world to design his ultimate lifestyle through his extensive and sometimes even dangerous personal research and development. We’re definitely going to touch on a couple of those things today. Using “The Life Stylist Podcast” as his platform, Luke continues to share...


273: The Power of Movement for Mind and Body With Aaron Alexander of The Align Podcast

Not only is today’s guest super inspiring and incredibly fit, he has a unique take on exercise and how to align our movements to the body’s natural design. Aaron Alexander is a manual therapist and movement coach who has helped the world’s best athletes, celebrities, and everyone in between to relieve pain, increase strength, and optimize their movement. I’ve been trying various aspects of his approach, which he calls the Align Method. His program includes an integrated approach to...


272: Castor Oil for Digestion, Health, and Beauty With Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND

Sometimes on this podcast we talk about all things poo (because it’s important!), and today is no exception. Dr. Marisol Teijeiro is a naturopathic doctor who took her own challenges with irritable bowel syndrome and created a platform with solutions to help others. Her patients have affectionately and humorously crowned her “Queen of Thrones,” a title she wears proudly! For the last 15 years, Dr. Marisol has trained and educated healthcare practitioners and helped thousands of patients...


271: How to Calm Your Hormones and Stop Being Hangry With Sarah Fragoso

Today should be an extra fun interview! Sarah Fragoso is an international best-selling author of five books and founder of the Everyday Paleo brand. She is one of the first people I connected with when I started blogging years ago, and I used to actually guest write on her blog, so we’ve been friends for a long time. Sarah Fragoso has over a decade of experience as a certified strength and conditioning coach. She is co-owner of JS Strength and Conditioning in Chico, California, and holds a...


270: You Don’t Need More Sleep, You Need Better Sleep With ChiliPad

Today on the podcast we’re going to talk about some ways to really, really drastically improve your sleep! Tara Youngblood has spent over 10,000 hours studying how and why we sleep, and how to do it better. Applying her analytical skills from her physics and engineering background, Tara’s passion is to shape the future of health by making sleep easy and drug-free. Tara’s research has led to over a dozen patent filings and she’s now a published researcher and internationally sought-after...


269: Kombucha Questions Answered: Alcohol, Candida, Pregnancy, and More With Kombucha Kamp

I’m here today with a friend of mine who has been here before and I know you’re going to love to hear from her again. Hannah Crum, aka “The Kombucha Mamma,” pioneered Kombucha Kamp, an education workshop everyone interested in fermented foods should take. It started in 2004 out of her Los Angeles kitchen. Now, with her husband Alex, she’s created, the top educational site with a mission to change the world one gut at a time by providing quality information, quality cultures,...


268: Tildet Varon on Positive Parenting & Effective Family Communication

Can you say you are blessed with stress? No? I’m not sure I could either, but my guest today makes it her motto! Tildet Varon is a talented speaker and inner mastery specialist. She teaches individuals and companies all over the world to achieve success and maximize their potential. Today, Tildet shares her personal story and the techniques she learned along the way to master stress from the inside out. We also touch on effective communication within families and proactive ways to resolve...


267: Solving Joint Pain & Why Sports Aren’t Good for Kids With Hunter Fitness

Hunter Cook of Hunter Fitness became a close friend when I visited Finland this year with Four Sigmatic. Ever since, I have been implementing his systems and at this point I am totally sold on his approach to mobility training and overall physical health. Today we’re covering all things joint health — how they function, as well as ways to protect and strengthen them when exercising or playing sports. We’ll also tackle the controversial topic of competitive sports for kids and practical ways...


266: Decoding Skin Health, Eczema, Acne, and More With Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo is a clinical nutritionist empowering women who have been failed by conventional medicine and are trying to beat chronic skin and unending gut challenges. And she’s well equipped to do it. Jennifer has a master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is a certified nutrition specialist. Her work has been featured on Dr. Oz, Reuters, Yahoo, CNN, and all over the Internet. She’s also an Amazon best-selling author and the host of her own podcast, The...


265: With Hormones, Normal Isn’t Always Normal With Dr. Shawn Tassone

Hormone balance is one of the topics you all ask about most, so I’m excited to bring another hormone expert and doctor on the show today. Dr. Shawn Tassone is double board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology by the American Board of Integrative Medicine and holds a medical degree in addition to a PhD in mind-body medicine. His work includes studies and publications on spirituality and medical care, whole foods to heal the human body, and integrative medicine. In his 20 years of practice,...


264: Creating Exceptional Children & Polymaths Using Games of Genius With Opher Brayer

Today’s episode is going to be so fascinating and a little unusual! I am here with Opher Brayer, a world-famous talent coach and the creator of something called Games of Genius. Opher coaches the best and brightest in Silicon Valley and he has taught innovation at many leading companies, including IBM and Disney Imagineering. Opher saw how our educational system wasn’t keeping up to the speed of change and found a unique way to bridge the gap. He designed Games of Genius to prepare our kids...


263: The Beautiful No & Other Life Lessons With Sheri Salata

I’m here today with a really special woman I can’t wait to share with you. Sheri Salata is a producer, podcast co-host, and the author of an amazing new memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation. Sheri shares lessons learned over her 20-year career with Oprah Winfrey, where she served as the executive producer of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and co-host of Harpo Studios, Own, the Oprah Winfrey Network. Just adding to her list of accolades, Sheri has...


262: Dr. Andrew Weil on Integrative Medicine, Reducing Inflammation & Most Important Factors for Health

I’m sure you all know Dr. Andrew Weil, a true pioneer of integrative medicine in the last few decades. Today Dr. Weil shares what he’s learned along the way during his impressive career. Although his list of accomplishments is almost to long to mention, I’ll start with this: Dr. Weil, MD, is a world-renowned leader in the field of integrative medicine who combined a Harvard education with a lifetime of practicing natural and preventative medicine. He’s also the founder and director of the...


261: Practical Tips and Mom Hacks From Physical Kitchness Chrissa Benson

“Self-care” is quite the buzzword these days! While I’m glad we’re having the discussion as a culture, I think it’s safe to say that we moms are still trying to figure out the problems as well as the answers. Chrissa Benson is the founder of the amazing Physical Kitchness blog and programs, which she founded to help busy women reduce overwhelm and live our best healthiest lives. Chrissa has two boys, ages two and four, and she’s married to an active duty marine, so she’s definitely a mom in...


260: Why the 21st Century Is at War With Your Spine With Ty Carzoli

The spine is so incredibly important for our posture, alignment, nervous health, and more… but how often do we really think about taking care of it? Dr. Ty Carzoli is a doctor of chiropractic and has conducted research at Florida State in cardiovascular and muscle physiology. He specializes in a really cool form of upper cervical work called orthospinology, which we’ll talk about today. In this episode, Dr. Ty breaks down spinal science and the way the spine affects pretty much all of the...


259: How to Learn Languages by Ear With Idahosa Ness

Even though I studied Spanish for years in school, I still struggle to use what I learned in any meaningful way. Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place. Idahosa Ness is a teacher, a musician, and foreign language expert who created The Mimic Method, a system to learn languages faster and more effectively. Although the program sounds quite revolutionary when you compare it to most foreign language resources out there, it’s based on the way we naturally learn language through our...


258: Beating SIBO, IBS, and Histamine Intolerance With A Gutsy Girl Sarah Kay Hoffman

Sarah Kay Hoffman is the founder of A Gutsy Girl, a website I’ve been following for a long time. She’s created an amazing online community geared towards women who are looking for a reasonable approach for healing things like IBS, IBD, SIBO, hormonal problems, acne, and more. Sarah got her start when trying to heal her own health problems years ago. Now she’s a gut health researcher and journalist who speaks out highly detailed information and then condenses it into digestible ways for women...


257: Secret Ingredients in Our Food: The Truth About GMOs

Buckle your seatbelts… we’re going there! Today we talk in-depth about genetically modified organisms, better known as GMOs. This is not exactly my field of study and certainly a very controversial issue, so I’ve asked Jeffrey Smith, man behind the compelling new documentary Secret Ingredients, to shed some light on the topic for us. For more than two decades, Jeffrey’s research has exposed how biotech companies misled policymakers and the public to further the cause of GMO crops, putting...