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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of

The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of


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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of






Dr. Robin Berzin on State Change & Parsley Health to: End Anxiety, Burnout, and Gain More Energy

Dr. Robin Berzin is the founder and CEO of Parsley Health, which is America’s leading holistic medical practice, specifically designed to help women overcome chronic conditions. And she founded this company to help Americans combat the rising tide of chronic disease through really personalized holistic medicine. She’s also the author of a new book called, …


Naveen Jain on the Human Ecosystem and Personalized Optimization of Your Gut Health

I’m here today with my friend, Naveen Jain, who is an intensely curious entrepreneur who has been taking on some big, audacious ideas to push humanity forward. He’s the author of the award-winning book “Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance,” and his current adventures are Moon Express, which is a space company, and Viome. His …


Debi Silber on Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Healing From Betrayal

I am here today with Dr. Debi Silber about how to stop sabotaging yourself and healing from betrayal. She’s done a lot of work on how unhealed betrayal impacts our health, our work, and our relationships. She had two painful betrayals by her family and then by her husband. And at age 50 with four …


Mollie McGlocklin on Sleep Is a Skill + Chronobiology and Circadian Rhythm

This episode is all about sleep. I’m here with my good friend, Mollie McGlocklin, who is the creator of Sleep is a Skill and the host of the Sleep is a Skill Podcast. Her company is one that helps people optimize sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change and this started …


Dr. Craig Heller on Cool Hands and Temperature Regulation for Better Performance and Sleep

This episode is focused on body temperature, sleep, and much more. I'm here with Dr. Craig Heller, who is a doctor at Yale and he's done a lot of research focused on the neurobiology of sleep, circadian rhythms and thermoregulation mammalian hibernation, and temperature controls. And we dive into the Stanford cool mitt study. the fascinating way that the brain regulates body temperature and how this can be used to our benefit for athletic performance, for sleep.


Angela Gargano on Strong Feels Good, Getting Your First Pull-Up & What if It All Goes Right?

I'm here today with Angela Gargano and she is an athlete, a coach, a fitness model, and a speaker. I met her recently at an event and she does a lot of work helping women get stronger and to be able to do pull-ups, which is something that has been elusive for me to date. I love her message: Strong feels good. She gives really applicable tips for increasing strength and muscle mass in this episode and she is a wealth of knowledge.


Ari Whitten on Eat for Energy: Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day Energy

I am back today with one of my favorite people to talk to, Ari Whitten. And today we're talking about how to eat for energy, beat fatigue, supercharge your mitochondria, and unlock all-day energy. He talks about the real root causes of fatigue, how nutrition and circadian function are interlinked and how to optimize them, the real reasons we're seeing a rise in obesity and how we can reverse it and some practical shifts that make a big difference in your body composition.


Jules Schroeder on Living an Unconventional Life and Intuitive Living

I’m here today with Jules Schroeder and we talk about living an unconventional life and intuitive living. Jules is a fascinating person and she is ranked by “Inc Magazine” as number one of the top 27 female entrepreneurs changing the world and is one of the top 40 millennials to follow. She’s also a musician …


Dr. Trevor Cates on Hormones, Skin Health and Aging Gracefully

I’m here with my friend, Dr. Trevor Cates, and she’s the author of the book, “Clean Skin from Within” and founder of the Spa Dr. natural skin care line. She was the first woman licensed as a naturopathic doctor in the state of California and she helps women from around the world with the focus …


Mariah Sage on Enjoying Parenting and Releasing Mom Guilt Through Simple Shifts

I’m here with Mariah Sage and I was excited to chat with her about parenting, how to release mom guilt and how to raise empowered kids. She uses a combination of intuition, systems, and clear applicable skills to create some really tangible shifts here, and we talk about a lot of those today. She has …


544: Amy McCready on 5 Hard Truths About Parenting (& Steps to a Calmer Home Life)

I’m here with Amy McCready who is, as she describes herself, a recovering yeller, and she’s the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the creator of “7-Step Parenting Success.” I love having conversations with her and she always shares so much great information and advice. She has two best-selling books about parenting, and she’s always …


543: Alicia Silverstone on Being Your Own Advocate, Getting Kids to Eat Veggies and Agreeing on the 98%

Today I am here with Alicia Silverstone, who you probably know from her acting career. In this episode, we go deep on motherhood, health, birth, sunlight, sleep, and a lot of topics that are applicable to all of us. She was a pleasure to speak with and there is so much to learn from her …


542: Mark Burhenne on the Oral Microbiome, Fluoride Use and How Your Mouth Can Heal Itself

This episode is about one of my favorite topics, which is oral health! I’m very excited to be here with Dr. Mark Burhenne, who is the creator and author at He’s also the best-selling author of the “8-hour Sleep Paradox” and is a family and sleep medicine dentist. We get to go deep on …


541: Beth O’Hara on Mold Toxicity, Detoxification and Recovery

I am here with repeat guest Beth O’Hara and we talk about mold toxicity, detoxification, and recovery in this episode. Beth is a Functional Naturopath and she specializes in complex chronic cases of mast cell activation, histamine intolerance and mold toxicity. She is the founder and owner of Mast Cell 360, which is a functional …


540: Dr. Stephen Cabral on How to Lower Your Biological Age, Live Longer & Look Younger

Dr. Stephen Cabral is back on the podcast today and I always enjoy speaking with him. He is such a wealth of knowledge and information. We spend our time today talking about how to lower your biological age, live longer, and look younger. And he gives a lot of evidence-based ways to do this. In …


539: Tina Anderson on Psychobiotics, Gut Brain Connection and Just Calm

I am here with a dear friend and a previous podcast guest – Tina Anderson of Just Thrive. She began her career as a trial lawyer who specialized in settling cases by bringing both sides together, which is a personal passion of hers. And after her second child, she left her high-stress work behind to …


538: Dr. Satchin Panda on Time Restricted Eating to Reduce Body Fat and Metabolic Syndrome

This episode is a long-anticipated one for me personally because I’m here with a researcher whose work I have admired for a very long time. I’m here with Dr. Satchin Panda and if you’re not already familiar with him, he is someone who I follow very closely and immediately read any new data he publishes. …


537: Dr. Susan David on Building Emotional Resilience, Emotional Agility and Courage

Today’s guest is Dr. Susan David, who is one of the world’s leading management thinkers and an award-winning Harvard Medical School psychologist. I became familiar with her work through her book, “Emotional Agility,” which describes the psychological skills that are critical to thriving in times of complexity and change. We get into a lot of …


536: Creating a Life Force Energy Home & Reducing EMFs With Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE)

Today’s topic is probably going to be a new one for some people listening. And I will admit there are elements of it I’m still learning and don’t fully understand yet. But we talk about creating and curating life force energy and reducing EMFs. I’m here with the founders of FLFE, which is Focused Life …


535: Dr. Margaret Paul on How to Learn to Love Yourself, Inner Bonding and Better Parenting

I’m here with Dr. Margaret Paul, who is a best-selling author and a relationship expert, as well as the co-creator of what’s called the Inner Bonding Self Healing Process. And this episode is all about how to learn to love yourself and what that actually means. She has been doing this work for over 53 …