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Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.

Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.
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Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.




52: Celebrities And Infertility - Part 2

Sarah & Kaela are joining listeners in the Infertile Mafia Podcast facebook group as they dish about more celebrities who have shared their infertility stories and unique paths to parenthood! They cover a number of topics that celebrities have dealt with from unexplained infertility to cancer to the inability to adopt (lookin’ at you Australia). They also cover topics like their favorite 90’s pop songs (lookin’ at you Celine and Mariah), movies, spray tan salons, karaoke, and share the...


51: Celebrities And Infertility - Part 1

What do an actress, a comedian, a supermodel, and a pop star have in common? You guessed it...infertility. In part one of this two part episode, Kaela and Sarah talk about four celebrities who have recently been open about their struggles with infertility and their unique paths to parenthood. We salute these brave men and women for being courageous, sharing their stories, and giving the infertility community support and encouragement! They're also matching iTunes reviews with a donation to...


50: Happy New Year Mafia!

Sarah & Kaela say goodbye to 2018 and bring in the new year by sharing listener emails about infertility and the holiday season. They also discuss everything from Legally Blonde to Golden Girls and horrifying “infertility themed” Christmas gifts! And finally, Sarah reveals an inconvenient truth about pineapples. Hint: the infertility community and swingers have more in common than you think. Happy New Year, Mafia - we’re toasting to YOU! Email questions, comments, and other mafia matters...


49: All I Want For Christmas Is To Get Knocked Up

Sarah & Kaela reunite in this episode to talk about infertility and surviving the holiday season! They share listener comments of solidarity and ways to cope with nosy relatives, awkward gift exchanges, and the overall crippling sadness and depression that is being infertile during the holidays (hint: wine is often involved)! They also talk about Michelle Obama opening up about miscarriage and IVF, share an IUI success story, and swap Black Friday stories! We know this is a hard time of...


48: Mafia Meet Dr. Lauren - Conception Consultant

In this episode, Kaela is talking to chiropractic doctor, certified acupuncturist, and fertility expert Dr. Lauren Schneider. Dr. Lauren debunks myths about fertility diet fads, prenatal vitamins, toxins, and acupuncture! Kaela also talks with her about topics like MTHFR, immunology, men’s health, alcohol, and the importance of individualized medical support for pre and post conception care. They also discuss their favorite Thanksgiving food. Don’t worry, Dr. Lauren says you can have the day...


47: You Might Be Infertile If...

Gender disappointment, whiny pregnant women, infertility and family dynamics, being an egg donor, surrogacy, MTHFR, progesterone shots - these are some of topics you’ll hear in this episode as Kaela is joined by her guest co-host, and younger sister, Lara. As a “fertile” person, she offers her perspective on ways she has learned to be an advocate for the infertility community and Kaela shares how thankful she is for her supportive sister. She also issues an apology, on behalf of the fertile...


46: Pull The Trigger

Kaela is joined this week by the talented, Christine, of the popular Instagram account "Infertility Illustrated." These two have teamed up to talk about trigger shots! They'll give you the low down on different types of triggers, their pros and cons, and what to expect when it's go time! They also talk about stimulation drugs, and all their lovely side effects (ie; rage, weight gain, and uncontrollable sobbing). And finally, they give some insight on breaking IVF news of two Mom's who...


Bonus: World Fertility Day!

Today is World Fertility Day! Thanks to the ladies at IVF Babble, an online fertility magazine, for dedicating this entire day to providing the infertility community with support, guidance and lots of positive and empowering resources. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram (@ivfbabble), and their website for more information and to join in their live Q&A's with fertility experts all day long! And finally, meet our friend Natalie the host of The Fertility Podcast. In honor of...


45: Infertility Is Scary

Just in time for Halloween, Kaela & Sarah are holding nothing back in this horrifying episode! They give you an in depth look at some of the scariest and creepiest “treatments” and rituals for infertility from Ancient Rome to modern day including - a bronzed “package” in Paris, fertility caves in South Africa, and a penis parade in Japan. And then, there’s the not so fortunate rituals like exorcisms, executions, or getting whacked in the face with a sacrificial goat. And finally, they share...


44: Does Length Matter?

Sarah & Kaela are answering your questions in this episode! They cover all sorts of topics including if penis length affects fertility, coping with baby showers, juggling work and doctor appointments, anxiety during pregnancy after infertility, sperm morphology, alcohol and fertility treatments, and they even touch on topics like porn stars and satin sheets! Spoiler alert, length doesn’t matter at all - at least not for fertility. Bree Molyneaux - Hypnosis for...


Bonus: This Is For Them

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. 1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage, and many of them suffer in silence. In this bonus episode, Kaela is joined by Christine, of Infertility Illustrated, and together they are breaking the silence to share stories from listeners about how they have honored their losses and what has given them closure and comfort. Featured song: “Rizpah” by Families Email...


43: The ART Of Infertility

In this special episode, Sarah & Kaela are highlighting artists being featured at “Challenging Conception: The ART of Infertility in Chicago.” "The ART of Infertility is a traveling art exhibit and oral history project that documents the experience of infertility. Through storytelling and artwork, The ART of Infertility translates the experiences of infertility patients to medical practitioners, physicians, legislators and the general public. It is hoped that the project displays the human...


42: The Good Drugs

Sarah & Kaela are talking drugs - specifically IVF ovarian stimulation drugs. They share a few facts about some of the most common injectable FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) drugs like Follistim, Gonal-F, Menopur, Bravelle, and more! Sarah shares some insight on why women with PCOS should be careful with stims containing LH and Kaela gives another drunk fertility history story. This time, it’s all about the origins of drugs like Menopur. Hint: the story...


41: Let's Talk About Sex

Kaela & Sarah are talking about sex...and infertility. Let’s face it, intimacy in your relationship can really take a hit when you're going through infertility. In this episode, Sarah and Kaela offer up some ideas of how others have dealt with infertility in their sex life. They share a few practical tips, some less than “conventional” methods, and even a few funny stories about how people keep the spice alive in their relationship while also battling infertility. Email questions,...


40: Superheroes Have PCOS

September is PCOS Awareness Month so Sarah & Kaela are talking about it! PCOS is the most common infertility diagnosis for women, however, many women don’t even realize they have it or know what to do to treat it. They talk about what PCOS is, treatment options, and even share some fun stories about the history of PCOS - did you know Hippocrates was lookin’ out for you and you're the queens of the stone age?! And finally, they share listener comments about what they wish they had known about...


39: Keep It On The Down Low

Kaela & Sarah are talking about down regulation for IVF. They share listener comments and let you know what to expect from a down regulation protocol (birth control, Lupron, etc.) including symptoms and side effects. They also discuss some recommendations and reasons behind not doing down regulation at all. They respond to some recent infertility news about the the viral photo of the baby surrounded by IVF syringes - including their frustrations on misconceptions of adoption. They give...


38: Infertility In Hollywood - Part 2

In the second half of this two part episode, Sarah & Kaela are once again talking about infertility in Hollywood. This time, they’re talking about infertility in movies and share some opinions on how infertile women and couples are portrayed in film today. A few of the movies they talk about include: “Game Night,” “The Help,” and “Up!” They also share two recent documentaries, “One More Shot” and “Vegas Baby,” that capture the feelings and experiences of real people going through the...


37: Infertility In Hollywood - Part 1

In this two part episode series Kaela & Sarah are talking about infertility in Hollywood. In part 1 they talk all about TV shows over the past few decades that have depicted infertility in an accurate (or not so accurate) way. A few of the shows they cover include: Friends, Fuller House, Orange Is The New Black, This Is Us, Orphan Black, The Handmaid’s Tale, and the OG infertility champion Charlotte from Sex & The City! Email questions, comments, and other mafia matters to...


36: Mafia Meet Christine - Infertility Illustrated

Sarah & Kaela sit down with the wildly popular illustrator behind the Instagram account @infertilityillustrated. Her name is Christine and she’s infertile, too! She talks about how illustrating the crazy, and sad, and even hilarious moments of infertility have helped her cope. After a diagnosis of PCOS, a round of IVF, and recurrent miscarriages, she’s gearing up for a frozen embryo transfer. Kaela and Sarah talk to her about transporting embryos across state lines, doctors and their bedside...


35: Acupunch Her!

Kaela and Sarah talk about something a lot of infertile people try - acupuncture! They talk about the history, philosophy, and science behind the practice and share listener experiences, including a psychic moment with an acupuncturist. They also share some rare facts about Louise Brown, the first "test tube baby" and talk about their favorite Rom Coms! Email questions, comments, and other mafia matters to Join the closed Facebook group(s): The Infertile...