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Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.

Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.
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Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.




You Are Not Broken (Re-Air)

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. 1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage and millions of women have lost infants during pregnancy or after birth. Unfortunately, many of them suffer in silence. In this episode, Kaela is joined by Christine McDonough, of Infertility Illustrated, and together they are breaking the silence by sharing stories from listeners about how they have honored their losses and what has given them closure and comfort. October 15th is Pregnancy and...


Probably Can't Ovulate...S#!T

PCOS is the topic for this episode! After a podcast break during PCOS Awareness Month, Sarah & Kaela are offering some new information about PCOS - signs, symptoms, treatments and even discuss an article about what your poop says about you (and PCOS)! They cover the New York Times article "When You're Told You're Too Fat To Get Pregnant" and share their own opinions around weight and fertility treatments. And finally, they get real talking about taking control of habits and coping skills...


Since We've Been Gone

Kaela & Sarah are baaaaack! In this episode they talk about the biggest news in fertility from this past summer - the couple that had the WRONG embryos transferred, gave birth to twins, only to discover that they belonged to two different families! They also share some podcasts they binged over the summer and respond to a crazy Mom rant that went viral about Disney World and “childless women.” They introduce a new segment to the show - CALL THE CONSIGLIERE: The guest spot this week goes...


We Were On A Break!

Sarah & Kaela are talking about taking a break from trying to conceive. They share their own experiences when it comes to taking a break, and how they spent their time - good, bad, and ugly. And, they share comments from listeners about when and why they took a break and how it helped (or not)! They also discuss whether they’re team Ross or team Rachel on the “We were on a break!” FRIENDS topic! And, they ponder things like mushrooms for men and their favorite wedding moments. Finally,...


Advocacy In The Mafia

Kaela & Sarah are talking about ways to have a positive impact in the infertility community, including ways to get involved whether through support groups, social media, or active advocacy for continued and expanded rights for people seeking fertility treatments. They also revisit the topic of IVF tourism and share some of the highlights from their recent live show and RESOLVE: Chicagoland Walk of Hope. And finally, they expound on some of their favorite Would You Rather Questions! Get...


LIVE at the Abbott Mansion - Chicago, IL!

Sarah & Kaela have FINALLY met - and they're talking about it, live in Chicago, with lots of infertile friends and healthcare professionals. Enjoy this episode full of inspiration from these amazing special guests! Christine McDonough, the artist behind Infertility Illustrated, is such a talent! We instantly bonded after meeting her over a year ago. She shares some of the inspirations for a few of her favorite illustrations (and wins the award for the best giveaway item!). Kaela & Sarah are...


Everyone Needs Puppy Therapy

TRIGGER WARNING: Sarah & Kaela are discussing new abortion laws and the government making decisions that could affect your access to fertility treatments (you can skip this portion from 12:00 to 27:30). They answer some of your questions about secondary infertility, PGS tested embryos, and their favorite types of wine! They also give you some updates on Facebook happenings, and finally, they discuss the importance of puppy therapy. Don't forget to get your tickets to the Infertile Mafia...


The Mafia Joins Infertile AF Summit

Kaela & Sarah are unpacking their recent time at the Infertile AF Summit! Hear live clips from the cocktail hour where Kaela talks to women, and men, from all walks of infertility including adoption, secondary infertility, miscarriage, child-free not by choice, and others about their empowering experience at the summit. They also share some exciting news about what’s next for the Infertile AF Community! Sarah & Kaela also share some big news about their upcoming LIVE SHOW in Chicago, IL....


A Mafia Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday and Sarah & Kaela know this day can really blow when you're infertile. In this episode, they share listener comments about some fun and unique ways they're planning to spend the day that might make you feel, think, laugh, or take up gardening. They also discuss the trending 90's fashions, a cactus mishap, and they get raw and real about how they deal with difficult emotions. Finally, JOIN US in Chicago on June 8th, for the RESOLVE: Chicagoland Walk of Hope (9am) and...


Bonus: NIAW - Wa*king & Infertility

It's the last day of National Infertility Awareness Week, and the theme this year is "Infertility Uncovered." As the week comes to a close, Sarah & Kaela talk about that awkward thing that no one talks about...except Kaela. Just in time for her birthday, this episode is all about the jerk off room. Over the course of the podcast, many listeners have shared their often hilarious mishaps from the other side of that infamous door - and now they're all in one place for your...


Bonus: NIAW - Money & Infertility

It's the sixth day of National Infertility Awareness Week, and the theme this year is "Infertility Uncovered." Today, Sarah & Kaela share an exciting update from Kassie Moon, the popular YouTuber and Instagrammer behind the popular Instagram account @kassiemoon They revisit the episode where she talks about crowd sourcing and how she raised money for IVF after years of trying and failed fertility treatments. Kaela & Sarah also share resources about finding companies that offer infertility...


Bonus: NIAW - Family & Infertility

It's the fifth day of National Infertility Awareness Week, and the theme this year is "Infertility Uncovered." Today, Sarah & Kaela are revisiting the topic of infertility and family. This episode is all about the perspective of someone who isn't infertile, but still wants to be caring and supportive to those who are. They share clips from Episode 47: "You Might Be Infertile If..." when Kaela sits down and talks to her (fertile) sister. Lara openly and candidly talks about ways she fields...


Bonus: NIAW - Art & Infertility

It's the fourth day of National Infertility Awareness Week, and the theme this year is "Infertility Uncovered." Today, Sarah & Kaela share a big update from Christine McDonough, the popular illustrator behind the hugely popular Instagram account @infertilityillustrated They also revisit the episode where she shares the motivation for her Instagram account and talks about how art helped her cope with infertility. Christine explains her process as an artist and tells Sarah and Kaela the...


Mafia Meet Andrea - Founder, Editor in Chief of Pregnantish

On this third day of National Infertility Awareness Week, Kaela talks all about relationships with Founder and Editor in Chief of Pregnantish, Andrea Syrtash. Pregnantish is an online lifestyle magazine helping people of all walks of life - singles, couples, LGBTQ, people of color, navigate fertility treatments and infertility. Andrea is also a relationship expert and has authored books such as “It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date - And Every Other Rule of Dating Debunked”,...


Bonus: NIAW - Humor & Infertility

It's the second day of National Infertility Awareness Week, and the theme this year is "Infertility Uncovered." Today Sarah & Kaela are revisiting a topic near and dear to their hearts - humor. They believe it's absolutely essential to survive infertility! In this episode, you hear from Karen. She's the author, Spanish teacher, Instagram influencer, wife, and mother behind the wildly popular @hilariously_infertile on Instagram. Karen shares clips from her book, and talks about her...


Bonus: NIAW - Men & Infertility

It's the first day of National Infertility Awareness Week, and the theme this year is "Infertility Uncovered." To kick off the first day, Sarah & Kaela are talking about men and infertility. In this episode, you hear Kaela talk to her husband Bill, you learn about the scandalous way sperm was discovered, and you get to hear Sarah and Kaela role play! Clips in this episode are from Episode 31: Let's Hear It For The Boy." This week, use the hashtag #infertilityuncovered to spread awareness!...


Mafia Meet Gabby & Emma - Big Fat Negative Podcast

Kaela & Sarah are teaming up with British co-hosts Gabby & Emma of the Big Fat Negative Podcast for a podcast swap! They’ve asked burning questions like, “What’s the worst part of infertility?” and also questions like, “When it comes to the Royal Family, are you ‘Team William’ or ‘Team Harry?’” Gabby & Emma talk candidly about their infertility “journey’s” (spoken in the best valley girl accent you can muster) and give some insight into how the healthcare system treats infertility in...


Mafia Meet Brittney - BellBelleBella

Sarah & Kaela talk to the popular beauty vlogger/blogger Brittney of BellBelleBella about her rare experience with a molar pregnancy. She also shares her perspective on infertility as a woman of color including discussing some common myths and stereotypes surrounding women of color and their fertility. She talks about her family’s response to her “coming out” as an infertile person, shares an interesting frozen embryo transfer protocol that included vaginal viagra (what?!), and gives some...


Surrogacy - Debunking the Myths with Dr. Lauren Schneider, DC

Kaela is joined by chiropractic doctor, certified acupuncturist, and fertility expert Dr. Lauren Schneider. Dr. Lauren to talk all about surrogacy. Dr. Lauren debunks myths about surrogacy, explains what it means to be a surrogate vs. a gestational carrier, and gives a list of “must have’s” if you’re considering surrogacy. She also speaks candidly about her own personal experience with surrogacy, the steps she took to reach the decision to use a gestational carrier, and her thoughts on...


Mafia Meet Dr. Lora Shahine, MD, FACOG - Part 2

Kaela & Sarah are joined again by board certified reproductive endocrinologist and recurrent miscarriage specialist, Dr. Lora Shahine! In part two of this interview, Dr. Shahine is answering more listener questions about miscarriage with PGS tested embryos, efficacy of reproductive immunology, advice for an unexplained infertility diagnosis, and the one vs. two debate on embryo transfers. She also gives some advice for men going through infertility and how they can be supportive partners...