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EP87: Spiritual Upgrades – Part 1

In this episode, I have a personal conversation with you—the listener—as I discuss what I think is happening in our world right now. I’m having a Spiritual Upgrade in my life and business, and you might be finding yourself having one as well! Listen as I fill you in on some signs of how you … Continue reading EP87: Spiritual Upgrades – Part 1 →


EP86: Spiritual Geek Out

In this episode, I’m joined by Whitney McNeill, a Certified Medium, Intuition Mentor, and host of the Spiritual and Ambitious podcast. She is the creator of her widely popular program, 4 Intuitive Languages® where she helps spiritual and ambitious souls learn how to understand their intuitive messages and communicate with their Spirit Guides for more … Continue reading EP86: Spiritual Geek Out →


EP85: Your Social Media Strategy

In this episode, I’m joined by my friend and Social Media Strategist Shannon Giordano. Shannon is full of wisdom with all things related to social media. We dive into it all! When and how do you use hashtags? What type of visuals stand out? How to increase traffic to your pages? All of this and … Continue reading EP85: Your Social Media Strategy →


EP84: Finding Infinite Possibilities

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Dain Heer. He is a Body Whisper, best-selling author and the co-creator of Access Consciousness. Beginning his journey as a chiropractor, Dr. Dain Heer has been facilitating, exploring, and celebrating the magic of bodies for the last 30 years. Along his journey, he developed his signature energy work called … Continue reading EP84: Finding Infinite Possibilities →


EP83: Success as an INTROpreneur!

To be a successful entrepreneur or business owner doesn’t mean that you have to be an extrovert! Meet my friend, Jen Jones, a self-proclaimed INTROpreneur. She is the Founder of Connect & Elevate and she helps introvert women entrepreneurs stop the struggle of getting mediocre results in their business, by guiding them through the exact … Continue reading EP83: Success as an INTROpreneur! →


EP82: Dementia in the Family

Content warning: Discussion on dementia of elderly parents/family. This episode is close to my heart. In my family, we have witnessed firsthand the toll dementia can take on a loved one. I’m joined by Wendy Darling, the founder of the Miraculous Living Method. We talk about how dementia has impacted each of our families and what … Continue reading EP82: Dementia in the Family →


EP81: The Pet Connector

In this episode, meet Kathy Boyer, an animal communicator who brings healing to frustrated families with emotionally challenged rescue animals, creating harmony within the home. Kathy and I talk about helping pets through energy healing. She shares stories of some of her most memorable moments of healing. To get in touch with Kathy, visit her … Continue reading EP81: The Pet Connector →


EP80: Work Less Make More

In this episode, I’m joined by Donna Ashton, host of the Work Less Make More Podcast and Online Course Creator Guru! She has the knowledge and expertise to help you create and sell your online course. We discuss tons of tips about building the right course for your mission and how to make sure it … Continue reading EP80: Work Less Make More →


EP79: Becoming Sustainably Visible

In this episode, I’m joined by Mai-kee Tsang, my friend and founder of the Sustainable Visibility Movement. We dive into what Sustainable Visibility means for heart-centered, mission-driven, women-identifying entrepreneurs. Mai-kee discusses their new Sustainable Visibility Incubator program, which has applications open until November 1, 2021. To learn more about The Sustainable Visibility Incubator, visit


EP78: Money Loves You!

In this episode, I’m joined by a very special guest… Sarah McCrum! That’s right… the author of Love Money, Money Loves You. You guessed it! We discussed money! Money is more than just a piece of paper, it is an energy and it has a message… IT LOVES YOU! Listen to learn about how money … Continue reading EP78: Money Loves You! →


EP77: Meet Team WOO – Part 3 with Marybeth Eyler

In this final episode of the “Meet Team WOO” series, you’re introduced to my friend and Operations Manager, Marybeth Eyler. We discuss all the important aspects of organizing your business, making it run efficiently, and how visionaries need someone like Marybeth to identify the details needed to reach “big picture” goals! If you are in … Continue reading EP77: Meet Team WOO – Part 3 with Marybeth Eyler →


EP76: Meet Team WOO – Part 2 with Curtis Silverwood

Continuing the Meet Team WOO series… I’m joined by my audio/visual guru, Curtis Silverwood. This interview was so much fun and filled with nonstop laughter! Join us as we discuss a wide variety of topics, including why I needed someone like Curtis on my team, how intuition works in men, and more! If you’re interested … Continue reading EP76: Meet Team WOO – Part 2 with Curtis Silverwood →


EP75: Meet Team WOO – Part 1 with Angela Todd

We made it! 75 episodes and counting… To mark this special moment in the Intuitive Business Podcast, I wanted to invite you behind the scenes to meet Team WOO! In this episode, meet Angela Todd! I don’t know where I would be without her help in my business. We breakdown our professional journey and how … Continue reading EP75: Meet Team WOO – Part 1 with Angela Todd →


EP74: The Power of Creating a Space of Nothingness

This episode is all about finding yourself in the present. We often look into the future, especially in business, but we overlook what’s going on in the now. We need to take a breath — breathe deep — and find a space of nothingness to truly appreciate where we are at in life and in … Continue reading EP74: The Power of Creating a Space of Nothingness →


EP73: Transitioning Identities in Your Business

In this inspirational episode, you’ll become motivated to get out of your head and get into your heart! It’s important to understand your self-worth and know what you want in your business. My guest, Michelle Jacobik, gives great tips and tricks to achieve the wealth you want to earn as an entrepreneur. To receive Michelle’s … Continue reading EP73: Transitioning Identities in Your Business →


EP72: Release Tension in Your Business!

In this episode, I’m joined by Kristen Westcott, a business growth strategist, that can help establish foundational systems to scale your business and relieve the tension of doing it all on your own. From establishing systems to discussing automation, this episode is jam-packed with juicy information to help build a sustainable platform to grow your … Continue reading EP72: Release Tension in Your Business! →


EP71: How to Write a Book

I have a secret… book writing isn’t as difficult as you might think it is, with structure and discipline! In this episode, I talk about the process of writing my upcoming book called Align Your Business: How to find your Windows Of Opportunity and claim the Next Level of YOU! You’ll learn about the successes … Continue reading EP71: How to Write a Book →


EP70: Top Reasons to Celebrate YOU!

Guess what?! My FIRST book is complete and I’m so excited to share it with the world this September…. but you know what else? As I closed my laptop after finishing my final tasks for the book I didn’t celebrate! In this episode, I want to emphasize why you need to celebrate your successes! You … Continue reading EP70: Top Reasons to Celebrate YOU! →


EP69: Intuitive Eating

In this episode, I’m joined by Christa Lyons, a nutrition and lifestyle coach. We discuss the journey that midlife women go on when it comes to finding the best foods that align with their life and health needs. Intuition plays a major component in understanding what foods serve you best in your hectic life! To … Continue reading EP69: Intuitive Eating →


EP68: Understanding Your Self-Worth

In this episode, I’m joined by Deepshikha Sairam, a Spiritual Business Mentor who helps thriving CEO’s leverage their energetic gifts for supersized results! Both Deepshikha and I discuss how to release blocks holding you back, stop the hustle and grind mode you might be in and slow down and assess your work. When doing this, … Continue reading EP68: Understanding Your Self-Worth →