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OUR MISSION: HELP OTHERS LIVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY LIFE. We started our first online business in the fitness world. We love working out at home, and I don’t know a time we didn’t focus on healthy eating. With that said – just being a fitness blog didn’t feel like us. While we love getting into our skinny jeans, we also enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, and going to wine festivals. We also fell in love with helping others grow an online business after ours changed our lives in 2011. So we wanted to include what we had learned as business owners with others!


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OUR MISSION: HELP OTHERS LIVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY LIFE. We started our first online business in the fitness world. We love working out at home, and I don’t know a time we didn’t focus on healthy eating. With that said – just being a fitness blog didn’t feel like us. While we love getting into our skinny jeans, we also enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, and going to wine festivals. We also fell in love with helping others grow an online business after ours changed our lives in 2011. So we wanted to include what we had learned as business owners with others!






128: Kim & Kalee on YouTube

We have made this heartfelt decision to conclude our time on the podcast and move our efforts over to YouTube. We’re not going far – we’re just switching over to another platform so we’re still here! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Why we’re moving over to YouTubeWhat you can expect moving forwardSubscribe to our YouTube page now free to go back and listen to our previous episodes. RESOURCES: "As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Click...


127: LIIFT4 vs Body Beast

Worried about not having weights and equipment at home? We're sharing two of our favorite programs – LIIFT4 and Body Beast. Both of them are great programs that you can do at home if you're looking to build muscles. We hope you’d find the one that would fit your schedule and your goals. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: It's definitely a good thing to lift heavy. You're not going to get she-hulk muscles, but you're just going to keep your muscle tone. So don't be afraid to lift heavy!You...


126: 5 Exercise Hacks for When You're Short on Time

Today, we're talking about five healthy exercise hacks when you're short on time. Sure, we all get busy throughout the day, but it’s all a matter of being intentional because if there’s a will, there’s definitely more than one way! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Tip #1: Look at your week ahead. You need a system because your calendar can be your best friend only if you adhere to it. And your habit tracker can be your best friend if you have allowed enough time to do each task per day....


125: The NEAT Thing to Boost Weight Loss

There are several ways you may be cutting down on your NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) – especially when you’re on the computer most of your time. In this episode, find out ways you can stay NEAT active even when you’re just inside the house. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis refers to all the activities that you do when you're not sleeping. It means you're always burning calories, whether you're fidgeting or exercising, or walking around.Get...


124: Dieting Distractions: 3 Tips For A Move or Holiday

How do you make the right and the best food choices right after the holidays or major life events where you felt you went a little off track? Things can happen that take you out of your already wacky life and make it a little bit wackier – and that could last for a little while. But you know things have got to stop at some point. Today, we're giving you some tips on how to keep it as normal as possible. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Tip #1: Manage your expectations and keep your...


123: Setting Intentions

Today, we talk about our goals and daily habits and how they've changed in the last 5 to 10 years. We actually started setting goals about 9 years ago – so we’ve had our share of embarrassing, unnecessary goals as well as the super attainable ones. What are your goals? They can be big, audacious goals, but remember, they have to mean something to you. It’s also important to set intentions because they’re going to help you achieve those goals. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Not all...


122: When It's Not Been Your Day, Week, Month, or Even Your Year

We’re back! A lot of people say this is “their year” – but what if it's not your day, your month, or even your year? It can feel more isolating when the whole world's moving on and you still find yourself struggling. And so today, we want to talk about giving yourself some grace. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Being kind to yourself and showing yourself some grace doesn't mean allowing excuses. It means going back to yourself and checking how you're feeling. Recognize the feeling,...


121: Wanna Go To The Movies?

Is watching movies one of your strategies for thriving during the pandemic? Some theaters are opening now but not everyone wants to go anyway. There are probably still a lot of things we all need to comply with – present a permit, wear masks, or whatever rules they have to book a seat. Why not have movies nights at home? It’s the holiday season once again and we’re going to see you on The Kim & Kalee Show back in January 2022 – but – we’re so thrilled to share with you our newest podcast...


120: Some Of Our Favorite Things

Today, we're sharing some of our favorite things – not just health and fitness, but everything – from our go-to snacks and prepared meals, to our favorite hair styling, hair care, and skincare products. Be sure to check out the links below for promos and discounts! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: FitTrack Scale – It measures all kinds of things including your body fat, muscle rate, protein rate, your physical age, bone density, hydration, etc. Even if it's not accurate, you could see the...


119: Healthier Swaps You'll Love

Today, we talk about healthier swaps you're going to love. We all want to enjoy our food but some things are worth swapping. And so, we're giving you some healthier alternatives that you'll still be able to enjoy – like pizza! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Get rid of margarine, go for ghee!Breakfast options: Oatmeal: Swap the raisins for fresh fruit, and sugar for a sugar substitute or cinnamonWaffles & pancakes go with a protein mix like Kodiak Choose omelette over pancakes or french...


118: REPLAY Joel Freeman talks 10 Rounds, LIIFT 4, and Nutrition

Joel Freeman is one of our favorite trainers and is the mastermind behind Core De Force, LIIFT4, and 10 Rounds! He shares how to get the max out of your at-home workouts while still enjoying your favorite foods! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK'S...


117: When Not To Diet

If you’re wondering how we’re able to eat some bundt cake and still manage to stay fit, then you’ve got to listen to this episode! By planning out your cutting phase and your maintenance phase ahead of time, you’re going to have more freedom to enjoy the food you love and still have the confidence and the power to stay motivated. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Spend your calories on something you enjoy. Have a list of maybe 10 things that you really love. Don't just pick up just the...


116: What We Eat In A Day

In today’s show, we’re going to give you a look into what we eat and share some examples of our favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Our usual breakfast recipes include rice cake, American Dream nut butter, Kodiak protein pancakes, or Dave’s Killer Bread.We also like to cook chaffle in batches and put them in a fridge. It’s a good way to prep your meal, so if you feel too lazy to cook in the morning, simply toss one into the toaster.Oatmeal...


115: Fats - What They Are and Why You Need Them

This week, we talk about fats and why you need them! Fat has really taken a beating since the 90's with all the fat-free food products out there. But “fat-free” doesn't necessarily mean you're going to lose weight or that it's good for you. And if you eat fat, it doesn't necessarily make you fat. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Fat gives your body energy. It's also linked to brain health, healthy hair, skin, and nails, and heart health. Your body needs all three macronutrients (fats,...


114: Nashville Secrets from 2 Natives

We live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and so, today, we're putting our city in the spotlight. Get a taste of Nashville as we walk you through the city like locals do. We’re going to share with you a few things about Nashville that a lot of people probably don’t know about. So if you’re thinking of visiting or moving to Nashville anytime soon, then at least you could come prepared! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: We know you're not a local if you mispronounce places inTennessee...


113: Diet Phasing: What it is & Why We Like it

Diet phasing – there's a whole lot of other jargon around it like when somebody says they're going to cut or they're in a bulk phase, or they’re at maintenance level or build level. Each phase has its purpose, and it has its perks too! It all comes down to how many calories (typically carbs and fats) you're eating. In any of these phases, your protein is going to stay around the same amount. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Cutting means you're not getting as many calories as you're used...


112: Benefits, How Much Do You Need, Sources, & Myths

We shoot for around 115 grams of protein a day. And sometimes, that can be hard. You can only eat so many egg whites and stuff. So how else can we get protein from? And how much protein do we really need each day? Today, we talk all about protein - why you need it, sources of protein, and some myths around a protein that we need to dispel. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: The term “macros” is short for macronutrients, and three different types of them: protein, carbs, and fat. Protein...


111: Working Out at Home with Megan Davies

As part of our At Home this Fall series, we had the chance to interview Beachbody Super Trainer, Megan Davies!! Megan is known for her amazing program that Beachbody released summer 2020 #MBF Muscle Burns Fat and #MBFA Muscle Burns Fat Advanced. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK'S SHOW: Megan shares how she went from gymnast to fitness competitor & whyWe were tickled to learn that her thoughts on food & fitness are super similar to oursMegan gives tips on how to start working out She shares how...


110: Traveling & Staying on Track

In this episode, we dish out some ways you can travel and still stay on track with your fitness and nutrition. Better to just plan ahead and have your stuff ready. But remember, you don't have to be constantly trying to be the leanest that you possibly can be. You also need to enjoy life and be happy! HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: If you want to stick to your diet and your workouts, pick a condo or a hotel that has amenities like a mini-fridge, a microwave oven, and a coffee pot. Check...


109: Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Struggling with losing weight? You've probably done everything you could to shed those pounds off in the healthiest way possible, but why aren't you still losing weight? In today’s episode, we discuss what worked for us, the value of tracking and mindset change, as well as 3 reasons why you’re probably not seeing the results you want. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Sticking to your plan can be difficult. You just need to cut back a little. Know your portions and figure out something...