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Hosted by power couple Matt and Jodi, a podcast about health, human performance, tips and tricks, gadgets, relationships, self-help books, sexuality, interviews, general well-being, life improvements, and much more. Check us out on YouTube for videos:




Hosted by power couple Matt and Jodi, a podcast about health, human performance, tips and tricks, gadgets, relationships, self-help books, sexuality, interviews, general well-being, life improvements, and much more. Check us out on YouTube for videos:






Ep.44 - Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux on Concussion in Children and Breakthrough Research

On today's podcast, I am happy to welcome Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux to discuss the topic of concussion in children and some new breakthrough research that varies from the standard protocol in place right now when it comes to addressing and treating concussions. Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux is a Scientist at the CHEO Research Institute, Assistant Professor for the Cellular Molecular Medicine Department at the University of Ottawa, and a Member of the uOBMRI. Dr. Ledoux and it was a pleasure for her...


Ep.43 - Dick Harbers on Neuro-Linguistic Programming & the Mind

In today's episode, we are meeting with Dick Harbers who is an NLP Master Practitioner and creator of Quantum Healing Process. He is an Australian Ex-pat living in the Philippines as a Permanent Resident with a Filipina wife and 2 children. During this podcast, we will be discussing what is neuro-linguistic programming, how it can help people, talking about success stories, touching based on tips in processing our thoughts with REM and other habits of success. We will discuss the connection...


Ep.42 Melissa and Tim West | Successful Yoga Youtubers & Power Couple

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 42 of The Living Better Podcast where I am meeting with friends and power couple Melissa and Tim West to discuss their successful entrepreneur's story. They are successful YouTubers who created an amazing online yoga business to share that beautiful practice with the world. Melissa West is an amazing and very knowledgeable certified Yoga Teacher with years and years of experience behind her belt. Her husband Tim eventually quit his own job to joined her...


Ep. 41 Mind Coach Abi and IDPA SSP Expert Matt Dupuis on Power of Mind In Shooting Sports

Hello everyone and welcome back to episode 41 of The Living Better Podcast, where I am meeting with Mind Coach Abirami Varma to discuss the power of the mind, neuroscience, daily habits, journaling, meditation, and shooting sports. In this shooting sports podcast, Abi and I will exchange and ask each other questions focusing on how to increase our performance in shooting sports. For those of you who don't know, I am an IDPA SSP Expert Pistol Shooter and compete professionally as a hobby....


Ep.40 Motivational Speaker, Author and Cancer Fighter Terry Tucker

In this amazing episode of the podcast, we are meeting with one truly amazing and exceptional gentleman by the name of Terry Tucker. The things he had to go through in life are hardcore and yet Terry keeps being positive and created his website and book while going through his journey that hasn't ended yet. Terry is a motivational speaker, the author of Sustainable Excellence, Ten Principles to Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life, and an ongoing cancer fighter. Terry brings a...


Ep.39 - Daniel Warren Mutschler | Meditation, Overcoming Depression and FM Initiative

Welcome to another amazing episode of the living better podcast and today we have Daniel Warren Mutschler from Fm Initiative and we will talk and explore topics on how to meditation properly for beginners, overcoming life's darkness, and getting out of depression, his journey exploring his own self and navigating challenges from changing paths to exploring the world and its religions and much more. This was an amazing podcast and I got really into the conversation with Daniel sharing about...


Ep.38 - Pleasure Coach and Medicine Woman - Claire Moorcraft

In today's episode, we are meeting with pleasure coach and medicine woman Claire Moorcraft. In this podcast interview, we will dive into topics on addictions, childhood traumas, our sex life and pleasures, and how to connect sexually with ourselves and our partners. We will dive deeply into Claire's background and upbringing and what lead her to her healing path through sexuality and eventually becoming a pleasure coach through the great training of Jaiya inc. Claire Moorcraft is a striving...


Ep.37 - Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Author of Diet for Great Sex - Christine Delozier

Christine Deslozier is an acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in sexual health, She treats women and men looking to have better sex. Acupuncture is great in bringing blood flow to the sex organs and balancing hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. If we want to address the underlying mechanics of consistently great sex though, we need to think about diet for sex. She is the author of a fantastic book called Diet for Great Sex. Check out her amazing book and get a copy here on...


Ep.36 - Why Sex Hurts? | Elizabeth & Dee - Sex Educators & Sex Researchers | Dyspareunia Explained

In Today's episode, we are welcoming two amazing guests Elizabeth Wood and Dee Hartmann. They are business partners and owners of VulvaLove uses comprehensive sex education to reframe the conversation around sexual pain and pleasure thus empowering women to make the best choices about their bodies, their sexuality, and their relationships. They do amazing work in the field of being sex educators and sex researchers and are also in the midst of publishing very...


Ep.35 - Power Couple Celeste and Paul | Erotic Blueprint Coaches | The Living Better Podcast

In today's episode, we are meeting with power couple and erotic blueprint coaches Celeste and Paul. We will be having a conversation couple to couple, about sexuality, the different stages of it, the erotic blueprints, and what they are. We will learn that communication through sexuality and embracing our differences can be a real turn on and a way to connect on a much deeper level than what we know and are used to. Celeste and Paul will share their journey and experience for our listeners...


Ep.34 Rebecca Tolk - Fine Art Photographer in Remote Erotica Photoshoot | The Living Better Podcast

Rebecca Tolk is a fine art photographer who specializes herself in remote portrait taking more specifically so in erotica. Rebecca, like all of us, has experienced life’s extremes of beauty, joy, and pain. Her story and her art reflect her journey through pain and isolation into love, compassion, and connection. Rebecca’s photographs express a depth of emotion rarely seen and an inner beauty that powerfully shines through. Rebecca’s work and muse is “relationship”. The relationship of a...


Ep.33 Somatic Sex Educator and Erotic Blueprints Coach - Gal Gallucci | The Living Better Podcast

Gal is a trained Cultural Anthropologist, Bodyworker, Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula, Somatic Sex Educator, Erotic Blueprints Coach. For over two decades, she has assessed “gaps” in the Western Model of Medicine and has bridged alternative medicine applications with social justice issues to resource her clients in a truly unique way. She is located in the high desert southwest, USA. She is a specialist and pioneer in her field of work- Human Sexuality and believes that creating safety, consent...


Ep.32 - Vivien Burke On Relationships , Intimacy and Sex | The Living Better Podcast

Vivien Burke is a British Relationship, Intimacy & Sex Coach based in Henley on Thames in the United Kingdom It is her desire as a Coach/Clinical Sexologist to provide a very private and safe space for individuals and couples in relationships to have an intellectual conversation about sex and what is and is not working in the relationship. Vivien supports their desire to Reset and Reinvent their relationship so they can heal wounds, become better lovers, and build a deeper connection. This...


Ep.31 - Patricia Carr on Life Coaching (TheLivingBetterPodcast)

In this episode, Matt and Jodi meet with Life Coach Patricia Carr to discuss what life coaching is, how it can help people, they also talk about the importance of setting up boundaries, the importance of changing your mindset and perspective when wanting to overcome certain challenges, meditation, and many other interesting subjects. Patricia Carr is based in Ottawa-Ontario and she owns her own Life coaching practice mainly focusing on women who are experiencing a life change and are...


Ep.30 - Emily Paris on Art Therapy and it's Benefits (TheLivingBetterPodcast)

Emily Paris is a Certified Art Therapist With a graduate-level diploma from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (D.VATI) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Concordia University. Art therapy lives at the intersection of creativity and psychotherapy. It utilizes the creativity within you to work towards your own healing and wellbeing. Art heals by giving a voice to the language of your heart & mind. In today's episode, we will explore Emily's journey into becoming an art therapist and we...


Ep.29 - Coach Kady Romagnuolo on anxiety, self-sabotaging and mindset tips (TheLivingBetterPodcast)

Kady Romagnuolo is a board-certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner & Coach, Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotist, and Quantum Change Process, ™ Practitioner. She specializes in combating fear, breaking the cycle of self-sabotage, releasing old traumas, and building self-confidence. As an experienced speaker and author Kady help others to engage their core story to embrace change from within. In today's podcast episode, we will dive into Kady's life and...


Ep.28 - Dr. Mary Pardee on gut health and improvements (The Living Better Podcast)

On Today's podcast, we are receiving Dr. Mary Pardee from the institute of functional medicine. Dr. Mary is a functional medicine practitioner and Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), integrative gastroenterology, gut-brain health, men's hormones, and thyroid optimization. In this episode, we will be talking about gut-brain health and how to optimize the gut for a more functional system. In this podcast, you will gain a better understanding of...


Ep.27 - Dr. Leech On Sleep Improvement and Sleeping Disorders (The Living Better Podcast)

In this podcast interview, Matt and Jodi are receiving Dr. Judith Leech on the podcast for an amazing discussion on sleep improvement and sleeping disorders. Dr. Leech is an expert in the sleeping field and works as a Medical Director at the West Ottawa Sleep Center where they test and improve patient's sleep by treating disorders, increasing sleep hygiene, and working as well on psychological factors affecting sleep. They take a patient on Doctor's referral only and you can visit their...


I Never Told You by Colbie Caillat Cover by Jodi Dupuis (The Living Better Podcast)

This is Jodi Dupuis having fun doing a cover of the song I never told you by Colbie Caillat. She is a woman of many talents and I am so proud of her for having fun with one of her passions. If you are interested in supporting Jodi and me, we created our own little book called 50 Sex Scenarios For Couples - From Exciting To More Adventurous And Daring. This book is about discovering more as a couple and trying different sexual scenarios to spice things up within your sex life. It offers only...


Ep.26 - Interview with Dietitian Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio on Nutrition (The Living Better Podcast)

In this episode, Matt and Jodi are meeting with Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio, a Registered Dietitian with a B.Sc. in Psychology. Her practice fills in the gap between nutrition and psychology to help heal people's relationship with food & their body so they can start living the life they really want. Marie-Pier has an interesting story and her journey brought her to innovate and blend psychology and nutrition together as they are strongly connected. In this podcast, we will talk about nutrition,...