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095 - Signs you are eating TOO MUCH SUGAR

Do you eat too much sugar? You may be eating too much and not even realize the signs. Today, I discuss the most common signs you are eating too much sugar. I am also offering a FREE NO SUGAR challenge starting June 19 until July 3. Come learn and share and finally kick your sugar habit! If you are interested, send me a friend request on Facebook so I can include you in our chat and video group. (we have to be friends, otherwise I can't add you to...


094 -Success with the BioDiet with David Harper, Ph.D

Today, I talk with David Harper, Ph.D., author of BioDiet. We discuss his innovative approach to the ketogenic diet. As a health educator and cancer researcher, Dr. David G. Harper has studied the impact of diet on human health for many years. The culmination of that extensive work is the BioDiet, a ketogenic food regimen that he and his wife began in 2012. The significant weight loss and health improvements they experienced led Dr. Harper to counsel hundreds of people on the BioDiet, with...


093 - The Making of Keto Farms

In today's episode, we talk with entrepreneurs and keto enthusiasts, Brandon Mackie and Ben Knox. Both followers of the keto lifestyle, they became so impressed with the keto way of eating and disappointed in the variety of high quality keto products available, they decided to begin their own company Keto Farms. Today, they give you a behind the scenes look into their growing company. As a bonus, they have offered an exclusive discount for our listeners. Go to and...


092 - Healing with Keto with Vivica Menegaz

Today, we are joined by Vivica Menegaz, a certified whole-food nutritionist, blogger, published author and one of the leading voices advocating for a food-based approach to healing. Vivica was the first one to use the now popular expression “Keto Paleo” to describe her lifestyle and way of eating. Vivica is also the author of 3 cookbooks: “The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook” 2015, together with 9 other bloggers, and “the big book of Fat Bombs” in 2016. Her latest book: “the Keto Paleo Kichen” was...


091 - The #1 Reason You Fail at Keto

Today, I discuss the #1 Reason You Fail at Keto. Is it cheat meals, protein, carbs, fats, lack of exercise, too much exercise or something else??? Join me to find out! Make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss an episode! Website I-Phone Android Google...


090 - Top Keto Tips for Success & Mistakes to Avoid

In this episode, I talk with Keto Facebook Group Influencers to get their best tips for Keto Success & What Mistakes Must Be Avoided. Together, these influencers reach almost 150,000 Keto enthusiasts in their groups! Hear from.... Jennifer Austin from Jennifer’s Low Carb/Keto/Healthy Living Lounge & Nikki’s Low Carb Cooking Janet Mayer from Keto for Badass Babes - No...


089 - Healthy Cooking with “Skinny Chef” Jennifer Iserloh

In this episode, I interview "Skinny Chef" Jennifer Iserloh, a classically-trained chef, health expert, emotional healer, and an author of over 20 books. Jennifer has been featured on NBA, CBS, The Today Show, Fox News, and People magazine and In Style magazine. Jennifer Iserloh shares her experience in health coaching after overcoming healthy eating struggles, the power of yoga, meditation and alchemy, as well as ways to go organic. Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss an...


088 - All About Nootropics with David Tomen

Welcome to The Low Carb Leader, hosted by personal trainer and entrepreneur Dan Perryman. In episode 88, Dan Perryman interviews David Tomen, a nootropics expert, the founder of, and the author of “Secrets of the Optimized Brain” and “Head First.” Learn about how David Tomen went of going from health issues that negatively affected his memory and marriage, to discovering and sharing the wonders of nootropic supplements. Gain a deeper understanding of what nootropic...


087 - Fasting, Fasting, Fasting

Today, we talk Fasting! Fasting is super popular in the low carb and keto worlds and it is even making its way into regular circles. I will cover all aspects of fasting - How it came about Myths and Facts Benefits Types of fasting Tips for successful fasting I created a resource to help you on your fasting journey. Click below to access it.


086 - Real Food Keto with Jimmy & Christine Moore, NTP

Make sure to join my free Facebook group, The Keto Leader at or Today's guests, husband and wife team, Jimmy and Christine Moore, NTP; they talk about keto and their newest book, Real Food Keto. They discuss topics of digestion blood sugar regulation detoxification endocrine function and how to balance vitamin and minerals Tons of great information about making keto a viable lifestyle. You can find the book on...


085 - The Ketogenic Lifestyle with Dr. Ryan Lowery

Be sure to check out The Keto Leader Facebook group at Today's guest, Dr. Ryan P. Lowery is the CEO of, author of The Ketogenic Bible, and president of the Applied Science and Performance Institute. His mission is to spread awareness around the Ketogenic Lifestyle and its many benefits beyond body composition. He earned his BS and MS in exercise physiology and exercise and nutrition science from the University of Tampa and completed his...


084 - Keto & Athletic Performance with Danny Vega

Make sure to join our keto family at The Keto Leader Facebook group. Click link to join for free OR Today, we have a great guest who has successfully combined the ketogenic lifestyle and high performance athletics. Danny Vega - is a 220-pound raw powerlifter with meet bests of 640 squat in wraps (610 raw), 400 bench, and 700 deadlift. Danny earned his Master’s of Science in Human Performance from the University of...


083 - Why New Year's Resolutions Fail [& what you can do to change all that]

Join our free KETO Facebook community at Why do New Year's Resolutions fail and most importantly what can you do to succeed. The Low Carb Leader host, Daniel Perryman, outlines simple ways to succeed in 2019. Join our free KETO Facebook community at


082 - Transformational Keto with Karen Martel

We would love to have you as part of our keto community, join at Today I talk with Karen Martel, of Transformational Nutrition. Karen focuses on helping women primarily reverse autoimmune disorders, correct digestive issues, repair adrenal fatigue, solve weight loss resistance and become overall healthier. In today's episode, we discuss Karen's journey from unhealthy to health Formulating a well balanced ketogenic...


081 - Ketogenic Living with Kate Jaramillo

We would love to have you as part of our keto community, join at Today I talk with Founder of Ketogenic Living 101, Wellness Mentor & Connector, Kate Jaramillo. Kate is a Ketogenic Living Expert! She is leading the way in the ketogenic community. What began as an experiment with a small group of women has turned into a thriving business, helping women make Ketogenic living simple, doable and delicious. Kate is a featured mentor for The Keto...


080 - Keto & Cholesterol with Dr. Jeremy Thornton

If you haven't joined my FREE Keto Facebook group, you will be glad you did. Great information, recipes, stories and so much more. Click to join! Today, we talk with Dr. Jeremy Thornton about keto & cholesterol. So many people have mistaken beliefs about how keto affects cholesterol and mistaken beliefs about what really matters when it comes to cholesterol.


079 - Type 1 diabetes & the founding of Catalina Crunch with Krishna Kaliannan

If you haven't joined my FREE Keto Facebook group, you will be glad you did. Great information, recipes, stories and so much more. Click to join! Today, we talk with type 1 diabetic and founder of Catalina Crunch, Krishna Kaliannan. He discusses how he realized he had type 1 diabetes and why it motivated him to start a new company, offering keto friendly cereals.


078 - Dogs Gone Keto

Before I describe this week's episode, I would like to remind you to join my new "The Keto Leader" Facebook group at About this weeks episode.. This week, I interview Daniel Schulof, founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods and author of Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma, a four-year research project that became a groundbreaking book about the scientific links between pet nutrition and chronic disease. It's been called the "most rigorous and probing canine...


077 - Eat Rich Live Long with Ivor Cummins

Before I describe this week's episode, I would like to remind you to join my new "The Keto Leader" Facebook group at About this weeks episode... Want to know how to effectively start and be successful on a keto nutrition plan? Ivor Cummins explains in his latest book, Eat Rich Live Long. He co-authored the book with Jeffry Gerber, MD. Ivor was an engineer prior to embarking on his keto journey and now has become an expert in the ketogenic...


076 -The Keto Leader Debut & Ivor Cummins Interview

Welcome to the first episode of The Keto Leader podcast & 76th episode of The Low Carb Leader podcast. The episode will explain more. Plus I have a great guest, Ivor Cummins, co-author of Eat Rich Live Long, on this week's show.