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Orthopedic and Spine Care Made Easy

The spine is a complex structure that provides both mobility and strength. When functioning properly, the neck and back allows for fluid, effortless movement. But, if there is a deformity, injury or disease of the spine, common activities such as turning, bending, or stretching can often become very painful. Eight out of ten people will suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their life. Listen in as Harvard Graduate Giriraj Gupta, MD discusses orthopedic and spine care made...


Delivering the Best Heart Care Close to Home

Are you a mindless eater while sitting in front of your computer or television screen. You know you should have breakfast, but instead, you run out the door and end up at your favorite coffee shop for a super-sized coffee latte loaded with sugar. Have you ever wondered what role eating habits play in heart health? Listen today to Dr. Lynda Otalvaro as she discusses the cardiac diet and its benefits for your heart.