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The Marvel of Mind-Body Medicine hosts conversations with clinicians and scientists that work with the mind-body connection to make a difference for people's health.


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The Marvel of Mind-Body Medicine hosts conversations with clinicians and scientists that work with the mind-body connection to make a difference for people's health.




Discover Your Healing Superpowers

You have a vast, untapped ability to heal – from old emotional wounds, injuries and chronic disease. In this episode, Drs Laura and Janet will explore how BodyIntuitive helps you access these healing superpowers. A session can give you a profound insight that inspires a lifestyle tune-up, a course correction in your path or it can offer the gift of healing from a long term, stubborn health issue. Join our hosts in conversation with Emily Samimi, mindset and manifestation coach, plus BodyIntuitive Master Practitioners, Julia Carpenter, Myriam Machado-Baker and Susan Hally. The discussion aims to inspire you with possibilities that might be a fit for your own health transformation – from self-care mindfulness practices to personal mind-body medicine sessions for your own healing or taking your skills to the next level to help others unlock their healing potential.


When the Body Turns Against Itself

In this episode, Dr. Laura Stuve and Dr. Janet Galipo will host Dr Tranquility Lydia, therapist and Shalandra Williams, mindset motivational coach, in a conversation about mind-body approaches in healing. These women will share their insights about BodyIntuitive Mind-Body Medicine. In the second half of the episode, Dr. Daniel Weber, researcher and clinician, will join the show to share his insights on Chinese medicine and herbal therapies for complex diseases like autoimmune disease and cancer. Dr Weber currently holds the position of Vice Chair of Oncology of the World Federation of Chinese medicine Societies and editor of the Journal of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weber is a visiting professor at Tianjin University where he lectures and conducts research. He is the author of many books and articles on Integrative Medicine including The Gut (The Core of Self), A Botanical Approach to Auto Immune Diseases and Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology. Dr. Weber recognizes that most cancer patients and many patients with other types of autoimmune imbalances use some form of complementary medicine and is dedicated to bringing valuable treatment options to those experiencing complex disease conditions.


The Right Treatment at the Right Time

In this episode, Doctors Laura Stuve and Janet Galipo will host Alice Hu, career astrologer, and Yasmin Elzomor, transformational coach, and Crystal Streets, spiritual coach, to dive deeper into what’s possible when a mind-body medicine session accesses the story behind the symptoms. Alice is founder of the Woo Woo Company and helps entrepreneurs redefine their identity, uncover what's holding them back, and upgrade their mindsets to create aligned, thriving businesses. Yasmin is a certified relationship, sex + transformational coach, spiritual mentor, speaker and the host of the popular podcast “Humanity Feels”. Crystal is multidimensional: an Energetic Alchemist, Intuitive Fine Jeweler, Healer, Channel, Ceremonialist, Cosmic Guide, Breathwork Facilitator and Spiritual Coach. This episode will pick up where the last episode left off to allow you to see through both a client’s and a mind-body practitioner’s eyes as we delve into the stories behind arthritis, insomnia, chronic pain, psychiatric issues and more. Our 3 guests will share their experiences as new clients of BodyIntuitive to give you a sense of the possibilities. They will also comment on how mind-body medicine might integrate with their work as coaches and facilitators. Drs Laura and Janet will pick up from there to unpack what’s discovered in a session by sharing their own case studies to illustrate how YOU can take a journey into your body’s answers to unlock healing and transformation.


Intuitive Medicine and Your Gut Instinct

In this episode, Doctors Laura Stuve and Janet Galipo will host Angela Adkins, mind-body medicine practitioner and instructor. Angela is an incredibly gifted instructor who has taught thousands of people worldwide to develop and apply intuitive superpowers they never realized they possessed in weekend MindScape classes. Additionally, she trains healthcare practitioners and laypeople in BodyTalk mind-body medicine and EmRes, a technique that helps you release anxiety, anger and depression by connecting into the origin of these emotions through your physical sensations. Angela has over 22 years of experience in energy work as a practitioner, licensed massage therapist and business owner. This episode will explore what science and Chinese medicine have to say about intuition, how you can develop YOUR intuition to support your overall health, and how these three practitioners apply their intuition in their clinical practice.


Natural healthcare Solutions for Children

Mindbody Medicine can empower children and parents to incorporate new approaches to achieve balance and vibrant health. Children can be helped by these techniques in a myriad of ways: overcoming challenges, restoring emotional balance, and experiencing a quick return to wellbeing in case of illness. Mindbody techniques work effectively with children of all ages including teenagers. Learn how these balancing techniques and lifestyle tips of healthy food, essential oils and herbal extracts can help children with the discomforts and challenges they may experience in a daily basis. In this segment, we’ll learn how to incorporate simple strategies that turn cranky children into happy children. Join us for a lively conversation with practitioners and mothers, Betsy Blankenbaker, Maina Campos, and former “kid” and college athlete, who grew up on mind-body medicine, Anaya Ward. They will share their success stories using safe and effective solutions from mind-body medicine to keep their families, clients, and themselves healthy.


Conversations within your Body: Your Gut Microbes are Talking

In this episode, Dr Emeran Mayer, gastroenterologist and microbiome expert joins hosts, Doctors Laura Stuve and Janet Galipo, in a conversation about the biology of the mind-body connection. Dr Mayer is a distinguished research professor at UCLA medical center and a pioneer in the science and practice of the fascinating connection between your gut microbiome, your mood, and your brain function. The past 75 years have led to tremendous dysregulation of our beneficial gut microbes, leading to the chronic inflammation that underlies a whole host of common health issues from depression to Alzheimer’s disease to vulnerability to viral pandemics. Dr Mayer is the author of the bestselling book, The Mind Gut Connection, and will be discussing solutions to the chronic disease epidemic based on his research.


Medium and Long COVID: Holistic Solutions

In this episode, master herbalist David Winston, rejoins the show to share with us solutions for Long and Medium COVID. How can these conditions be prevented? What underlying imbalance contribute to the persistence of COVID symptoms? The conversation will explore recommendations for herbs and supplements to support recovery. Hosts Dr Janet and Dr Laura extend the discussion to share to simple at home “resets” you can learn to support full COVID recovery from the BodyIntuitive system.


Trauma Takes a Toll

We all live through losses, heartbreak, accidents and challenging times. What is the impact of these experiences on our health? What does science say? What do mental health experts have to say? And what solutions are available? In this episode we will explore these questions and share stories of healing from mind-body medicine to support you in releasing both the emotional impacts of trauma and resolving its physical toll on your body. Gain insights from the experts as Dr Laura and Dr Janet host Judy Tsafir, MD holistic psychiatrist and Laya Seghi, LCSW, who will share their work on the integration of mind-body-spirit strategies to support their patients.


Long COVID: What's Possible?

Millions of people worldwide are suffering from ongoing impacts of COVID19 - are there integrative and natural solutions out there to support full recovery from the debilitating brain fog, fatigue and pain of this condition? Dr Janet and Dr Laura will host David Winston, internationally known lecturer, author, ethnobotanist, Founder and President of Herbalist & Alchemist, to discuss herbal strategies for acute, medium and long COVID in the first part of the episode. In the second half, a well-known writer who has had Long COVID for 3 years will share her healing journey with BodyIntuitive mind-body medicine. These exciting solutions are available for you or anyone you know who isn’t quite back to their pre-COVID selves.


Miracles in Women's Health

Dr Janet and Dr Laura host a conversation to explore what is possible to support you or a woman in your life who may be plagued with PMS, hot flashes, endometriosis, infertility, childbirth, breastfeeding and breast cancer. Challenges in these areas are all too common and your body has answers! BodyIntuitive Master Practitioners Martina Fallon and Aubri Parker share their healing journeys with integrative approaches from both mainstream and mind-body medicine for endometriosis and breast cancer. The Be Healthy Tip of the week will explore easy strategies you can incorporate into your daily routine for keeping your mind calm and body energized.


Mind Over Body: The Science

This week on the Marvel of Mind-Body Medicine, Doctors Laura Stuve and Janet Galipo and their distinguished guest, Dr Dawson Church, PhD, will explore how to harness the power of your mind to heal your body. Dr. Church is the author of the groundbreaking books, The Genie in your Genes, Mind Over Matter and Bliss Brain, and over 200 publications on science, health and spirituality. In this episode, Dawson will discuss how to work with energy and consciousness to address your life’s challenges. He’ll speak to the power of optimism and share techniques to fuel a positive mindset, along with the fascinating results of scientific studies that prove our thoughts affect our physical health.


The Power of Intention

This week on the Marvel of Mind-Body Medicine, Doctors Laura Stuve and Janet Galipo welcome their renowned guest, Lynne McTaggart, to explore the power of your intentions — to heal others, to heal yourself and to make a difference in the world. For more than 20 years, Lynne McTaggart, an internationally bestselling and award-winning author and journalist, has been examining the bridge between frontier science and spirituality. Lynne is known for her narrative non-fiction, the depth of her research, her inspirational speaking style and her uncompromising role as a New Thought leader and spiritual change agent. She’s consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her ground-breaking work with consciousness and the power of thoughts. Lynne will share her brilliant insights into the mechanisms behind the healing power of thoughts, from her rigorous scientific studies — called Intention Experiments — working with scientists at prestigious universities around the world.


Your Body Has Answers

WHAT we think influences HOW we feel—but do you know the actual physiological impact of our emotions, stresses and beliefs on our health? Through the Marvel of Mind-Body Medicine, Doctors Laura Stuve and Janet Galipo share their trailblazing work, bringing together the latest in epigenetics with the power of ancient Chinese medicine to help us understand how we can play a profound role in changing our own health outcomes. Listen and be hopeful—learn how modern medicine and ancient wisdom hold answers for you! This week, Dr. Janet and Dr. Laura share their personal stories of why they left their successful careers to venture into Mind-Body Medicine and pioneer a new approach to healthcare. What’s missing in healthcare today? And what does Mind-Body Medicine offer for you? Find out how YOU have more power than you think!