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Looking for a self help show? Hoping for insights on mental health and wellness? Dr. John Moore hosts The Men's Self Help Podcast - a show for men and the people who love them that focuses on psychology, mental health, relationships and guy issues. Therapy and coaching insights in easy to understand discussions.

Looking for a self help show? Hoping for insights on mental health and wellness? Dr. John Moore hosts The Men's Self Help Podcast - a show for men and the people who love them that focuses on psychology, mental health, relationships and guy issues. Therapy and coaching insights in easy to understand discussions.


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Looking for a self help show? Hoping for insights on mental health and wellness? Dr. John Moore hosts The Men's Self Help Podcast - a show for men and the people who love them that focuses on psychology, mental health, relationships and guy issues. Therapy and coaching insights in easy to understand discussions.






How To Create Physical Intimacy Through Mindfulness

Searching for ways to create physical intimacy in your relationship? In this show, Dr. John walks listeners through the technique of sensate focus. Learn how to bring that feeling of closeness and intuitiveness back to your love life. Learn about a 10% discount to listeners of the podcast with BetterHelp. Visit show notes on the blog for handouts and resources.


How To Create Motivation For Goals

Do you struggle to find the motivation to reach goals, like exercising, eating healthier or learning a new skill? Does depression get in your way of motivation? In this podcast, Dr. Moore explores goal attainment using the "As If" technique. He also responds to a listener email regarding the idea of moving in together before getting married.


How To Deal With Toxic Shame

Do you struggle with shame? Are you looking for healthy ways of working through? Trying to up your self-esteem? In this podcast, Dr. John explores the issue of toxic shame and explains: 1. What shame is 2. How it manifests psychologically and physiologically 3. Concrete steps for working through See Show Notes for specifics on this topic and links to helping resources.


Anxiety Podcast: Autogenic Training Meditation

In this podcast, learn how to reduce anxiety and cope with stress through Autogenic Training (AT). Discover a new way to create calm from within. Narrated by Dr. Moore, listen as he guides you through an amazing experience while teaching you a tool for coping with anxiety. Copy of narration available in show notes. This anxiety podcast is designed as a tool for healthy coping.


7 Concrete Ways To Boost Your Self-Worth

In this episode, learn about the concept of self-worth and how perception is projection. Discover 7 unique ways to boost your self-esteem. See this page on Guy Counseling for complete show notes on this episode of the Men's Self-Help Podcast.


Viking Meditation: Thor’s Hammer For Sexual Confidence

Using metaphor, Nordic myth and elements from popular culture, this recording is designed to enhance sexual confidence and boost self-esteem in other life areas. The recording is "G" rated and does not contain any offensive language. See show notes to learn more on this Viking Meditation to learn more.


How To Create a Circle of Confidence - A Hypnotic Meditation

Struggle with self-esteem? Looking to increase your level of confidence? Need to be more assertive? In this episode, Dr. Moore guides you through a guided imagery meditation through self-hypnosis. Affirmations are included to help boost feelings of self worth. Learn how to create your personal circle of confidence and experience inner strength. To learn more, visit this post from Moore's website on Creating a Circle of Confidence. If you like this podcast, please leave a review. Your...


7 Goal Setting Mistakes That Stop You From Success

Do you struggle with achieving your goals? Here's 7 common mistakes with goal setting that may be sabotaging your changes at success. Informational links with handouts to help you stay on track to goal attainment.


7 Ways To Gain Confidence In Dating (E19)

Have you recently found yourself back on the dating scene? Do you struggle with confidence and dating? In this episode, Dr. John Moore explores 7 unique ways you can increase your confidence in the world of dating. As part of the show, Dr. Moore calls on the resources of Chicago psychologist Dr. Tyler Fortman and shares 7 ways to boost self-esteem when dating. Click here to review complete show notes with resources on Guy Counseling. If you liked this podcast, please leave a review. Your...


E18: 5 Signs It’s Time To Take a Break From Social Media

How do you know when it's time to take a break from social media? How much is too much time spent on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat? Dr. Moore offers 5 warning signs that it may be time to take a break from social media, particularly for those who struggle with a mental health issue like anxiety or depression. Listener email shared from man who has OCD and isn't sure if he should tell his girlfriend. Click on show notes for taking a break from social media


E17. 5 Ways To Break The Cycle of Dating Toxic People

Do you attract unhealthy people to your life - romantic partners that are toxic? Have you been dating the same "type" of person, over and over again? If so, you aren't alone. In this episode, Dr. Moore examines the issue of attraction and romance and how early childhood experiences have a way of influencing us in the here and now. When listening, you'll learn 5 steps that you can take to break the cycle. Also in this show, you will hear about a man in Wyoming who identifies as straight...


E16: "My Girlfriend Cheated On Me - What Should I Do?"

Have you recently found out your girlfriend cheated on you? Not sure what do to? In this podcast, Dr. Moore offers 10 coping strategies in the aftermath of infidelity. He also answers a listener email from a man who doesn't understand why his girlfriend never initiates in the bedroom. Resources Mentioned In Show: Intuition and gender Journal of Personality and Psychology on gender and intuition Cheating stats Bustle cheating info 10 Tips When You Learn She Cheated Guy Counseling...


7 Assertiveness Skills Worth Growing + Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

Assertiveness – it’s a topic that comes up from guys a lot in counseling. Most men want to know “How can I be more assertive?” In this podcast, Dr. Moore explores this topic in detail. As part of the discussion, he’ll contrast the differences between being assertive and being aggressive. In this show, you will learn: • A working definition of assertiveness • How assertiveness and aggressiveness differ • 7 unique assertiveness skills you can build for the future. Dr. Moore also answers...


E14: PTSD and Men - Getting Help and Ridding Shame

Do you struggle with PTSD? Wondering about the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Curious about what this mental health challenge is all about? In this podcast, Dr. Moore explores PTSD in detail. You’ll learn a basic definition of Post-Traumatic Stress and 5 things to consider when trying to find help. Resources mentioned in the show: Long Term Deployments and Stress (military) Diagnostic Criteria for...


E13: 10 Signs You Have People Pleasing Syndrome

Do you say yes to everyone? Are you taking on more than you should but can't say no? Is it causing you problems emotionally and physically? If so, you may have people pleasing syndrome as the result of being a people pleaser. Learn 10 signs you may have this problem plus what to do about it. Show Highlights: Resources: 10 symptoms of people pleasing from Amy Morin on Psychology...


What Is Your Love Style in Relationships + Penis Shame and Men

What kind of lover are you? In this podcast, we examine six love styles as offered by the sociologist John A. Lee. We also explore how the past can influence our attachment style in the here and now. A listener email is also shared where he reveals serious penis shame. Resources: Lee's Love Styles: Love Style Quiz based on Lee's work: NYT article on Lee's Love...


5 Tips For Creating a Stress Management Program

Feeling stress? Need some help with developing a stress management program? Here's 5 tips. In this episode, we also discuss an email from a listener who was told by his girlfriend that she no longer finds him attractive. What to do when someone you are dating reveals they aren't into you. How stress effects the body from the Mayo Clinic Mindfulness Bel (Zen...


E10: 7 Ways To Build Mental Toughness Rooted In Reality For Men

Hoping to build build mental toughness? Trying to up your confidence? In this show, we examine 7 skills you can build to increase mental toughness that are rooted in reality. Tips offered through the writings of Dr. Alan Goldberg in his book "Sports Slump Busting": Article on building mental toughness from Guy Counseling: Previous podcast on 8 ways to build...


E9: 8 Ways To Increase Self-Esteem And Boost Your Confidence

Do you struggle with self-esteem? Hunting for ways to boost your confidence? Here's 8 ways to create positive change in your life and feel better about yourself. In this podcast, learn: -8 self-esteem hacks based on suggestions from Dr. Brian Luke Seaward, author of Managing Stress: - Learn about cognitive restructuring and the Beck Institute. - Use cognitive restructuring in your...


E8: 10 Things Depression Doesn't Want You To Know!

10 Things Depression Doesn’t Want You To Know I wrote this on Psychcentral several years ago. Here’s the link: National Alliance On Mental Illness Learn about different mental health issues, including depression. DSM 5 Depression Criteria National Suicide...