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The Mindful Space is your trusted sanctuary for recovery and mental health healing. We're committed to illuminating the path to well-being through evidence-based advice, expert interviews, and real-life success stories. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to reclaim your life. Because healing isn't just a process; it's a journey worth celebrating.


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The Mindful Space is your trusted sanctuary for recovery and mental health healing. We're committed to illuminating the path to well-being through evidence-based advice, expert interviews, and real-life success stories. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to reclaim your life. Because healing isn't just a process; it's a journey worth celebrating.




The Intersection of Humor and Healing - Nicole Arzt

In this insightful episode of our podcast, we dive deep into the nuanced world of therapists navigating their own mental health journeys using Humor for Healing mental health struggles. Nicole Arzt, celebrated for her engaging psychotherapy memes and her profound book on therapy's awkward moments, shares her expertise and personal experiences. Together, we explore the significance of self-care, the impact of personal experiences on professional practice, and the journey towards professional development. Nicole's candid discussion sheds light on the importance of therapists engaging in their own therapeutic processes, breaking down stigmas, and the role of humor in healing. Join us as we uncover the layers of therapy from the therapist's perspective, offering invaluable insights for both mental health professionals and those curious about the therapeutic process. Follow Nicole Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


The Realities of BPD: Misconceptions, Challenges, and Therapy with Savanna Deiser

In this Mindful Space episode, we talk with Savanna Deiser, an expert in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Savanna tells us all about BPD and the special challenges it brings. She also clears up some wrong ideas people often have about it. We get into what DBT is and why its methods, like being mindful and showing understanding, are so helpful for people dealing with BPD. Savanna shares tips on helping families, how medicines can play a part in getting better, and ways to deal with tough experiences from childhood. If you're interested in learning more about BPD and DBT, and how they can make a difference, this episode is full of hope and useful advice for everyone, whether you're a professional or someone who's been affected by BPD. Follow Savanna Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


OCD Misunderstood - Paul Mc Carroll

In this episode of the Mindful Space, we delve into the complex world of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how it is Misunderstood with our esteemed guest Paul McCarroll. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of OCD, from its clinical definition to personal journeys of healing. Paul, sharing his own battle with OCD and his expert insights, offers a profound exploration of coping mechanisms, therapeutic strategies, and the everyday realities of living with OCD. This conversation aims to demystify OCD, providing hope and understanding for those affected and their loved ones. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on overcoming the challenges of OCD, embracing the power of acceptance, and the transformative journey towards recovery. Don't miss this enlightening discussion on The Mindful Space. Follow Paul Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Navigating Trauma: Understanding, Recovery, and Resilience - Lydiana Garcia

This comprehensive video, "Navigating the Maze of Trauma: Understanding, Recovery, and Resilience," delves deeply into the multifaceted world of trauma and its impact on individuals. It is an enlightening journey that begins by exploring what trauma is and how it profoundly affects people, both mentally and physically. The discussion extends to the common signs of trauma, offering viewers insights into recognizing these symptoms in themselves or others. A significant focus is placed on resilience in trauma recovery, elucidating what it means to be resilient and how one can cultivate this quality. The video also emphasizes the importance of building a strong support system during the recovery process, highlighting various ways individuals can find and nurture supportive relationships and environments. Self-care is underscored as a pivotal component in healing from trauma. The video guides viewers through practical self-care strategies and methods to recognize and manage trauma triggers. Additionally, it provides an in-depth look at how mindfulness and grounding techniques can be transformative tools for trauma survivors. The neurological aspect of trauma recovery is not overlooked. The video explains how trauma affects the brain and the role of therapeutic interventions in facilitating recovery. It discusses various therapeutic approaches that are effective for trauma treatment, including addressing the unique challenges of complex trauma from multiple sources. Dispelling myths about trauma therapy, the video aims to provide clarity and understanding, encouraging those unsure about seeking help to take that vital step. Ethical issues, cultural considerations in therapy, and the impact of childhood trauma on adult life are also examined. Personal stories of resilience and healing are woven throughout the video, offering hope and inspiration. For those supporting loved ones through trauma, practical advice is provided to ensure their well-being without causing further distress. Special segments focus on the nuances of trauma in children and teens, including signs, parental guidance, and age-appropriate therapeutic methods. The role of schools and teachers in supporting traumatized children is discussed, along with strategies for parents to create a safe, nurturing environment for young survivors. Lastly, the video addresses the often-overlooked topic of how a parent's unresolved trauma can affect their parenting and signs indicating when parents themselves might need help. This video is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand trauma, its effects, and the journey towards recovery and resilience. Whether you are a trauma survivor, a supportive loved one, or a professional in the field, this video offers valuable insights, practical advice, and a message of hope. Follow Lydiana Garcia Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Navegando el trauma: comprensión, recuperación y resiliencia - Lydiana García

Este completo vídeo, "Navegando por el laberinto del trauma: comprensión, recuperación y resiliencia", profundiza en el mundo multifacético del trauma y su impacto en las personas. Es un viaje esclarecedor que comienza explorando qué es el trauma y cómo afecta profundamente a las personas, tanto mental como físicamente. La discusión se extiende a los signos comunes del trauma y ofrece a los espectadores ideas para reconocer estos síntomas en ellos mismos o en los demás. Se pone especial atención en la resiliencia en la recuperación de un trauma, aclarando qué significa ser resiliente y cómo se puede cultivar esta cualidad. El video también enfatiza la importancia de construir un sistema de apoyo sólido durante el proceso de recuperación, destacando varias formas en que las personas pueden encontrar y fomentar relaciones y entornos de apoyo. El autocuidado se destaca como un componente fundamental en la curación del trauma. El video guía a los espectadores a través de estrategias y métodos prácticos de cuidado personal para reconocer y manejar los desencadenantes del trauma. Además, proporciona una mirada en profundidad a cómo las técnicas de atención plena y conexión a tierra pueden ser herramientas transformadoras para los sobrevivientes de traumas. No se pasa por alto el aspecto neurológico de la recuperación del trauma. El vídeo explica cómo el trauma afecta al cerebro y el papel de las intervenciones terapéuticas para facilitar la recuperación. Analiza varios enfoques terapéuticos que son efectivos para el tratamiento del trauma, incluido el abordaje de los desafíos únicos del trauma complejo proveniente de múltiples fuentes. El video, que disipa los mitos sobre la terapia del trauma, tiene como objetivo brindar claridad y comprensión, alentando a quienes no están seguros de buscar ayuda a dar ese paso vital. También se examinan cuestiones éticas, consideraciones culturales en la terapia y el impacto del trauma infantil en la vida adulta. A lo largo del vídeo se entrelazan historias personales de resiliencia y curación, que ofrecen esperanza e inspiración. Para quienes apoyan a sus seres queridos durante un trauma, se brindan consejos prácticos para garantizar su bienestar sin causar más angustia. Los segmentos especiales se centran en los matices del trauma en niños y adolescentes, incluidos los signos, la orientación de los padres y los métodos terapéuticos apropiados para la edad. Se analiza el papel de las escuelas y los maestros en el apoyo a los niños traumatizados, junto con estrategias para que los padres creen un ambiente seguro y enriquecedor para los jóvenes sobrevivientes. Por último, el video aborda el tema que a menudo se pasa por alto: cómo el trauma no resuelto de un padre puede afectar su crianza y las señales que indican cuándo los propios padres podrían necesitar ayuda. Este video es un recurso esencial para cualquiera que busque comprender el trauma, sus efectos y el camino hacia la recuperación y la resiliencia. Si usted es un sobreviviente de un trauma, un ser querido que lo apoya o un profesional en el campo, este video ofrece ideas valiosas, consejos prácticos y un mensaje de esperanza. Sigue a Lydiana García https:/ Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Living with PTSD - Elenna and Joelle

Today, we delve deep into the complex world of living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), exploring its intricacies from both expert and personal viewpoints. Join Michelle, alongside special guests Joelle Maletis, MAEd, MA, LMFT, and Elena Breese, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, as they unravel the layers of PTSD. Follow Elena Follow Joelle Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Redefining Men's Mental Health: A Candid Talk with Advocate Allan

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Allan, a renowned mental health advocate, as we delve into the critical topic of men's mental health. Allan, whose journey has led him to speak on over 1000 stages, also has a wealth of experience as a mental health educator at various colleges and as a counselor helping individuals on their recovery journey. He is also a best-selling author, with his books being utilized in college curricula. In this episode, we engage in a meaningful dialogue about the unique challenges men face in mental health, discussing ways to break down communication barriers and offering practical advice for creating supportive environments. Our discussion aims to shed light on redefining masculinity, encouraging vulnerability, and sparking positive change in men's mental health. Whether you're seeking professional insights or looking for relatable advice, this conversation is designed to be both informative and approachable. We're here to highlight crucial issues and motivate you to take actionable steps towards better mental health. Join us for this vital discussion that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. Follow Allen Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Explorando la ketamina en el tratamiento de la depresión resistente | Bianchi y Dra. Uribe

Sumérgete en el innovador mundo de la terapia con ketamina para la depresión resistente al tratamiento con nuestro último video, "El uso de ketamina para la depresión resistente al tratamiento - Fiorella Bianchi y Dra. Liliana Uribe". Únate a nosotros mientras exploramos este enfoque innovador con los conocimientos de los profesionales médicos Dra. Liliana Uribe y Fiorella Bianchi. Descubra cómo la ketamina presenta un rayo de esperanza para quienes han encontrado poco alivio con los tratamientos convencionales. Profundizamos en la terapia con ketamina, examinando su eficacia, seguridad y la importancia de la orientación médica. Ideal para entusiastas de la salud mental, personas que exploran tratamientos alternativos o personas curiosas sobre avances médicos innovadores. Participe con nosotros en esta discusión vital, comparta sus pensamientos y no olvide dar me gusta y suscribirse para obtener más contenido esclarecedor. Siga a Fiorella Bianchi y la Dra. Liliana Uribe Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Finding Peace After Betrayal: Sariah Bastian on Surviving Marital Infidelity

In this powerful episode of the Mindful Podcast as we dive deep into a sensitive yet vital topic with Sariah Bastian. Discover Sariah's journey through the turmoil of infidelity and her path to healing and empowerment. Explore the complex emotions and challenges faced in the aftermath of betrayal, and learn how to find peace and rebuild trust. Don't forget to subscribe for more insightful episodes. Follow Sariah Sariah Bastian | Infidelity Recovery for Women (@sariah.bastian) • Instagram photos and videos Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Depression’s Unexpected Solution - Ketamine with Fiorella Bianchi & Dr.Liliana

Uncover 'Depression’s Unexpected Solution' in our compelling new video. Delve into the surprising potential of ketamine, a treatment offering new hope for those battling depression, especially when traditional methods fall short. We engage with medical experts Dr. Uribe and Ms. Bianchi to unravel the complexities of this treatment, discussing its effectiveness, safety considerations, and the critical role of professional supervision. Perfect for mental health advocates, patients seeking alternatives, or anyone intrigued by this unconventional approach. Join the conversation, share your views, and remember to like and subscribe for more insightful content! Follow Fiorella Bianchi & Dr.Liliana Uribe Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


PTSD and the Military with Psychologist Dr. Matthew Sacks

Welcome back to the Mindful Space, where we delve into the depths of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD. In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Dr. Matthew Sachs, a seasoned clinical psychologist, to unravel the intricacies of the human mind. Dr. Sacks shares his personal journey into the world of psychology, his professional milestones, and the pivotal moments that shaped his career. Dive into a riveting discussion about the transformative power of cognitive behavioral therapy, the resilience of the human spirit in recovery, and the vital role of mindfulness in managing stress and anxiety. Join us as we explore the landscape of mental health with Dr. Sachs, uncovering valuable insights and evidence-based strategies for nurturing mental wellness. Tune in for an episode that promises to enlighten, inspire, and empower. Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


The Dark Side of Sports Gambling: Unveiling the Addiction - Chaz Donati

In this enlightening episode of the Mindful Space, we dive deep into the gripping world of sports gambling addiction. Join your host, Michelle, as we unpack the seductive allure of betting and its significant impact on individuals of all ages. From the electrifying highs of a win to the daunting lows of loss, sports gambling addiction is a formidable opponent on the mental health battlefield. Our conversation today illuminates the often-overlooked aspects of this addiction, including the glitz of media glamorization and the deceptive sense of control it imparts to the gambler. Witness a compelling narrative unfold with our special guest, Chaz, who shares his personal encounter with the snares of sports betting. His story is one of passion turned perilous, a cautionary tale that echoes the experiences of many who fall prey to the psychological traps of gambling. This episode not only raises awareness about the challenges and consequences of sports gambling addiction but also spotlights the critical need for support, recovery, and mental health advocacy. Whether you're touched by addiction or simply seeking to understand its complexities, this is a conversation to be noticed. Follow Chaz Chaz Donati (@chazdonati) • Instagram photos and videos Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Living with Bipolar: Strategies, Coping Mechanisms, and Lessons Learned - Gabe Howard

In this week's episode of the Mindful Podcast, host Michelle sits down with Gabe Howard to explore the realities of living with bipolar disorder. Gabe, who has firsthand experience with the condition, candidly discusses the challenges he's faced and the coping mechanisms that have made a difference in his life. He also addresses common misconceptions about bipolar disorder and emphasizes the role of mindfulness and mental health support in today's fast-paced world. Whether you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, know someone who has, or are simply interested in understanding more about this complex mental illness, this episode is a valuable resource for insights and strategies. Follow Gabe Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Unlocking The Mysteries Of Neurophysiology with Toby Pasman

In this episode of the Mindful Space, we sit down with Toby Passman, a neurophysiology researcher with a transformative journey. Toby opens up about his personal struggles with social anxiety and how it led him to the world of neuroscience. From his early days of grappling with mental health issues in his family to diving into EEG research in university labs, Toby’s story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the human mind. We dive into various topics such as Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, and Neurofeedback Training. Whether you're interested in the science of the brain, dealing with social anxiety, or simply looking for actionable steps for self-improvement, this episode promises a wealth of knowledge. Don't miss out on Toby’s insightful take on how understanding the brain can improve mental health and well-being. Follow Toby Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Generational Trauma: Breaking The Cycle With Priscilla Gutiérrez

Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma in Latino Families Welcome back to another enlightening episode of our podcast series. Today, we have the privilege of discussing a critical but often overlooked topic: generational trauma, specifically within Latino families. Our guest, Priscilla Gutiérrez, lends her expertise and personal experiences to this in-depth conversation. Generational trauma has a profound impact on Latino communities, affecting family dynamics, individual well-being, and collective resilience. In this episode, Priscilla Gutiérrez addresses how this form of trauma manifests itself within Latino families and shares strategies for breaking the cycle. Follow Priscilla Priscilla María | Growth Mindset Coach & Speaker (@cyclebreakercoach) • Instagram photos and videos Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Understanding Latino Mental Health with Yesenia Delgado

In this episode of the Mindful Podcast, we're joined by Yesenia Delgado to discuss the often-overlooked subject of Latino mental health. Our host Michelle engages in a meaningful conversation with Yesenia, exploring the unique challenges and stigmas surrounding mental health within the Latin community. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion that aims to shed light on the importance of mental well-being for everyone, including underrepresented communities. Follow Yesenia Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Human Trafficking and Mental Health with Rebecca Bender

Join us for a powerful and eye-opening episode of The Mindful Space as we sit down with the remarkable Rebecca Bender, a survivor, activist, author, and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to fighting against human trafficking. Not only is she a survivor herself, but she has become a beacon of hope for countless others who have experienced the horrors of human trafficking. In this episode, we dive deep into her journey, discussing her harrowing experience as a trafficking survivor and the incredible work she's doing to combat this global issue. From her specialized training programs that have equipped over 115,000 professionals, including the FBI and Homeland Security, to her groundbreaking online school, Elevate Academy, which helps survivors rebuild their lives after escaping the clutches of traffickers. Together, we explore ways for individuals to recognize trafficking victims and the different vulnerabilities that can make someone a target. Rebecca shares her own personal experience of being manipulated into trafficking and the mental health battles she faced during her six years in captivity. But this episode isn't just about the darkness; it's also about the journey to healing and empowerment. Rebecca offers advice to those struggling to overcome trauma and shares her own mindfulness and mental health techniques that keep her grounded. Join us in this inspiring and enlightening conversation with Rebecca Bender, and together, let's raise awareness and work towards a world where no one has to endure the horrors of human trafficking. Thank you for watching this episode of the Mindful Space. Remember to subscribe and hit that notification bill so you don’t miss our next video! See you next time. Follow Rebecca Rebecca - Trafficking Expert (@imrebeccabender) • Instagram photos and videos Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Discussing Mental Health in the Medical Field with Dr. Goodman

In this enlightening episode of the Mindful Space podcast, we delve deep into the topic of "Mental Health in the Medical Field" with our esteemed guest, Dr. Jake Goodman. A psychiatry resident doctor and mental health activist, Dr. Goodman opens up about his journey into mental health advocacy. Follow Dr. Goodman Dr. Jake Goodman | MD, MBA (@jakegoodmanmd) • Instagram photos and videos Dr. Jake Goodman MD, MBA Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


5 Myths About the Keto Diet - Busted by Ben Azadi Podcast

Welcome to another episode of the Mindful Space Podcast. Today we're diving deep into the world of keto diets with an extraordinary guest, Ben Azadi, also known as the Health Detective. Get ready for an inspiring and informative conversation that could reshape your approach to health and wellness! Join us as we sit down with the remarkable Ben Azadi, whose personal health journey is nothing short of incredible. Back in 2008, Ben faced the challenges of obesity head-on, ultimately shedding an astounding 80 pounds and achieving metabolic vitality. This transformative experience ignited his passion for empowering others, propelling him on a mission to impact 1 billion lives through healthier lifestyles positively. Known as "The Health Detective," Ben Azadi's expertise as a source for intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet spans back to 2013. He's earned this moniker by diving deep into the complexities of dysfunction within the body and advocating for education over medication to restore natural balance. In this episode, Ben opens up about his profound weight loss journey, delving into how his childhood experiences contributed to his struggle with excessive weight. He candidly discusses hitting rock bottom during his 20s—a period marked by weight issues, a breakup, and battles with alcohol, food, and video game addiction. Tune in as he recounts the turning point that a book gifted by a friend triggered, leading him down a path of self-discovery and transformation. Ben passionately emphasizes the significance of not only physical health but mental well-being too. He draws connections between the two, underlining how they intricately intertwine to shape a holistic approach to wellness. With his expertise, he guides us through the intricacies of the keto diet, debunking common misconceptions and highlighting the pitfalls many encounter when attempting it without proper guidance. Tune in to this eye-opening episode as we uncover Ben Azadi's remarkable journey and tap into his wealth of knowledge on the keto diet. Whether you're a keto enthusiast or a newcomer to the concept, there's something here for everyone. Thank you for joining us for this episode of Mindful Space. We hope you enjoyed this enlightening conversation with Ben Azadi. We upload captivating conversations with mental health professionals every week. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don't miss our next video! See you next time. Follow Ben Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:


Tackling High Functioning Anxiety With Nadia Fiorita

Are you a high-achieving woman who often feels overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious? You are not alone. In this enlightening episode of the Mindful Space, we delve into the world of "High Functioning Anxiety," specifically in women. Our special guest, Nadia Fioritta, an expert in the mental health field with over 13 years of experience, shares her invaluable insights. Nadia is not only a seasoned professional but also the proud owner of a private practice in both Florida and Connecticut. She passionately conducts 1:1 virtual therapy sessions with women and adolescent girls, using her extensive background in trauma-focused therapies, DBT, REBT, CBT, and more. Nadia believes in offering a personalized approach to her clients, helping them to thrive amidst their unique challenges. In this episode, Nadia breaks down the complexities of anxiety, offering a comprehensive understanding of why we experience it and how it manifests in high-functioning individuals. With a particular focus on women, she sheds light on the unique challenges they face, including the peaks of anxiety and the various factors contributing to it. With two coaching certifications in health and wellness, Nadia imparts a holistic approach to mental well-being. Drawing from her own transformative experiences, she provides a perspective that extends beyond traditional mental health discussions. Her passion for helping others find balance and resilience shines throughout the episode, offering invaluable advice to anyone seeking a more holistic approach to their mental health journey. If you or someone you know grapples with anxiety, this episode is a must-watch. Nadia's expertise and compassionate guidance offer tangible coping strategies to help individuals overcome anxiety and regain control of their lives. Thank you for joining us in this episode of the Mindful Space podcast! We post insightful conversations with experienced mental health professionals every week. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss an upload. See you next time! Follow us! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: