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“The NPRD,” delivers nourishing information about eating disorders, body image and psychopharmacological health.


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“The NPRD,” delivers nourishing information about eating disorders, body image and psychopharmacological health.




We Heal Together

Have you ever met a person who has recovered from an eating disorder yet healed themself alone? Kate Sweeney, MS, RDN, LDN, Ernährungswissenschaftlerin (Germany) is a private practitioner with 10 years of experience in the eating disorders field. As you’ll hear we agree in today’s episode, healing is relational – we heal together. Kate provides nutrition … Continue reading We Heal Together →


Yoga As A Whole Spiritual Culture

Sandy Klemmer, MS, RD, LDN, E-RYT/YACEP, joins us on the podcast to discuss yoga as a way of being aside from physical poses. We learn more of her studies and personal philosophy devoted to exploring spirit and consciousness through sadhana including movement, meditation, wonder, nature, and academic study. In both roles – as a yoga teacher and nutritionist – … Continue reading Yoga As A Whole Spiritual Culture →


In Memoriam, Jaime Hyde ~ The Missing Piece in Treatment for Eating Disorders: Meal Coaching

In today’s episode we are celebrating the memory of Jaime Hyde, MA, MSW, LICSW, whose expertise most recently was in providing meal support recovery services for clients in collaboration with therapeutic teams. Jaime and I discuss the missing piece in ED treatment — meal coaching. Jaime was a trusted colleague, member of the Greater Boston Wellness Collaborative, and … Continue reading In Memoriam, Jaime Hyde ~ The Missing Piece in Treatment for Eating Disorders: Meal Coaching →


Gastroenterology and Eating Disorders ~ A Challenging Overlap

Lauren Adler Dear, MS, RDN, is an expert in eating disorders and gastroenterology practicing in the greater Boston area. In this episode we cover gastroparesis and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and their relationship to those with eating disorders. We also hear about is an incredible up and coming resource for eating disorder registered dietitians looking to … Continue reading Gastroenterology and Eating Disorders ~ A Challenging Overlap →


Are You a Vegan?

My daughter, Eve, age 10, joins us again, this time in the studio with Jordan Rich. We discuss an experience Eve had around being labeled because of her body size and shape. Robyn, Jordan and Eve talk about how to handle these tough situations.


How Does Ketamine Really Work? And What’s Next…

Dr. Daniel Brenner, Founder and medical Director at Cambridge Biotherapies, takes us further into ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and how this works adjunctively for patients struggling with eating disorders and concomitant depression, anxiety, and trauma. Dan has been at the forefront of this treatment, and others such as MDMA and psilocybin – both soon to be … Continue reading How Does Ketamine Really Work? And What’s Next… →


Can We Not Say Treatment Resistant Anymore?

We welcome Amy Boyers, PhD, and Fiona Larosa Waters, BS, of Galen Hope and delve into their philosophy on what has been termed ‘treatment resistant’. We discuss better ways to serve patients – and clinicians – leaning away from use of this language and instead recognizing the need to pivot care and reframe treatment inclusive of symptoms … Continue reading Can We Not Say Treatment Resistant Anymore? →


Not One More

The National Alliance for Eating Disorders (formerly The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness), led by Johanna Kandel, joins us to speak to Not One More Weekend, this weekend, February 24, 25, 26, 2023, around their pillars of help, support and recovery. Listen in to hear all about this weekend’s upcoming events understanding support is available and … Continue reading Not One More →


Collaboration is Key – yet another reason to work in this niche of our field!

Our 30th podcast is a very special one! We are joined by Dr. Diana Lemly of MassGeneral Hospital who’s practice focuses on eating disorders. She is triple boarded in internal medicine, adult and pediatric care. She has created a new clinic at MGH, providing specialized medical care for adolescents and adults with eating disorders, and she … Continue reading Collaboration is Key – yet another reason to work in this niche of our field! →


Nutrition Entrepreneur Spotlight!

Join Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CDERD-S, as she traverses us through her journey from running a large private practice employing dietitians to becoming Chief Clinical Officer of Nourish. Nourish is a telehealth company of dietitians, taking insurances, treating folks from across the nation within a weight inclusive lens. This episode is a must listen for … Continue reading Nutrition Entrepreneur Spotlight! →



Join Kathy Kates, FNP, Melissa Hines PT, DPT, also both women entrepreneurs, as we discuss their three amazing businesses including The Institute for Pelvic Health, Wellest Integrative Health, and WomanNPPlease. We also begin to delve into the intersection of the pelvic floor and eating disorders and our collaboration together as clinicians for our patients.


What Would a 10 Year Old Say?

TheNPRD includes work life balance. My daughter Eve, age 10, joins me today and shares wisdom she has learned living with an NPRD Mom. Today’s podcast pertains to clinicians and patients. Get a glimpse of how we impart walking the walk and talking the talk in our home.


The iMove Method

Amy Gardner, MS, CEDRD, RYT Amy Gardner, MS, CEDRD, RYT, is a certified eating disorder registered dietitian and yoga teacher. Join Amy and I as we hear all about her book ‘iMove, Helping Your Clients Heal from Compulsive Exercise’ and training for clinicians enhancing their practice with a greater knowledge base on her trademarked iMove Method. … Continue reading The iMove Method →


Drop the Rope?

Karen Chinca, LICSW, CEDS-S, Diplomate, Academy of Cognitive Therapy, joins us to discuss the phrase ‘drop the rope’ in treatment with our patients and clients. She is an expert in OCD and eating disorders, their dual diagnosis, and exposure therapy. Karen teaches us how and why we need to treat all of a person’s diagnosis in a dynamic, … Continue reading Drop the Rope? →


What is EMDR?

Lauren Manasse, LICSW, CEDS-S, and Robyn delve into EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), its origin, and how this type of therapy can be profound. Lauren’s professional experience and training is essential to continuing to strive for hope in our patients’ recovery journeys.


Finding Symmetry

Kortney Brown and Whitney Trotter join Robyn on the inaugural episode of the second season of TheNPRD. Kortney and Whitney are both dietitians and nurses – with two of the three of us also nurse practitioners and a third will be a nurse practitioner very soon. Learn more about why we chose to combine our degrees … Continue reading Finding Symmetry →


The Mind Body Approach to Eating Disorder Care

Back by popular demand! Dr. Judy Feldman, psychiatry and psychotherapy expert, returns for a discussion about harmonizing the mind with our anatomical systems. Known as “Internal Family Systems” or IFS in the psychotherapy field, IFS helps us, as practitioners, take a mind body approach to eating disorder treatment.


Body, Mind, Medication – a Healing Trifecta

Get to know our very own Emily Pardue, PMHNP! In her work within my private practice, Emily sees patients for psychopharmacology assessment and ongoing medication management. She is drawn to the interconnectedness of body and mind and the relationship between nutrition and mental health. Tune in to learn more about what inspires her in this … Continue reading Body, Mind, Medication – a Healing Trifecta →


A Deep Dive into Ketamine for Treating Depression

On this week’s The NPRD, Dr. John Sharp joins the show and discusses psychopharmacology advancements for treating individuals who struggle with depression. We take a deep dive into Ketamine for treatment in those with eating disorders, specifically – a medication that I find greatly supports my patients in their ED journey and recovery.


Finding Inner Peace on Eating Disorder Journeys, with Dr. Wendy Oliver Pyatt

Join me as I sit down with Wendy Oliver Pyatt MD, FAED, CEDS, world-leading expert on treating eating disorders, for a discussion about her unique eating disorder care philosophy. Dr Wendy has developed a unique treatment approach that dives into the underlying issues that place a person at risk for mental health issues such as eating … Continue reading Finding Inner Peace on Eating Disorder Journeys, with Dr. Wendy Oliver Pyatt →