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An Intimate and Undisguised Exploration of the Nature of Relationships and Connection

An Intimate and Undisguised Exploration of the Nature of Relationships and Connection


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An Intimate and Undisguised Exploration of the Nature of Relationships and Connection




Philippe Bartu - I Behaved Badly, Now What?

Ever pondered this in your relationship? In an episode that could have been called “Men Behaving Badly” (named after a UK comedy series, but of course this is not a gender specific thing,) Philippe Bartu and Phil Goddard explore: Why is it we behave in ways that we are not proud of? Do we really choose to behave badly? How can we handle these situations differently? What can we ask ourselves that helps? What makes for a healthy relationship? What might we really mean when we say...


Emily Nature - The Power of Your Creative Energy

Is sharing our heart in our writing truly vulnerable or is it playing safe? Emily shares the story behind releasing her book this year, a book that kept calling to her, in which she reveals intimately her naked heart. But has this been a way of showing her heart without risk? Who did she write it for? Can our desire to be perfect, to be more than who we are, actually keep us hiding? How do we open up the conduit for creative energy for the pure joy of expression? Perhaps you...


Piers Thurston - Opening the Aperture of Love

Is living with a Naked Heart about oneness? Piers joins us in an exploration of what it is to be in the dance of being human and some deeper spiritual aspects of that. What is it we are dancing with? Does the nature of connection require work, or is neutrality the secret to harmonious connection? Should we be striving for the “best version of me” or is there something else? Can relationships ruin connection, and when is nothing the best aspect of relating? You can find out...


Annie Romanos - Waking Up to Wisdom

What’s it like to wake up and realise you are in a relationship for everyone else except yourself? What can happen when you ignore wisdom that’s expressed through your body? What if there really is nothing wrong with you? How do we use the function of innate wisdom more astutely? Is longevity really a good measure of a successful relationship, and what’s it like to be back on the dating scene after a 15 year marriage? This is exactly what this podcast is about! Annie candidly explores...


Philippe Bartu - Being Okay with Change

Given that we are creating our experience from within 100% of the time, when would we look to change our outside circumstances? Philippe and Phil dive into this inquiry and explore: Why would we ever look to change our environment and our circumstances? What would be a spiritual bypass around this inquiry? If we’re with someone, in a personal or professional relationship, what to do when we’re not enjoying some aspects of relating. Is it possible to leave those relationships with love?...


Kim Kaase - Walking Away for Love

What if “the one” isn’t really “the one”? How do we know when to move on? What’s it like to feel you cant live without someone and yet realise you have to? What are we taught about relating that simply doesn’t work, and what do men really want from women in a relationship? Kim shares her naked heart journey of tearing herself away from someone she deeply loved, navigating moving on, and reveals the key to her evolving into easy relating, intimately and with love. You can find out...


An Introduction

What does Naked Hearts mean? What does it mean to bare ourself? What keeps us from experiencing the one thing we all want in relationships, and what unites us all in our relating? As an introduction and in conversation with Philippe Bartu, Phil Goddard answers these questions and reveals the intentions for this podcast.