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Are you a mom who is sick of feeling overwhelmed around food and exercise, and tired of chasing your pre-baby body? The Non-Diet Mom Show is for moms who are ready to take control of their lives and enjoy motherhood to the max without all the distractions of diet culture. Listen as host Jolyn Martin, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and intuitive eating & body image coach gives practical tips on how to let go of ‘shoulds’ and step into the empowered woman that you are. Subscribe for your weekly dose of non-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned tips on changing your mindset, and finding your freedom. Find out more at




Are you a mom who is sick of feeling overwhelmed around food and exercise, and tired of chasing your pre-baby body? The Non-Diet Mom Show is for moms who are ready to take control of their lives and enjoy motherhood to the max without all the distractions of diet culture. Listen as host Jolyn Martin, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and intuitive eating & body image coach gives practical tips on how to let go of ‘shoulds’ and step into the empowered woman that you are. Subscribe for your weekly dose of non-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned tips on changing your mindset, and finding your freedom. Find out more at






S2E1: If I don't exercise to lose weight, I won't exercise

Welcome back to SEASON 2 of the Non-Diet Mom Show. Today we are discussing the thought: If I don't exercise to lose weight, I'm afraid I won't exercise. Points mentioned in the show: 1) Check your mindset around movement/exercise (see Quiz or Intake Form below) 2) Body Awareness - How much movement are you already getting in a day 3) Full Stop - Allow yourself to take some time off from movement to re-examine your intentions. Mentioned in the show: Personal Training Intake Form 'What...


EP 40 - Yoga & Body Acceptance with Robin

Hello friends, Welcome to the final episode of Season 1! Today on the show I have a wonderful friend sharing her journey to body acceptance & how yoga played a role in connecting her back to her body. Robin shares today about quality self-care and why filling your bucket is important, especially as moms. A bit about Robin: Robin is a Certified Life Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher from Alliston, ON. Her coaching program Namaste Nutrition is designed for women who struggle with their...


EP 39 - Sexual Confidence Post Partum with MJ Reynolds

Today's episode is all about exploring pleasure and the sensual relationship with ones own body. My guest today, MJ Reynolds, shares about her journey with body dysmorphia pre-baby, and how she found healing, post partum, through discovering her own pleasure. MJ shares some of the tools that helped her reconnect with her body and find confidence in the bedroom and out. About MJ Reynolds: MJ Reynolds is a stay at home mom, and is passionate about body acceptance and sexual...


EP 38 - Feminism & Diet Culture with Stephanie Dodier

How do we start unlearning diet culture in our lives when it's everywhere. How does it impact women specifically? Today on the show, my guest Stephanie Dodier, who is my mentor and coach, challenges us to start the journey by bringing awareness to the lens in which we see our world. About Stephanie: Stephanie Dodier is a Clinical Nutritionist CNP, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, host of two top ranking podcasts in the non-diet industry and creator of the Going Beyond The Food...


EP 37 - Tips for Working Out Without Diet Culture

If you are relatively new to the world of seeing exercise as pleasurable & healing, you've come to the right place. Sometimes I hear clients ask me, "How do you go after goals or challenge yourself without slipped back into the dieting/fitspo world?" My answer to that today comes in the form of an acronym: PLAY P: Past Pleasure L: Leave the Rules Behind A: Apply New Guidelines Y: Your Body Knows Best Each letter today has a journaling activity, so grab a pen & notepad, and enjoy the...


EP 36 - Diabetes and Eating Intuitively with Lindsay Sarson

Is it possible to have diabetes and be free from a life of restriction and dieting? Today on the show my guest is an expert in healing your relationship with food specifically for people living with diabetes. We talk about Lindsay's story as a person living with Type 1 diabetes, how she went from a restrictive eater to food freedom, and how she now supports her clients on this journey. More about Lindsay: Lindsay Sarson is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating...


EP 35 - 3 Tips to Combat Negative Body Image

What happens when we have a negative body image? It affects our self-esteem, we tend to disconnect from our relationship with our innate worth, we eat based on rules instead of body trust, and it's near impossible to live empowered lives. When we are in the trap of a negative self image, we tend to board the train of perfectionism in ways not only in how we eat or exercise, but we try to excel in other ways to gain approval and seek evidence that we are worthy. That ends today. Detaching...


EP 34 - Body Image IG LIVE with Ardelle

Listen as Ardelle @aromasandavocados and myself share about why hiring a coach for body image work allowed us to heal our own body image in a supportive and safe way. We share a bit of our journey through changing our thoughts and beliefs and how we now guide our clients to do the same! Mentioned in the episode: To sign up for my webinar for moms, visit Nourished Moms, Healthy Kids is a 12 week coaching program for moms to heal your relationship with...


EP 33 - F*ck Joyful Movement

Have you ever felt like striving for joyful movement seems impossible? Joyful movement can have a lot of pressure when you’ve come from a place of hating exercise for such a long time. The conversation today explores how we can ditch that all or nothing, black and white mindset that comes with exercise, and how to navigate that grey area between hating exercise and loving it, between diet culture and anti-diet culture, to finding neutrality with movement recognizing that not all exercise is...


EP 32 - Body Hair & Overshare

This episode = vulnerability hangover! I reflect on what 2021 taught me (yes, I realize most people do this on New Years haha), and share a bit of the themes that walked beside me during that year. I share about International Women's Day and how womanhood inspired me to embrace all that is woman, including body hair. I encourage you at the end to take a look at your own day to day and ask yourself your intentions behind something as simple as your morning routine. Are you doing it because...


EP 31 - Intuitive Skin Care with Christine Preston

Do you struggle with acne prone skin? Do you believe that if you could just have clear skin you would be happy and confident? Today on the show I am interviewing Christine Preston who is a certified Skin Therapist from Barrie, ON. Christine is going to share a bit about healing your body image while caring for your skin. Let's have a listen :). About Christine: Christine Preston is a certified Skin Therapist, Intuitive Acne Coach and founder of Skin Discovery. She helps women with...


EP 30 - Done with Dieting with Gillian Yuan

Today on the show my dear friend and colleague Gillian Yuan, founder and creator of the Motherhood Undieted Podcast, is here to share a bit of her story from owning a lactation consultant business, working with moms for 14+ years as a community postpartum nurse, to now being an intuitive eating health coach for moms. Today she is going to talk about how she’s merged her experiences and healed her own body image struggles. Gillian Yuan is a chronic dieter turned body-acceptance and Mind-Body...


EP 29 - Loving Your Body is Optional <3

We had to do something about LOVE on Valentine's Day ;). Today on the show I am talking about how you don't have to love your body. Despite all the body positive messaging, we are allowed to just exist in our bodies. Loving your body is optional. But we do have to get away from hating our bodies. Today I talk about a bridge between body hatred and body love called 'body neutrality'. Connect with Jolyn: Virtual Group Fitness Classes Personal Training Facebook Instagram Website:...


EP 28 - 5 Steps to Changing Your Exercise Mindset

If you have struggled with finding exercise you enjoy, todays episode is for you. For many people, the word 'exercise' feels like a heavy word loaded with expectations, pressure, to-do lists and punishment. That's why I try to encourage those deconstructing exercise to change the word to movement for a time because our bodies need movement, any movement, for optimal function. Exercise is just a fancier word that has been co-opted by the very loud weight loss industry, hence creating this...


EP 27 - Gentle Nutrition with Ardelle Viau

Today on the show I have the privilege of interviewing a friend and colleague, Ardelle Viau, who will talk a bit about wellness culture and the tenth principle of Intuitive Eating, Gentle Nutrition. What you will learn: - What is gentle nutrition - What is wellness culture & how is it different than diet culture - How intuitive eating puts you back in the drivers seat of your life - Should you focus on nutrition or not when you become an intuitive eater - Can nutrition play a role in...


EP 26 - How to Set Goals that Excite You

Happy New Year mommas! Did you know that the top 4 New Years Resolutions of 2020 in North America were: - exercising more - improving their diet - losing weight - and saving money Does this surprise you? How many times have you set goals through the SMART goal system, only to find by the end of this month you were struggling to stay committed. Today on the show I want to teach you the following: Why SMART goals don't work for most people (there is a missing step)2 main mistakes...


EP 25 - I Never Thought I would Be Happy with My Body without Losing Weight - With Sarah Miller

Life is too short to count calories and to try and squeeze into your skinny jeans two sizes too small for comfort. But it's not your fault if you are neck deep in believing your true life will start once you reach a thinner destination. We have all been conditioned to believe this through thin actors in Hollywood to magazines claiming you need to earn your bikini. Today on the show I am interviewing Sarah Miller, mom of 3, who is a graduate of the Nourished Moms, Healthy Kids program July...


EP 24 - 5 Differences Between Weight Loss Goals and Health Goals

In today's episode, I share 5 desires behind weights loss goals and how they might not actually be contributing to health at all. What you'll learn in this episode: Weight loss goals appear on the surface to be about comfort (feeling good), "health", and physique. What is under these goals is most often a desire for acceptance & confidence (the real kind not the 'earned' kind) A very brief timeline of how culturally we got to be so fatphobic. A conversation with a client desiring weight...


EP 23 - Navigating Holiday Treats with Your Children with Unyime Oguta

Do you feel stressed when everyone offers your children treats around the holidays? Are you exhausted from policing your children's intake of candies & sweets? Maybe you've found healing with your relationship with food but you still struggle with allowing your children to enjoy sugary foods? Today on the show I have a special guest Unyime Oguta. Unyime is a Speaker, Life & Nutrition Coach for Mums, and mum of 3. Unyime believes in a world where all mothers are thriving in their lives....


EP 22 - My Best Advice for Moms (but not just moms)

Today's episode is a message I want EVERY mom to hear (and not just moms). When I learned this message myself, it was a GAME...CHANGER! I finally felt in control of my life and I have been on a journey of kindness to myself and curiosity of my thoughts ever since. I start today's episode talking about one of the BIGGEST thoughts most moms have on the daily... "I am overwhelmed". I can promise you there is NO amount of kid-free time, NO tropical vacation, NO amount of decluttering that...