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Want to know about life on a small Minnesota dairy farm? Let us be your farmer-guides - meet Carol & Rich as they struggle to make ends meet on the 7 year old organic dairy farm.


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Want to know about life on a small Minnesota dairy farm? Let us be your farmer-guides - meet Carol & Rich as they struggle to make ends meet on the 7 year old organic dairy farm.






The Rosie Chronicles: From Pit Parlor Plunge to Freedom

Summary Hi, it's Carol, and I've got a farm story to share from yesterday, August 23, 2023. If you're following us on Facebook and Instagram, you probably already know what went down on the farm today. We had quite the excitement this morning when Rosie, one of our hefty cows weighing around 1200 pounds, had a little accident. You know our milking parlor has a pit that's about 3 feet deep? Well, Rosie somehow ended up taking a tumble into it. Our milking parlor isn't exactly designed for cow rescues, so we had to figure out how to get her out of there. Here's the deal: Rosie usually doesn't get milked often, and today she was at the end of the milking line. But she's a bit too big for that spot, and she ended up backing herself into a tricky situation. Her hind legs ended up off the platform and in the pit. Lucky for me, I wasn't right there when it happened, or I might've been squashed. After a bit of head-scratching, we tried to come up with solutions. We thought about everything from skid steers to construction cranes, but we decided to go for a more down-to-earth approach. We put together a ramp using some pallets and fence posts. And you know what got Rosie to come up that ramp? A little incentive in the form of calf starter grain. She followed that right out of the pit. Our farm community on Facebook was awesome. We got a ton of suggestions and support. People mentioned everything from car ramps to hay bales, but our simple ramp idea did the trick. Rosie had a few scrapes, considering the fall she took, but she's doing okay. So, that's the scoop on Rosie's unexpected adventure. She's back on her feet, her calf is doing well, and we're really appreciative of everyone's help and kind words. We'll keep you updated on Rosie's progress, and here's hoping for a successful lactation ahead! #PrairiesEdgeFarm #FarmLifeAdventures #RosieTheCowRescue #FarmLife #RosiesRescue #CowTales #PitParlorDrama #FarmAdventure #BovineRescue #CowHeroes #FarmIngenuity #PitfallToVictory #RosieTheCow #CowsOfInstagram #BarnLife #UnexpectedAdventures #FarmSafety #MiracleOnTheFarm #AnimalRescue #FromPitToPasture #FarmingCommunity #FarmFamily #CattleChronicles Timestamps


Updates from the Dairy Farm - Highlanders, Heat, and Herd Shares

Summary Join us on the dairy farm in Minnesota as we provide updates on life during this scorching summer. From the challenges of handling a heatwave without air conditioning to the anticipation of fall calving, we'll share the latest happenings on the farm. In this episode, we discuss the upcoming fall calving season, with Rose, the first cow, expected to calve soon. Learn about the unique characteristics of Brown Swiss cows and their longer calving periods. We also have exciting news for anyone interested in Highlander-dairy cross calves, as we'll be offering heifers and bull calves for sale. Want to reserve your own? Contact us through the information provided under this podcast. But it's not just about the calving season; we also dive into the impact of the heat on our milk production. With temperatures soaring, the cows are feeling the discomfort too. Discover how the lack of air conditioning and excessive heat affect milk yields and how we're managing it. As we eagerly wait for calving to begin, we take a break from making butter due to the challenges the heat brings. But there's hope for our herd, as we've introduced our young bull, String Bean, to the cows, aiming for a well-planned breeding program this year. And, of course, we'll share some personal stories, including our daughter's absence from the county fair for the first time in years. Farm life may be ever-changing, but the memories of past fairs and the prospect of future generations carrying on the tradition keep us optimistic. Join us for this episode filled with farm tales, dairy delights, and insights into life as a dedicated farmer. Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come! Contact Carol through her website or Facebook Page, where information is readily available. #PrairiesEdgeFarmLife #OrganicFarmFresh #HighlanderDairyCrossCalf Timestamps


Our Farm's Herd Share Program: Unveiling the Availability of Unpasteurized Butter, Cheese & Other Products

Website: Herd Share Email List: Herd Share Updates Summary This episode revolves around Carol and her friend Jamie's conversation about various topics related to Carol's homestead. The main focus is on the recent launch of Carol's herd share program for raw milk. Carol discusses the overwhelming interest in her farm's new herd share program, particularly from the Twin Cities area, but explains the current limitations of not having drop sites and requiring customers to pick up their products at the farm. Carol mentions the need for customers to purchase a herd share, which includes a gallon of milk, and pay a labor fee to have the milk turned into products like butter, cream cheese, ghee, and cheese curds. She emphasizes the growing demand for raw milk and suggests that farmers near urban areas tap into this market. Carol acknowledges her inability to meet the high demand due to time constraints and the challenges of delivery. Despite the limitations, Carol expresses excitement about the herd share program and mentions the potential for future updates on its progress. #forjars #cowsforlife #organicfarming #homesteaddiaries #HerdShareProgram #RawMilk #FarmToTable #SupportLocalFarmers #SustainableFarming #SmallFarmLife #HomesteadLife #FreshMilk #RealFoodMovement #LocallySourced #HealthyLiving #KnowYourFarmer #FarmFresh #CommunitySupportedAgriculture #FarmLife #NaturalDairy #OrganicFarming #FamilyFarm #GrassfedCows #FarmersMarket Timestamps Links


Killing Something You Love: You Will Never Know How Hard It Is

Life and death are two inevitable aspects of the natural cycle. In this episode, we initially mentioned the sale of a few cows for beef, but it turned out to be an emotional farewell message. Small dairy farmers often raise their animals from birth, nurturing them until they give birth to their own calves. Saying goodbye to an animal that has been a part of their lives for years is a difficult task, and choosing which ones will live and which ones will be sold is a heart-wrenching decision. We empathize with Carol's pain as she makes these tough choices. We hope that you can appreciate the sacrifices made by small dairy farmers like Carol to provide food for your tables. WEBSITE: Prairies Edge Dairy


Creamy Indulgence: Experience the Magic of Spring Butter

WEBSITE: Prairies Edge Organic Dairy In our latest farm update, the cows have been enjoying the fresh spring grass since May 11, resulting in fantastic cream for making butter. However, due to Minnesota regulations, we can't sell butter directly. Instead, we suggest buying their cream and making your own butter at home. The update also includes information about Holly, a cow with an infected hoof. The vet treated her and the infection is gradually improving with the use of iodine, sugar, and homeopathic remedies. Holly is healing well, although she still limps. Emma, another cow, is carrying a calf and due soon. We will be posting updates on our Facebook page about calving signs and what to look for. We are selling half a hog and have feeder pigs available for those interested in raising their own pork. We work with a local butcher for processing. Our farm is awaiting the finalization of contracts for herd shares. Thistle and Shasta calves are doing well. Shasta's bull calf will be up for sale and can be steered and have its horns removed upon request. The focus currently is on butter production, and were happy to supply raw milk and cream to interested customers. It's not hard to make butter and we're more than happy to help you with the process. Overall, while things are quiet now, the farm anticipates more activity in the coming weeks with calving and other farm endeavors. Transcript Intro Welcome to the Prairies Edge Farm website and podcast. You can find us online at and on social media at If you are in the Wilmer, Minnesota area and would like to try some certified organic, whole raw milk, farm fresh cream, or skim milk, be sure to check out our website's contact page for contact information. We we also sell grass fed, grass, finished highland beef, and soy free pork. Here is Carol's latest update. Carol Hello. And this is our latest farm update. And this is for the third week of May 2023. Not a whole lot is going on out here right now. The cows went out on pasture on May 11, and so they've been out there for what, 1012 days, something like that. And we are now seeing the results of that fresh spring grass that the girls are on. We have some fantastic looking cream that is making some marvelous butter. I don't know if you're following our Facebook page or Instagram, but we have been posting some pictures of the butter that we have been making. It it is just a beautiful, beautiful golden color. I do have people inquiring about butter, and we cannot sell butter out here. Minnesota does not allow that as an off or an on the farm sale. So my suggestion is that you contact me if you want some of this luscious butter, contact me and you get yourself some cream, cream I can sell you. It's not a problem. And you can go to your own kitchen and make your own butter. And if you need help or you want me to teach you how to do it, it's very simple and I can certainly walk you through that. Other things that are going on. So an update on Holly. Last time I talked, I believe I told you that we had a vet out here to check her Hoof, and she did remove some tissue and clean that all up for us and made it so that her hoof would drain because she has some infection in there. And the vet asked us to pack it with sugar. And that's what we've been doing. I've been treating it with iodine and sugar, and then I have been using a couple of different homeopathic treatments on her, along with soaking her foot once a day in Epson salt with some essential oils in it. She is healing well. She's still limping, but her hoof is filling in. And I have been taking pictures at least every couple of days of what exactly is...


Springtime Chronicles: Updates, Calves, and Potential Raw-Milk Dropsites

WEBSITE: Prairies Edge Organic Dairy In this podcast episode, Carol discusses the current happenings on her farm during springtime. She mentions the arrival of warmer weather, the growth of spring grass, and the excitement of her cows being able to graze on fresh grass instead of dry hay. She observes that the cows' poop has turned green, indicating their diet change and increased milk production. Carol provides an update on the farm's bulk tank, which has been operational for nearly a week. She explains that they are still adjusting to the process of emptying and cleaning the tank every other day, as well as determining what to do with the excess milk. Despite some minor challenges, she expresses satisfaction with the purchase as it saves time in the milking parlor and kitchen. The episode also highlights the arrival of two new calves one named Clover and an un-named [for now] bullcalf. Carol shares her surprise at how much they resemble Jersey calves despite having a limited Jersey lineage. She contemplates whether to sell Shasta, considering her high milk production and her ability to provide a significant amount of colostrum. A vet visit is mentioned regarding a cow named Holly who has an injured hoof. Carol had been treating it with essential oils and homeopathic remedies, and the vet confirms that her approach is working but slower than using antibiotics. The vet cleans the affected area, allowing proper drainage, and they continue with Epson salt soaks, essential oils, and homeopathic treatments. Carol then discusses her farm's plans to implement herd shares and establish drop sites. She mentions working with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund to develop contracts and determine the feasibility of drop sites. She intends to start with a drop site in Willmar, MN and encourages interested individuals outside the area to contact her to explore options closer to their location. She emphasizes the need for a minimum volume of milk to make the effort worthwhile. Overall, Carol expresses excitement about the positive response received regarding herd shares and drop sites and promises to keep her audience updated on the progress. She concludes the episode by mentioning the busy nature of springtime on the farm and her commitment to providing regular updates. #SpringOnTheFarm #MilkProduction #FarmLife #SpringOnTheFarm #MilkingCows #GrassFeeding #FreshMilk #BulkTank #FarmUpdates #CalfBirth #JerseyCows #HerdShares #DropSites #FarmToConsumer #OrganicFarming #HomeopathicRemedies #VetVisit #HoofInjury #MilkProduction #RuralLiving #SupportLocalFarmers #SustainableFarming #FarmLifeUpdates


From New Bulk Tank to Clabbered Delights: An Exciting Update from Prairie's Edge Organic Dairy

Summary In this podcast update from Prairie's Edge Organic Dairy, Carol announces the arrival of a new bulk tank for their farm, which will streamline their milk processing. The tank is currently being set up, and once it's operational, it will eliminate the need for their current coolers and save time during milking. Carol also discusses their current herd, upcoming calvings, and their plans to potentially sell crossbred calves. She mentions that spring has arrived, and they are preparing to move the cows to pasture. Carol shares her recent experiments with Clabbered milk and offers to provide samples and guidance on making Clabbered cottage cheese and Clabbered Sour Cream. She highlights the importance of the new bulk tank in managing milk sales and expresses her willingness to offer samples of cheese curds and cheddar cheese. Carol concludes by mentioning upcoming developments and wishes everyone a happy dairy farming experience. The Prairies Edge Farm podcast provides updates on their organic dairy farm west of Willmar, Minnesota. Their products include certified organic whole raw milk, farm fresh cream and skim milk, grassfed, grass finished highland beef, and soy-free pork. UPDATE: The new bulk milk tank is now in full operation. #PrairiesEdgeFarmPodcast #OrganicFarmingUpdates #ClabberedMilkExperiment Timestamps


From Show Cow to Homestead Hero: The Story of Hannah the Scottish Highland Cow

Summary Hi, I’m Carol from Prairie’s Edge Organic Dairy and in this episode of the Small Dairy Podcast, I’m sharing my experience of keeping a Scottish Highland cow as a family or homestead cow. When my cow Daisy was producing five gallons of milk a day and I started selling raw milk, I needed more supply for my customers. Instead of buying another cow, I milked a full-blooded registered Highland cow named Hannah. We pulled her off the pasture along with her calf and brought her to the barn to see how she would milk. Hannah had been a show cow in her younger days and was already halter-broken, so we just slapped a halter on her and started milking her. She did beautifully, giving me about a gallon and a half to two gallons of milk a day, which we shared with her calf. Hannah was such a smart cow, learning quickly that whoever gets to the barn first gets milked and treated first. I milked her for about six to seven months, until she weaned me and her calf. Her milk tasted delicious, and I highly recommend keeping Highland cows as a family cow. Currently, I don’t milk any full-blooded Highlanders because they don’t work well in our pit parlor. However, I do have Jersey Highland crosses that are dehorned and make great family cows. They don’t produce as much milk as a dairy cow, but they taste just as good with a higher percentage of butterfat. They have a hairy coat, so hair in the milk is a possibility. And if you keep a Highland cow with horns, you need to be comfortable with that. Highland cows make great mothers and are excellent for fostering or being a nurse cow. They calve easily, and their calves are adorable with their long hair and cute little heads. Overall, I highly recommend keeping a Scottish Highland cow as a family or homestead cow, as long as you’re comfortable with their characteristics. #HighlanderCows #FamilyCow #OrganicDairy Timestamps [00:00:00] Keeping Scottish Highland Cows for Milk Production [00:05:33] Highlanders: The Perfect Family Cow and Pet


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Certified Organic Micro Dairy: What Carol Has to Say.

Summary Welcome to the Prairies Edge Farm podcast, where you can get an inside look at running a micro dairy and homesteading. Carol, the herdsman and milkmaid, shares her experiences and expertise while also exploring topics like butter and cheese recipes. Prairies Edge stands out in their area as a certified organic micro dairy that offers raw milk, cream, and grass-fed beef and pork. Listen in to learn more about this unique farm and their future plans for raw milk handling classes. #PrairiesEdgeFarmPodcast #MicroDairyLife #RawMilkCertified Timestamps


Farm Update – March 2022

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update for the second week in March. This week, she's in the beef paddock with Willow (Madison's dog).


Farm Update – Last Week in February

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update for the last week in February MilkyDay.comMilkyDay.com5% discount see the video of FacebookOn The Road Custom CuttingBagby's Critter CorralFB page update


Farm Update – November 27th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update - November 27th MilkyDay.comMilkyDay.com5% discount FREE


Highlander Surprise

In this episode, Carol discovers a new calf. She's out in the winter Highland (beef) herd paddock when she takes out her phone and starts recording. Sapphire has a new bull calf... he's gorgeous.


Farm Update – November 17th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update November 17th MilkyDay.comMilkyDay.com5% discount


Farm Update – November 8th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update November 8th


The Calf Wouldn’t Poop – Update

Here's a quick update on Blossom's new calf... also known as The Calf That Wouldn't Poop.


The Calf Wouldn’t Poop

In this episode, Carol is back in the calf barn talking about how to care for a chilled newborn calf


We’re Meeting Some Awesome People

In this episode


The Death Of A Calf

It was a particularly tough week. We lost a calf to bloat. We had never run across that before... and it happened so fast. I ran to the barn for the remedy. By the time I got back to he, she was at her last breaths. I apologize for crying while doing the podcast. Topics discussed in what we are calling 'The Jersey Journal'. These are some of the latest farm updates. you may cry when you hear this


How We Raise Our Calves

We're in the barn today, explaining how and why we do some of the things we do, with regards to raising calves.