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It's Never Too Late to Live a Great Life! The Other Side of 40 is a podcast to help women live a guilt free life. We focus on the epiphanies that happen to us somewhere around the age of 40 and support women making positive changes in their lives. Topics: unlearning, careers and career changing, travel, racial inequities and bias, love, sex, midlife, women over 40!


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It's Never Too Late to Live a Great Life! The Other Side of 40 is a podcast to help women live a guilt free life. We focus on the epiphanies that happen to us somewhere around the age of 40 and support women making positive changes in their lives. Topics: unlearning, careers and career changing, travel, racial inequities and bias, love, sex, midlife, women over 40!






Take the Chance with Jen Mann

Have you ever wanted to punch people in the throat? Of course, you have. So has our guest today. Jen Mann started blogging because she wanted to punch people in the throat but writing about was a better option. Tired of the perfect parenting blog depiction of parenting, Jen set out to tell her truth. When her blog about the Elf on the Shelf went viral in 2011, she found herself with new followers and a new focus. Jen reminds us to use our anger for good, how to not take yourself too...


The Elevator Up with Celeste Herron

Join April as she chats with Celeste Herron, an brand strategist and CEO of Northern Crown Design & Digital, who started her company at 45. After experiencing some financial hardships and navigating a system that was not designed to meet her needs, Celeste knew she had to figure out a way to support herself, her children, and her employees. She reminds us that we can do hard things even if we’re uncomfortable. Listen in to take the steps between where you are and where you want to...


Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone with Cheri Spigner

Life can be amazing. Even after a long-term relationship that doesn’t work. Even after a job that seems to be going nowhere. Even after 40. It requires something from you though: you need to stretch outside your comfort zone. Cheri Spigner joins April to discuss her journey of stretching outside of the familiar, comfortable, and consistent life she had been living. Tune in to hear how you can actively live your best life. How to Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone: - Be inspired by what you...


Pitch Yourself with Tracy Lamourie

Thinking about monetizing your strengths? What could you do well if you put your mind to it? Could you start your own brand and be successful? Of course you can! Today, we’re joined by Tracy Lamourie, publicist extraordinaire. After years of activism and advocacy, Tracy realized she was really good at promotion, social media, and telling stories about people. At 41, she took the leap, pitched herself, and started her own company. These days, Tracy runs a media company where she is an...


Don’t Compromise Who You Are with Dr. Kay Banks

Have you lost your identity in your job? In your marriage? It’s not fair to call it a midlife crisis because it’s not quite that. It’s a realization that you aren’t happy, being, or doing what you want. What do you do when this happens? Today Dr. Kay and April discuss a path forward when you have that moment. Sometimes, you need to figure out if you really need to compromise or if you’re just incompatible with your job, partner, or life choices. Listen in and get ready to get back out there...


Be Unapologetic, Authentic, and Successful with Terry B. McDougall

Have you found yourself in a role you did not want to be in? You’re working harder, putting more time in at the office, running yourself ragged for some external validation that may not come. Terry B. McDougall has some advice for you: Stop. Step back. Be unapologetic about your worth and your work. Don’t sacrifice your values for a career. You read that right. You may have not considered career coaching, but after listening to Terry, you just might. Listen in and see how you can be happy...


Girrrl Part 2: Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker

Life hacks? See a friend who needs some rest? Reach out. Networking is important to sustain your relationships and your self-care. Sisterhood extends beyond blood. Another life hack? Reclaim your time and cut out the things that no longer serve you. This includes social media, people, and organizations. Serve yourself and grow yourself. You’ll be better able to serve others. Today April is joined by Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker, hosts of Girrrl Can I Ask You Something? Podcast....


Girrrl Part 1: Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker

What is friendship? What did you sign up for when you chose your life? How do you make space for yourself? What do you like to do? Who are you? How do you carve a life out for yourself and time for yourself? Today April is joined by Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker, hosts of Girrrl Can I Ask You Something? Podcast. Girrrl…listen in as April, Rhumel, and Twanda discuss what it means to be, what it means to live as your full self, what it means to be a friend, and what it means to find your...


Become the Conductor of Your Life with Rachel Decoste

Buy that one-way ticket. Go that concert. Study what you want. Get that degree. You’ll be amazed what you can do when you take control of your life. After an experience that shook Rachel Decoste to the core, she asked herself the question “what do I want to do?” It was then that she realized she had not been orchestrating her own life; she had merely been playing the instrument she was given. Does this sound familiar? Don’t know where to start so you can start living your own dreams? Listen...


Put the M-E Back in Time with Dr. Deena

Here’s your sign: It’s your season right now. Make yourself a priority. Do you need to move? Do it. Do you need to slow down? Schedule time with yourself. Want to transform yourself? Learn. Experience. Apply. Develop. Join us as Dr. Deena helps us through this season of change with practical tips and advice to help you live your best life on the other side of 40. Where to find Dr. Deena: Instagram | Podcast Enjoy listening to the Podcast & want to...


All You Need To Do is Begin with Keisha Christian

Some people dive into holistic healing because it’s the latest trend. But for Keisha Christian, owner of Dropping Gemz LLC, Certified Herbalist, and award-winning author, holistic healing was the path back to herself. Keisha found herself under so much pressure that in her classroom in 2012, she had a nervous breakdown. Keisha emerged from this experience with a new outlook on life. Keisha was determined to reflect, to find peace, and to learn who she really was and just by chance she was...


Battling Eating Disorders after 40 with Tasha Edwards

Join April and Tasha while they talk about real health issues that affect Black women. From eating disorders, to hair, to how Black women have been left out of serious discussions regarding eating disorders, this episode talks about how generational practices affect diet, weight loss, and working out. Tasha uses her personal experience and provides opportunities for listeners to self-reflect. Listen along as you continue (or begin) your journey to being the healthiest version of...


Practical Advice for Daily Success with Jaunai Walker

Want to be successful? Ditch the to do list. Focus on your mindset. Redefine what it means to sell. Teach yourself that sales is not a dirty word and you need to learn it to grow your business. Understand systems and processes. Get the results you want. And even if you don’t get the results you want, learn to fail. Join in and listen as Jaunai gives practical advice on how to develop your personal and professional leadership skills. This talk will help you: Connect with Jaunai: Website |...


Learn to Listen to the Angels in Your Life with Alicia Bozza

Dandelions are such important flowers. You read that right. They heal and will return even after being destroyed. Your energy can return after being destroyed, too. Alicia Bozza, President of Clearing for Life and a partner of SRT Global, talks about why energy clearings are important and necessary for you to live your life abundantly. Guided by God and angels, Alicia uses connection and the power of prayer to help guide you to get your conscious mind back in the driver’s seat. Listen along...


How to Get What You Want

In this short(er) and sweet episode, April Noelle Grant gives three tips for when opportunity and preparation meet. How to Find Your Target AudienceHow to Find Strategic PartnersHow to Find Money for Your Business Enjoy listening to the Podcast & want to support? Check us out & follow: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Podcast Subscribe to our PodcastLeave a review Visit our affiliate link for resources: Amazon Want to support locally owned bookstores? What We're...


How to Work Effectively During Covid with Tessie Watts

After months of being home with COVID restrictions, we are forced to reckon with the way that we are feeling after such a striking change in our daily lives. Many of us are functioning in a state that our bodies are not equipped to manage – at least not long-term. We have become tolerant of a survivor’s way of thinking which hinders our ability to plan and progress. We are maintaining life in “Survival Mode”, which is supposed to be a short-term adaptive response of the human body to help us...


How to Start a New Career after 40 with Deborah McKenzie

“I can change. They can change. Or things can stay the same.” Come on, now! Join us today as Deborah McKenzie, a certified career and academic coach, talks to us about changing careers to become fulfilled and to live your best life. Yes, you. Even if you’re on the other side of 40. Even in the middle of a pandemic! You can change careers and find the right one without going on 36 interviews. Deborah reminds us that it’s not what you know, it’s how you market what you know. Deborah invites...


How to Live Your Best Life after 40 with Veronica Arreola

Living Life on the Other Side of 40 with Veronica Arreola Going to Space Camp at 40? Rock climbing? Becoming a member of the board of directors? Changing careers? Directing a LatinX in Science program in a new space? Sometimes we put off doing things in our life waiting for the right time. Our guest today is Veronica Arreola, Professional Feminist, soccer mom, author, Member of Board of Directors at B*tch Media, and community organizer. Listen in as Veronica talks about making moves and not...


How to Become a Vegan... for the Third Time with Nzingah Oniwosan

Awakening, Veganism & Healing: A Conversation with Nzingah Oniwosan Today we are joined by Nzingah Oniwosan, founder of Sankofa’s Child is a Haitian American inspirational speaker and a holistic health consultant. An award winning visual artist merges her art with inspiration to teach people how to heal holistically. ***Content warning: Discussion of sexual assault*** Nzingah Oniwosan has made the most of her awakenings. Each time, she has become clearer as to who she is. She renamed...


How to Slow Down When You Have So Much to Do with Lolita Walker

The Power of the Pause with Lolita Walker Today we are joined by Lolita Walker, a graduate of The Morgan State University and Simmons College, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a small business owner, and the founder of Walker and Walker Enterprises. Ms. Walker helps her clients refocus, restore, and reweave their focus to bring structure and clarity to their work. What happens when you’re unhappy at work and on cruise control at work? Do you stay and keep on moving along? What happens when...